Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chapter 131: Misery Loves Company

Two days. It’d been two days since Amari had dropped off the kids and gotten upset after seeing Jenelle. She took off and hadn’t returned my calls, hell she wouldn’t even take calls from the kids. She sent some vague ass message to them about needing time for herself, that she was fine, and that one of the kids needed to take care of the dogs. She left no way to reach her in case of an emergency, she just took off.

The ceramic tiles in the shower cracked under the impact of my punch. How could she just take off like that? How could I make her take off like that? Things were to the point that I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore.

Shutting off the water, I stepped out of the shower, not feeling any more relaxed than when I got in. Since finding out she’d taken off, there’d only been one thought in my head about where she’d gone. It’s all I could think about and each time that I called her and got voicemail those feelings of jealousy and hatred that I’d been trying to move past took a stronger foothold.  No matter how I’ve tried, based on her past actions, I’d been unable to make myself believe her when she said I was who she wanted. 

Something in the back of my mind kept nagging at me that Amari’s settling, that she was  putting forth this effort out of guilt more than love. That thought had me rethinking my answer to her question last time we talked. While I did love Amari and admittedly a part of me always would, was I hanging on for the wrong reasons? My actions were pushing her away. I was now doing the same thing she’d done, sabotaging things whether it was consciously or unconsciously, it was happening.

I was an ass for not talking to her for weeks, but I didn’t know what to say. I’d used my wife in the worst possible way and to hear she let me because of my past attitude towards her stripped away everything I was trying to reclaim. I was left with feelings of shame, completely embarrassed that I could have stooped so low. Like she’d said, I was supposed to be better than him.

The doorbell rang bringing my thoughts back to the present. I needed to get my day started. Jenelle was already here and I heard her footsteps as she walked across the hardwoods to answer the door. Voices. A male voice. His voice. My mind had to be playing tricks on me because there was no way that he would be at my house. Hell, how would he even know where I lived? As soon as the question popped into my head, the answer followed. He had to have gotten the information from Amari. 

The sight before me was the last thing I expected. That son of a bitch was holding my daughter, giving her a bottle like it was the most natural thing in the world for him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

The smug bastard smiled at me. “With all the kids you’ve made, I’d have thought this would be fairly obvious. Your very sexy…assistant here had her hands full so I offered to help.”

“I…I’m sorry Marcus, he said he was a friend,” Jenelle stated, clearly picking up on the tension that quickly filled the room.

“Friend? There’s a lot of things I’d call you, but friend wouldn’t be one of them,” I responded keeping my eyes fixed on Mulo. “Jenelle, please take Gwen and Gracie upstairs and stay up there with all of them until he leaves. Which should be shortly,” I added.

She nodded before walking over to gather Gwen from him. Mulo’s eyes followed Jenelle as she walked up the stairs. “I can see why you hired her. The sexy nanny thing, a lot of men have that fantasy. You even have the built in excuse of having actual kids for her to also take care of. A win/win.”

Jenelle cast a quick glance over her shoulder and smiled. I ignored his implication, it was the same one Amari hinted at when she was here. She instantly assumed I was sleeping with Jenelle. It was the excuse she needed to go running back to him guilt free this time and she seemingly wasted no time in doing so. I sent her running straight to him.

“Why are you here?” I asked, trying to keep my imagination from running wild.

He walked over, taking a seat on my sofa, making himself at home. “You aren’t going to offer me a drink? A bite to eat maybe? Jenelle smelled divine. Does she taste as good as she looks?”

“I wouldn’t know.” My hands clenched and unclenched as I tried to not let him get under my skin. “Say what you came to say or get the hell out of my house. I’m not in the mood for your shit today, or any day for that matter.” Just looking at Mulo, knowing he was infecting my house with his presence was enough to get my blood boiling.

“It’s killing you isn’t it?”


“From the moment you walked down the stairs you’ve wanted nothing more than to finish what we started at the hospital. I can see it in your eyes and your very tense posture. But…you’re holding back, I’m assuming because of the little ones upstairs. If I’d known you had this death wish I would have saved myself the time and trouble of saving you in the first place. My life would certainly have been better if I’d just let the cancer kill you. I understand why you’ve been reluctant to thank me for that, but you’re welcome anyway.”

