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Chapter 100-Face To Face

I can't believe this is my 100th chapter! I had no idea when I started this story it would become such a story LOL. I know that sounds strange but it's the truth. My first attempt into the world of sim stories and I thought hey a baby challenge should be easy. Well 100 chapters later, it's no longer a baby challenge but I appreciate the continued support you all have given me! Through all the ups and (mostly) downs of Amari's life you guys have stuck with me. I can't say it's going to make it 100 more as I feel the story may be nearing its end, but I hope you all enjoy the final ride with me.

She was even more stunning up close. I had only seen her briefly that day I went by their house but now being face to face with her, I felt instantly shabby in comparison. Her skin was flawless, her makeup was perfectly applied, and her clothes looked like something you would see in a magazine.

“Pardon my English. I seek Amari Smith.”

“That would be me and who are you?”

She cocked her head to the side and gave a sly smile. “Tink you know already. May I come inside?” Her words were spoken with a thick accent, but her body language was easy enough to understand. She was here to fight for her man and my morning just got a hundred times worse.

“Certainly.” I replied stepping to the side to allow her in. I didn’t miss the once over she gave me as she entered.

I directed her towards the living room. “Give me a minute to get dressed and we can have a talk. Although I’m not sure we really have anything to discuss.”

When I got to my room I thought about calling Marcus to let him know she was here. I suspected her just showing up like this meant she hadn’t told him she was coming. I was pissed she had come here. She had already won, even if she didn’t know it, but now she was here to stake some claim on him. She was wandering around the living room when I got back downstairs.

“Can I offer you something to drink?”

“No, but thank you. He loves me, but only feels an obligation for you.”

So the claws were out. She was cutting right to the chase and skipping all the pleasantries. “An obligation? Is that what he’s told you, to help ease your fears?” I asked walking towards the sofa.

“It is obvious. You use children to get him, but it will fail.”

I sat there shocked that this woman, this stranger who didn’t even know me, accused me of using my children to get Marcus back. I was going to attempt to be nice, but why? The gloves were coming off.

“I don’t have to use my children to get him. He came looking for me, he may love you but I think you know he has feelings for me as well.”

“You play on his memories. What he feels is nothing.” She spat angrily.

“If you really thought that, you wouldn’t be here. What I think is he stays with you out of a sense of obligation. I mean considering your troubles, he may not want to seem heartless leaving you after such a loss.”

It was her turn to be shocked. Her entire demeanor changed and I felt slightly bad bringing up the loss of her babies. I had experienced that sort of grief and knew the heartache that came with it, but she was the first to strike.

“How you know of my losses?”

“Marcus, we talked the last time he came to see me.”

“Marc would never share something private with a stranger.”

“Ah, but see I’m not a stranger, I’m his wife and the mother of his children.”

Florence’s face contorted into an angry scowl when I said that. She didn’t like being reminded we were married and certainly didn't want to be reminded I gave him something she couldn't. I understood, however, how learning something so deeply personal had been told to the other woman would be hard to hear. I could see that this meeting was not turning out in the way she had hoped.I was willing to be nice and even help ease her fears more, but she didn't want it that way.

“You are just a link to a life forgotten.” She counted regaining her composure. “If you were so memorable Marc would not forgotten you so easily.” She sat back with a smug look of satisfaction on her face.

“You are so very correct Florence.” I replied coolly. “If we were dealing with a simple case of amnesia, but we aren’t. Which is why you are here. If you were as confident in your relationship as you would have me believe, you wouldn’t have come here to have this little meeting with me behind his back. So you are here to what? Ask me to walk away? To plead your case on letting the two of you have a chance? I sent him divorce papers, the fact that he didn’t sign them should speak volumes to you, because it does to me.”

This time her brave face crumpled. Florence got up and started walking around the room. I knew I had struck a nerve and it was cruel of me to do so. She was just as innocent in all of this, but I was tired of playing nice. I know she was scared of losing Marcus, hell I shared her fear, but I was tired of putting everyone’s feelings above my own. That favor never seemed to be returned to me and today she got the brunt of that. The pain I am inflicting on her now would only be temporary. Once she made it to his hotel she would learn she won. He signed the papers; he was free of me and my mess. She had him, she had won.

“I think you should go now.” I said standing. “You need to talk to him, not me.”

Without saying a word, Florence picked up her purse and gave me a weak smile. Once she was gone I finally let this morning’s discovery sink in. He had signed the papers, he did as I asked of him and chose the easier life and it hurt worse than I thought it would to lose him a second time.

