Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chapter 68-Wrath

Marcus moved back into our room that night.  The tension between us started to melt away and for the first time I started to feel like a married woman.  It felt good.  He kept his word and spoke to Aric.  He still hadn't made a final decision because he was concerned with not being able to be around myself and the boys for a while as he adjusted to his new self.  He didn't know how we would explain his absence to them and he wanted to be around for me and not miss a minute of this pregnancy.

We talked it over and he decided that he wanted to be around but I had to agree to be around with him.  Since any additional children we had would also be vampires, I would be turned once the baby was older and my absence during my adjustment period wouldn't be while he or she were young.  I was feeling excited and hopeful for the first time in a long time.  We had decided not to move.  This was the only home the boys have known so we agreed it was best not to move them.  Marcus wasn't really thrilled with the idea of staying in a house paid for by Mulo, but he said he could manage.  We were moving ahead with plans to remodel, but we would use the money from the sell of his Riverview home.  He didn't want anymore of Mulo in the house so the account remained untouched.

Life was good in the Smith household, and the intimacy had even returned to our relationship. Marcus was officially on medical leave but that didn't stop him from dropping into the office occasionally.  The man was a workaholic so it was tough for him to sit around all day and do essentially nothing. I sometimes wondered if he would run off to the office to avoid be taken to any more furniture stores.

"I'll only be gone for two, three hours tops."
"Can't you just work from home?"
"I could, but some how I feel I would get roped into looking at fabric samples or talking throw pillows." He answered teasingly while pulling me into a kiss.

After he left I went out to check on Wilma who was due to have pups any day.  The shelter was wrong when they said Wilma was spayed and it wouldn't be an issue if Fred wasn't neutered right way.  We took care of that as soon as we learned she was pregnant.  Wilma was due to be spayed after she finished nursing the pups.

"Cute dogs."
I froze when I heard his voice. 
"What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you of course.  We have some unfinished business to discuss."
"You can't be here." I hissed at him.  "We have nothing to discuss, now please leave."
His demeanor held the same cold and calculated attitude he had at his penthouse. 
"Your...husband said he would be gone for two or three hours.  That gives us plenty of time."  The fury that burned in his eyes frightened me and the way he spoke of Marcus sent a shiver down my spine.
"You can't be here regardless.  Please just go."
I was pleading with him although he appeared to not be interested in listening.  Things were finally getting back on track with Marcus and me.  The last thing I wanted or needed was for him to come home and find Mulo here. 
"Yes, you are so concerned about what that annoying husband of yours will think.  I'm growing tired of him."

Sensing my distress, Fred stepped between me and Mulo and started growling at him.  Mulo was unphased as he snarled back which sent Fred whimpering into the dog house.
"Ow! Mulo let go of me!"  I cried as he pulled me into the house leaving the dogs outside.
"If you insist on continuing to push me, you won't like the outcome." He snapped

"I'm not, I'm just happy.  Why can't you just let me be?"
"This sounds very familiar.  You were happy with Jesse also weren't you?  He didn't last, he left you and who was left?  Me.  Marcus won't last either.  I errored in allowing things to get this far, but that can easily be corrected."

I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I let his words sink in.  I wanted to get away but he had me pinned against the wall.  I had no where to run.
"What do you mean easily corrected?"
"I told you when you had that infatuation with Jesse, you are only as free as I allow you to be."
I swallowed hard and tried to move but he wouldn't let me. 

"You don't own me."  The words didn't sound as forceful as I had hoped they would.  An evil smile spread across his lips.
"You, my love, still have a lot to learn."  Mulo grabbed me by the back of my neck then gave me an angry forceful kiss.  I struggled to push him off but he was unmovable.  I heard Fred and Wilma barking and scratching at the glass to get in.  As he deepened the kiss, the irony taste of blood filled my mouth.  The fight started to drain out of me and I responded to his kiss.  Only then did he pull away.