“You arrogant son of a bitch. Yes, let me thank you for interfering in my life. Thank you for being a raging lunatic that couldn’t handle defeat so you kidnapped me, ripping me away from my pregnant wife and sons all so you could try and worm your way back into her bed. You’re right, you’ve done so much for me how could I have not thanked you before now? Oh that’s right, I don’t owe you a damn thing that’s why!”

Every interaction with this man made me wonder how I had to compete with him. It made me wonder even more how and why she could claim to love him. I knew it was unlikely I’d ever understand since I couldn’t stand him, but even if he had some mysterious half-way decent side to him, that couldn’t possibly outweigh all the shit he’d done and put her through.

He smiled again, leaving his place on the couch. “I debated on if I should even bother coming here or not.”

“But in the end you decided that ruining my day before it really got started was the way to go.”

He shrugged. “You know what they say about misery and all.”

“Right. I’m going to ask you one more time why you’re here and I need you to either answer or get the hell out!”

“Do you know why I didn’t let the cancer kill you?”

“Because you’re a sadistic fuck that gets his rocks off playing god with people’s lives?”

He laughed, like this whole thing was a joke to him. Then again what did I expect from a man with no care or concern for anyone other than himself?

“That’s one possible reason, but mostly it was for her. See I knew that if Amari ever found out I had anything to do with your disappearance, she’d eventually find a way to forgive me. She always does. However, if I took you and let you die, well, that she might have had a harder time coming to terms with.”

“Are you still waiting on me to thank you for not letting me die because that won’t happen. Together we’d talked about my situation and together we’d come to a solution before you felt the need to interfere. I don’t owe you my life, not even close.”

He smiled. “If that’s what helps you sleep at night. Regardless, it’s all been wasted. I’ve seen Amari go through a lot. Admittedly a lot of it was of my doing. She and I have come to terms with that.”

I started to say something, but he kept going, not giving me the chance to interrupt.

“Even with all she’s been through. With all that was put on her shoulders to bear, the only thing that has ever, truly brought her to her knees was you. Losing you to be more exact. Did she soldier on? Yes, because she’s an amazingly strong woman and she found a way to keep going, but she wasn’t the same.”

I wanted him to get to his point sooner rather than later. The less I had to hear about him spending time with my wife the better it was for me.

“She wouldn’t have been put through that if you’d just stayed out of things.”

“True, but I wanted her and I needed you gone for that to happen, so I got rid of you.”

His flippant attitude about what he’d done surprisingly didn’t shock me. “So if you had everything you wanted, why tell her the truth?”

“I never quite understood the saying love makes you do stupid things, until it made me grow a conscience, at least where she is concerned.”

“I’m supposed to believe that you were self-sacrificing, giving up your chance with Amari so that she could what, see that she had everything she wanted all along in you and you could win her with a clean conscience?”

Again a smile spread across his smug face. “Maybe. You are certainly making it easy to do so.”

“What the hell does that mean?” His conceited attitude grated on my nerves. I’d been listening to him for longer than I ever wanted to and this whole odd conversation needed to come to an end.

“She has forever put you up on some sort of pedestal and in doing so put herself down, berating herself because she didn’t deserve your love, kindness, blah, blah, blah. And you, you love to make her squirm, trying to force her into some mold of what the high and mighty Marcus deserves.”

I took a slow breath. My hand fisted slowly. I felt my calm and self-control slipping away with each second I had to be around him. This man had been nothing but a plague on my life and he had the audacity to come to my house and lecture me on my relationship with Amari.

“I’ve never forced her to do a damn thing. It was you that made her jump through hoops. It was you that manipulated her, lied to her, and ultimately forced her into a life of servitude to further some revenge plot. It is things like this very conversation that make me question her sanity when she looks me in the eye and utters the words she can’t help it if she loves you. After all you’ve done, I have to share my wife with you! If that isn’t some cosmic joke I don’t know what is,” I said, shaking my head. “I need you to leave now. I don’t know why you’re here and I don’t care. I have children to take care of, so you need to go crawl back under whatever rock you were hiding under and leave me in peace.”

