Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chapter 90-A New Low

I woke up feeling well rested. It had been a long time since I had a peaceful good nights sleep. I stayed up most nights worrying about things, most I had no control over, but I worried anyway. When I did finally fall asleep, I would dream of Marcus and of what could of been. Sitting up I gave my body a good stretch but panic hit me when I glanced at the clock. It was 10 am, the kids they would be late for school and Finley why didn’t I hear her crying?

“Crap!” I hissed throwing the covers off. The moment I stood up I was hit with a wave of dizziness. I grabbed the post of my bed to steady myself. The memories of last night came filtering in; my hand went to the side of my neck.

“Freaking bastard!” I angrily muttered. He bit me last night. He kissed me, we kissed a lot. Was there more? I was fully dressed and didn’t feel like I had done anything more.

 We didn’t do anything more Love.

 “Get out!” I yelled turning towards the door but he wasn’t there. It felt like and sounded like he was in the room with me. What was going on?

 Come join us downstairs. Finley has been asking for you.


I ran downstairs but stopped when I heard her laughter ring out. I slowly approached the living room watching as this man that could be such a terror play with my child and enjoy doing so.

“Where are the triplets?” I demanded.

“Good morning to you as well my Love.” I ran my tongue across my teeth feeling that familiar tingling sensation. Mulo looked over at me wearing a cocky grin on his face.

“Relax Love. No need to go baring your fangs.” I looked at him trying to figure out how he knew. Our mind link didn’t include feelings.

The smile on his face spread as he put Finley down to play with her toys.

“What did you do to me? I asked again thinking back on last night. We kissed, he drank from me and....

“You drank from me.” He said completing my thought.

He was standing so close to me, he smelled clean as if he has just gotten out of the shower. I felt the caress of his hand across my cheek only he hadn’t moved. He stood there in front of me, our eyes locked and I felt his hands roaming across my body. I didn’t understand it, I could feel him touching me yet he hadn’t moved. The glow of his eyes was hypnotic and it was the Finley banging on her toy that broke the spell.

“Did you turn me?” I asked feeling a sense of dread come over me. I didn’t understand this hybrid sort of thing he had done and I was unfamiliar with what all it took to make me like him but I knew that it was something I didn’t want.

“No Love. I merely had a bit of a midnight snack which may have inadvertently strengthened our little bond.”

He was so lax about the whole thing as if what he had done already wasn’t enough of an invasion. I wanted to scream or hit him or both but I didn’t want to scare Finley. Choosing to ignore him I walked over to pick up my daughter.

“Get out! I want you to leave my house now!” I turned to exit the living room but he quickly moved so he was blocking the way.

“Don’t be that way Love. Besides what will you tell the kids when they get home? They want me here and if it was put to a vote, you would lose.”

I honestly don’t know why I was even shocked he would make that sort of statement. He had already proven he was not above using my children to stay in my life. I was angry at myself that I could actually hope the past events would have taught him something and he would have been different somehow. I didn’t need to ask the question if he was serious or not, I knew he was. The triplets loved him and I would be made to look like the bad guy no matter what if I sent him away.

“I would say that using my children like that, putting them in the middle was low even for you but we both know you have done worse. You are nothing more than a desperate and pathetic excuse for a man!” I pushed past him heading towards the stairs. “I don’t know why I continue to expect more from you.” I said turning to face him again.

“Maybe I like to hope that there has to be something good and true in you based on our son, or maybe he got all that was good about you and what’s left is what is standing before me.”

 I didn’t give him a chance to answer when I turned and fled back up the stairs with Finley. I put her down when we got to the nursery. I expected him to follow to do something but he did nothing. I went about gathering her things to take with me. This was my home; a place that I was supposed to have a life with Marcus. Yet he was here and tainting it like he did every aspect of my life.

“I take no credit for the man our son turned out to be.” I turned to find him propped up in the doorway. “That all came from you. You raised him and made him into the man he is today.”

I continued gathering up clothes for Finley trying my best to ignore his physical and mental presence.

“Please move so I can go finish packing.”

“Where are you going?” He asked following behind me after securing the baby gate to keep Finley in her room.

“If you won’t leave, I will. We can stay with Aric for a few days, or at the beach house. It’s empty right now. The kids wouldn’t mind, they like the water.”

“Do you really want away from me that much?” He asked grabbing my arm and spinning me to face him.

