Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chapter 100-Face To Face

I can't believe this is my 100th chapter! I had no idea when I started this story it would become such a story LOL. I know that sounds strange but it's the truth. My first attempt into the world of sim stories and I thought hey a baby challenge should be easy. Well 100 chapters later, it's no longer a baby challenge but I appreciate the continued support you all have given me! Through all the ups and (mostly) downs of Amari's life you guys have stuck with me. I can't say it's going to make it 100 more as I feel the story may be nearing its end, but I hope you all enjoy the final ride with me.

She was even more stunning up close. I had only seen her briefly that day I went by their house but now being face to face with her, I felt instantly shabby in comparison. Her skin was flawless, her makeup was perfectly applied, and her clothes looked like something you would see in a magazine.

“Pardon my English. I seek Amari Smith.”

“That would be me and who are you?”

She cocked her head to the side and gave a sly smile. “Tink you know already. May I come inside?” Her words were spoken with a thick accent, but her body language was easy enough to understand. She was here to fight for her man and my morning just got a hundred times worse.

“Certainly.” I replied stepping to the side to allow her in. I didn’t miss the once over she gave me as she entered.

I directed her towards the living room. “Give me a minute to get dressed and we can have a talk. Although I’m not sure we really have anything to discuss.”

When I got to my room I thought about calling Marcus to let him know she was here. I suspected her just showing up like this meant she hadn’t told him she was coming. I was pissed she had come here. She had already won, even if she didn’t know it, but now she was here to stake some claim on him. She was wandering around the living room when I got back downstairs.

“Can I offer you something to drink?”

“No, but thank you. He loves me, but only feels an obligation for you.”

So the claws were out. She was cutting right to the chase and skipping all the pleasantries. “An obligation? Is that what he’s told you, to help ease your fears?” I asked walking towards the sofa.

“It is obvious. You use children to get him, but it will fail.”

I sat there shocked that this woman, this stranger who didn’t even know me, accused me of using my children to get Marcus back. I was going to attempt to be nice, but why? The gloves were coming off.

“I don’t have to use my children to get him. He came looking for me, he may love you but I think you know he has feelings for me as well.”

“You play on his memories. What he feels is nothing.” She spat angrily.

“If you really thought that, you wouldn’t be here. What I think is he stays with you out of a sense of obligation. I mean considering your troubles, he may not want to seem heartless leaving you after such a loss.”

It was her turn to be shocked. Her entire demeanor changed and I felt slightly bad bringing up the loss of her babies. I had experienced that sort of grief and knew the heartache that came with it, but she was the first to strike.

“How you know of my losses?”

“Marcus, we talked the last time he came to see me.”

“Marc would never share something private with a stranger.”

“Ah, but see I’m not a stranger, I’m his wife and the mother of his children.”

Florence’s face contorted into an angry scowl when I said that. She didn’t like being reminded we were married and certainly didn't want to be reminded I gave him something she couldn't. I understood, however, how learning something so deeply personal had been told to the other woman would be hard to hear. I could see that this meeting was not turning out in the way she had hoped.I was willing to be nice and even help ease her fears more, but she didn't want it that way.

“You are just a link to a life forgotten.” She counted regaining her composure. “If you were so memorable Marc would not forgotten you so easily.” She sat back with a smug look of satisfaction on her face.

“You are so very correct Florence.” I replied coolly. “If we were dealing with a simple case of amnesia, but we aren’t. Which is why you are here. If you were as confident in your relationship as you would have me believe, you wouldn’t have come here to have this little meeting with me behind his back. So you are here to what? Ask me to walk away? To plead your case on letting the two of you have a chance? I sent him divorce papers, the fact that he didn’t sign them should speak volumes to you, because it does to me.”

This time her brave face crumpled. Florence got up and started walking around the room. I knew I had struck a nerve and it was cruel of me to do so. She was just as innocent in all of this, but I was tired of playing nice. I know she was scared of losing Marcus, hell I shared her fear, but I was tired of putting everyone’s feelings above my own. That favor never seemed to be returned to me and today she got the brunt of that. The pain I am inflicting on her now would only be temporary. Once she made it to his hotel she would learn she won. He signed the papers; he was free of me and my mess. She had him, she had won.

“I think you should go now.” I said standing. “You need to talk to him, not me.”

Without saying a word, Florence picked up her purse and gave me a weak smile. Once she was gone I finally let this morning’s discovery sink in. He had signed the papers, he did as I asked of him and chose the easier life and it hurt worse than I thought it would to lose him a second time.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chapter 99-Harsh Reality

Marcus paced around my room pausing every so often to look at me. He started to speak but stopped several times.

“What does that mean? Half-state, bonded, his? What the hell is going on with you?” He was getting pissed again I could see it. This time he was at least trying to keep his anger in check.

Rolling the tension out of my neck I took a deep breath as I tried to explain my situation. “The half state is just that. When he attacked me he didn’t give me enough of his blood to completely change me. I got some improvements such as I no longer need my glasses, my hearing has improved, and I’ll live longer than the typical human because I am aging slower.”

“Ok, and the downside is…”

“The downside is that until he sees fit to finish the job we are bonded. He can hear my thoughts, I can hear his. We have a strong mental connection that allows us to communicate that way no matter the distance.”

Marcus gave me a bewildered look when he heard that. “Hear your thoughts? Like in everything, always?” I knew what he was asking without him having to actually say the words.

“Yes, but no he wasn’t around when we…he um left, put up a block. I can tell when he’s there and when he’s not. The moment I opened the door and saw you he was gone.”

He looked as if he was skeptical but I guess he rather not think too hard on somebody else being sort of present during a time like that.

“Why do you continue to live like this? Why not just have someone else complete the change?”

“Do you think I want to be like this? If I had a choice?” I asked sounding very exasperated. “He has to do it. If someone else, another vamp tries I could die. Something about mixing of vamp blood in my system.”

Marcus walked around more as he processed everything. I walked over and took a seat. He was having a hard time with this, hearing the rest was not going to be any easier.

“Have you tried? How do you know he’s not lying to you?”

“I’m sorry but I’m not willing to take that sort of risk with my life.” I snapped at him.

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