“You want to blame me for your situation, but you’ve created your own downfall.”

I knew asking why wasn’t a wise move, I knew what he was doing, baiting me into continuing this conversation, but I needed to understand. I needed to understand why he was such a factor in Amari’s life which meant he was a factor in mine.

“And how have I done that?” I found myself asking despite it all.

“Simple, you’ve let your hate of me override your supposed love of her.”

“My supposed love?” My odd curiosity was now giving me an I told you so as this man of all people questioned my feelings. “Who the hell are you to cast doubt on how I feel about my wife?”

“Where is she?”


“You don’t know do you?” Mulo asked. “If she came here and saw what I saw it’s no wonder she ran off!” he yelled, losing his cool for the first time. “You hate me so much that you are hurting her simply because she doesn’t. Yes, I can doubt your feelings for her. According to her, you were supposed to be the good one. I’m a bastard and I freely admit it, but as much as you hate me and all I’ve done to hurt Amari, you are no better than me. In fact you could be worse. I’ve never pretended to be something I’m not, but you…you’ve been masquerading around as some upstanding, understanding, forgiving guy, but deep down, you’re just a bastard like me.”

That was it, the last straw. I’d entertained this whole thing long enough. “Get the hell out before I throw you out.” I was trying to maintain my composure and take him up on his offer to finish what we’d started before, but he knew how to push buttons.

“Gladly,” he replied with a smile. Mulo started to walk out but stopped. “I told Amari I would back off because she asked me to. She said she wanted to make things work with you, that she wanted to be the wife she thought you deserved. Since it’s apparent that you don’t want her I guess I no longer have to stay out of the picture.”


  1. Well...that happened.

    It sounds like Marcus has been tormenting himself about as much as Amari. See, this is why communication is key. They would really benefit from speaking those thoughts rather than bottling them up and letting them explode at the most inappropriate moments.

    These two are just UGH it's frustrating as hell! TALK TO HER! And Amari, TALK TO HIM! Or seek counselling or something. To keep doing the same thing over and over, going on as you have and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity!

    "My actions were pushing her away." <---this - He knows it. Now address this thing head on!

    Too bad he doesn't have that link to her that Mulo has. Otherwise I'd suggest he run to wherever she's taken off to and sweep her off her feet.

    Look who's back. Back again. Mulo's back...

    I'd say Mulo was "trying" in his very "Mulo" of ways to get Marcus to see what he's doing but then that would mean he's sympathetic to what Marcus is going through and we all know that's not Mulo. Ok...yeah he was. In a way it was nice but I mean...a leopard can't change its spots. I have to admit, he's right. If Marcus is going to keep pushing her away well then, it is open season right?

    Either way, this had better be a wake up call for Marcus. He's losing the woman that (If I may borrow a line from Mulo) he "supposedly" loves because he's being too stubborn and pigheaded to just swallow his pride.

    1. Yep it sure did.

      They are both a mess and refuse to talk to each other. They would benefit from having a real conversation, but it's not been easy. Amari has hoped they could talk, but she's been following his lead and most time that was silence. :(

      Maybe when she gets back after her time away she'll be more forceful in making him talk to her. She needs some time to collect herself and figure out what she really wants out of life. She's not been able to make choices for herself or really think about that in a long time. It's been overdue. LOL they are insanity together.

      Yep, he knows it, that's what makes it so much worse. He knows it yet he can't seem to stop himself. :(

      It would be helpful to have that link. I'm sure if he did, he'd go running trying to find her. But he doesn't and she's not taking his calls at the moment so all he can do is wait for her return. :(

      LOL didn't think I'd end the story without seeing him again did you? I love the guy, I had to have him come back at some point.

      Nope, Mulo wasn't trying to get Marcus to see anything other than he was a damn fool for his behavior. Mulo could care less about Marcus and his feelings, the only person he cares about in that situation is Amari. He's a changed (sorta) man when it comes to her, therefore he won't stand by to see her hurting no matter who it is. Mulo thought it was time for a face to face and to let Marcus know in advance he was actively going after his wife. LOL

      Well he was already having a wake up call with Amari running off. Mulo might be that last push he needs to get his head out of his ass and do what he needs to put his family back together. :)That male pride is a powerful thing and it makes them stupid sometimes. :(

      thanks for reading.

