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Chapter 89-Never Gets Easier

In the weeks since Mulo’s return, my life began to evolve again. Aric called me daily to check on me. I would be lost without the constant support he offered. Often times the line on who was the parent and who was the child seemed to be blurred. Dax was doing well in his career. He would be moving soon to Starlight Shores moving up from the minors onto a major league team. He was excited and I was happy for him. The thought of him being thousand of miles away made me sad, but I wouldn’t dare stand in the way of his dreams.

He left shortly after Kylie’s birthday. She wanted a pool party so we threw it here at the house. Aric and Mulo were civil to each other. Jonathan and Finley were nearly inseparable. Ceula announced that she and Trey were expecting.

It took them by surprise so they were fast tracking the wedding since she wanted to be married before the baby was born. Bynni and TK were out on tour with his band and she quickly squashed any ideas of her becoming a mother when we talked. She said it would be her luck to end up with a child worse than she was as a teen. Victoria said yes just as I suspected and she wanted a Spring wedding. She surprised me by asking me to be one of her bridesmaids. She was quite the social butterfly and figured she had closer friends that she would rather stand up with her. She said I was an important part of Carter’s life therefore an important part of hers. I was honored to be there for my friend. Finley would of course be the flower girl.

Mulo had practically moved into the house. The triplets love him and when he wasn’t there they were constantly asking for him or calling him. I wasn’t sure how much he was helping me since they waited for his approval whenever I told them to do something. I was annoyed and slightly jealous. The old feelings of when Aric was a child came creeping back, I was the one there with him every day yet he appeared to have a closer bond with his father. I know it was all in my head, but it still stung a little.

We had family dinners although I as rarely included in on the conversation unless Mulo brought me in when he sensed what I was feeling. I had just gotten ready for bed after getting Finley put down when he strolled in without knocking.

“You don’t have to be jealous, they love you. I’m” 

I turned to glare at him wanting to knock the smug grin off his face. He threw his hands up in mock defense but the grin stayed on his face. As much as I wanted to deny being somewhat jealous it was no point. He was in my head and it seemed like the more we were around each other the stronger that damn link got. On top of that, he didn’t bother trying to filter his thoughts ever.

“Get out of my room. Go home. I think they will survive the night without you being under the same roof.”

“Oh don’t be that way Love.”

He stepped closer pulling me into his arms before I had a chance to react. “I’m only doing what you asked me to do.”

“You weren’t supposed to turn them against me.”

“I haven’t and I wouldn’t. You are their mother, they need you, they love you. But you can’t give them what they are after. You know that, which is why you asked me here to begin with.” I pushed against his chest to get free of his embrace.

“I know why you are here and I know I am the one who asked you to come. I wasn’t supposed to be like this. You were suppose to tell them everything Marisol said was wrong, make them more like their brother and sister then leave. It wasn’t supposed to be.... this.” I said waving my arms around in frustration. 

“I simply wanted them to not hurt Finley or anyone else. I wanted them to not shut me out.” I dropped down onto the bench and Mulo sat beside me.

“You more than anyone should know that life rarely turns out how you plan it.” 

I shot him a drop dead look which he ignored and continued talking. 
“They aren’t shutting you out and they didn’t mean to hurt Finley. They actually really love her but with everything Marisol was telling them, they were curious.”

“Curious? What the hell were they curious about? On how long it would take her to die?” I asked trying not to scream but feeling my anger rising all over again. I felt him as he put up a block which angered me more. He had better control and could keep me out easily but didn’t do it often so for him to do it now meant he was hiding something.

 “Mulo, don’t you dare keep stuff from me now.”

“They, well there is no easy way to say this so, they were trying to change her.” 

I looked at him confused while I let what he said sunk in. 

“They were a little confused on the details of exactly how one goes about it. They knew the blood part so one of them had her...”

“THEY WHAT?” I yelled cutting him off. “Change her? What? No. Why?” 