"As long as my blood flows through you, I do own you."
"What?  What the hell have you done to me?"
"Call it an insurance policy."
I reached up and slapped him. "There is no end to the ways you will try and use or manipulate me."  He was unphased by my assault.
"I won't be nice for much longer.  Let him die and move on.  You have no other option."
His calm arrogant demeanor annoyed me.  I instantly became angry.

"No!" I screamed pushing against his chest.  "You can threaten me all you want, but I'm not doing that.  Since you walked into my life, nothing has been the same.  How can you claim to love me when all you do is hurt me?  You only want to see me wallowing in misery which forces me to run into your arms for comfort."
Mulo was clenching his jaw tightly and I could see him fighting to control the anger that was laying just beneath the surface.
"This isn't up for discussion."

"Like hell it isn't.  Marcus loves me, he truly loves me.  Every action he's taken proves that!  What do your actions say?  Let's go down the list and see.  You got me pregnant, then left me.  When you do come around you cause me nothing but pain and anguish most of the time.  You threatened Jesse twice to get rid of him because you feared my feelings for him would surpass my feelings for you.  You even went so far as to seduce me into your bed to prove a point.  You schemed and plotted with Marisol to totally destroy my life with this asinine task of having 100 babies.  You turned my little girl without care or thought to what that would do to her or me.  And most recently you wanted me to cheat on my husband when I come to you under the foolish belief you cared enough about me to do something out of the kindness of your heart for me.  I could keep going if you like.  So you tell me how your actions prove you love me?  Hell they don't even prove you remotely like me!"
For a moment it looked like Mulo was hurt by my words but he quickly recovered.
"I don't really care what it may look like.  You are like a child.  I gave you an inch and you took a mile.  No more."

I should have been scared of him but I couldn't see past my own anger and frustration.  I reached out to hit him again but this time he caught my hand and pulled me to him.
"You will do as you are told or face the consequences."  He held me there, his cold fingers gripped tightly around my wrist.  I stared directly into his eyes refusing to allow him to intimidate me any longer.  He held me against his chest and my breathing became more labored.  My body started to feel extremely warm, my senses swirled at my heightened awareness of him.  I bit my lip to fight against the urge that was overcoming me to reach up and kiss him.  I wanted to, needed to break his gaze but I couldn't.   Mulo didn't speak, he just smiled at me then strolled out of the house.

******So I tried not to leave it as a cliffhanger since this will likely be the last update of the year.  I will be spending the next two weeks enjoying the holidays with my in-laws which won't leave me much time for gaming.  I will however probably find time to at least write a few chapters so when I return there should be a small flurry of updates.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!************
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chapter 67-Walking on Eggshells

Those were two words I didn't expect to hear from her.  We had stopped using protection after the wedding so it made sense but I was still unprepared for that news.  The pain of knowing I would probably not be around to meet my son or daughter hit me hard.
"Do you know for sure?"  I asked turning to face her.  She nodded her head and as angry as I was at her the pain and sadness on her face still hurt me.

"When I went to see Aric he told me I was giving off more than one heartbeat."  Her voice was so weak that it fractured my already broken heart.
"So you haven't been to the doctor yet?"
"Well you should make an appointment given your history."
Marcus turned and walked out of the room.  His reaction to the news wasn't what I expected.  He wasn't excited but instead he was cold and indifferent.  I had hurt him so bad that even the news of him having another child couldn't bring him happiness.  I walked into the bathroom to wash my face.  I didn't need the boys to know I had been crying.

I ran my hand over my belly.  I was a single parent before, I could do it again.  When I walked into the kitchen Marcus was helping the boys with their homework.
"What do my guys want for dinner?"
"Spaghetti." Dax and Dunham answered in unison.
I watched Marcus interacting with the boys and my heart ached knowing this child wouldn't experience his love.  I proceeded to make dinner trying hard not to break down.
"Dinner's ready."
"Thanks mom."
 I didn't have much of an appetite so I found myself lost in thought absentmindedly pushing my food around my plate.  I replayed my conversation with Marcus over in my head.  He wouldn't look at me and I felt so disconnected as the three of them chatted about their day.
"Yeah Dax."
"Does cancer hurt?"  I quickly looked up and over at Dax.
"No buddy.  It doesn't hurt." Marcus answered with a stiff smile.