“Did you kill him Mulo?” The moment I asked the question I felt him block me. If he was going to be here, around me and my children I had to know.

 "Kill who?"

“You know who? But with that instant block you threw up I guess I have my answer.” I hissed.

“I didn’t kill your precious Marcus.” He retorted angrily.

“I’m just supposed to take your word for that? I think not. Just for once be honest with me. I need closure, my children need closure and only you can give that to us.” I pleaded. The not knowing was harder than facing is death.

“I didn’t kill him.” He repeated this time removing the block. I saw him then with Marcus, I saw him sink his teeth into him then I saw Marcus’s lifeless body crumbled on to the ground.

“STOP!” I yelled wanting the images to go away. “You said you didn’t kill him, but I just saw...” I clenched at my chest as I felt it tighten, I thought I wanted to know but I didn’t not like that. “You’re a monster, you killed him, you killed him.” I repeated over and over to myself.

“He’s not dead any more than I am.”

The room felt like it was spinning as I tried to process what he was telling me. It wasn't possible. He had to be lying to me.

“No, you killed him. If...if you had turned him he would have come home. That was the plan he would be here if he were still alive. With me and his kids. He would have come home.” I looked up at him and saw the remorse on his face. An image of Ceula flashed in his mind and he didn’t have to speak the words for me to know what was coming next.

“Not if he doesn’t know who you are.”


  1. Good grief!

    Is there anything that Mulo wouldn't do to stay in her life? To go as far as compel Marcus? I'm guessing that's what he did since he never came home because he doesn't remember her?

    Amari must be exhausted emotionally and mentally from their little cat and mouse games. I don't know how she's still sane. I would have lost my mind by now, to know I have an eternal bond with someone as insane as Mulo.

    How do you kill a Mulo again?

    1. Nope he has no limits as shown by what he did to the triplets. He wiped Marcus's memory much like he did Ceula's after everything happened with David.

      She is tired, he causes her pain at every turn and never seems to feel sorry about it. She is holding it together barely for the sake of her children. Yes unless he turns her completely, they will share that mental link and he will use that to his advantage.

      Kill him? Stake through the heart maybe but he's not dying any time soon sorry.

  2. Um...where's the rest of this? This was fucking short! WTF! Why?

    I thought you were upset about leaving a cliffhanger the last time, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CALL THIS?!

    So Mulo didn't kill my Marcus? He saved his life then mind controlled him to stay away from Amari? Fucking dick! That's even worse! Especially since she had no idea this whole time what happened to him! Wow...Mulo just keeps racking up the bad juju doesn't he? I don't know how much lower he can get on my hate chart but like the chapter says, that's a new low! Poor Amari.

    1. LOL sorry. Yes this is short. I could have kept going but then it could have gotten really long and I didn't want that so yeah stopped there.

      Yes it was bad to leave the last cliffhanger but the difference this time is that I know where the next chapter will go so it won't be as much of a struggle.

      Nope he didn't kill him. Wiped his memory, turned him and set him up somewhere far, far away from Amari. Yes that is worse since he saw how the disappearance affected her and the twins.

      Yeah that was pretty low of him, but he can't stand the competition and he's not winning any points with her but no one is there to win her heart either so he figures he has time.

  3. Well, now we know what happened to Marcus. poor Amari!
    I really love Mulo as a character. I'm sorry for Amari when he's around, but I love reading about him. I don't know why, some sick compulsion, lol.

    1. Yes that question has been answered. It's been lingering for a while so I figured I'd go ahead and let it be known.

      Mulo is a man of many faults. He is great in the dad department (mostly) but as a man that claims to love a woman, not so much. He's terribly flawed but there might still be some hope for him.

  4. ~ Poor Amari, & poor Marcus,who is unaware of his family & wife,that are left behind & grieving for him,thinking he is dead,because of his illness!
    ~ Mulo,that is not love,you hurt Amari at every turn,you want to possess her,but that is not love,we try very hard not to hurt the ones we love,& every breath she takes is painful,& her life is a living hell,the only bright spot to her existence is her love for her children & the joy they bring!
    ~ A new low for him!!!!
    ~ More,more more! Hurry! (",)

    1. Yes Marcus is off living his new life totally unaware of who he has left behind. The question now will be does she tell the twins or does she keep it to herself.

