Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chapter 114-As It Should Be

“Good Morning, Love,” I said gently brushing her hair to the side.

Amari turned and smiled at me, giving her body a lazy stretch.

“Are you hungry?” I asked, leaning down to give her a soft kiss on her neck.

My hands roamed down the soft curve of her hip, easing the covers down to reveal her gloriously naked form beneath. Amari rolled to her back, wrapping her arms around my neck. When her lips met mine, the intense heat of desire burned through me quickly. Her eyes held a mischievous gleam as I settled between her legs.

“So breakfast in bed?” she asked. Her fangs extended and she sank them into the soft flesh on my shoulder as I entered her body.

Amari propped on her elbow, smiling down at me once we were finished a few hours later. She was more radiant now than she was in her human form.

“I used to really think I would live forever, but I do believe you are making it your mission to kill this old man.”

The musical sound of her laughter filled our room. The warm salty, breeze blew through the open doors. My fingers traced the outline of her jaw, before picking up a strand of her hair and twirling it around my finger.

Amari leaned down to kiss me. “Well, you shouldn’t taste so good for one. For two, maybe you should actually bring me food in the mornings if you are going to insist on waking me up with that question, yet never providing me sustenance.”

I quickly rolled us, pinning her beneath me. “I provide you with plenty of sustenance. Shall I show you again?”

I felt a warm hand on my cheek, I turn and see Amari’s smiling face looking at me.

“You look like you were having a pleasant dream.”

“Yes, a dream,” I replied taking her hand and bringing it to my lips. “One I wish I could share with you.”

Amari POV

I pulled my hand away and gave Mulo a small smile. I hated to admit it, but I felt empty, almost alone now that our link wasn’t there any longer. He’d been with me for so long, always there, always close, I actually missed it. We could still talk, if I concentrated on it, but it wasn’t effortless and it was limited.

“How are you feeling today? Are you hungry again?” He asked rolling off the bed.

“I am, but it’s not as bad as before. I think I’d like to try one of the alternate options today. The plasma fruit, instead of the blood, just to see how I handle it.”

Mulo turned and gave me a forced smile. “Of course, I’m sure you’re eager to get home.”

The melancholy in his voice was unmistakable. I grabbed his arm to stop him. Mulo and I had a long, complicated history, and as much as I should hate him, a small part of me would always love him. I knew he was sorry for most of the things he’d done and he would change a lot of those things if he could. The past was the past and dwelling on it didn’t do anyone any good.
“Thank you,” I said, letting my fingers run across his knuckles.

“For what?” he asked taking a seat again.

I dropped my head onto his shoulder, linking my arm through his. “For not taking advantage…”

Mulo turned and kissed me on the forehead. “As much as I want you, I couldn’t let you do something that I knew you’d hate yourself and more importantly, me for.”

“It always has to be about you,” I replied jokingly.

“But of course Love.”

Mulo turned, our faces mere inches from each other. His thumb caressed my cheek. I could feel the pull, the same one that had me acting out as this change transformed my body. It was strong, the unexplainable desires I had for him. I’d nearly committed adultery a number of times since the need was driven higher after I fed from Mulo. I knew he could have given in, and taken advantage of the situation, after all it was me that would initiate things, but he didn’t. Mulo was no saint, and he did enjoy me throwing myself at him so fiercely, however he always pulled back before letting me cross a bigger line. I could see in his eyes he wanted to kiss me and sadly, a small part of me wanted him to do it.

“Let me get you something to eat,” he said pulling away and breaking the connection.

I flopped back on the bed trying to push down my feelings of arousal. Mulo told me it was natural, that when the change takes over for a while our needs are strictly primal. Food. Sex. Sleep. Mulo tried to make me feel less guilty, saying I had no control, but it didn’t really help. I knew facing Marcus was going to be hard. He hated Mulo and Marcus would know how my body would have reacted since he’d gone through it. Intense feelings of guilt and shame hit me. I was glad Mulo wasn’t in my head at that moment. Marcus was a patient and understanding man to a point. His feelings about Mulo tended to cloud his judgment and I worried that my actions might be unforgivable to him.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chapter 113-Unfinished Business

Marcus POV

I’ve never felt more helpless than I did at this moment. I stood behind the glass watching the nurses care for my babies. They lay in incubators, hooked up to wires, fighting for their lives. I couldn’t help them. There was supposed to be only two. Each sonogram, each doctor visit she had only showed two. How could two additional babies stay hidden for months?! I was furious; she was at an even bigger risk than we thought. It made sense now why she would be tired more often. My anger couldn’t help them, it served no purpose now. I stood watching, and praying I didn’t lose them all. The nurses wanted me to name them, but I refused. Amari and I hadn’t decided on names still and on top of that we had two more to consider.