  2. Tou-freaking-che!
    I don't really have a 'side' this time. I can see each of their points, but I'm still mostly pissed at Marcus, and Mulo said it very well: it's because he's supposed to be the good one.

    At least she didn't go to Mulo! That should tell Marcus something. He came There to ask him where she was!

    "My" wife, "my" wife, Marcus kept calling her. I don't know if he has any right to call her that or anything except baby mama anymore. Not with Janelle STILL THERE just waiting for him to have a momentary lapse of good judgement. And Mulo's calling him out on it.

    Still, Amari does NOT need Mulo getting involved again. Oh, let's just take about ten more steps bassackwards in the wrong direction. Still still, if Marcus is going to fuck around and drag his feet for so long like he's done, I don't blame Mulo one bit for stepping back into the race. Yeah, I realize Marcus is --too late-- trying to find her and get her to talk, but Janelle was the worst move he could've made. How can he not see that? HOW CAN IT BE THAT HE HASN"T REPLACED HER?! I am strangling my laptop right now. Sorry, my thoughts are beyond scattered. reg meds+decongestant+pain meds+fever=crazy. (yes, I'm still effing sick, but anyway)

    I'm going to try the monumental effort of summing up. I don't blame Mulo for going after her again even if I don't want him to. Marcus is in the shithouse for still having Janelle there and taking too long to patch things up, even if he has his reasons like guilt, etc. It is what it is, and it was too long (thinking about how Amari saw it). Janelle needs to get her skanky ass a new job.

    And...Amari needs to come home. It's time to face the music, even if it's a dirge.

    1. Marcus gets a lot of flack because he was supposed to be the 'good' one. LOL It's hard to see him so angry and acting like a jackass. Pride, and anger can make you do stupid things and Marcus is proof of that.

      Nope she didn't go to Mulo. Marcus was worried she had, but from the sound of things this time she didn't fall into old patterns. Well...he wasn't really asking where she was, he always knows where she is. LOL It was more a point of if Marcus really loved and wanted her, then why wasn't she there kind of thing.

      You are right about that. He can't claim her as his wife when it's convenient for him, but that's what he was doing. :( Jenelle...yep that woman is a real piece of work and Marcus knows it. She is waiting on him to have that weak moment so she can pounce on him. Mulo is good at pointing out Marcus' flaws, and him having Jenelle there was a big issue.

      Well she doesn't know Mulo has gotten involved. The last thing she would have done was send Mulo there. She knows that's not wise for anyone involved. Mulo loves Amari. He's messed up in many ways, but he's also changed for her not because she asked, but because he wanted to. He wanted to be the man she wished he was. Now that he knows her 'knight' is acting more like the 'fool' well he has no reason not to fight to get her. Yep, Jenelle wasn't a smart hire by any means and he has to know it by now. It's been only a few days and she is good at her job so it would take time for him to find a replacement. Oh no, don't strangle your laptop. That won't be good. LOL Let's hope Marcus does the right thing and fires Jenelle and hires someone more professional to help him if that's what he really needs.

      Mulo thinks Amari is fair game at this point. Marcus is fucking up and Mulo is tired of sitting on the sidelines. We'll hear from Amari and her thoughts on Jenelle in the next update. LOL Jenelle isn't going anywhere unless Marcus makes her.

      Well Amari hasn't really had time for herself in a long time. It's always been one thing or another thrown at her so it's time she takes some 'me time' and figure out her life. She'll be back, it's just a short vacation for the time Marcus has the children.

      thanks for reading

  3. Ah! There he is!

    I was wondering where Mulo was and when he'd make an appearance.

    There's some truth in what he said though and if Marcus was at a different place and if it wasn't coming from Mulo I think he would have been more receptive. But that said I found Mulo's attitude disrespectful and belittling. You just don't go into another man's house and start waving your dick around like that, so to speak.

