Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chapter 89-Never Gets Easier

In the weeks since Mulo’s return, my life began to evolve again. Aric called me daily to check on me. I would be lost without the constant support he offered. Often times the line on who was the parent and who was the child seemed to be blurred. Dax was doing well in his career. He would be moving soon to Starlight Shores moving up from the minors onto a major league team. He was excited and I was happy for him. The thought of him being thousand of miles away made me sad, but I wouldn’t dare stand in the way of his dreams.

He left shortly after Kylie’s birthday. She wanted a pool party so we threw it here at the house. Aric and Mulo were civil to each other. Jonathan and Finley were nearly inseparable. Ceula announced that she and Trey were expecting.
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