My head was spinning with the realization of what he was saying. All this time I just thought they were trying to kill her, and almost did, but instead they thought she should be like them. This was too much. I started pacing, rubbing my temples trying to figure out what had gone so terribly wrong with my children. I only had to look to my left to see the answer to that question.

“There’s nothing wrong with them!” Mulo had that same tone of voice that brought back memories of when I went to him about Aric. It scared me then, but now I had more important things to worry about other than his temper.

“Yes there is! If not for what you did, they would be happy normal little kids. Not...not the confused and potentially dangerous children they are turning into.”

“You thinking that way is why they feel the way they do.” 

Mulo stood to face me his eyes glowing as a sign of his rising anger. He was very protective of the triplets and no matter what I said, he considered them his children. Both of our emotions were heightened as we fed off each others feelings.

“What do you mean feel the way they do?”

“You told her?” 

I turned at the sound of Elphie’s voice. I hadn’t heard them enter my room but all three stood there looking at Mulo for answers.

“You said it was ok to tell you, that you wouldn’t let her know.” Edson chimed in.

“I know I did, but she needed to know.” His instant change in voice and demeanor was astonishing. 

“But she already hates us.” Elton added softly casting a nervous glance at me.

“We’ve talked about this before. She’s your mother, she could never hate you.” 

I stood there as I listened to the conversation between the four of them. I admit I didn’t feel comfortable around them at times and I refused to let them play with Finley unless I was in the same room but I had no idea that they thought I hated them.

“Elton, honey, he’s right. I don’t hate any of you. I never could.” I responded kneeling down in front of them.

“Then why don’t you treat us the same?” Elphie challenged. “We heard you, think there is something wrong with us because of what Daddy Mulo made us, but there’s not!”

I sat back and looked at their faces as I thought back over my actions since the incident and even before. I kept waiting to see signs of Marcus, glimpses that he was in there somewhere regardless of what Mulo had made them but I could never find it. From the moment I realized they were vamps, it had been harder for me to connect with them, even after finding out that Marcus was indeed their father. Then when they stood watching as Finley nearly drowned, I had pulled back even more. I couldn’t remember the last time I hugged them or really interacted with them for fun.

  “Guys take a seat.” I said pointing towards the bench. They looked towards Mulo and he gave a slight nod before they walked over to sit. I ran my hands through my hair and took a deep breath as I thought about what I needed to say.

  “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’ve made you feel this way. There’s...there’s a lot I try to juggle and handle and sometimes, well a lot of times it seems, I well I screw up.” I looked back at Mulo who sat in the chair saying nothing. I wanted to blame him for everything, a lot of it was his doing, but this was all on me. They sat quietly waiting on me to finish. “What you did to your sister was wrong, no matter what your reason was behind it. I wasn’t trying to treat you differently but I was scared.”

“Of us?” Elton asked.

“Yes, of you because of what you did. And because of Marisol, not knowing what she told you. I didn’t know if you would try to hurt your sister again.”

“But we weren’t trying to hurt her. We were making her better. Like us.” Edson stated proudly.

“I know that’s what you thought, but you can’t do that. She’s not supposed to be like you. You aren’t supposed to be...” I stopped to take a breath not wanting to make them feel bad about something that was out of their control.

“We aren’t supposed to be vampires, but we are and you hate us for it just like you hate Daddy Mulo for doing it!” Elphie yelled jumping up from the bench running to her room then slamming the door behind her. 

There was that phrase again, ‘Daddy Mulo’, I had traded one bad influence for another by bringing him in and made a mess of my relationship with my children. One would think that after all these kids I would be better at this, but I wasn’t. With each new child I was learning how terrible I was at being a mother.

“I’ll go talk to her.” Mulo said rising from the chair. 

The boys stood and followed him from the room not bothering to look back at me. I stood alone in my room knowing I should be the one to go comfort Elphie. I could hear her crying in her room because of me. Exiting my room I stopped by the nursery to make sure Finley was still sleeping then popped in to the boys giving them both kisses on the forehead and telling them that I loved them. I paused outside of Elphie’s room hearing her sobs and Mulo’s soothing voice trying to calm her.