"Do we have cancer too?" Dunham piped in.  I dropped my fork and it clashed loudly against my plate.
"Why would you think you have cancer?"
 "Cuz you and mom always say we are just like you."  The innocence of his answer endearing and painful all at the same time.
Marcus looked at me and I saw that he was at a loss for words fighting to keep his emotions in check in front of them.
"Dunham, honey you and your brother are like your father in so many wonderful ways."  I took a deep breath as I tried not to let the tears fall.  "Your father is sick that's true but that doesn't mean you are.  You both are just as healthy as the day you were born."
The answer seemed to satisfy him.  The topic changed to their upcoming scout camping trip.  They were excited about sleeping in a tent and roasting marshmallows.  The rest of the evening Marcus tried his best not to be near me.  He read the boys a story and opted to sleep in the guest room.  The tension seemed to only get worse with each passing day.  Marcus couldn't stand to look at me and if the boys weren't home, he refused to be in the same room with me.  I wanted to say something, to apologize again for what I had done but I always stopped myself.

Carter was my shoulder to cry on.  His cousin Jonas had arrived and I was so grateful he had taken vacation time off.  When I could no longer stand the silent treatment I would seek refuge at Carter's house.  I felt bad imposing on his time with his family but neither of them seemed to mind.  Jonas was just as sweet and friendly as Carter and they would manage to get me to smile occasionally with their dumb jokes.  Nights were the worst as I would curl up alone in our bed.  Each night I hoped he would come and talk to me.

There were several nights I would stand outside his door, but I was afraid to go in.  The only thing more unbearable than his silence was the pain I saw in his eyes on the rare occasion he would look at me.  It had been nearly two weeks and I was at my breaking point.  I couldn't take him ignoring me any longer.  I knew he had a doctor's appointment so I was waiting for him in his car when he came out of the house.  I saw him clench his jaw the moment he saw me sitting there.
"What are you doing?" he didn't try and mask the anger in his voice.
"Going with you."  I kept my eyes looking forward while mentally trying to keep my nerves in check.
"I don't need or want you there."

"Marcus I would like to ask your doctor some questions."  I said finally turning to face him.  "Dunham brought up a good point.  I need to know if there is a chance either of them or this new baby developing what you have.  So like it or not, I'm coming."  I heard him cuss under his breath before getting into the car.  We drove in silence.  Once we arrived at the doctor's office Marcus sat with a stoic expression on his face and kept his arms crossed firmly across his chest.  I didn't really understand much of the medical talk the doctor gave.  I was focused on trying to appear strong and not break down into tears.  I did walk away with two pieces of good news.  The children were highly unlikely to develop this as it wasn't genetic, and the chemo and radiation did have a positive effect on Marcus.  Something about his blood count improving, it wasn't remission but it did imply he may have more time.  As we walked out I wanted to hold his hand or hug him but he kept his distance.  I began to slow down as I walked down the corridor.  I looked at the rooms we were passing and caught a glimpse of patients sitting in chairs hooked up to IVs.  One patient had someone sitting beside them reading and he looked so calm with his eyes closed.  I could only imagine that the person's voice soothed him somehow.  Another patient sat and seemed to be chattering with what I assumed was her mom as the mom was working on knitting.  I hadn't realized I had stopped walking until I heard Marcus call my name.  The gravity of what he went through all alone showed on my face as I turned to look at him.  He had sat there for I don't know how long getting pumped full of chemicals with no one by his side.  Still he didn't speak to me as I forced my legs to carry me out to the car.  When we arrived home I practically ran to our room and closed the door.

