Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chapter 91-What I Need

Mulo left that day after telling me the truth about Marcus. He stayed until after the kids got home from school so that he could tell them he was moving back to his house. It didn’t matter because Elphie still got angry with me. She ran upstairs packed a bag and informed me she was going with him. He was the reason they were vampires, he was the reason they didn’t have a father; that I didn’t have my husband yet they loved and idolized him. It pained me to say it, but I told her she would still get to see him and talk to him but he couldn’t live here anymore. I was then hit with the dreaded why question from Edson. Even with him here to tell them in person he was leaving, somehow I was still made to feel like the bad guy in the situation.

It was Elton that really hurt me. He looked at me so innocently then asked why I was sending away the only father they had. The amount of anger that overcame me at that moment was almost too much to handle. I wanted to tell them all the horrible things he’d done, how they had a father, a real father that would love them but he took that away. I wanted to but I didn’t because they were just kids but he knew how I was feeling. With my temper continuing to rise, I left out of fear of saying something I would later regret to them. I took a walk to have the time to calm down and clear my head. I was haunted by what he told me and it replayed over and over in my head. 

For once he held nothing back and I wanted him to. I wanted him to stop after knowing Marcus was alive and well but wiped of his memory. I wanted him to stop when he told me he had a new life, a new woman in his life. Mulo kept tabs on him he’s known this whole time while I suffered, while my boys suffered wondering what happened.

The tension in the house seemed to increase with Mulo gone. They still talked to him and even had sleep overs at his house but they seemed to be even more reserved and distant with me. As their birthday approached I kept asking what they wanted and never got a straight answer. The day passed without much fanfare unlike Finley’s. I’m sure they saw it as more favoritism towards her luckily they didn’t take it out on her. 

She was close to her siblings and that made me happy. I wanted to be close to my children but they refused to let me in. Nothing seemed to help, not even Mulo. I no longer got the silent treatment but our relationship wasn’t even remotely close, it was more business-like and it pained me.
With the kids getting older I thought more and more about my options where Marcus was concerned. I hadn’t told Dax and Dunham yet that he was alive. I knew I should but they had finally been able to make some sort of peace with his disappearance and bringing him back up I just didn’t think was fair. 

I tried to work through my options on my own, I couldn’t talk to Aric. His relationship with his father was already strained so I kept it to myself. For so long I wanted to know the truth and now that I did I wanted a different version of it. When it got to the point that I started drinking again to numb things, I knew I needed to talk to someone. I just hated who that someone was.

“Hello Love.” He said standing in the doorway waiting on me as I exited the elevator. I said nothing as I walked past him into his penthouse. “Can I get you something to drink?” He asked shutting the door behind me.

“We can skip the pleasantries Mulo. Don’t make this hard for me. You know why I’m here.”

“Yes I do. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“How can you ask me that? You have cheated me out of a life I should have had and I want it back.”

Mulo sat in the chair saying nothing as I impatiently waited for a response. 

“He doesn’t know who you are Love. What do you plan on doing walking up to him and saying hi I’m your wife let’s go home? Have you thought about how that could impact his current life?”

I hadn’t really thought that far ahead I just knew that knowing he was out there was killing me. I needed to see him again, there had to be someway this could work Marisol had made mention of Ceula being able to get her memory back so the same could be done for Marcus.

“I don’t know damn it but I have to try! How could I not?”

“He’s safe, he’s happy. Let that be enough Amari.”

“Why?” I asked dropping down onto the sofa. “Because you want me and can’t stand to see me happy with anyone that isn’t you? There’s more than me to be taken into consideration or have you forgotten about that? He has children, his sisters, his parents. All of them would want him back as well. You robbed not only me when you did this Mulo you robbed them too. You can’t play God with people’s lives like that!”

“You weren’t complaining when I did so for Ceula.” He retorted angrily.

“That was different and you know it.” I hissed jumping to my feet.

“Doesn’t matter. And you aren’t wanting to find him for his children or his family since you have neglected to tell them that he is alive. You are doing this for yourself.”

I was so angry but not surprised he was trying to still keep me from Marcus. I stood glaring at him making sure he knew that this time I wasn’t leaving until I got what I came for. 

“We have all been through so much pain with first thinking he was dying then going missing. How in the hell did you expect me to tell any of them he is alive but doesn’t know who we are because the psychotic vampire that refuses to stay out of my life wiped his memory out of jealousy. So you’re damn right I’m doing this for me, at least right now. Considering everything I have had to deal with I deserve to think about myself for a change. My children, HIS children basically tolerate me because they have to yet prefer you, YOU over me and you are the reason life is so messed up for them and for me.”

“He doesn’t know you and you are only going to end up hurting more. Trust me on that.”

“Ha, trust you? Not likely. Just tell me where he is Mulo.” He turned and walked into the kitchen returning shortly handing me a piece of paper. I glanced down at it, then back up at him.

“Italy. You sent him to Italy.”