“Go away I don’t want to talk to you.” She said soon as I opened the door.

“Elphie.” Mulo softly scolded.

“What she hates me so I hate her!” She declared crossing her arms before turning her back to me.

“I don’t hate you Elphie, or your brothers.” I said sitting on the bed. Mulo exited the room giving us some privacy to talk.

“You are right about Mulo, I was and am angry at him for lots of things but that’s between us grown ups. I’m sorry if my actions have made you feel like this. I truly am.” 
She kept her back to me even when I picked up the brush and started brushing her hair, something I hadn’t done in a long time.

“I love you and your brothers very much, being vampires doesn’t change that. You know I was gonna be one as well at one point.” She turned and looked at me then.

“Really? When?”

“Um well your dad is, I mean was sick so Aric was going to change him to make him all better. And since I loved him very much I was going to change as well so we could always be together.”

“Why did he go away then?” I let out a tense breath cursing myself for going down this path.

“I’m sure he didn’t want to leave us, but sometimes people go missing and we never know why.”

“Oh. Well you can still be a vampire like us. Daddy Mulo would change you I’m sure and you can stay with him always.” I cringed inwardly at her statement.

“That’s not possible honey.”

“Why not? I like Daddy Mulo. I know before you said he was bad but he’s not and I’m sure he’s sorry for whatever you are mad at him about. Don’t you want to stay with me forever?” The looks she gave me with that last question was heart wrenching. I pulled her into a hug softly stroking the back of her head.

“Oh Elphie it’s not that easy anymore. I wish it were but it’s not. But I will love you and all your siblings for as long as I am here. Now you should go to bed. You have school tomorrow.” 

After getting her tucked in I walked back to my room to find Mulo waiting for me. He had me against the wall engaged in an intense kiss before I had time to process what was happening.

“Forever with you. Sounds like a very good idea.” He whispered as he trailed kisses along my neck. I felt his fangs scrape across my skin then the pinching sensation as he sank them in to me.

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  1. I won't comment on that last thing...

    Who the hell am I kidding? That asshole had better not be trying to turn her too without knowing if she's down with that and KNOWING she's NOT! UGH! I hate Mulo.

    I also hate that he is teasing her about her jealousy knowing damn well that hurts her. Such an asshole. I hope Amari got through to her kids though because they need to know it's not them she's mad at. It is sad that they feel that way and I can completely see how and why.

    Amari has so many issues that at times she forgets about the pain her kids may be experiencing and suck herself into a shell that's all her own. She's done that a few times and it is bad for those babies to have to see that and then try and figure out how she feels about them.

    I think it's kewl the Trips of Terror tried to turn Finley (wow...alliteration much?) It's kind of endearing that they love her that much and wanted to "make her better like us". But at the same time it's frightening to think they were just about to watch her die without truly knowing the side effects of what they were doing. Marisol needs to die for that shit.

    Hopefully they can work through everything for the kids sake though :( And "Daddy Mulo" that shit needs to stop too.

    Congrats to Dax and Ceula :D

    1. hahaha aww I've missed the love you give to Mulo. :P

      He wasn't teasing her really...he was um just letting her know that they did love her. Hopefully she will get them to understand that she upset at the situation that made them vamps and not at them. She loves them but has been doing a poor job of showing that.

      She does get wrapped up sometimes. She's a drowning woman trying to keep her head above water. Sadly she does have a pattern of letting life get to her at the expense of her children. She admitted she feels she's doing a terrible job at being a mom. :(

      Aww see they weren't as cold hearted as first thought. They think being vamps is the best and wanted to share that with their sister. Sadly Marisol gave them terrible information, therefore their actions were done without the full understanding of what all needed to be done.

      Daddy Mulo....yeah like that uh? Amari had bigger issues to deal with so didn't address it this time.

