Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chapter 96-A Job To Do

“This is going to be so much fun mom.” Finley squealed from the backseat.

The triplets weren’t as excited for this family outing but they begrudgingly came along anyway. I still hadn’t heard anything from Marcus, not even an email asking about his children. Mulo told me that once his memory started coming back, there was no safe way to re-erase it. He could try but there are limits to how much the mind can be messed with and it was much harder to do on a vamp. It was done the first time before he was turned. I had gone to a lawyer to ask about the legality of the situation. It was a tricky situation but he said that my marriage to him was technically over when Marcus was declared dead. He agreed to draw up divorce papers for me still because I wanted to be sure nothing was going to stand in his way. I had the lawyer send the papers out to him since I didn’t trust myself to actually drop them in the mail. Now I waited to hear back.

“Ok guys we’re here.” I said pulling into the parking lot.

Finley jumped out of the car then grabbed Elphie’s hand pulling her off towards the skating rink. Elton and Edson followed behind them leaving me standing alone by the car.

“So much for family fun.” I said sadly as I wandered towards them.

“Mom, get a pair and join us.” Finley called out as she slowly made her way around the rink. I watched for a little while as they laughed and had fun with each other.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chapter 95-Another Life

I wanted to meet the kids but Amari wouldn’t allow it. She said it wasn’t fair to put them through what she’s dealing with especially the triplets. She briefly explained to me what she had been going through with them. Not only had she raised two somewhat rebellious twins, she was now faced with doing so with triplets. My heart went out to her with all the stuff she shouldered and managed to keep going. I finally saw things her way and agreed it was best that they not be involved right now. I had things I needed to sort out and until I made a decision on how to handle this I would stay away from my children. Even if it pained me to do so. Now as I headed back home, I struggled with what I would tell Florence. Having the wife I think she could handle since I obviously had no clue about any of this, but telling her I had children already when she wanted to be the one to give me that. That conversation was going to be harder. 

As I pulled into the drive, Florence came out to greet me. She jumped into my arms, showering me with kisses.

“Mi sei mancato.” (I’ve missed you.) She exclaimed holding on to me tightly.

It was almost as if she knew our upcoming conversation wasn’t going to be pleasant. I had already explained to her that I had in fact located the mystery woman but I didn’t want to talk about everything over the phone and being so far away. I know that didn’t help ease her fears but I thought that it was a conversation best done in person.

“Odio stare in questa grande casa vuota da solo.” (I hate being in this big empty house alone).

My arms tighten around her slender waist. Her smell, one that I have known for so long, now seemed strange. The kiss I shared with Amari flashed through my mind. It was brief, but it was enough to let me know she wasn’t some stranger like she wanted me to believe. I remembered the feel of her body pressed against mine, the sweet taste of her lips, all of it was very familiar and felt very right in that moment. I pulled free of Florence, reaching into the car to get my bag. I was here with one woman, but thinking of another. It was wrong and I felt guilty doing so.

“Hai fame?” (Are you hungry) She asked taking my hand and giving me a hopeful look as we walked towards the house.

“No, I’m fine.” I replied seeing the look of disappointment that flashed across her face.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chapter 94-Déjà vu

I stood outside his hotel room debating on if I should knock or just leave. I knew I had to knock because I had no doubt he would come back to the house. Things were bad enough when Dunham called to inquire about the strange man Grammy had at the house. I laughed when he struggled to get out that he didn’t think it was appropriate for me to have my ‘special visitors’ coming to the house when the kids were there. Once I finished laughing, I was offended he would think I would do something like that. Of course he apologized profusely and then tried to inquire as to who the man was. I hated lying to him, but I didn’t have a choice. Now I was about to send him away, then forget any of this ever happened. Taking a deep breath, I lightly knocked on the door secretly hoping he wouldn’t hear it. The door opened just as I turned to walk away. I couldn’t stop myself as my eyes roamed over his naked torso. This was a bad idea, a very bad idea. He was on the phone but motioned for me to come inside.

“No non I’ho ancora trovato.” (no I haven’t found her yet)

He sounded very sexy speaking in Italian and from the tone of his voice I knew he was speaking to her. Florence he called her but never made a distinction as to the status of their relationship.

“Mi manchi anche tu.” (Yes I miss you too.)

I tried to divert my eyes as he walked around talking to her but they were drawn to him. The slight ripple of his muscles when he moved, I was so very thankful he couldn’t read my thoughts because that would be bad for both of us.

“Sarò a casa presto Ti amo anch’il. Ciao” (I’ll be home soon. Love you too. Bye).

He clicked off the phone and gave me a little smile. The loving tone of his voice as he spoke to her gave me a ping of jealousy. She had what I wanted, and what I was getting ready to set it free.

“Sorry about that. I wasn’t expecting you so early.”

“Yes well I thought it best to get this done as soon as possible so you can get back to your…”

“Fiancé.” He completed with a smile. I inhaled sharply hearing that word. He has plans to marry her, possibly have a family with her.

“Well then, let’s get this over with so you can get back home to her.”

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