Wednesday, March 30, 2016

For Your Information

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know what what was coming up. All things Kiss will end next week. :(

The schedule is as follows:

Monday: final chapter
Wednesday: epilogue
Friday: Q&A session

For the Q&A I'll be doing another episode of Chatting With Chelsea.

The set up for the Q&A is a talk show format so the characters will be portrayed as 'actors'. So I wanted you guys to all be aware that they will refer to the characters that you've known and loved for the last 4 years as just that, characters and not themselves if that makes sense. They may or may not have different names to play into that 'actor' thing. Let me know how you'd feel about that. If it'd be too confusing or if you'd think it'd be a fun thing. :)

The time to submit your questions is open until Thursday of next week (April 7). Just comment on this post if you have any more. Thank you to everyone that has already submitted, if you have more feel free to pop in again.

I can't thank you guys enough for the love and support shown to me over the last 4 years while I worked on this story. It's meant a lot to me!!!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chapter 132: And They Call Him Temptation

A warm breeze caused a soft whipping sound through the sheer curtains of the cabana. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the relaxing scent of salty sea air. Diego put more warm lemongrass oil on his hands before continuing his attention on my back. I swear he had the hands of an angel. I was a little nervous when he walked into the cabana for my scheduled massage, especially after hearing some of the things said about him. It didn’t help matters to see his uniform. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help it. If he moved the wrong way, that little loin cloth was going to fail in its job to hold in all his…manliness, and it looked like he had a lot of it packed in there. I should have been used to it since that had been the basic attire for the staff here, but still it took some getting used to. The downside of traveling with no set plans, you have to take what you can get when you don’t have a reservation.

It’s not to say that Free Spirit Resort and Spa wasn’t a great place, it was a beautiful locale. I’d never even heard of Isla de las Flores, but the escape to this small, semi-private Caribbean island was just what I needed. The resort had excellent amenities, friendly staff, all in all perfect. The only issue, clothing was optional. That freaked me out at first, mostly because I was surrounded by women whose bodies reminded me of the woman taking care of my children and possibly my husband. There were all types of people here, but the first few that I came in contact with were all the type of people others wanted to see naked. Initially I thought about leaving, finding someplace else to go, but I decided to stay anyway and experience something new. It’d been a great week; the time away was just what I’d needed.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chapter 131: Misery Loves Company

Two days. It’d been two days since Amari had dropped off the kids and gotten upset after seeing Jenelle. She took off and hadn’t returned my calls, hell she wouldn’t even take calls from the kids. She sent some vague ass message to them about needing time for herself, that she was fine, and that one of the kids needed to take care of the dogs. She left no way to reach her in case of an emergency, she just took off.

The ceramic tiles in the shower cracked under the impact of my punch. How could she just take off like that? How could I make her take off like that? Things were to the point that I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore.

Shutting off the water, I stepped out of the shower, not feeling any more relaxed than when I got in. Since finding out she’d taken off, there’d only been one thought in my head about where she’d gone. It’s all I could think about and each time that I called her and got voicemail those feelings of jealousy and hatred that I’d been trying to move past took a stronger foothold.  No matter how I’ve tried, based on her past actions, I’d been unable to make myself believe her when she said I was who she wanted. 

Something in the back of my mind kept nagging at me that Amari’s settling, that she was  putting forth this effort out of guilt more than love. That thought had me rethinking my answer to her question last time we talked. While I did love Amari and admittedly a part of me always would, was I hanging on for the wrong reasons? My actions were pushing her away. I was now doing the same thing she’d done, sabotaging things whether it was consciously or unconsciously, it was happening.

I was an ass for not talking to her for weeks, but I didn’t know what to say. I’d used my wife in the worst possible way and to hear she let me because of my past attitude towards her stripped away everything I was trying to reclaim. I was left with feelings of shame, completely embarrassed that I could have stooped so low. Like she’d said, I was supposed to be better than him.

The doorbell rang bringing my thoughts back to the present. I needed to get my day started. Jenelle was already here and I heard her footsteps as she walked across the hardwoods to answer the door. Voices. A male voice. His voice. My mind had to be playing tricks on me because there was no way that he would be at my house. Hell, how would he even know where I lived? As soon as the question popped into my head, the answer followed. He had to have gotten the information from Amari. 

The sight before me was the last thing I expected. That son of a bitch was holding my daughter, giving her a bottle like it was the most natural thing in the world for him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

The smug bastard smiled at me. “With all the kids you’ve made, I’d have thought this would be fairly obvious. Your very sexy…assistant here had her hands full so I offered to help.”

“I…I’m sorry Marcus, he said he was a friend,” Jenelle stated, clearly picking up on the tension that quickly filled the room.

“Friend? There’s a lot of things I’d call you, but friend wouldn’t be one of them,” I responded keeping my eyes fixed on Mulo. “Jenelle, please take Gwen and Gracie upstairs and stay up there with all of them until he leaves. Which should be shortly,” I added.

She nodded before walking over to gather Gwen from him. Mulo’s eyes followed Jenelle as she walked up the stairs. “I can see why you hired her. The sexy nanny thing, a lot of men have that fantasy. You even have the built in excuse of having actual kids for her to also take care of. A win/win.”

Jenelle cast a quick glance over her shoulder and smiled. I ignored his implication, it was the same one Amari hinted at when she was here. She instantly assumed I was sleeping with Jenelle. It was the excuse she needed to go running back to him guilt free this time and she seemingly wasted no time in doing so. I sent her running straight to him.
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