I curled up on the bed then started sobbing into a pillow so he wouldn't hear me.  I didn't hear the door open, but I felt the bed dip under his weight.  Marcus curled up behind me, I flipped over and buried my face into his chest.  His warm arms held me and gave me the comfort I had so desperately been seeking.  
"I wasn't alone." he whispered.  "My mom or sisters would fly out to sit with me and before you get mad believe me they gave me hell for not telling you.  I honestly didn't think they would not be able to stop themselves from stopping by to see the boys but they did.  I also had a private nurse to care for me while I recovered from the treatments."  I was angry.  He had allowed his family to be with him but not his wife.  All those increased business trips were really spent in a hospital or hotel recovering before coming back home to me and the boys.  I should have been there for him, I should have been the one by his side.  The joy I felt that he was talking to me without it sounding strained or angry over rode the anger.  Then for the first time since I told him I was pregnant, he acknowledged it by placing his hand on my stomach.

"I'll consider it."
I looked up at him not sure if I had heard him correctly.
"Marcus, you don't have to.  I was being selfish instead of respecting your wishes."
"It was hard enough knowing I wouldn't see the boys grow up, get married...but at least I got to know them a little.  The thought that I might not ever get to meet..." he trailed off as his voice cracked from the emotion that was coming over him.  He took a few steady breaths before continuing.
"I have thought about everything you did and I tried to understand your actions.  I get that you are scared Amari, hell so am I but I don't agree with how you went about things."
I didn't say anything.  I just laid there holding on to him.
"I do have to admire your determination in trying to save my life.  I have some questions so I will talk to Aric.  This isn't a definite yes, but I will consider all my options."
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter 66-A Deal with the Devil

This had to be the longest elevator ride in history.  My stomach was in knots between the nerves and the morning sickness.  I hesitated when the doors slid open, but I pushed my nerves aside and stepped out into the hallway.  There he was, propped up against his door frame waiting for me.  This was a bad idea, and I knew it the moment our eyes met.  He looked at me but his eyes were cold, the intensity with which he stared at me caused a wave of fear to wash over me.

"Let's not have this conversation in the hall."  Mulo's voice was low and steady.
I turned and pressed the button on the elevator frantically.  I couldn't do it, I would have to find another way but before the doors even opened I found myself inside his penthouse.

"You came all this way, might as well come in."  He had an icy demeanor that caused my pulse to race, there was only one other time I had ever been this scared of him and Aric wasn't around to save me this time.
"Calm down my love, I'm not going to hurt you."  His voice was void of all warmth.  "How did you know I was back?"
"CeCe.  Sh..she told me when I talked to her last week."
"Ah..of course she did."
"I need your help."  I spoke softly and flinched when I saw the anger flash across his face.
"You want me to turn your unwilling dying husband.  What makes you think I'd agree to such a thing?" he spat angrily.
"Because you can't just let him die."
Mulo let out a curt laugh "Actually I can."
The painful truth of his words struck me hard.
"But why, why would you do that?"
He stepped closer to me and gingerly played with a strand of my hair.

"You know the answer to that question."  He leaned in to kiss me and I took a step back.  The anger on his face, the hatred that burned in his eyes sent a shiver down my spine.
"Please Mulo.  I'm asking you to do this for me, for my sons."  My legs were shaky but I stepped closer placing my hands on his chest.

"From what I gather he's accepted his fate and that includes leaving you and his sons.  Why can't you do the same, we both knew this was only temporary anyway.  He's just dying a little sooner than expected."
The harshness of his words were like a slap in the face.  The look on his face was cold and uncaring as if he were discussing the weather instead of a man's life.
"How can you be this way?  If you care so much about me, how can you stand by and watch as my heart breaks?"
For a brief second, I thought I caught a glimpse of softness before his expression hardened again.

"You asked me for space, for a chance to make it work with your human and I did that.  Him living forever was NOT part of the deal!"
The one thing I didn't think about when I came here dawned on me, he was jealous.  Marcus was a threat simply because he loved me.  Marcus loved me more than Jesse did, more than my father and more than Mulo.  He loved me truly deeply and unconditionally.
"Please, I'm begging you.  Don't let him die."

Mulo didn't speak but I could feel his gaze on me as I looked down at the floor.
"What do I get in return for this act of generosity?"
"The nature of doing something out of generosity means you aren't expecting anything in return."  I spoke softly meeting his gaze finally.