  2. by Wickichick:Mulo is a man you love and then hate and then feel confused. Who was he before he was turned? What or who is he now? He can physically overcome Marisol, perhaps even kill her..why doesn't he? Does he really want Amari in his life or is it more of a possession? The trips I do feel empathy for, they are children caught up in something they cannot understand. Although Amari now has reasons for the near drowning death of Finely, it doesn't make the situation any less complicated. Somehow I doubt that Amari will go through a complete change to become a vampire, but if she were too then in some ways it would narrow down a few mysteries.

    1. Mulo is a man of mystery. You never quite know what his motives are and he makes it hard to fully support him, even when he's doing good.

      Who was he before? Good question. Was he always like this or did his time with Marisol change him into the man he is now. Well in attitude since she was his maker as a vamp.

      The trips are a handful. They are just kids and with their actions and bad influences they are as much caught in the middle as she is.

      I will address her changing or not in the next chapter.

  3. This chapter was aptly titled, it sure never gets any easier for Amari.

    So much is going on with the older childern, they all seem okay, and happy with all their endeavors.

    That chat with the triplets was heavy, but it was a long time coming. It's not comforting, but at least now she knows why they did it.

    It seems Amari will have to pay close attention to Elphie, she appears to be much angrier than the other two, and a whole lot more resentful.

    I don't know what to say about that closing sequence. Very disappointed with Mulo.

    1. Thanks. It had a different title but as I started writing my original plan for this chapter morphed so new title was needed. It is fitting considering her life so far.

      She is really disconnected from them and have been since learning they were vamps. Kids pick up on that and act out. Now did they want to change Finley because they wanted her to be like them out of love or because they hoped it would make Amari see them all as the same? Something to think on.

      She is the only girl (or was) and she takes things more to heart than the boys. (she is the ring leader in a lot of what they get into)

      Yeah that he really going to change her knowing she doesn't want that life now?

  4. Just when I was starting to like Mulo again he goes and bites Amari... ugh. lol.

    Its sad that the triplets were feeling that way but Amari was so wrapped up in her own world of Pain it took Mulo to show her.

    1. yeah those pesky vamp tendencies came out. I have to do that every once in a while. Can't have him being too domestic.

      She misses a lot with her kids sadly. The fact that it took Mulo to point it out to her shows just how blind she was to the situation.

  5. I wonder how much influence Mulo really wants on the kids. I can't see him not trying to sway their thoughts to his benefit, and if they all think that their mother hates them, all the longer he can stay there. He's such a dork. That bite better not be something against Amari's will. I bet he is just refreshing his hold on her. Maybe she should take him up on the offer as far as being together, so then she can torment him daily. Or create potions to control him. She is a real mess. I don't think a counselor would help because she would probably be committed and her children taken away. But she can't do it alone, and the supports she has are not enough.

    1. Well as long as they want him around Amari will let him stay so it's in his fair to be a big part of their life. He won't sway their thoughts using jedi mind tricks or anything. Never does that on children but he gives them what they want with the answers on vamp life and they love him for it.

      hahaha a dork, well that's probably the nicest name he's been called. :P That bite was totally against her will since he sort of 'attacked' her when she was done with her talk. That bond they share he uses to his advantage so she didn't have a chance to even react to what he was doing.

      yeah you are right if she told a counselor everything she dealt with on a daily basis. I think they would declare her unfit. :(

  6. It's funny how Mulo ca n be the good and the bad guy at the same time. Amri didn't mean to hurt her kids, but she was, and it was Mulo she needed to help intercede with them so she could even realize what was going on and try to fix it.
    But his motivations for doing anything are so selfish, it's hard to give him any credit for whatever good he does.
    Great chapter!

    1. I love how he does that! Keeps you guessing as to what he will do next. She never means to hurt them, she is just unaware at times what effects her actions have. He may cause some issues while he's there, but he did help in opening her eyes to what was going on with the trips.