    I'm afraid this will just add another dent in Marcus and Amari's marriage. Marcus was just starting to realize where he went wrong and now his pissing contest with Mulo might just make him even more resentful. On the other hand Mulo's words could prompt him to get out of his indecisive mode and start fighting for his marriage. Here's to hoping.
    He's had his pity party for too long now, time to balls up and start acting like a man worthy of Amari's love.

    Speaking of Amari, glad she's not hiding in Mulo's arms, I mean, place (or at least I hope she's not, Marcus would have caught her scent all over Mulo if she was, right?).

    That last line, guess it's on like donkey kong. And I'm kinda with Mulo on that one.

    1. Yep, there he is. :) Always lurking about that Mulo. LOL He was doing as Amari asked and backed off, but he's never too far away.

      You are very right, if anyone else had said what Mulo said, Marcus may have been willing to listen. However, since the words came from Mulo Marcus was on the defense and not prepared to listen to anything he had to say. Well that's Mulo for you. He's always put Marcus down, and has held very little respect for him. That hasn't changed. Like Mulo said, he's a bastard, and going to Marcus like that was not an issue for Mulo.

      Again you are correct. Marcus was hitting that much needed moment of realization when Mulo happened. Hopefully Marcus won't lose focus on that because Mulo is back, but we'll have to wait and see. Marcus has been in this odd state of indecisiveness for a while and he needs to snap out of it. It's not good for either of them with the way things have been going. :(

      Nope, Amari didn't return to old patterns and go running to Mulo. Marcus would have picked up on her scent, but he didn't, a fact he hasn't stopped to process just yet. ;)

      hahaha I've not heard that saying for a long time. Yep it is on. Mulo is no longer content to sit on the sidelines.

      thanks for reading

  4. *Long sigh* I'm not really buying Marcus's guilt right now. I don't even understand the constant back and forth between Amari and him anymore. Either they are together or they aren't, this middle ground has to stop. The shit on the cake was Mulo showing up. And what was worse? Janelle smiling at Mulo implying that Marcus wanted her. What a slut. I swore I saw a nipple, but anywho...I won't lie and say that I didn't want Marcus to punch Mulo. But I do applaud him for being the bigger man/vampire? Lol.

    1. hahaha no? Why? He's feeling very guilty over how he's acted as of late. I agree, they do need to stop this state they are in. It's not good for either of them and they both know it. Amari doesn't have it in her to be the one calling it quits, on top of that she knows if she did, he'd accuse her of doing it just to be with Mulo. :( hahaha yep Mulo showed up in the last place anyone would have expected. Jenelle is out to get Marcus and both Amari and Mulo saw it. It's not hard to miss, look at how she dresses. hahaha that shirt is a little snug, so you could have seen nipple poking through. Marcus wanted to punch Mulo, and Mulo knew it. For once Marcus did keep his cool and didn't resort to violence even with Mulo baiting him. :(

      thanks for reading

  5. Ooooo YES ... About time Mulo is back ... I am so excited ... Mulo was true to his word ... He backed off and gave them time to try to figure things out ... BUT ... Now that Marcus squandered away his chance its time for Mulo to go all out and pick up the pieces ... Woo Hooo ... Go Mulo ... Been team Mulo all along ....

    1. I'm glad you are excited for Mulo's return. Yep, he did stick to his word, but Marcus is throwing it all away so Mulo decided enough was enough. Now the question is how will Amari react knowing that Mulo is making an effort to win her instead of just letting her go. It was the question Marcus asked her and now he's going to get his answer.

      thanks for reading

  6. Okay so much is going on right now. I don't know where to begin. So I guess I want to say first off. YESSSSSS! Mulo is back! I luv him now. I didn't like him so much in the beginning but now he has grown on me. He changed a lot due to his connection to Amari and I am glad. Second I want to punch Marcus in his nose because he is just being such a bastard right now. I also don't believe for a second he was not playing games by hiring Janelle and that he didn't know she was attracted to him. At least Mulo admits he is a bastard Marcus joined the club and can't even admit his title. Honestly I hope that Mulo and Amari get their chance because its long over due. Marcus can just get over the kids being near Mulo. I mean if your going to behave this way then you live with the consequences. W/e I am ranting again. Hopefully Marcus shapes up or gets lost because I am just over his attitude. Their is only so long a person can take punishment before you push them away completely. Maybe mister perfect needs to learn the hard way.

