Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chapter 98-Ten Rounds

I stood there panic stricken. How did I lose track of time? I looked over at Marcus and knew exactly how I was able to forget everything.

“Mom?” They called out again.

“Shit. You have to hide.”


“Yes Marcus, hide as in you can’t be seen.”

“That is crazy Amari.” He said laughing. “You are acting like a teenager being caught by her parents.”

I ignored his comment as I picked up his remaining clothes off the floor. I walked over shoved them in hands then pushed him towards the bathroom. I heard their footsteps getting closer as they headed towards us.

“Just be quiet.” I hissed at him before shutting the door.

“Mom what are you doing?” Elphie asked.

“Laundry, care to help?” I asked trying to keep my voice calm and casual.

“Yeah no.” She replied turning up her nose.

“Hey mom who’s car is that?” Elton asked.

Shit a car? Of course he had a car, what was I thinking that he ran over here. Crap, crap, crap. “Um what car honey?”

“There is a car parked in our driveway.” Edson said giving me a curious look.

“Hm, I don’t know dear. I’ve been busy, um cleaning all day so I don’t, I don’t know. Maybe one of the neighbors had to park in our driveway for some reason.”

“Mom, are you ok?” Elphie asked looking around the room before settling her eyes back on me.

“Yes dear, I’m fine. Let me finish putting the clothes in the dryer and I’ll come up and make you guys a snack.” I looked at them expectantly as I waited for them to retreat back up the stairs.

“That’s ok, I think we’re just gonna play video games.” Edson replied walking over towards the TV.

“You know the rules, no games until after homework is finished.”

“We don’t have any this week, it’s finals week.” Elton answered. All three of them were staring at me like they knew something was wrong.

“Well then that requires some studying. So go study.”

“Mom, we got this in the bag. Tomorrow is English, easy A.” Elphie said with a smile. I raised my eyebrow when I looked over at her.

“In the bag?”

“Not like that. We haven’t done that since elementary school.” She quickly defended.

Marcus muffled a laugh and all three looked towards the bathroom door.

“What was that?” Edson asked stepping closer in an attempt to investigate. I quickly cleared my throat trying to cover up the sound. It didn’t help that Fred was sniffing around the bathroom door whining.

“What was what?”

Elphie started to reply when her phone went off. She broke out in the biggest grin when she read the text that came through.

“We gotta go Mom. Dad is here and he’s taking us car shopping finally!” 

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek which surprised me. The boys had already run up the stairs muttering a goodbye on the way. Marcus exited the bathroom but was no longer smiling.

“Dad? I thought they were mine. Did you remarry?”

“No I’m not married, or dating. They are yours Marcus, I wouldn’t lie about that.”

“No instead you just prefer not to tell me the whole truth.” He retorted sarcastically."So who is this guy then?" His tone almost sounded as if he were jealous.

“The man they call dad, he is that curveball I mentioned earlier or one of them anyway. He’s the reason you can’t get into my head, and he’s the reason you don’t know who the hell you are.”

“What?” He yelled. “And you let my children be around him? I am going to need answers now more than ever.”

“He’s the lesser of two evils. My life isn’t easy Marcus. It’s not pretty, it’s not ideal. In fact most days it fucking sucks but I can’t let that stop me. I did that once and ended up with a teenage son who practically got raped by his tutor and was a father before he graduated high school.”

“Whoa, what?”

“Yes the little girl you saw last time. You’re not only a dad but also a grandfather. Congrats. Now I have no idea when they will be back but I know Finley will be home in about fifteen minutes so I’m gonna need you to leave.”



“No! This, all of this requires explanations. Ones I’m getting today.”

I knew from the look on his face he wasn’t going anywhere. The truth as ugly as it was, was going to be the only thing that would accomplish what I was trying to do by avoiding his questions. I knew when to admit defeat, and it had glowing green eyes.

“Fine but can you stay down here until I get Finley settled with someone for the night. The triplets can stay with Mulo.” Marcus scowled at me when I said that but didn't say anything.

When Finley got home it was hard to concentrate on helping her with her homework. We ate dinner and listening to her talk about her day provided me the distraction I needed to keep my mind off the talk to come. She was very excited to be having a weekday sleepover with CeCe and Trey. 