For now they were Smith baby A-D: three girls, one boy.  I couldn’t’ help them. I couldn’t help my wife who lay in a coma. Uterine rupture. She’d lost a lot of blood by the time we’d gotten her to the hospital, and the babies were no longer protected in the womb. The doctors did an emergency C-section. There was too much damage done, they told me, in order to save her life they needed to do a hysterectomy. She’d never have children again. I’d wanted to be the one to break the news to her, but she never woke up. No one could tell me why she was in a coma, and why her body seemed to get weaker with each passing day. She was dying. I had all the abilities in the world, except the ability to save my family.

“When is the last time you left the hospital?” Dax asked coming to stand beside me.

“I haven’t,” I replied, running a weary hand down my face. “Cece brought me a bag so I could shower in your mom’s room.”

“I get you don’t really need rest, but you do need a break. Let one of us stay with them.”

“I’m fine son. I want to be here when your mom wakes up, or when these people tell me I can finally hold one of my babies!” I added angrily gesturing towards the NICU.

When allowed in, I could only touch their little hands, they weren’t able to be removed from the incubators yet.

“When’s the last time you’ve eaten?”

“Aric brought me something yesterday. I told you I’m fine.” I replied turning to face him finally. “How’s Finley doing?”

Dax had been staying at the house. It was the off season for him, and even though he was supposed to be in training still, he took time off. His coach understood and the team sent flowers. All the kids had been doing a great job of splitting their time here and helping to take care of Finley and the house.

“She’s fine. She and Zana have been studying for finals since her suspension was lifted.”

I saw red thinking about that night. It was the actions of that sorry ass principal that landed us here. If I wasn’t so concerned about Amari and the babies, I would have gone back to drain the life from his worthless body. Zana’s mother actually did something to protect her daughter for a change. She pressed charges against the boy that attacked Zana and filed a formal complaint with the school board against the principal. He had been temporarily reassigned pending the outcome of the hearing. More needed to be done, but that was not my top priority right now.

“Dad, really, you need to go home. Get a decent night’s sleep. I’ll stay here and if I detect any movement from Mom, you can be here before her eyes even flutter open.” Dax gave me a crooked grin.

He was right, I knew that, but I couldn’t bring myself to go home without them with me. It didn’t seem right.

“Have you been in to see your mom?” I asked changing the topic.

“Yes, she’s still sleeping. Her room smells good with all the flowers.”

“A lot of people love her, and want her to wake up.”

“She will Dad,” he said pulling me into a hug. “She’s strong, always has been. She’ll get through this.”

I pulled away and gave him a pat on the back. “Your mom did an amazing job raising you kids.”

“Yeah, she gets a little credit,” Dax replied with a wink, “but most of this is just my natural awesomeness.” He gave me a large grin that brought a smile to my face. The boy definitely had my sense of humor. “Come on, let me take you home. Just for a few hours.”

“Ok, let me check on your mom first and I’ll meet you at the car.”

“Or…the nurses station,” he replied, giving a wink to one of the ladies behind me.

I walked away laughing for the first time since Amari was admitted. That quickly died when I entered her room.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the hard working mommies out there! Hope you have a great day.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chapter 112-Prom Night

“Girls, you look great!”

“Thanks, Mom,” Finley replied.

It was prom night, and she and Zana were all set to go. After the incident at her house, Zana practically lived with us it seemed. Marcus and I didn’t mind and they were very good with keeping to the house rules we’d set.

“I think you need a sweater,” Marcus grumbled.

Finley smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The girls and I went shopping without him the next day after everything had settled. When we got home, he was very unhappy about Finley’s dress choice. She’d never been a fan of wearing dresses or dressing up in general so when she was excited about this one I let her get it. I had my own reservations, but I couldn’t deny she looked beautiful in it. Marcus, however, was still the over-protective dad and still only saw the little girl he first met.

“Are you sure you don’t need a trench coat? Or a bodyguard? Or both?” he asked.
“Marcus, quit. Tell the girls they look beautiful and to have a good time,” I said, swatting his arm gently.

He let out a heavy sigh, and ran his hand over his face. “Ok, ok…girls, you both are stunning and I hope you two enjoy yourselves,” he conceded, letting a smile replace the scowl that was on his face.

We watched as they climbed into the limo to head off to dinner before the prom.

“So…,” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. “What should we do with the rest of our evening?”

Marcus leaned down to give me a kiss.

It started out slow, but the passion quickly grew. My hormones were my enemy this pregnancy. I spent more time horny and it drove me crazy. I was starting to think part of it had to do with the fact that my husband was currently the forbidden fruit.

“Not that,” he groaned, breaking away. “Three more weeks,” he said running his hand across my large belly. “Three more weeks and these guys can safely be delivered.”