“I wanted to be sure there was no chance of you running in to him.” He replied with a shrug. “On the back is information for my PA. Call her when you are ready to go and she will arrange to have the plane ready for you.”

“The plane? What plane?”

“Mine. I know you have to wait a few weeks since you don’t have a passport but you can fly out the day you get it instead of having to wait to book a commercial flight.” 

I folded the paper and put it in my pocket. I had a few weeks to make arrangements for Finley and the triplets who would most likely want to stay with Mulo. The waiting was going to be hard and I hoped I could get a rush on my passport. I was feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. 

I turned to leave giving a last glance at Mulo. I got this weird feeling from him that I wrote off as him being unhappy about my upcoming trip. He didn’t say anything else when I left but that feeling stayed with me over the course of the next few weeks as I prepared to leave. I told the kids it was just a mini vacation because I needed a bit of a break. Carter and Vicki were happy to keep Finley, the triplets tried to convince me they could stay home by themselves but I refused that idea. They ended up staying with Aric, Mulo told them it was best to be with him while I was gone. I wasn’t sure why but I didn’t question it since I was happier with that arrangement. Three weeks after finding out where he was, I sat on Mulo’s private plane heading to Italy.

******Bonus Shots of the kids******

Finley Duff--She looks a lot like Jonas

They lose their vampy skin when I took them into stylist to dress them but I like how they have turned out as teens.
Elphie Smith
Elton Smith
Edson Smith-He actually is the only one of the trips that got the green eyes


  1. Why do I have a feeling Mulo is holding something back? Some important detail about Marcus' new life?

    The trips are a handful, even now. It saddens me how much they cling to Mulo, the home-wrecker. Elphie has a strange beauty to her. I like her new looks!

    I am and am not looking forward to the meeting with Marcus. Mainly because even I don't know what to expect. Will Amari be hurt more than when he went missing? What was Mulo holding back? All these questions lie with Marcus now...

    Waiting and not waiting for more... :)

    1. Because he's Mulo and that's what he does. He warned her it might not turn out like she wants but she wouldn't listen.

      They are hard on her. She just can't catch a break where they are concerned. They don't know all the bad he's done, and he's been the only one to accept them as they are without trying to tell them that they are wrong for wanting to use their vamp abilities. He's always been good in the daddy role.

      She doesn't either. She knows there's a new woman but is it a girlfriend or wife? Does he have kids? There could be a lot Mulo isn't saying.

  2. Great update and I hope that Amari finds what she's looking for. Finley is very cute. Hope she can be the one bright factor in her mother's life right now.

    1. Yeah she wants that happiness back that she had with Marcus. She does need to have a good child. She hasn't had one since Aric.

  3. Um. Okay. So he finally gave in.

    I expected him to just keep stone walling her. I wonder what made him do it, he sounded certain that Amari will end up hurting more if she goes after Marcus. I think he's sending her there only to get her heartbroken. I wouldn't put it past him.

    I'm happy that she's finally going to find Marcus, I just hope there are no nasty surprises when she gets there. How long has it been since his disappearance? A lot of things changed for Amari in that time, so it's only fair to assume Marcus' life changed too. She should go into this meeting with no expectations.

    1. It wasn't a matter of giving in. She didn't ask where he was when they talked. He told her that he was alive and well. He won't offer up extra information, that doesn't work in is favor.

      He could be sending her there to get heartbroken all over again. He knows what she's walking into and it would have been nice of him to tell her everything.

      She is finally gonna get to find him. Let's hope she doesn't end up hurt worse. :( Time is sorta not kept due to the nature of the story so he's been gone a while is all I can say. LOL

      She doesn't really have any expectations, she still hadn't thought through everything.

  4. Amari has to know by now that whenever Mulo helps her out with something that there will always strings attached that will trip her up in the end right? I say she needs to channel her inner Buffy and take care of him once and for all.

    1. LOL yeah she could be walking into a huge set up of some sort.

      haha her inner Buffy. Well since she's connected to him, she can't kill him. :(

  5. Amari is pretty strong to not tell the kids the truth about Mulo and take all the blame from them, just to not hurt them.

    I'm really worried about her trip, so much could go wrong there. Especially if he does have this whole new life, with a wife and kids. As wrong as it was for Mulo to take his memory, it won't exactly be right to mess with that.
    I don't blame Amari for wanting to go, and for hoping to get his memory back, but I feel like this is just going to be more painful for mer in the end.

    1. Yeah the sacrifices we make as mothers. They needed someone and since the relationship she had with them was/is strained she didn't want to take away the one person they felt they had that understood them.

      Yes a lot could go wrong. Possible new wife and kids and if that is the case she has to make a choice on messing with or letting him be.

      Knowing he was alive and well, she had to at least try to see him. Let's hope it goes well.