When I got back to the house, Marcus was sitting at the table eating the leftovers from dinner. He looked at home, he was home, but I knew it was only temporary. Glancing over at the envelope on the table, I sighed heavily before picking it up and heading into the dining room.

“Sign them.” I said dropping them on the table.

Marcus glanced up from his meal briefly then went back to eating as if I hadn’t spoken. When he finished, he got up took his plate into the kitchen then proceeded to clean up after himself as if he lived here.

“Now.” He said walking back into the dining room. “I believe you have some explaining to do.” He finished crossing his arms as he waited on me to talk.

“Not until you sign.” I retorted crossing my arms to match his stance.

“Not happening. We are doing things my way this time.”


“Damn it woman!” He yelled as he quickly moved to stand in front of me. “Those are my children and from what I can piece together the man you let them call dad is dangerous and I don’t approve.”

“You don’t approve? You don’t know them or what they’ve dealt with. I was losing them and as has hard as it was for me to ask him to come back, to ask him of all people for help I had no choice. After all the horrible crap he’s done to me I still needed him, you don’t have a clue how hard of a pill that is for me to swallow. So you can not approve all you want, but you don’t have a clue!” I screamed at him storming out of the dining room. I didn’t make it very far before I felt him grab hold of my arm yanking me backwards.

“You’re right I don’t know but that’s because you won’t tell me.” He countered angrily. “Instead you mail me divorce papers and act as if I don’t have a right to know facts about my own damn life!”

Marcus’s fingers were digging painfully into my arms causing me to wince. He released me when he realized he was hurting me. I took a step back rubbing the spot on my arm where he had held me. He was right, I knew he was, but that didn’t stop me from being angry. I walked past him into the living room knowing he would follow me in there. I took a seat on the couch and buried my face in my hands. Marcus said nothing as he waited on me to start talking.

“What do you mean you were losing them? Were they sick? Dying? What?”

“No, nothing like that.” I responded sitting back to look at him. “They tried to kill their sister. Or I thought that’s what they were doing turns out they were trying to change her.”

Marcus looked at me wearing a confused expression. “Change her? What are you talking about?”

“The triplets are vamps.”

He sat back in the chair as he took in the information.

“How is that possible? In that picture I was human so how could they be vamps?” I could hear the accusation in his tone.

“I thought the same thing at first, that I had cheated on you. I dropped into a bigger state of depression because of it. Not able to take care of them or even look at them. Dax and Dunham handled most of their care.”

“So if not that then what?”

“Mulo. When you first went missing I went to confront him, I just knew he had something to do with it. I don’t remember what happened but he bit me while I was pregnant. And him sharing blood with me while I was caused the babies to turn.”

“Bring them home.” He growled jumping up from his seat.


“Bring them home now. I don’t need to hear any more about that man, he’s apparently damaged enough things and I don’t want my children around him for another second.”

“And tell them what Marcus?”

“You tell them their father is home and he forbids them to be around a dangerous influence such as this Mulo character. One of their parents is trying to keep them out of harm’s way.”

“You have a lot of freaking nerve!” I yelled at him. “You have been their father for all of ten minutes. You might want to remember before you start beating on your chest acting like king of the damn castle that you, here, is temporary. You think this is a game? You can pop in and out and maintain two lives well it’s not. So while you want to say you are home, you might want to clue your fiancĂ©e in on that little fact, otherwise you are just a visitor!” 


"No! Save it, just save it. We're done here and you need to leave."

I ran out of the living room and up the stairs to my bedroom. I was shaking because I was so angry and hurt over his words. Marcus was never one to be cruel before, but for him to question my parenting having not been around was a low blow.

Do you need me to come over Love?
What? No are you insane? You are the last person I need over here right now.
I just want to help you in some way.
Help me? You did this, all of this now is your fault! Get out of my head and leave me alone!

“Amari?” Marcus called out knocking softly at the door. He didn’t wait for me to answer before walking in. I glanced over at him before turning to look out of the window.

“I know you deserve more explanations but I’m not inclined to give them right now. I’m sure you can let yourself out.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m frustrated and angry and I lashed out.”