      He is rather self serving at times. :P

  7. Hi Jazen, Nice but sad chapter and I hope that Amari can work things out with her children and show her love to them like she should. Anger and guilt can destroy a family and I think that Amari is learning that. Congrats on her being a bridesmaid in Carter's wedding... As for Milo, he's a good parent but is still too controlling of Amari. Maybe Mac can make her something to wear around her neck that looks like skin but is steel so that Milo will break his fangs or make it smell like garlic.

    1. hahahaha laughing at using Mac to come up with a Mulo repellent.

      Hopefully now that she is aware of what she was doing she will make changes to prove to her kids how much she loves them.

      Carter and Vicki are very happy and in game have already gotten married on their own.

  8. As bad as I feel for Amari I feel worse for the triplets. I am relieved that they were not really trying to kill her, they were trying to make her like them. And if you look at it from a kids point of view, drowning her makes just as much sense as anything else. I'm hoping she can salvage her relationship with those three.
    As much as I know Amari hates to admit it, or even if she ever will, she, in an odd way, needs Mulo, and he's very charming when he is being the goos guy=-).
    Oh dear, is Mulo taking advantage of Amari at a weak point, probably. If i were in Amari's shoes I'm not sure that I could have resisted Mulo for as long as she has.
    Well, he bit her..this could get ugly...edenz~

    1. yes those poor babies were feeling all sorts of sadness. Amari is relieved they weren't trying to kill her also but still scared of how it could have turned out. Mulo said they were a little confused on all the details (biggest being they can't turn anyone at their age)

      She is going to work to make things right with them and she does need Mulo to help do that. They have a connection with him and he can get through to them when she can't. He will be around for a while.

      He is a charming guy when he wants to be and he loves toying with her. She did good trying to keep contact to a minimum and not giving in to those thoughts he was having but he knows when to strike. She was emotionally and mentally exhausted dealing with the trips and he goes in and makes his move. Sneaky bastard. You are right about that...she may not be a happy camper.

  9. I think I say it like every time he appears but, stupid Mulo. He just needs to like bugger off, really. I mean sure it was nice when he was actually being helpful, but then he had to go and bite her and ruin it. Gosh, what's his problem? Stupid guy.

    I feel so bad for the triplets and Amari though, that's all just really crappy for them all. I hope it all works out for all of them.

    1. yeah just when you think he's gonna be good he goes and messes up again.

      The triplets have had a hard childhood. They didn't ask for this any more than Amari did. :( Hopefully they will be okay and can mend the relationship.

  10. yay! i've been stalking, i mean following this from the beginning! it gets better and better!

    1. glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for popping in to let me know. :)

  11. I love this :) And I have been anxiously awaiting this update. Funny how everyone hates Mulo, but I like the 'drama', for lack of a better word, he adds to the story.

    Nice job, it never gets boring.

    1. Yeah Mulo has a few people that can't stand him but he also has a few fans. He does bring a nice mix to the story.

      Glad you are enjoying the story. I try to keep it interesting.

  12. Is he going to turn her??:O
    I loved seeing all the family and it's nice to see them all happy.
    Kylie's a lovely little girl:)
    Those poor triplets thinking their Mom hated them, she does have her hands full with them though. I don't know how to feel about Mulo, sometimes I think he's being genuine and then other times I'm not so sure!lol.
    Anyways, great chapter. I am really curious as to what he's gonna do with Amari.

    1. That is the big question. I need to start writing the next chapter so I can figure out the answer :P.

      I wasn't sure how to start the chapter so I opened with shots of the family so you can see what they are all up to. That might get harder as she keeps having kids but I will try my best. Kylie is a cutie and I'm pleased with her skin tone since EA normally has issues with multiracial babies. In my legacy play they have one black and one white child no mix at all. It's bad.

      The triplets have been largely misunderstood. :( Hopefully Amari will be more aware of how her actions affect them.

