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Chapter 132: And They Call Him Temptation

A warm breeze caused a soft whipping sound through the sheer curtains of the cabana. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the relaxing scent of salty sea air. Diego put more warm lemongrass oil on his hands before continuing his attention on my back. I swear he had the hands of an angel. I was a little nervous when he walked into the cabana for my scheduled massage, especially after hearing some of the things said about him. It didn’t help matters to see his uniform. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help it. If he moved the wrong way, that little loin cloth was going to fail in its job to hold in all his…manliness, and it looked like he had a lot of it packed in there. I should have been used to it since that had been the basic attire for the staff here, but still it took some getting used to. The downside of traveling with no set plans, you have to take what you can get when you don’t have a reservation.

It’s not to say that Free Spirit Resort and Spa wasn’t a great place, it was a beautiful locale. I’d never even heard of Isla de las Flores, but the escape to this small, semi-private Caribbean island was just what I needed. The resort had excellent amenities, friendly staff, all in all perfect. The only issue, clothing was optional. That freaked me out at first, mostly because I was surrounded by women whose bodies reminded me of the woman taking care of my children and possibly my husband. There were all types of people here, but the first few that I came in contact with were all the type of people others wanted to see naked. Initially I thought about leaving, finding someplace else to go, but I decided to stay anyway and experience something new. It’d been a great week; the time away was just what I’d needed.

Diego’s hands continued to glide easily over my shoulders, moving down my back, inching ever so close to my ass. Lifting my head from the rest, I turned back to look at him. He gave me a wink and I just shook my head no. I’d heard some of the ladies at the pool gushing about the ‘special’ massages and how they were booking more for later in the week, but that’s not what I was after. I was glad I’d kept my bottoms on, even if they didn’t cover much, removing my top was enough. I didn’t need to give the already lewd ideas in his head any more ammunition. Never had I come in contact with a man that exuded as much raw lust and sexual magnetism as he did. Even if he was terrible at massages, he would probably still be the most sought after masseur solely based on that.

Diego worked his way down my body, his hands rubbing and kneading the knots free. This was heaven and I was glad I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. He was extremely good at his job.

“Your skin is so soft. What’s your secret?”

I smiled even though he couldn’t see me. “I’m sure you say that to all of the ladies,” I replied. All of the staff here, male and female alike were huge flirts.

“Oh no, mamacita. I admit I have my hands on a lot of ladies, tis my job, but not all feel as you do. You are a smooth like silk.” He abandoned his task; I felt the heat of his face next to mine. “And silk is very sexy,” he purred near my ear.

A laugh escaped, “You keep talking like that pretty boy and you’ll earn yourself a big tip.”

“The kind that includes dinner then a night cap back in your suite?”

I made a non-committal sound as he resumed massaging my legs, going slower than he had before. I was out of my mind flirting with him like that. I knew it was all part of the atmosphere, but it still felt good to have him say some of those things to me. I was able to temporarily forget why I ended up here. I could forget that my husband wanted to be around some half-dressed sex kitten that was probably ready to drop her panties as soon as he asked; if he hadn’t already. Had he so little respect for me as their mother and as his wife that he hired that woman to take care of our children without first consulting me or hell even telling me? I’m sure he’d have plenty to say if I hired someone like Diego to help me with the kids. A smile formed on my lips at that thought. With the way this man’s hands were working on me, he was someone I would like to have around. An appreciative moan passed my lips as he began working on my feet.

“That sound you make mamacita, you are making things very…hard on me.”

“Am I?”

“Sí. How can I concentrate on my job when all I can think of now are the many, many ways I can make you do that again?”

I couldn’t stop the involuntary shiver that ran through me at his innuendo. “Isn’t there some saying about Latin men making excellent lovers?”

“Sí, and I’d be more than happy to show you why.”

I couldn’t even respond, I could only giggle. Diego with his magic hands, shameless flirting, and all that he hid behind that thong was probably the downfall of a lot of relationships. He was the last thing I needed, but at the same time he was exactly what I needed. Not the sex, just the flirting, it provided me a distraction from the life that awaited me back home.

I’d spent the first day or so trying to figure out what more I could do and last night I finally admitted to myself the answer I’d been trying to deny. I didn’t see any way back for us. I’d hurt Marcus too deeply, broken the trust between us and without trust there was nothing for us to build on. Marcus said he still loved me, but I didn’t know that it was enough. The holding pattern we were in was doing more harm and it wasn’t good for either of us. I wasn’t doing him any good. I was willing to let him go once, it hurt like hell, but I would have to find the strength to let him go again. I squeezed my eyes tightly, I would not cry. I would instead enjoy Diego, his flirting, and most certainly his magical hands. I would enjoy my last few days here before I had to get back to reality.

Nervous flutters started in my stomach. Reality had found me.

“I’m sorry sir, but this is a private cabana.” I heard Diego say.

“Now Love, if you wanted someone to rub all over your delectable body barely clothed, I was but a mere phone call away.”

I let out a low exhale. The sound of his voice was the last thing I expected to hear.  It was the last thing I needed to hear right now.