I wiped away a tear that rolled down my cheek still too upset to look at him. I should have never gone looking for him. I hated to admit that Mulo was right when he said I would only end up hurting more. I was so angry over how he had destroyed my life. He had done more damage to me that Marisol ever could at this point. Yet he stayed, and I let him stay. I let him back into my life, my kids life and Marcus had every right to be pissed about that.

“I’m sorry too. For what I said downstairs, and for pulling you into all of this again.”

“Did I know the whole story before?” I nodded in response. “And I stayed then?”

“Yes, but circumstances were different then.”

“How so?”

“You weren’t stuck between two lives. And I wasn’t connected to…” I trailed off not wanting to mention his name again. I was too exhausted to go another round in a shouting match with him.

Marcus walked over turning me to face him. “Connected to who?”

I heard the edge in his voice as he stood there peering down at me. There was no point in trying to deflect any more of his questions, or attempting to send him away. Tonight I had to just lay it all out for him and then hope I could hold it together when he walked out the door.

“Mulo. We are bonded in this strange way. When I found out about the triplets, I went to confront him. A fight broke out between him and Aric, that's our son, Mulo and I that is,  anyway it was bad. He attacked me and left me in this half state. It’s why you can’t get into my head. He’s there and he’s the only one that can be.”

“What does that mean?” He asked stepping away from me.

“It means until he sees fit to complete the job and turn me I’m essentially his.”



  1. Uhm, wow. So much to take in. I can understand why Marcus wants to protect his kids, but Amari's right, until he sorts things with Florence, I don't think he's in a position to be making such demands. On the other hand, the longer Amari keeps the truth from her kids, there's no telling what damage that will do.

    1. Yep Marcus doesn't know his kids, but that protective dad part of him came out anyway. He was wrong for accusing Amari like he did since he doesn't know the whole situation, but with what he does know his anger is very understandable.

      She's going to tell them, she knows they will be angry and is prepared for that (they are always mad at her it seems) but she wants them to have a chance to connect with Marcus. She won't keep them from each other.

  2. LOL All she needs is for one of the kids to say "It smells like sex in here!" 'Course then she could ask them how they knew...

    I thought jealousy had glowing green eyes?
    Shutting up now. hehe

    Oh, why do I hear Desi Arnez (Hope I spelled that right) saying 'Lucy, you have some 'splaining to do!' *SMH sadly*

    Damn this is a lot of hard pills for Marcus to swallow.

    1. hahahaha you know I actually thought about that. But I changed it because that would have been a really awkward conversation to have between parent and child. But it would have been so freaking funny. LOL

      LOL yeah she has lots of 'splaining to do at this point but is reluctant to do so.

      Marcus has a lot to learn and understand for sure and Amari isn't really helping.

    2. I was waiting for their vamp senses to kick in...

      "Mom? What is that smell?"
      "Probably just the laundry soap."
      "If my clothes still smell like that when they are are taking me shopping."

    3. Ha yeah thought that would have been too weird so I took out that little bit. I did consider it though. :P

  3. I'm digging that Marcus is back! Even if it makes it a bit harder for you story-wise! Sorry hun, but you need to keep him! Florence who?
    This thing with Mulo could bring a nice show-down. Essentially his... riiiiight!

    Marcus can feed from her, so that means he can bite her (duh!). If he can bite her, he can drain her to the point of dying. If he gives her his blood MULO CAN SUCK IT!!! Mulo told me that in drunken stupor. He was worried it might happen, so he drank himself silly and told me. Don't tell him I told you the secret! SShhhhhh!!

    I lol'd at her caught-teenager behavior!

    1. LOL yeah I knew he would be welcomed back with open arms. I'm doing like always with this story and figuring it out as I go hoping I connect all the dots along the way. :P Poor Florence gets no love. We could have a nice show down. Still working out how this will all work.

      Yes he fed from her. She can share blood, she just can't take any in. Um so you want to kill her? Drain her to the point of dying...what if he doesn't time it right and kills her or even having some of Mulo's blood left in her system kills her??? So many ways that can go wrong.