    1. Yep, Mulo is back. He's never gone for long. :) He's grown over the course of the story and that has a lot to do with his following now. hahaha Marcus is being an ass these days and he knows it. He knows that Jenelle is attracted to him, it's hard to not know it. He can try to pretend all he wants, but hiring someone that looked like her and dresses the way she does was more for his benefit than the quads. Mulo and Amari...yeah they've never had an honest go at being together. Timing was always off. Now she's married and that needs to end before they could do anything. We'll have to wait and see what happens. Marcus did realize in this chapter that he needed to get himself under control. Amari took off after his latest stunt and that was a real eye opener for him. He's wrong and he knows it. Now what will he do about it is the question.

      thanks for reading

  7. Sorry I'm late to the comment page! There are so many good points on this page. Especially in the comments section. So much so that I'm not sure what to say. I'm more surprised by the fact that it didn't end with another fight between the two of them. I gotta admit, I actually smiled when I scrolled down and saw Mulo. They both make valid points, but I still stand by Mulo. Yeah Marcus was a great husband and still is a great father, but he she probably would not have left so quickly if it weren't for this stunt he pulled with this little stunt he pulled. Even Mulo called him out on it.

    1. No worries. :) Yeah, Marcus held back, but I'm sure he wanted to punch Mulo. He did have his children there and he knew how things could get out of control, so he kept himself under control.

      Marcus knows he's wrong and he was reflecting on that at the beginning of the chapter. Marcus has changed so much thanks to all Amari has put him through, so he's not acting like he normally would. He did not like Mulo calling him out, but you know, there was some truth to it and that only made it worse. LOL

      thanks for reading

  8. Mulo stepped right back into the picture and he didn't pull any punches. Marcus has been trying to hurt Amari due to the fact that he was the injured party but its time for him to stop. At this point he needs to make a decision to either take her back or let her go. They need to communicate instead they are pushing each other away.

    There was a lot of truth spoken between them and most of it has come out of Mulo's mouth. Marcus has been playing with Amari's feelings for a long time now which is exactly what Mulo pointed out to him. Marcus has been acting just as bad as Mulo did but Marcus is worse because he won't admit that he is doing anything wrong. Hopefully Marcus will listen to everything that Mulo said and stop playing games with Amari.

    I really loved seing Mulo back and whether or not Marcus likes it he does have to owe the fact that he is still alive to Mulo. Considering the way that Marcus has been acting I don't blame Mulo stepping back into the race. He stepped aside because Amari asked him too but Marcus seems to be tossing Amari aside so all bets are off.

    1. Mulo has already wasted enough time so now the gloves are off. Marcus has been acting like an ass, trying to make sure Amari felt his pain as deeply as he did and it's been a mess. He does need to make a choice, either stay or go, but his attitude needs to stop.

      Marcus HATES the truths that Mulo spoke! hahaha Marcus is now doing exactly what Mulo did in the past. Play games and toy with Amari's emotions. :( Marcus is worse because it's what he's complained about and he refuses to see his actions for what they are. It would be crazy if Mulo is the wake up call Marcus needed.

      I couldn't end the story without showing Mulo again. I didn't expect him to go to Marcus LOL but that's how it worked out. He loves Amari, knows he messed up, and is now trying to get a second chance if she'll let him. He's no longer content to sit on the sidelines.

      thanks for reading

  9. Ah. Well, that makes things somehow even more awkward.
    Why did he even show up? Just to tell Marcus that he's going after Amari again? Sick fuck -.-
    I hope she sees through it. Wherever she's gone, I hope it helps her clear her mind and see what's going on. I hope she calls Marcus back before Mulo gets to her.
    I have so many hopes, jazen :(


    1. How did I miss these???

      Yeah, Mulo was the last person Marcus would expect to have at his house. He did show up just to let Marcus know what he was throwing away and that he was more than willing to have Amari.

      Amari needs to clear her head and we'll have to wait and see if Mulo goes to her what happens.

      thanks for reading