"Yes well..." He spoke moving to stand behind me.  "That's not how it works for me."
He rubbed his hand across my cheek and his features softened as he looked at me. 
"What do you want?"
I watched as a slow smile spread across his face.  He leaned in close and I could feel his breath on my cheek when he whispered into my ear "It's been far too long since we've been together."
I drew in a shaky breath and closed my eyes as I weighed his request.  I had already put Marcus through so much, I couldn't betray him like this.

"Mulo, please, don't ask me to do that."
Unmoved the tears that escaped the corners of my eyes, he looked directly at me "Those are my terms."
"If I do this, you'll save him?"
I looked down and twirled my ring around my finger.  I couldn't let him die.  Without looking up at Mulo, I nodded my head in agreement.  He lifted my chin to look at him before kissing me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back but it wasn't the same.  I felt him pick me up and he carried me up to his bedroom.


I cried the whole way home.  I was relieved that Marcus was in the backyard with the boys when I got home.  I ran to our room and immediately went to shower.  I never felt so low in my life as I did standing under the scalding hot water scrubbing my skin.  I was so undeserving of a man like Marcus.  When I finally stepped out of the shower I still didn't feel clean.  I wrapped the towel around me and stepped out into my room.  Marcus was sitting on the bed waiting for me.
"Where have you been?"  I could hear the strain in his voice.  I walked over to my dresser and started getting dressed.
"Amari, I asked you a question."
"Tell me you love me." I spoke keeping my back to him.
"I need to hear it, please."
Marcus got up from the bed and stood behind me.  I felt his warm arms wrap around me.
"I love you Amari Smith."
The warmth and sincerity of his words flooded me with guilt and my entire body shook as I started sobbing.  He turned me around and held me as I cried.
"Amari what's wrong?"
"I'm sorry, I'm so very very sorry."  
"Sorry for what?"
"I...I just didn't want to lose you.  I couldn't face...I couldn't face life without you.  Please forgive me."
Marcus held me against his chest, stroking my hair.
"Come on it can't be that bad."
"But it is.  I...I went to...I went to Mulo." I managed to choke out the words.
He stopped stroking my hair and his body instantly tensed at the mention of his name.  He pulled away from me and the look on his face was like a knife in my heart.
"Why?" He asked through clenched teeth.

"Nevermind, I don't think I want to know.  The fact that you came home and showered speaks loudly enough."  Heartbreak and disgust was written all over his face.
"Marcus please.  It wasn't like that."  I reached out for him but he backed away as if I were poisonous.
"You couldn't even wait until I was dead."  The pain in those words caused a tightening in my chest.
"I was trying to save you.  I wanted to save you!  Don't you understand that?  Don't you understand what your death will do to me?"  I cried but my pleas were falling on deaf ears.  He wouldn't even look at me.
"I never wanted you to save me, all I wanted was for you to accept what was happening and to just love me in the time I have left."  He collapsed down onto the bed.  Tears pooled at the bottom of his eyes, his will and strength finally breaking.
"But I do love you Marcus.  More than I knew but I do love you. I am in love with you.  That's why I couldn't accept you dying."

I dropped to my knees in front of him.  "And it's because I love you, I couldn't do it.  I've put you through so much, I couldn't betray your trust, your love for me that way."
As I sat there waiting on him to speak my thoughts went back to Mulo.