      I won't tell Mulo you spilled his secrets. :P And yeah she was like a teen being caught by her parents with the kids coming home. :D

  4. Well now the proverbial cat's out of the bag. I like that Amari told Marcus about Mulo but at the same time this could get really bad really fast. There's no telling what Marcus will do now if faced with the man he knows took his life from him. I'm sure he wants some sort of revenge, I would. I hope he is able to keep it all together. He really laid into Amari and it was bad but I can understand his anger about not knowing and the half truths she's tossing his way. While I feel he does have the right to know about his past he's going about it wrong. Although Amari is being rather tight-lipped with the information...until now.

    The triplets LOL were so close to figuring it all out. Mulo though to the rescue? Sigh. I can't wait for this to all be out for them also so that they know exactly who their "dad" really is. I know that will have potential blowback on Amari for not telling them in the first place but they have the right to know about their "dad" and who their real dad is.

    1. yep the cat is out of the bag. He probably would want revenge. He missed out on his children's lives because of this man on top of that they look to Mulo as a father. Talk about salt in a open wound there. He does have more important things to worry bout right now with meeting his children and working through his feelings for Amari and dealing with Florence. His plate overflows with stuff right now. He had a bit of a personality change in all of this and has a few asshole moments. LOL Amari is frustrating with not telling him everything. He's not going to be pushed away so easily and she knows that now. Better to explain it all and deal with the fall out from there.

      LOL yeah those kids are smart. They knew something was up so yeah Mulo to the rescue. :P He's handy sometimes. Yeah still have to cross that bridge. Amari will hopefully soften the blow as much as possible, but I still see the kids being angry at her for not informing them as soon as she learned the truth. Especially Dax and Dunham. The triplets already had a hard time 'fitting' in and to find out the one person they really look up to is the reason life was so messed up is gonna be a hard pill to swallow.

  5. ~ I think Amari needs to get help from Aric,as we all know how he feels about what his father did to Amari!
    ~ She will need some help to tell the triplets about their real dad,& a family meeting is called for,but first Marcus has to sort his other life out,as he can not live both lives, it is not fair to Florence!(or his children!)
    ~ Ether he ends it with Florence or signs the papers,one or the other!
    ~ I know she is hoping that if she explains everything to Marcus that he will run back to Florence & get on with his life,but in the past he excepted a life with her,with strings attached,& knowing about Mulo's interference!
    ~ I know Marcus has changed a lot since Mulo changed him,but deep down he is still the same person!
    ~ I know he is slowly remembering,but his attraction & deep connection to Amari is what is holding him there,& his sense of duty,to his children,even though they do not know he lives!
    ~ He will not leave till he sorts that out!
    ~ So looking forward to the next update! (",)

    1. Aric would help if she asked. She is the parent and therefore tries not to lean on her kids too much. Telling the triplets probably will be harder since they look to Mulo as dad and have never met him. Telling the twins will be a little easier although they still might be somewhat upset she didn't tell them right away.

      Marcus is in a stick spot right now with getting his feelings back for Amari but still having them for Florence. He does need to sort out his lives because he can't have both.

      She really wants him to stay but feels its better for him to be with Florence. Mulo is unpredictable at best and she really does fear something more happening to Marcus. Plus she feels terrible that he had this done to him. She blames herself since Mulo has this attachment to her and she knew that going in. Marcus did choose to have a life with her before but things are more complicated now (Florence and the bond) so she is trying to push him in the direction she thinks is best.

      Marcus won't just go quietly into the night without knowing everything. He loved Amari for a long time and that doesn't just go away.

  6. OH *SQUEE!!!* Loved the update so much, so much going on... and I hope they get everything sorted out... So unfair for her to be stuck like that *CRY*
    Looking forward to the next instalment from you *HUGS*
    Great job XXOO

    1. Glad you liked it. Hopefully they will get things worked out and find a happy ending to this all.

  7. From the very beginning of the story, I have felt such empathy for Amari. I just feel for her so much. I hate how hard this is for her. I know it is for Marcus too, but especially for Amari. She had to tell him everything once before but this time it's even harder.

    I can't blame Marcus for being upset about Mulo associating with his children, but Amari is right. She really had no choice! She didn't know how to help them. Mulo took advantage of her and has left her in a limbo state. I hope he either frees her or finishes turning her. I wonder how she will feel though if he turns her.

