Chapter Guide

**So this story started out as a baby challenge, but over time things changed. It became way more story driven than baby driven. Because of that the opening prologue is no longer relevant, but I won't delete it because that's how the story began.** Happy reading and thanks for stopping by

This is my very first story, please forgive the bad shots and even worse writing in the earlier chapters.

Chapter 1: Mulo Drakul
Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 3: So Confused
Chapter 4: What Now?
Chapter 5: A New Home
Chapter 6: Taken Care Of
Chapter 7: Meeting Marisol
Chapter 8: So Lonely
Chapter 9: A Baby is Born
Chapter 10: Caring for Aric
Chapter 11: Again 
Chapter 12: Aric's Birthday
Chapter 13: And Then There Were 2
Chapter 14: A Nice Change
Chapter 15: Mulo's Return
Chapter 16: The Morning After
Chapter 17: Moving Forward
Chapter 18: All Good Things
Chapter 19: Sorrow
Chapter 20: One Day at a Time
Chapter 21: Quiet Before The Storm
Chapter 22: Teenage Rebellion
Chapter 23: Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 24: Jesse
Chapter 25: Jesse's POV
Chapter 26: Confrontation
Chapter 27: Seduction
Chapter 28: Blind Sided
Chapter 29: A Decision
Chapter 30: A Little Insight
Chapter 31: The Time Has Come
Chapter 32: The Aftermath
Chapter 33: Looking For Answers
Chapter 34: Letting Go
Chapter 35: All Grown Up
Chapter 36: A Daughter's Choice
Chapter 37: Loss
Chapter 38: Life Goes On
Chapter 39: Going Home
Chapter 40: Who Is George Vinson
Chapter 41: Old Flame
Chapter 42: Unfinished Business
Chapter 43: Drunken Conversation
Chapter 44: Ceula
Chapter 45: Wedding Bells
Chapter 46: Showdown
Chapter 47: A New Day
Chapter 48: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Chapter 49: How to Make it Right
Chapter 50: No Contact
Chapter 51: Second Chances
Chapter 52: New Arrivals
Chapter 53: My Own Worst Enemy
Chapter 54: Unsettled
Chapter 55: A family Affair
Chapter 56: Dating David
Chapter 57: Dating David pt. 2
Chapter 58: Unraveling
Chapter 59: Saving Ceula
***Road to Recovery***
Chapter 60: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
***Death of David***
Chapter 61: Sex, Lies, and Marriage
Chapter 62: Suspicions
Chapter 63: The Truth Shall Set You Free
Chapter 64: Crumbling Down
Chapter 65: Desperate Measures
Chapter 66: Deal With The Devil
Chapter 67: Walking on Eggshells
Chapter 68: Wrath
Chapter 69: Mind Games
Chapter 70: Mr. and Mrs. Smith The Redo
Chapter 71: Without A Trace
Chapter 72: Out In The Open
Chapter 73: Baby Steps
Chapter 74: The Truth Hurts
Chapter 75: Letting It Out
Chapter 76: Sins Of A Father
Chapter 77: The Final Insult
Chapter 78: Revelations
Chapter 79: Into The Fire
Chapter 80: Consequences
Chapter 81: No Way Out
Chapter 82: The Whole Story
Chapter 83: The Best Policy
Chapter 84: Growing Pains
Chapter 85: Saying Goodbye
Chapter 86: Cruel Intentions
Chapter 87: Bygones
Chapter 88: Making Amends
Chapter 89: Never Gets Easier
Chapter 90: A New Low
Chapter 91: What I Need
Chapter 92: Seeing A Ghost
Chapter 93: Unbelievable
Chapter 94: Déjà vu
Chapter 95: Another Life
Chapter 96: A Job To Do
Chapter 97: Giving In **RATED R**  or  Giving In: PG-13 version
Chapter 98: Ten Rounds
Chapter 99: Harsh Reality
Chapter 100: Face to Face
Chapter 101: Reunion
Chapter 102: Regrets
Chapter 103: Unleashed
Chapter 104: Goodbye and Hello
Chapter 105: Victory
Chapter 106: Third Time's A Charm
Chapter 107: A Woman Scorned
Chapter 108: A Long Time Coming
Chapter 109: My Everything
Chapter 110: Uncharted Territory
Chapter 111: Papa Bear
Chapter 112: Prom Night
Chapter 113: Unfinished Business
Chapter 114: As It Should Be
Chapter 115: Homecoming
Chapter 116: Crossroads
Chapter 117: Talking In Riddles
Chapter 118: The Game Continues
Chapter 119: Putting It Aside
Chapter 120: Full Circle
Chapter 121: The Hands Of Time
Chapter 122: The Final Straw
Chapter 123: Free At Last
Chapter 124: What Now?
Chapter 125: Elephant In The Room
Chapter 126: Dirty Laundry
Chapter 127: One Day At A Time
Chapter 128: A Long Day
Chapter 129: Muddied Waters
Chapter 130: Destination Unknown
Chapter 131: Misery Love Company
Chapter 132: And They Call Him Temptation
Chapter 133: The Writing's On The Wall
Epilogue: Live, Laugh, Love
Chatting With Chelsea: Q&A Session

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