Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chapter 98-Ten Rounds

I stood there panic stricken. How did I lose track of time? I looked over at Marcus and knew exactly how I was able to forget everything.

“Mom?” They called out again.

“Shit. You have to hide.”


“Yes Marcus, hide as in you can’t be seen.”

“That is crazy Amari.” He said laughing. “You are acting like a teenager being caught by her parents.”

I ignored his comment as I picked up his remaining clothes off the floor. I walked over shoved them in hands then pushed him towards the bathroom. I heard their footsteps getting closer as they headed towards us.

“Just be quiet.” I hissed at him before shutting the door.

“Mom what are you doing?” Elphie asked.

“Laundry, care to help?” I asked trying to keep my voice calm and casual.

“Yeah no.” She replied turning up her nose.

“Hey mom who’s car is that?” Elton asked.

Shit a car? Of course he had a car, what was I thinking that he ran over here. Crap, crap, crap. “Um what car honey?”

“There is a car parked in our driveway.” Edson said giving me a curious look.

“Hm, I don’t know dear. I’ve been busy, um cleaning all day so I don’t, I don’t know. Maybe one of the neighbors had to park in our driveway for some reason.”

“Mom, are you ok?” Elphie asked looking around the room before settling her eyes back on me.

“Yes dear, I’m fine. Let me finish putting the clothes in the dryer and I’ll come up and make you guys a snack.” I looked at them expectantly as I waited for them to retreat back up the stairs.

“That’s ok, I think we’re just gonna play video games.” Edson replied walking over towards the TV.

“You know the rules, no games until after homework is finished.”

“We don’t have any this week, it’s finals week.” Elton answered. All three of them were staring at me like they knew something was wrong.

“Well then that requires some studying. So go study.”

“Mom, we got this in the bag. Tomorrow is English, easy A.” Elphie said with a smile. I raised my eyebrow when I looked over at her.

“In the bag?”

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chapter 97-Giving In

Cleaning up after four children was exactly how I didn’t want to spend my morning. Breakfast dishes washed, beds made, all that was left was to start the never ending laundry. Then Fred, Wilma, and I could go on a nice walk to the park. The doorbell rang as I started down the stairs with one of the baskets, and they started barking. The person on the other side quickly rang it three more times which made them bark louder.

“Fred! Wilma! Be quiet. I’m coming, stop pushing the button.” I called out as I headed towards the door. “No, no, no.” I said when I saw Marcus’s smiling face.

“Good morning to you as well.” He said stepping inside.
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RATED R***Chapter 97-Giving In***RATED R

This version of chapter 97 is intended for mature audiences only. Much like the Death of David chapter, I wrote this for a few of my readers who wanted to see Marcus in action. Normally I keep this story in the PG-13 ratings but for my pervy readers (and you know who you are LOL) this chapter is for you. Enjoy!
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