“Yes, and your wife won’t look like a beached whale.”

He wrapped his arms around my large waist, pulling me as close as my stomach would allow. “She doesn’t look like one now. I see only an incredibly sexy woman carrying my children.”

I stretched up to kiss him again. “Comments like that will get you extra special treatment once we get the all clear.”

Marcus picked me up effortlessly and carried me to the couch.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Fiendish Book Release Day!

After months and months of hard work, Fiendish the book has been released to the world! I again want to thank you all for your support of it as a simstory and for the excitement I got when I announced it would be a book! It truly means a lot to me.

And to Jillybean...hope you are smiling down today finally seeing it come to light.

Right now it's only available on Smashwords be sure to follow me at my author blog Twisted Corners of my Mind for updates on when it's released to other channels. Hopefully Amazon and B&N will have it live later today.

Now that it's done, Kiss is my top priority! Working writing the next update so that hopefully I will have something to release next week.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chapter 111-Papa Bear

“Alright ladies, are we ready?” Marcus asked as he reached the bottom of the steps.

“Ready? You’re coming?” Finley asked giving me a confused look. She and I were headed out to pick up Zana and go prom dress shopping.

“Yes, you’re mom and I talked about it last night.”

“No, we didn’t. You said you were coming to carry me around everywhere like I’m some sort of invalid, and I told you I would be fine and would take lots of breaks.”

Marcus walked over smiling as his arms circled my ever expanding waist. “This will be fun and I can be there to veto anything I think is too revealing,” he said, smiling over at Finley who rolled her eyes in response.

“If that’s the case, I’ll just be wearing a sack.”

“I like the sound of that,” Marcus replied, giving her a peck on the cheek. “Let’s go.”

Finley and I filed out of the house knowing there was no use in trying to argue with him. When we got to Zana’s house, Finley jumped out of the car no sooner than Marcus put it in park.

We sat in the car and waited, when the door opened Zana’s stepfather stepped out instantly yelling at Finley. Marcus was out of the car before I could even get the seat belt off. 

“Take your freak of a daughter and get off my property!” he yelled. “I shouldn’t be surprised it’s your kind that would be responsible for messing with Zana’s head. Like she wasn’t trouble enough.”

“My kind?” Marcus asked stepping closer to Zana’s step-father. “You might want to rethink what you say next!” I heard the warning tone in Marcus’ voice and I knew this was about to get bad real quick.

Zana came out of the house carrying a bag. She had been crying and had a very defined red mark on her face.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Her mom asked running out behind her. Finley rushed towards Zana, but her stepfather pushed Finley back. 

That was the last straw for Marcus, he had the man pinned to the ground, pushing his face into the concrete walkway. Zana’s mother started pounding on his back as the man yelled out a slew of curses.

“Girls get in the car now,” I said. They both stood frozen watching the scene unfold.

“Now!” I yelled again and they both scrambled towards the car.

“I’m calling the police!” Mrs. Roberts yelled when her attempts to move Marcus failed.

“Marcus, baby, let him up,” I pleaded. When he looked up at me, I couldn’t help but to take a step back. The last time he looked that angry was the day he and Mulo fought.

“Marcus,” I said calmly. “Don’t do this.”

“Yes, officer. He just started beating on my husband, please hurry.”

Marcus turned in the direction of Mrs. Roberts hearing her frantic call to the police. Quickly he pulled Mr. Roberts to his feet, throwing him in the house.

“Amari go to the car,” he said before slamming the door shut.

I tried the handle, but it was locked. “Marcus!” I yelled banging on the door. I heard more cussing, then a scream, followed by silence. My heart was pounding as I continued to bang on the door until I heard the sirens.

Both Finley and Zana got out of the car as the officers approached.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

What's Keeping Me Away

So I think a lot of you also read my other story Fiendish which I wrapped up right before Christmas. Well long before that story ended, my fellow simming friend Jillyson (or Jillybean as we liked to call her) pushed and pushed for me to turn Fiendish into a book. So I caved and started working on it, but I'm slow and easily distracted.

Since Jill's passing, I've been more determined to get project book Fiendish completed sorta in her honor. One would think it would be a quick and easy process to take a story already written taking out the sim elements and get it done. But yeah, not so much LOL. That being said, I've been really focused on getting it done which means I've neglected Amari and the gang. I promise PROMISE you this story will continue and have an end! It was my first story ever and I won't leave it hanging.

My goal is to have this project done and the book out by April. Not saying it'll be that long before I update again. I really am trying to shut off the drive to finish the book and give some attention here. I just wanted to let you all know what's been going on.

Thank you for our continued support!

Anyway feel free to follow me at my new author's blog Twisted Corners of my Mind
and like me on Facebook.

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