  13. Oohh Mulo you man of mystery...You keeps us on such an emotional roller coaster. He really loves her, no he doesn't. He's pure evil, no just vamp evil. She only loves him because he uses mind control, no she really does love him. We love you , then we hate you & then we love you again...Now are you going to change her against her will? Guess we'll find out soon Lol
    I'm glad she hopefully got things worked out with her kids.Still kinda worried about Finley. That was scary with them standing there!

    1. yes that sounds like him. :P Never know what to expect when he comes around. He's a fun character to write. :D

      She certainly stumbles through as a mom. She messes up more than she does right but always makes it work in the end. Finley will be fine. They don't really want to hurt her so she has protectors more than anything.

  14. ~ I finally catch up & I find Mulo up to his old tricks attacking her when she is physically & mentally drained!
    ~ Love it & can not wait to find out what he is up to..............again! (",)

    1. yes he's always up to his tricks. He was wrong to make a move on her when he knows she's not at full capacity but he's always the sneaky one.

      Such a bad boy.

  15. Wow. I hate Mulo! He's always ruining Amari's life! But I love your whole story line. I read it in a day! And I love Amari's hair. Where did you get it?

    1. wow you tackled all 89 chapters in a day. Thanks for taking the time to do that. I'm glad you are enjoying the story. I don't remember her hair, but next time I'm in game I will check. I believe the creator has their name on it. I will look and post a response for you.

    2. Found it. The hair is by Peggy here's the link.

  16. Oh Wow, Jaz! This was so good, so emotional for Amari. I never thought of how the triplets might interpret her actions and the things that she's said. They don't believe that she loves them! So Sad!

    I'm glad to know that they didn't want to hurt Finley. They wanted to make her like them.

    As for what Mulo was doing at the end, I have mixed feelings! LOL I still want Marcus back!

    Loved it, Jaz!

    1. Thanks. Yes I think a lot of people were ready to write the triplets off as bad seeds. :( Amari has so much going on that it's easy for to overlook how her words and actions might affect her kids. Hopefully knowing how they feel now will be a wake up call for her.

      Yes they were not trying to hurt their sister. They think being vamps is the best thing ever and wanted to share that with her.

      hahahaha yeah Mulo always up to something. You aren't the only one that wants him back.

      Thanks. :)

  17. Oh snap. I hope she is turned and then maybe with her new strength she can grow a pair and dish something back to Mulo. I'm sure it would take awhile for Amari to cultivate her vampiness but at least she would be on Mulo's playing field. There is an inner badass somewhere... let it come out.

    Also, still silently in the corner cheering for Marcus to make a comeback.

    1. hahahaha yeah her being a vamp would put her on a little more even footing so not sure if he would want that. I think her inner badass peaks out some now that she's grown and had to adjust to the new life that was thrown at her.

      You don't have to cheer silently for him to come back. It is a request made by many.

  18. Just finished a marathon 12 hour reading of "Kiss" and I loved it! It was fun watching your skills in writing and the quality of your screenshots increase and evolve over time. I like that you have been more interested in the quality and integrity of your story and characters than achieving the actual 100 baby goal. Very entertaining and I am looking forward to reading more soon!

    1. wow a 12 hour marathon. :D that is most unexpected but I am extremely happy to know that my little story could hold your interest like that. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read. Being in contact with other great writers have helped me improve both my writing and my picture taking. I have become more invested in developing the characters as the story goes so the babies have become a back story. I won't be achieving the 100 I have come to terms with that. I'm glad you are enjoying it and I hope you continue to do so.

  19. Oh why don't you go to hell, Mulo, you've forfeit any right you had to be a part of this family -.-
    In better, happier news I'm glad to see that Amari might be able to fix her relationships with the triplets after her. Poor babies, thinking that their mum hates them :(

    1. LOL well he's back because she asked him to come. She just didn't expect the triplets to take to him like they have. :(

      Yeah, they really felt like she didn't love them. She had trouble bonding with them once she saw they were vampires and that never fully went away. The issue with Finley didn't help. :(

      thanks for reading