      Mulo does not understand what love and sacrifice truly means. He saw a glimpse of it with what she had with Marcus and he knew he had lost her. The only way to get her back or to try to get her back was to get rid of who was in the way.

      I will try to get the next one out soon-ish.

    2. ~ Sorry, after thought!
      ~ Mulo,may have wiped Macus's memory,but his heart will never forget,& look for what is missing!
      ~ Karima (",)

    3. Very true, one would hope that if he is given a reminder that all would come back to him.

  5. If it were me, I would not keep my mouth shut about what happen to their father, and then let’s see who the bad guy is in the mind of the children. I just would not allow that prick to know my plans. I'm sorry; this really made my red hair flare, as my hubby loves to put it. Please don't make us wait very long to find out the rest of this. If she did not hate him before, I could see this putting her well over the edge on those feelings.

    (Needed to fix some really bad spelling errors.)

    1. Well considering she's not as good at blocking him out, keeping him in the dark about her plans could be hard.

      The triplets have never known Marcus so they aren't as attached as the twins. Telling those two would be harder.

      It's ok, he did do a terrible thing and then to let her suffer with the not knowing for so long seeing what it did to her, yeah your red hair should be up in flames. LOL

      They have a complex relationship. :( I will hopefully not keep you waiting too long.

  6. Well it's... good... to finally know what happened to Marcus (it's good to have answers finally, but... not so good the situation). He doesn't even know who she is anymore :( That's just so sad. Stupid Mulo, he has some like weird views on the world... like what's the point of all this crap... to try an win her over eliminate what gets in his way mess with her mind? Get a friggin' clue Mulo, letting people suffer...making them suffer, doesn't earn you love buddy (hopefully it earns him a stake through his "heart" though. Does he even have one? I think not.)

    Man, I can't wait for more though.

    1. Yes that lingering question was finally answered. He is alive and well but sadly has no idea he has left behind a wife and children.

      His point to all of this is to be the only permanent man in her life. Because of her challenge from Marisol, he knows there will be others that come and go but he refuses to have her love anyone but him. Yes crazy I know but that's how he thinks.

  7. Wow Mulo is one sad love sick pshyco vampire, I feel so bad for Amari! Mulo is just as bad as Merisol. He saved Marcus but erased his family from his mind and then has the nerve to move into the man's house with his wife and have his kids calling him "Daddy Mulo". If he really cared for Amari as much as he says he does then he would bring Marcus back to his family and then fry himself with Marisol and Amari's dad.

    1. yeah that about sums up what Mulo has done. He is in a way worse than Marisol because he won't just let her move on and deal with this thing in her own way. She only wants some happiness to combat this terrible situation but he won't allow her that unless it's on his terms. :(

  8. I can't believe I had actually missed one! When she started: 'He bit me last night. He kissed me, we kissed a lot'.... I was WHEN, WHAT, HUH? And then I went a chapter back...

    OMG! DEATH TO MULO - DEATH TO MULO - DEATH TO MULO - DEATH TO MULO - DEATH TO MULO!! New low??? How much lower before he meets the earth's core huh? He must really be close with this one!
    Turning the trips against her with being nice to them... Daddy Mulo? FUCK that! (uhum, excuse me)

    He made Marcus forget...... Ohohoho, I'm planning a killing-spree! MULO TO CORE!!! No wonder Marcus vanished! UGH!!!!!!
    The trips were trying to change Fin, that's sad actually! They figured if she was like them, mommy would love us like that too, not realizing, she's so protective and close to Fin, BECAUSE of what they were trying to do! I feel for the children... Amari is not a bad mother, just a mother in really bad situations. One is named Mulo, the *peep**peep**peep**peep**peep**peep**peep* something something-hole!

    I need more! Seriously! I'm on the verge of persuading Seth to kill Mulo!

    1. hahahaha your comment has me laughing so hard. Really sending Seth after Mulo. That could make for an interesting exchange.

      Yes he popped back up last chapter since she needed him to get Marisol off her back and deal with her confused pre-teen triplets. 'Daddy Mulo' indeed he answers their questions, explains the vamp life to them and genuinely likes/loves them. They wanted to feel that acceptance from someone because the rest of the family has been in 'gotta fix them' mode they felt as if something was wrong with them.