Marcus POV

Leaving Amari last night was hard. I wanted to stay, I wanted to keep talking so I could have more answers, but mostly I wasn’t ready to leave her yet. I still couldn’t believe I signed the papers. It didn’t feel right but I did it for her. Seeing her break down and talk about grieving over me again, seeing the sadness in her eyes when she looked at me convinced me to do it. She felt so guilty over what happened to me. How she managed to deal with the fact she was bonded to the person responsible for her pain was beyond me. I really hoped she would call to ask me to reconsider what I did, but part of me knew she wouldn’t. She had been very adamant that my life was better without her in it, but I wasn’t so sure. A knock at my door brought me out of my thoughts. I quickly answered hoping it was Amari.

“Ciao Amore.” Florence said flinging herself into my arms when she walked in.

“Florence. What are you doing here?” I asked surprised to see her.

“Non sembri felice di vedermi.” (You don’t sound happy to see me)

“No, no of course I am. I’m just surprised.” I replied giving her a warm hug. “You should have told me, I would have picked you up from the airport.”

“Dopo aver ottenuto la tua di non sapere quando sarebbe tornado a casa ho desciso di sorprendervi.” (After getting your email about not knowing when you would be home I decided to surprise you.) She answered wrapping her arms around my neck.

Florence leaned in to kiss me. I wanted to respond as if nothing was wrong but I couldn’t. Amari was correct when she said things would be different when I saw Florence again. I was not that man, yet I was that man.

“You want her.” She accused pulling away.

“Florence I’m just trying to figure it all out.”

“Bugiardo!” (liar) She screamed slapping me hard. “Venite a vederla, la vuoi!” (you come to see her, you want her)

“Florence!” I growled at her. A tone I didn’t take with her often but when I did normally she would back down. Today she was too upset to care.

“No choose. Now Marc!”

“What? How do you expect me to choose between you and my children? How can you even ask that?”

“Not them, her. I tink you do this to see her.” As soon as she said the words I got a read on her feelings. I normally tried not to invade her thoughts, but the guilt that she was feeling prompted me to do so.

“You went to see her?” I accused once I saw all that happened.

“What? No, I…”

“You’re going to try and lie about this?” I asked cutting her off. Her face dropped when she realized lying was not going to work. However her mood shifted quickly when her anger surged.

Ho fatto!(I did) Florence yelled. “Avevo bisogno di vederla. Come potevo non?(I needed to see her. How could I not?)

“But you didn’t just see her Florence. That’s not why you went there at all.” I bellowed getting angrier with each passing moment.

Cosa ti aspettavi che facessi Marc? Stai tirando via da me a causa di lei. Io voglio solo che vada via. Potrebbe essere sbagliato, ma devo fare! Perché non puoi solo essere felice con me come prima?" She cried looking at me with desperation. (What did you expect me to do Marc? You’re pulling away from me because of her. I just want her to go away. It may be wrong but I do! Why can’t you just be happy with me like before?)

“I’m not unhappy with you, but things aren’t like before. I have a wife and children damn it. They won’t just go away because you want them to. You always got upset when I wanted to look into my past and I never really pushed the issue, but my past is here now and we have to deal with that.”

Non sono i figli, è sua. Non sarà firmare le carte Marc perché? È questo perché non posso darvi i bambini e lei può? Si prega possiamo riprovare. Si prega di Marc dimmi quello che devo fare e lo farò." She pleaded with me. (It’s not the children, it’s her. You won’t sign the papers Marc why? Is this because I can’t give you babies and she can? Please we can try again. Please Marc just tell me what I have to do and I’ll do it.)

I hated seeing her like this. I felt terrible knowing my inability to make my intentions clear affected her in such a way. It wasn’t fair to either woman and knowing I had crossed a line with Amari yesterday didn’t help matters. She was all I thought about when I got back to my room last night. Yet she was pushing me away when I didn’t want to go and Florence was begging me to stay.

“Marc, please.” She said dropping onto the sofa. “Don’t punish me.”

“That’s not what I’m doing. I have this whole other life I just learned about. This isn’t about you. I didn’t plan on my life being turned upside down but I can’t ignore what’s happening. I have children and a wife, and family. I need to see this through and give myself and Amari some closure.”

“Her again.” She screamed pulling away from me. “Why her needs more important than me?”

“That’s not what I am implying but just try to put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel finding out your husband basically came back from the dead? This can’t be an easy thing to have someone just ripped out of your life like that and when you find him again he has a new life and doesn’t know who you are." I said trying to make her see reason but the more I talked I felt myself becoming angry over the situation. "She’s not fighting for me or what we had. She isn’t trying to come between us and our relationship. In fact she’s sacrificing and giving you what you want.” I yelled.