  6. Why do I not have a good feeling about this? Perhaps I just don't trust Mulo enough, okay I definitely don't, but I just have a feeling this won't end well. I hope I'm wrong, that poor girl just needs a break so badly. Still, it's bothering me that he just gave in even after telling her she'd just end up hurting more, and he's sending her on his private plane... maybe I'm just paranoid but that one really bothers me... I can totally see him lurking on the plane and trapping her when they're flying up in the air and she has nowhere to go. Something just doesn't seem right to me.

    I really hope it goes well though, and she gets to see Marcus, hopefully she won't get hurt too bad... hopefully there's something good she can pull out of it regardless of what happens.

    1. LOL because Mulo seemingly did something sorta maybe a little nice, but then gave this vague warning before she left so yeah bring on the bad feelings.

      :( she does need a break doesn't she. No he's not on the plane, she went all on her own.

      She'll get to see him but that's all I can say.

  7. Wow...so he finally gave in, sorta. He knows something and he knows that she'll get hurt because he's been keeping tabs this whole time. It sucks that he is doing this to her "out of love". He has no idea what that word means and is constantly causing her pain and heartbreak! I'm so happy to know he's better and alive in Italy. But a new woman gah.

    It's great to see Amari being selfish for once, she deserves some small chance of happiness as slim as this might be. I wonder what her plan is though, catfight? Like Mulo said he won't know who she is so how will she convince him he has a different life with her? Man...this is just trouble with a capital TROUB! I don't like this one bit and Mulo's eagerness to help only means there's so much more to come that will hurt poor Amari!

    The triplets grew to be handsome/beautiful. I especially love Elphie's look. No offense but the kids in Sims 3 are always so very ugly to me. I didn't like them as kids (although Finley is beautiful). They were gorgeous tots, ugly kids and gorgeous teens. Guess "kids" is their awkward stage. It's sad they have such a strained relationship with Amari though :( she could really use her babies. And in all of this, they are the ones that are losing out, poor things. They have no idea about their real father!

    UGH! I hate Mulo. So much strife and for what? He can't expect that she'll ever want to be with him after all the shit he's done!

    1. Yes he did. She hadn't asked him before where Marcus was. She was still trying to process the fact that he was alive this whole time. He is very selfish in his idea of love. She even called him on it, he only wants her happy with him. However with all the things he does, being happy with him is a long long way off if ever.

      Yeah for once she wanted to do something for herself. She has sacrificed for her kids, for her father, for everyone around her, it was time she put herself first. She has no plan, she still hasn't thought through how to approach him. She doesn't know what his life is there. Is he married, does he have kids? all questions she will have to figure out when she gets there. Hopefully it won't be too much pain for her, but I don't see it being easy.

      I thought they aged up nicely. The hair really makes a difference for Elphie because she had sort of a fat face but looks very pretty now I think. The boys remind me of Dax and Dunham some especially Edson since he got the green eyes. I agree about EA kids. They have large heads and the features don't really fit. Finley is a cutie I think. She's just like Cece in taking after her dad and have no trace of Amari.

      Mulo, he might redeem himself at some point. :P

  8. Another great chapter! The kids grew up lovely. Elton and Edson look so much like their father. I understand Amari's eagerness to visit Marcus, but I don't think seeing Marcus with another woman is going to make her feel closure. Also I wonder if there's more to this story then what Mulo is telling.


    1. Thanks. They do look a lot like him just as Dax and Dunham did. She does want him back. That was probably the happiest time in her life and considering all she's been through she just wants that back. It's not too much to ask for but even that will come with complications.

      Mulo is always holding something back.

  9. You are trying to kill me!!! Marcus' memory is gone and he's with another woman! I guess that I should at least be glad that he's alive and maybe happy. But he's still so lost to Amari. She just can't seem to hold onto any happiness.
    I feel so sad for her!

    I wonder how the triplets will react if they find out that Marcus is alive. I hate that Amari's relationship with them has become so strained. She loves her children so much, but they don't seem to believe that.

    1. No I'm not really. Yes Mulo had his memory wiped otherwise Marcus would have come back for her. He has a whole other life now and he is happy with his current girlfriend. :( I know I give her such a hard time.

      I'm not sure how they would react. They don't know that Mulo had any thing to do with his disappearance. Amari never told them he was involved because she feared it would cause more strain on the relationship. She only wants her kids to be happy, but that seems to come at a great sacrifice to her.

  10. I don't know on this one. Maybe she should listen to Mulo, but then her mind will be filled with what-ifs.

    The kids are adorable.

    1. Right the what-ifs would kill her, plus she loves Marcus. Knowing he's out there, she has to go find him.

  11. I'm not sure this is going to go the way she thinks it may. Mulo may not be telling her everything because it would do no good, maybe she has to see for herself that he has a new life and is happy...I can see this getting all kinds of ugly...edenz~

    1. First welcome back! Nice to see you around again.

      Yeah things never go well for poor Amari and especially when Mulo is involved. Knowing he's out there, she has to at least see him. Hopefully things won't be a bad.

      Thanks for reading.

  12. Replies
    1. why??? Mulo told her what she wanted to know. :)

      thanks for reading