      Yes they think being a vamp is cool and wanted Fin to experience that life as well. Of course they didn't fully understand their actions and when Amari freaked out on them they just kept their reason to themselves.

      She is struggling to keep it together. Some days are better than others but any day that involves Mulo will turn out bad at some point. He didn't kill him but he did get him out of the way. Changed him, wiped his memory, then set him up in a new life somewhere far far far away.

      I see you are sharpening your wooden stakes....I will let Mulo know he has an angry mob after him. :D

  9. What!!!! Jazen, you can't leave it like this!

    I am so relieved that Marcus isn't dead! He lost his memories. Oh no! So she's lost him! I'm not sure that Mulo knew that Marcus would lose him memory. He seemed surprised that it had happened, or is that wishful thinking on my part because I like Mulo! LOL

    I still can't stop liking bad Mulo! Touching her, without touching her. Their bond is even stronger now. She is seeing things now that I don't think he intends for her to see. I don't think he meant for her to see what happened with Marcus, but she did.

    There must be some good in Mulo though. Because her children are so crazy about him!

    So Amari is some sort of Hybrid! Does that mean that she will live longer?

    Okay, I know I have no right to say this, but you can't leave us hanging long!!!

    1. sorry. I promise not to leave you hanging too long.

      Mulo fully intended for Marcus to lose his memory he didn't intend to ever tell Amari. So yeah that was wishful thinking on your part.

      I like him too, but then again I enjoy my bad guys (so in love with Seth) so I have a problem. I admit that. When he bit her and they drank from each other that did make that bond stronger. Since he is a full on vamp he can use it better than she can and that's what he was showing her in that scene.

      He did intend to let her know what happened. She asked for the closure and he could feel how much she needed it so he let her in. It was easier for him to do it that way than to say what he did.

      Those triplets love him and even Finley likes him. He's good with the kids, not so much their mother.

      Yes she will live longer than your average human thanks to him.

      I'm working on Fiendish currently but I am almost done with that chapter and then will move back over to this. The things to come should be fun.

  10. You're doing such an amazing job on this story! I was so happy to see another update. Poor Amari. Mulo just keeps digging a hole for himself.


    1. Thank you. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the update I know they are slow. He does keep making it worse doesn't he? One day he'll learn (hopefully).

  11. Mulo, you did WHAT!?!?!?! If he took Marcus's memory I hope Amari does to him what he did to David. Especially the whole popping like a balloon thing.

    1. yeah, but he saved him so not all bad right??? LOL funny yeah he's a tad stronger than she is so there will be no popping of any 'balloons'.

  12. Oh wow! That's worse in a way. Knowing he's alive and doesn't know who she and his kids are. At least she knows now. What will Mulo do now?

    1. Yeah it is much worse in a way. She's happy to know he's alive and well, but also knowing he doesn't remember anything of their life together. :( Very sad indeed.

      Mulo he's always doing something.

  13. Now that's a twist. Mulo was probably forced to turn Marcus, or maybe he did it to save him, Marcus was dying, but, erase his memory as well? And where is Marcus now?


      Yes Marcus has been alive this whole time and Mulo knew. It gets more tangled from here but some of your questions will be answered in the other chapters.

  14. Mulo Mulo Mulo, will he ever change? Lol. I feel so bad for Amari she is always getting hurt by him one way or another.

    1. That is a very good question. Mulo is very flawed and still mostly thinks about only himself when he does things. He hurts Amari more than I think he realized before they had this connection. Now that he sees things from her POV so to speak it does make things different for him.

  15. Dear Lord, can anything else go wrong for Amari!!...scratch that, i don't want to know/sigh, seems like sometimes she can't win for losing.

    You know Mulo's my boy but I'm not sure what exactly happened, he saved Marcus? But Marcus does'nt know his own wife and kids now?This is interesting.....edenz~

    1. :( I know I know. I don't make it easy on her. She tries but life just keeps knocking her down sadly.

      Yes. Marcus is now a vampire, but before he was turned Mulo had his memory wiped. So didn't let him die, but still got him out of the way.

  16. LET ME AT HIM, JAZEN! LET ME PUNCH THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MAN!!! how fucking DARE HE!!!! *throws fists and stakes at Mulo*

    1. hahahaha LOL you had to suspect he had something to do with Marcus going missing. I mean Mulo is the jealous type and not one to stand idley by while the woman he wants is with another man.

      thanks for reading