As crazy as it seemed, I was upset that Amari wasn't willing to fight for whatever we had before. I could see she loved me deeply even before she said it out loud but she wanted to push me away. Each time I was with her, I felt the connection we had get a little bit stronger. It was wrong and confusing, and I should have felt guilty and part of me did. Florence didn't deserve this anymore than I did or even Amari. My feelings for Florence were still there and I didn't want to hurt her.

“Mi dispiace.” She said quietly. (I’m sorry)

“Mi serve solo la pazienza e un po ‘di tempo.” (I just need your patience and some time) She smiled up at me hearing me speak in Italian again.

I could have eased her fears by letting her know I had already signed the papers but something held me back. There was more to the story with Amari and I needed to know what. She needed help I could see it and I wanted to do whatever I could for her. Something in me wasn’t going to allow me to just walk away from her no matter how much she pushed.  

Amari POV

I spent the rest of the day wandering around the house trying to keep busy. I forced myself to put the signed papers in the mail. It was hard and I stopped myself several times from ripping them up instead. I had tried to call Dunham and Dax but their phones kept going to voicemail. Telling Dax over the phone wasn’t ideal but I saw no other option. I wanted Dunham here when I talked to the triplets. As time ticked on getting closer to the end of school my nerves started to get the best of me. Two-thirty came and went and they didn’t get off the bus. 

By three I was really worried especially when they didn’t answer their phones and Finley didn’t get off the bus. I tried to call Mulo but also got his voicemail, I couldn’t contact him via our connection because he had the block up since I told him to leave me alone yesterday. This day had gone from bad to worse, my children were missing. I pulled out my phone to call their siblings when I felt Mulo.
I tried.
I didn’t get a chance to ask what he meant because the triplets came walking into the house with Dax and Dunham.


  1. Okay, any sympathy I felt for Florence went out the window when she showed up at Amari's home and made all those snide comments! That, I don't feel she had any right to do! If she knew Marcus at all, she should have known that he wouldn't like that. Besides, the fight for Marcus isn't between her and Amari. It's between her and Marcus. I don't care how much she wants Marcus, I don't feel she had the right to go to Amari! If anything, she's his mistress and Amari has the rights to him! She didn't know those papers had been signed.

    I think Amari is being too self-sacrificing. She should have left the decision to sign those papers completely up to Marcus after telling him the full situation. She shouldn't have continued to pressure him to sign them. Now he isn't sure of how much she wants him! I'm sure to Marcus it's beginning to look like Florence wants him more than Amari does!

    It may not sound like it, but I really did enjoy the chapter, Jaz!

    1. hahahaha yeah I figured as much on this one. Flo handled that all wrong going to Amari like she did. She's nervous about what's happening but she was still very out of line going to Amari's house and then talking to her the way she did.

      She is being very self-sacrificing right now and even she hates it. She carries guilt because Marcus was done this way because of her. Mulo poses a danger to anyone that gets close and she wants to spare him any more harm. :( He signed them because she asked but he regrets it now. He's not ready to just walk away from her so easily. Hopefully he'll see what she's trying to do and not let her continue on.

      Not sure how he's gonna deal with Flo. I'm glad you liked it in spite of the interactions with Flo.

  2. Poor Marcus, I think I feel for him more than anyone, I can't imagine being faced with everything he had to deal with recently, and it really wasn't fair of Florence to force him to choose on the spot like that. I wonder what Mulo meant?

    1. yes he's really stuck. His life was ripped away he's having to figure out who he is/was plus still keep Flo happy and get to learn his wife and children. He has a lot to deal with there.

      Flo was very out of line going to Amari and telling Marcus he had to choose when he's just now figuring out things. She's very insecure right now.

      Good ol' Mulo. We'll find out what tricks he's been up to soon.

  3. I completely agree with Daisies Day, any thing I felt for Florence in her favor just went out the window, and now I'm really hoping that Marcus remembers his vows, because anything else is just wrong.

    1. Yes she was very out of line in going to Amari. She didn't win any sympathy points in this chapter. We have a little longer to go in this journey, but he's not willing to just walk away from Amari right now.

  4. No non no non... Please, I'm seriously begging you here... do not leave it here!!!!

    I tried
    Tried what? Micaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... *sniff* .... please....

    1. **hands tissue** Not sure why you are crying but I promise it's not as bad as you think it is.