    I think finding everything out will make Marcus' choice even harder. He will feel guilty for whichever woman he leaves alone.

    I loved this chapter too!

    1. Yeah she's had it rough since the beginning. :( She had a short time of happiness before it was ripped away and then finding him again only made the hurt worse. It is harder to tell him a second time because she actually wants him to stay this time. I mean when she went through it before she kinda wanted him there but her feeling for Mulo also clouded her judgement that time. She loved Marcus and knew he would be good to her, but she wasn't as in love with him then as she is this time. She keeps telling him to go but she really wants him to stay. :( It's a very hard situation for them both.

      Yes that's it exactly. She can't compete with Marisol and Mulo was the only person she thought she could turn to. The incident with Finley really scared her and made her super concerned for the triplets. Mulo absolutely took advantage of the situation and as much as she hated it, she had to endure it. :( He should free her, but the only way to do that is to turn her and at this point she does not want to live forever. She only considered it to be with Marcus, but as it stands right now she would say no. If he did it anyway, she would be pissed.

      Amari is trying to take the guilt away where she is concerned. She's told herself she had her time and he's better off without her. He's making things harder by staying.

      Glad you liked it. I'm trying to work it out now on how this storyline will end.

  8. Wow, that's a lot to take in. I'm not sure who to feel sorrier for, Amari having to tell all of this to Marcus all over again, or Marcus having to hear it all and process and deal with it... probably sorrier for Amari but I feel really sorry for Marcus too. I love how he's going into be the protective father already though, and he doesn't even know his children, I just love him so much even if he was kind of harsh with Amari... I can't say I necessarily blame him, it doesn't mean he's right, but if I was in his position I'd probably react similarily, it'd be hard to hear about your kids associating with somebody like that.

    1. Yeah she has a lot to tell him and hasn't even began to scratch the surface on the complications of her life. :( He stayed the first time true, but like she said things are much different this time. She really wants him to sign the papers so she can feel like she made the choice on sending him away instead of seeing it as him walking out on her. Either way the result is the same. :(

      Yes his daddy instincts kicked in already which is sweet in a way, but he was pretty harsh towards her. He's confused and frustrated. Not knowing the whole story only makes things worse. Knowing his children are associating (with mom's approval) with the very person who ripped apart their family was not something he wanted to hear. They have a lot to overcome this time. More than before.

  9. I have to agree that Marcus needs to know everything now. Amari sought him out, so she does owe him that. He cannot make a good decision about anything without knowing. Mulo! *punch in the nose* .... I can't remember, why is it exactly that Mulo can't just be there for her and tell her the truth about his feelings and resolve all this mess? I still think as much as she hates him, she loves him.

    1. Yes she does owe him that much and she is going to tell him everything. It's just hard to rehash it all and thinking he's going to leave her anyway makes her hold back.

      Mulo his poor nose is going to be broken with all those punches you give him LOL. He does need to just quit playing around and admit how he feels about her. If he had done that in the beginning, things would have been much easier for her to accept. But sadly I don't think he knew how and now I feel it's too late. And you are right about how she feels towards him.

  10. It's always never ending drama for Amari and I can't believe Marcus yelled at her like that, he had some nerve. Thankfully, he came to his senses. I can't wait until everything is out in the open, with his kids knowing and everything.

    1. yeah he lost his mind there for a moment but he is dealing with a lot. Learning about who Mulo is and what he did, then to hear his children spend time with him and call him dad, he had a right to get pissed.

      He did come to his senses and apologized but it's hard for both of them. Everything will be out soon.

  11. Ugh, this is getting a little out of hand but what to do about it? Marcus already knows he has kids and apparently wants to be in their lives. I guess all Amari can do at this point is tell him the truth and hope that's enough, I just don't see this getting better anytime soon.

    Mulo is actually being decent this time around, I can't see that he is planning anything at the moment but it is Mulo so one never knows...edenz~

    1. :( It is. Them sleeping together didn't help matters. Now that he's learned of Mulo, that has really complicated things. At this point she does just need to tell him the truth and see how the chips fall.

      Mulo knows she needs some space.