I remembered his touch on my skin, how instead it making me warm and excited I only felt sad and disgusted with myself.  The look of anger on his face when I told him to stop made me shutter.  His eyes burned with a fury I had never seen before and his hand tightened around my wrists as he pinned me to the mattress.  He could have forced me or compelled me but he let me go.  Neither of us spoke as I gathered my clothes and redressed he left the room and went into his slumber chamber slamming the door behind him so hard it caused a crack in the wall.
"Marcus, please say something."
"I would leave you if it wasn't for the fact the boys are already dealing with enough.  All I wanted was to enjoy the time I had left with my family and now you've tainted that.  It doesn't matter whether you went through it or not, it's the fact you went there to sleep with that man."  His words were laced with so much anguish.  He got up and walked over towards the door.
"That's not why I went there."  It didn't really matter why I went, the damage was done.
"Oh really, then why did you go?"  I glanced up at him.
"That again?" 
I nodded.
"So what was the plan he was going to some how force me?  You would do that to me regardless of how I felt about it?"
"I was desperate and not thinking clearly."
"And how did you end up in a position to almost commit adultery?"
"He wanted...I had to...in exchange for him agreeing."  The shame of how I belittled myself was overwhelming.
"And that's the man you're in love with." he said with a sarcastic laugh.
"No.  You may not believe me, and honestly I understand why you wouldn't but it took him asking that of me after everything he's done to me to realize the truth.  There has been only one man in my life that has loved me without expecting anything but my love in return.  You."  I paused waiting to see if he would say anything but he didn't so I continued.  "I'm sorry it took me so long to give you what you've deserved all along.  I'm sorry that it took me knowing I was losing you for me to fully comprehend how much I truly love you."
Marcus turned his back to me and I felt him flinch as I circled my arms around his waist.
"I was selfish and I wish I could take back everything I've ever done to cause you pain but I can't.  What I can do is try to make it up to you, if you let me."
"I need to go check on the boys."  He said removing my arms from around his waist.  I stepped back wiping the tears from my face and he took a deep breath before opening the door.
"Marcus.  There's something else you need to know."
"I'm pregnant."

******So I got the chapter out but I am still working to recover all my sims.  You will see some changes as I work through to get everything back.  Thanks for your continued support.
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Sad news about my computer

Well my poor laptop was attacked by a virus.  Took it in on Monday and was told it would be a simple cleaning job and it should be ready on Tuesday.

Today I was told my hard drive crashed.  So yes my computer is effectively dead at the moment.  Those glorious "tech" people are working to recover my data and will then replace my hard drive.

Until then there will be no updates but my stories will continue.  I do have my gave saves for both stories so I won't have too much of a set back but if they can't recover everything the updates will be delayed until I get it all installed and running again.

Just wanted to let you all know why updates will be delayed for a while.

Thanks for the continued support of my stories.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chapter 65-Desperate Measures

I was still getting sick and Marcus was getting more concerned.  I refused to talk to him even though he kept trying.  I was angry that he wanted to just give up and leave us.  Angry that he waited so long to tell me.  He said I was being unreasonable and instead of spending all the time we could loving each other, it was spent fighting or not talking.  I thought telling me was hard, but when he told the boys I saw him struggling not to break down in front of them.  His voice cracked on several occasions and he would have to pause before continuing.

I tried to sit there and show my support, but I couldn't it hurt too much.  When he told them they would have to be strong and take care of me, I lost it.
"They wouldn't have to be strong if you would just quit being so stubborn!" I screamed at him.
"Amari we've discussed it and you need to..."
"I need to what Marcus?  Accept that you are choosing to die and leave us?  I refuse to do that, I won't do that!"
"Amari, please."  Marcus said pleading with me to calm down.

"No!  You have an option but you won't take it.  Why?  Why are you choosing this?"
"Stop it now!"  His voice carried a tone of authority that he'd never used with me before.  I was stunned and then realized the boys were still sitting there.  Tears in their eyes and totally scared from seeing us fight.  Without saying another word, I got up from the table grabbed my keys and left.
"Daddy, mommy was really mad at you."
"Yes Dunham I know she is.  She's just having a hard time right now."
"But she said you are choosing to leave us.  Why did you choose to get cancer?"  I could only smile at the comment.  They were trying to understand and Amari's outburst didn't help.
"Dax I didn't choose to get cancer.  Your mom and I are just disagreeing on the best course of action to keep me around longer."
"Don't you want to stay with us?"
"Of course I do buddy, but somethings just aren't that simple."