    2. It was mostly for the cliffy... I just wanted the tension and emotion-rush to go on!!! I read too fast, so it was over too soon :P

    3. Ah this one was longer than the last chapter. There will be plenty more emotions to deal with.

  5. Yep just making me hate Flo more and more. I don't know what makes her think she has any right to go "confront" Marcus' wife. She's known FULL WELL he had another life that he came from. I mean come on lady, someone drops off a man at your doorstep with amnesia and you think that he just was born on the street in front of your house at age 30 something with no past or family at all? She can't at all expect that Marcus didn't want to know about his past or find out where he came from. And the sad thing is when he decided to drop it, she was ALL for it. "yeah stop looking for who you were and stay with me." and now that he's found his WIFE and KIDS she is trying to make him choose between them? Seriously? Oh no this bitch has got to go. Man if this wasn't PG-13, I just wanna see Amari pull her hair and call her every name but the one her Mom gave her.

    And then I have to think that the only ones who are really going to hurt regardless of the way this turns out are the kids. The ones that had their father ripped away from them and never got to know him. The ones that didn't get bedtime stories or toss a ball around the backyard with the old man. The ones who weren't taught how to drive or stayed up late watching scary movies. The ones that didn't get to ask for help on their homework or just get that fatherly advice. Way to fucking go Mulo. *Golfclap*

    And on top of sounds like Mulo is back up to his old tricks. "I tried." Ok, what the hell did he do this time?

    1. Yeah I knew she wouldn't win any fans this chapter but she couldn't keep sitting on the side lines either. She knew he had a life somewhere, but she honestly hoped he'd never get his memories back (and since they were removed that chance was greater). That is why she never fully supported him trying to find out where he came from. She pulled the crying woman card when needed and Marcus hates to see his women upset. LOL hahahaha you wanna see a good ole fashion ass whooping LOL.

      Yep the kids have the worst part of this. The boys lost their dad and the trips never got to meet him. :( They are the biggest victims in all of this. We will find out what he did next chapter. I'm sure you'll be pleased. LOL

  6. What has Mulo done now? and i agree with the above comments! Florence is seeming a little crazy and insecure for trying to force him to just walk away from his family.
    I am glad that Amari put Flo in her place though. you dont just walk into someone's house and attack like that! cmon now!
    Cant wait to see what happens now!!

    1. Mulo is always up to something. LOL She is feeling a tad insecure right now. She knows he won't walk away from his children, but she can't stand this connection she sees that he has with Amari. She really does have good reason to be worried there.

      Ha yeah Amari can be a bitch when she needs to and Flo found that out first hand. :)

  7. Not a fan of Flo...she is scared and grasping at straws trying to keep Marcus. Flo needs to go back to Italy with her sassy, short hair.
    Also, Not a fan of how this one ended so soon!! I think Mulo meant that the kids have somehow found out about Marcus... He tried to keep it from them??

    1. LOL she never had any before and now she really is disliked. Marcus is a great man, worth keeping and she knows it but she doesn't really stand a chance against Amari. :(

      haha yeah I'm getting the feeling you guys thought this was too short. I thought it was a decent length but I can see now I was mistaken.

      You could be on to something there with your theory.

    2. The length was fine really. My chapters are usually about this long, I think, I'm just being greedy!! I want to know what's going on now!! :)

  8. I remember when I felt sorry for Florence as well in all of this, but I don't now. You don't just show up at someone's house and act like that, not cool. I kind of wanted to slap her for her little "If you were so memorable" line. She needs to go far far away and stay there, she needs to go home. Sure it can't be easy for her either knowing that he has a wife and kids and worrying about him going back to his wife and kids, but she just seems crazy right now.

    "I tried" I'll be anxious to find out what that means, though it kind of worries me.

    1. LOL yeah she went in swinging and that was very out of line. That line was supposed to really cut Amari, but she held her own and Flo came out on the losing end.

      She is worried he'll leave her. It's not like they were divorced and the relationship was over when he went missing. He was taken and put into a new life. There are things that need to be resolved and she needs to see that.

      Well coming from Mulo, it gives you reason to worry.

  9. Everyone has a lot to think about and worry about and there are so many unanswered questions I am sure they all have. I expected Florence to go to see Amari. She's a young girl who is afraid of losing something. I wonder though if Marcus was planted on her? Arranged, so to say. Then she has more to fear because if she knew of Amari and never told him, he will be livid. Am I imagining too much. I think I may have missed something with her. I wonder what Mulo tried?

    1. You haven't missed anything with Flo. I've not explained who turned Marcus and why he was left with Flo and her family for care. She could have more reason to be worried depending on how involved she is. Or she could just be another innocent bystander.

      Flo couldn't keep sitting on the side lines. Marcus keeps running back to LA, wouldn't sign the papers, going to see Amari is a move most women would make I think. They may not have been so snarky when they got there, but they would have gone.

