Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chapter 109-My Everything

Two weeks later, Marcus was still mad at me, even going so far as to sleep in the boys’ old room and I needed him with me. I couldn’t sleep; I would have nightmares about Florence. I was trapped in a door-less room and I just heard her laughter or I was choking, unable to fight or scream for help. I would wake up in a panic and alone. During the day, I tried not to focus on it too much, choosing instead to take care of Finley. She was very upset with me being gone and once I returned home she hardly wanted to leave my side. Just once I wanted to not have my children negatively impacted by outside forces.

I tried to be understanding of Marcus’ frustration, but I was starting to get annoyed with it the longer it carried on. When I tried to talk to him, he didn’t want to listen to me, the only thing he was willing to discuss was our marriage plans. The fact that I didn't want to even consider getting married right now only added fuel to his fire. He was so angry over Mulo, that he forgot about what I went through. I could have died, our babies could have died, but that fact didn’t seem to register with him. We were at a stalemate sadly. When Finely was at school, I spent time painting to keep my mind off the tension in the house. When that didn't work, I took the dogs on short walks.

“Where are you going?” Marcus asked as he stepped into the foyer. "You don't look like you are taking the dogs walking."

“I'm not, I'm just going out. I need some fresh air.” I replied taking another step towards the door.

“Out to where Amari?” He asked moving to block my path.

“I don’t know Marcus.” I snapped. “I wasn’t aware I had to ask for approval before leaving the house now.”

“Well you are a bit of a flight risk.”

Hearing his tone was like nails on a chalkboard, he didn't want to talk to me, but I was expected to remain on some sort of house arrest at the same time. I may have been on limited bed rest, but the stress of staying in the house was far worse than sitting at the park.

 “Why don’t you just say what’s really on your mind and get it over with!” I yelled.
 “Because I’m tired of you walking around with this chip on your shoulder.”

“You went to him Amari, how do you not expect me to be pissed about that?" Marcus yelled back. The anger he'd been harboring was finally coming out. "Him! Of all people! Then I show up to take you home only to find you half dressed in his clothes coming from where? His bedroom? His bed?”

I took a step back picking up on his hidden accusation. It never failed; it was always the ones that meant the most to me that could hurt me the worst. For him to even imply I would do something like that made me want to rethink more than just being married to him.

“Seriously Marcus? Are you forgetting that your psycho ex kidnapped and tried to kill us? I didn’t go to him Marcus; it wasn’t like I ran off with cold feet. He saved me. I am so sorry I didn’t come home right away, I am, but cut me some damn slack! I had just had an attempt made on my life, and then watched a woman be brutally murdered in front of me! It was a lot Marcus, that coupled with the previous fears about us getting married…” I stopped and rubbed my side. I needed to calm down because they were not happy.

“I can’t sleep Marcus. I have nightmares about her, about that day and when I wake up terrified the only person I want is you. But you aren’t there because you are too damn busy being mad at me!” I screamed before storming past him.

I didn’t get far because I got an intense cramp that caused me to double over in pain. Marcus was at my side instantly, all traces of anger dissipated.

“Baby what’s wrong.” I couldn’t answer; all I could do was breathe through the pain which felt strangely like really intense contractions. “I’m taking you to the hospital.”

“No.” I managed to groan. “Finley. I-have-to-be-here.”

“I’ll make sure someone is here, but you need the hospital.”

Marcus carried me to the couch and called 911. Then he made a phone call to Ceula since she was the closest. She spread the word to her siblings and would make sure that she was at the house for when Finley got home from school. Marcus kept telling me how sorry he was during the ambulance ride. I saw the worry in his eyes, I was just as worried.

Once at the hospital it was determined I was indeed in early labor. The stress, plus the fact I was carrying multiples set it off. They gave me medication to stop it, and a light sedative to help calm me. I tried to protest the sedative, but the doctor said that it would help the medication work quicker because they wouldn’t survive being born now.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chapter 108-A Long Time Coming

I awoke to the sound of raised and very angry voices.

Come quickly Love before I really hurt him.

I threw the covers off and rushed down the stairs. Aric stood in between his father and Marcus, the furniture was over turned, there were holes in the walls and some things were broken.

“Marcus stop!” I yelled when he attempted to lunge passed Aric to get to Mulo.

I’ve been holding back, but he’s trying my patience.

Mulo stood ready to defend himself should Marcus get past Aric. I hated seeing those two fighting but I hated even more that my son could get hurt trying to stop them.

"Marcus!" I yelled again.

This time he turned at the sound of my voice and came to me instantly. His face was bruised and bloodied just as Mulo's was. I knew he would heal, some of the cuts already were, but seeing him like that was a shock.

“Baby I’ve been worried. I thought you ran…” He stopped when he took stock of my clothes.

I forgot I was in Mulo’s shirt and underwear. I didn’t get a chance to explain before I saw the fury flash in his eyes as he let out this feral noise that I could only describe as a growl before he turned towards Mulo again.

“Marcus no!” I cried but Aric stopped me as I attempted to get to him. “Let go Aric!”

“No. You are in no condition to try and get between them. Even if you weren’t pregnant I wouldn’t let you over there.” Aric replied calmly.

“He’ll kill him Aric!” I pleaded trying to get free, but Aric used gentle pressure to keep me in place.

“No he won’t.”

I had to stand by and watch as those two attempted to rip each apart. Marcus was furious and with good reason. It was about more than me being here, it was about everything Mulo had done to hurt me, him, and our family. His life was stolen, he couldn’t get back that time and he had every right to want Mulo to pay for that. But I didn’t want him hurt. Mulo was older and stronger. Just like with his fight with Aric, I could see he was holding back, but I wasn’t sure how much longer that would be the case. How could I not think he would come for me once found out where I was? I should have known Marcus wouldn't just sit around waiting on me to come home on my own.

“What did you do to her?” Marcus yelled.

"Nothing she didn't want." Mulo countered with a smug look.

Marcus let out some sort of deep guttural roar, then I saw Mulo flying through air; he crashed through the glass window and skidded across the patio coming to a stop against the railing. When he got up I knew all bets were off. Thinking quickly, I flung my head back hard making direct contact with Aric’s nose and catching him by surprise. He released me on instinct and I scrambled quickly towards Marcus just as Mulo moved towards him. I braced for impact thinking I was about to be crushed between their two bodies.

Marcus threw his arms around me turning so that his back was to Mulo, allowing himself to take the brunt of the impact. I saw a blur and heard a thud as Aric tackled his father to the ground moments before he reached us.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Marcus yelled at me.

I let out the breath I had been holding while taking a step back. My entire body was shaking from the fear and adrenaline. I have never seen Marcus like this; he’d always been so calm and understanding. This new out for blood him was scary, I never knew he had it in him to be so vicious. It was a little scary to see, but I had to admit it was also pretty damn hot.

 “She was trying to save you from imminent death.” Mulo said as he stood dusting bits of broken glass off his clothes.

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