I shouldn't have had that outburst.  This was going to be hard enough on the boys without their mom going crazy and yelling at their father.  I just can't believe he wouldn't even consider becoming a vampire.  Sure there were some drawbacks, but the benefit of seeing his children grow up should outweigh all the negatives.  I needed to talk to someone that could help him see reason.  I knocked on the door and was greeted by Nina.
"Hey mom, how are you doing?" she said giving me a hug.
"I wish I could say great,but that's not the case.  Is Aric home?"  She gave me a concerned look.
"Yes he's upstairs."

But as she spoke he came walking down the stairs.  He always did have great timing.  He gave me a hug and held my hand as we walked into the living room.
I broke down into tears and my son held me while I cried on his shoulder.  Not only was I a terrible wife, but I was a failure as a mother.  Aric has had to comfort me more times than I can remember.
"I can't force him into this life mom." He spoke softly and I looked up at him in shock.
"I quit fighting it after everything happened with CeCe but I only do it when I sense distress such as now."

I sat up and wiped my face.  He still felt bad for not knowing sooner what was going on with her but then again we all felt a bit of guilt over what she went through.
"I changed TK in the heat of the moment and although it worked out in the end, I won't do it again.  It took Nina months of begging and pleading before I gave in to her and she was a willing participant."
"But I can't just let him die.  Your brothers need him, I need him.  It's my fault he's giving up."
"You're not letting him die, he's dying."
"But I have not been fair to him.  I can't let him give up on life because I hurt him."  I started crying again.
"It's his choice mom, you can't force him to become a vampire."  I tried not to think about how Bynni and TK weren't given that choice.  I already knew his feelings about his actions that day and I can't blame him for what his dad did, but the thoughts were there and he knew.
"I'm sorry son."
"It's understandable mom."
Aric, always so calm and reserved.  I look at him and think of all that I did right in raising at least one of my children since I seem to be failing the rest of them.  How could I possibly have 95 more of them?  It would be so unfair to inflict any more harm on innocent bystanders.  My phone was buzzing again.  I didn't need to look at it to know it was Marcus calling again. 
"I should go.  I am sorry I asked you to do that."
He smiled at me.  "It's ok mom.  I know you have a lot to deal with right now."

I gave him a tight hug.
"One day you won't have to take care of me." I said rubbing my hand on his cheek.
"I don't mind."  He walked me to the door and I said bye to Nina who was perfecting her sculpting skills.
"Mom, maybe if you told him, he'd change his mind."

"Told him what?"
"About the babies."  I gave him a curious stare and he just laughed.
"You are giving off more than one heartbeat."  Of course, I always seemed to end up pregnant at the most inopportune times.


When I got home the boys were in the backyard playing with Fred and Wilma.  Marcus was napping on the couch.  Seeing him instantly brought tears to my eyes, on top of everything now I had to deal with uncontrollable hormones.  I attempted to walk pass without waking him but I guess he wasn't really sleeping because as soon as I shut the door he sat up.
"I've been calling you."
"I know."
"Where did you go?"
"To see Aric.  I was hoping he would..." I didn't need to finish when I saw the anger flash in his eyes.
"That again?  I thought we settled that already." He spoke softly and I knew he was trying not to raise his voice.

"No Marcus, you just refuse to listen to reason. But it's different now."
"No it's not.  I won't do it, even if it's not done by Marisol."
"No buts Amari, just drop it.  I don't want to spend the time I have left fighting with you. So I'm begging you, please just drop it."  Marcus got up and walked into the kitchen.  I sat there thinking about what Aric said.  He wasn't willing to stay for the children that were already here, my being pregnant wasn't going to change that either.  Aric wouldn't do it, but I knew of one other option.  I would rather Marcus spend eternity angry at me than stand by and watch him die.

*****Yes so I know it's against "the rules" for a dad to father more than one pregnancy but since it's my story I decided to bend them a little.  I thought about having Amari get drunk and cheat on poor Marcus but since I am already putting him through enough I opted to have the next babies by him instead. Yes they will count towards my 100 because this story has taken on it's own life and since I never imagined she'd get married it only seemed fitting for her to be pregnant one more time by him. :)
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