      Mulo will be explained next chapter.

  10. Am I wrong in wanting to shake Marcus? Because I want to. ... shake him hard and slap him across the face.
    just sayin'

    He tried? as in - he tried to abduct the kids and couldn't?

    1. nope you aren't wrong at all. He's in a tough spot but he's also making things harder on both women. LOL (guessing that's why you wanna slap him)

      No Mulo didn't try to abduct the kids. The 'I tried' means something different.

  11. ~ I think Mulo told them,as they probably asked what's up with Mom lately?
    ~ Flo,not done,she has no claim to him,she knew he had to have a past! She has known him,what for five minutes,compared to Marcus loving Amari since school,how could she fight that,I think she knows more about Marcus than she is letting on,he was dropped of at a friends house to take care off,some background must have been imparted or else he would not have been allowed to go out with Florence,money would investigate!(to make sure he was not a criminal or a gold digger!Or harm to their family!)
    ~ Too many questions & not enough answers,YET! AND WAY TOO SHORT!!!!!!
    ~ Loved it,but more PLEASE!!!!! (",)

    1. You could be partially right with that line of thought.

      Yes Flo knew he had to have a past of some sort, she just rathered have ignored it. There has to be a reason he was just left with her and her family especially with the fact he was a newly turned vamp. Not exactly the safest choice.

      Sorry didn't really think this was short. :( I'm trying to work out the answers to your questions. Hopefully the next one will be longer.

  12. Florence reminds me of Marisol. Maybe it's the hair. Maybe the newly revealed attitude/jealousy. Either way I'm no longer a fan.

    Mulo--telling the kids himself maybe? Bad move. Unless he finally did something self-sacrificing and revealed his entire role in his mother's misery, thereby giving her back her life, her husband, and her children. Even better--he finally stands up to Marisol and in the ensuing battle they end up staking each other by falling off a very high cliff onto some rather pointy trees!! Not holding my breath for either.

    Great reading as always Jazen!!

    1. It could be the hair color, or how she shows up to cause grief at the worst time. LOL Yeah I knew she wouldn't win any fans with this chapter, but she couldn't keep sitting by while Marcus tries to figure things out. She wants to let Amari know how she feels, although she could have done it a different way.

      Yes that is a very possible option since the trips and twins arrived home at the same time. He's done something. The twins know about the challenge but I don't think (or can't remember LOL) if she told the trips or not. The older kids all know what's up.

      I'm not sure how the end will play out, but since we won't be making it to 100, I do need to figure out what to do with everyone.

      Glad you enjoyed it.

  13. I stumbled upon this story yesterday as I was looking for inspiration to start my own Sims 3 story. I haven't been able to stop reading it. Usually I get bored with a story a few chapters in. But this one has definitely kept me entertained and wanting more. I hate that I'm so late in the game finding it, though! Oh well, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

    Can't wait to see what happens next and see the kids' reactions to Marcus. Great job!

    1. Well hello and welcome. You made it through all 100 chapters!!!! Great job I know the beginning was rough since it was my first attempt at writing.

      Glad it's kept you entertained and hope you find inspiration for your own story.

      Better late than never right? :) Anyway hope you enjoy the rest of the ride!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

  14. Sad to hear the story may be ending soon, but I understand. Amari needs a happy ending though lol. And Florence, well I was not expecting her to show up and she had the nerve to act that way. I felt sorry for her in the beginning but I don't anymore I really hope Marcus just leaves her. It sounds harsh, but she totally disrespected Amari. And omg what did Mulo do now?!

    1. aww sorry. At this rate the baby challenge has long been lost so there is only so much I can keep putting Amari through. With me bringing Marcus back it sort of moved it towards the end.

      Yep Florence came for a visit. She was out of line for sure, but she is trying to keep her man. She has insecurities since she can't have his baby (so far) and he has this long history with Amari. She was very disrespectful and Marcus got on her about it.

      Mulo, always up to something. :)

  15. Ugh, I knew things would get ugly. Florence is hurting is why the outburst, going to see Amari was going about the wrong way to do it though. Grief and anger makes us do crazy thing i know. I do beliebe Marcus has feelings for Florence but pretty much anything on his mind is Amari no matter how hard she tries to push him away.

    I'am glad that Mulo has kept out of it so far...edenz~

    1. Of course! Flo wasn't going to just keep sitting by while her man ran off to see his wife. She should have handled that better, but she went right to what she thinks is the source of the problem.

      Marcus does have feelings for Florence, he's prepared to marry her. But things with Amari are coming back and he can't deny those feelings. He's in a tough spot, torn between the two women.

      He is trying to be good.

      Thanks for reading.