Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chapter 128-A Long Day

“This has got to be the fanciest place I’ve ever been in!” Zana exclaimed as we walked through the ornate double doors of the hotel. “First, flying first class and now this. Man, Fin your family knows how to travel. The most we ever did was take a crap ass RV trip one time.”

She and Finley had been going nonstop sense we boarded the plane. They were excited for this trip. Both girls were looking forward to finding an apartment during the down time from the parent’s weekend events at Finley’s school. The flight for me hadn’t been nearly as exciting. Spending five hours sitting next to Marcus on the plane was tense. We barely spoke to each other and what we did talk about revolved around the plan of action for the weekend.

“Hello and welcome to Hotel Verde, how can I help you today?” the friendly receptionist asked.

Digging through my purse, I pulled out my ID and credit card. “Um, yes. Reservation for Amari Smith.”

The woman took my items, then busied herself with looking up my reservation. Finley pulled Zana off to go explore some large fountain that sat in the middle of the entry.

“Ah, yes. I see you are booked for our two bedroom, penthouse suite. You’ll…”

“What?” I asked interrupting the woman.

“I thought you said you booked three rooms,” Marcus stated, giving me an accusatory look.

“I did.”

The receptionist was busy typing away. “Um, well yes ma’am, your reservation was changed a few days after you made the original one. It shows you called in requesting the upgrade.”

“You changed it?” Marcus asked. I could hear the bite in his tone and it took me a moment not to snap back at him.

I looked over at Finley who was nervously watching us. “No, I didn’t, but I have a feeling I know who did.”

Marcus turned to look over at Finley, shaking his head. “Right. Well,” he said turning his attention back to the receptionist. “There’s been a slight mistake, we actually need to keep the original reservation.”

“We’re booked, sir. A few of the colleges are having parent weekend, plus there’s a convention in town.”

“We can try another hotel.”

“I have a feeling they’d all be book too,” he replied. “We’ll take the room,” he said, turning back to the woman.

Marcus walked off to go talk to Finley while I finished up at the desk. A few minutes later we headed up the elevator.

“Sorry Mom,” Finley mumbled.

When we arrived at our room, the girls excitedly ran out straight to the balcony.
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