“Sir, I’m going to ask you again to leave.”

Making sure I had a good grip on the towel for coverage, I sat up slowly. Mulo stood just inside the sheer curtain looking very out of place dressed in his color of choice. There was an intensity in his eyes as he watched me, one that made me hold the towel tighter.

“It’s okay Diego, he’s a…friend.”

“I haven’t finished your massage.”

“No worries,” I replied taking my eyes off Mulo and giving Diego a smile. “It just means I get to book you again.”

“I look forward to it.” He gave me a wink then sized up Mulo before walking out.

I waited until Diego exited the cabana before easing off the table. “Turn around,” I ordered.

“So modest, Love. I have a better idea, why don’t I get undressed and then you wouldn’t have to feel so nervous.” He gave a devilish grin as he started to unbutton his shirt.

“What! No! Turn around Mulo.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m very serious.”

His eyes lit up in amusement. “You do realize you are at a nudist resort don’t you?”

“Yes I know exactly where I am, but clothing is optional, and I option to wear some. Now turn around!”

He smiled before slowly turning his back to me. I did the same, glancing over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t looking before dropping the towel and putting my top back on. I also picked up my wrap, securing it around my waist before giving him the all clear. It wasn’t a lot, but it was better than me being topless.

“So much for peaceful alone time. What are you doing here Mulo?”

“Come now Love, you know you’re happy to see me.”

“I am?”

He took a step closer. “Yes. You had to know I’d come,” he answered, taking another step towards me. “In fact, I’m pretty sure you’ve been waiting on my arrival.” We stood face to face. He reached out to caress my face. “I’ve missed you Love.” His fingers trailed down my arm leaving a line of goosebumps in the process. He snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me flush with his body. “And I know you’ve missed me too.” His voice was thick with desire and the start of those familiar feelings started trying to creep up on me.

I took a slow breath while trying to keep my head clear so things wouldn’t fall out of control; something that could easily be done when I was around him. Mulo was always around; had always been around. In good times and in bad he was the constant in my life. Things with him were just easier for some reason that I didn’t understand. Easier wasn’t always better.

I looked up at him and he took that as an invitation. The last time he kissed me like this we were on his balcony. That kiss was full of passion and desire, but also desperation. Like we both knew it was goodbye. This…there was no goodbye in this; there was intent.

Intent to see things through to the end. The wrap was torn away, his hands were on my ass, squeezing as he pulled my body closer to his making sure I felt his desire; my own started to rise in response. My legs hit the massage table. No! I pushed him off. Shaky hands covered my mouth. What the hell was wrong with me? I’d spent months trying to convince Marcus I wanted him, I wanted us and then Mulo shows up and…no this was different. I came to my senses. I…I…shit…I still let him kiss me!

“Stop beating yourself up Love. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you fight so hard against something that seemingly comes so natural to you?” he asked, closing the small gap between us.

My hands went up as a barrier. “You promised, Mulo. You said you’d stay away yet here you are.”

I found myself once again wrapped in his arms only this time his grip was ironclad. “I’m here. You’re here. But where is your husband? The good man you said was so deserving of you as his wife? I’ll tell you where he is, he’s probably back at home shagging his nanny. I know I would be if I had someone like that living with me.”

My eyes widened in shock and disbelief. “Let go of me!” I hissed, fighting harder to get free.

With my freedom gained, I retreated to the other side of the massage table. He knew about Jenelle. He saw Jenelle? He had to for him to make that statement. If he saw Jenelle that means he saw Marcus. A tidal wave of nausea washed over me with that realization. He. Saw. Marcus.

“Don’t worry Love, we managed to talk like gentlemen.”

“No worries!” I yelled as I turned to face him. “Yes there are worries Mulo. Big worries, major worries! You went to go see him! You…you came back after promising to stay away. Why? Why do you do this to me? All I want is a chance at happy and you can’t let me have it!” I covered my face, fighting back tears of frustration. I hated this feeling of always being out of control of my own life.

“Happy?” He gave a sarcastic laugh. “Happy is the last word I’d use to describe you right now Love.”

 I shook my head, trying to deny his words. “You don’t understand. He’s angry, he…he has a right to be angry…”

“Bullshit!” Mulo was back in front of me, his fingers digging into my arm. “He left you! Walked out! Walked away from you and everything you said you wanted. Everything you asked me to let you have. You were two seconds from bursting into tears over him before I walked in here. If you were doing okay and fine with how things were I would have walked away, but you aren’t. You felt the need to run away while he’s back at home laid up with the help. He’s not making you happy. He’s not showing any interest in saving your marriage. So why should you? Why do you continue to defend him?”

“Same reason I defend you!” I screamed.

I pushed against him, struggling to get free. Though his words cut deep, they held truth. I was the only one fighting, but it was my turn. For much of our time together, Marcus was the only one really fighting for us. It was my turn.

“We’ve never had anything real Mulo. Nothing substantial. Most times I couldn’t even attempt to put a label on what we were, hell I still can’t, but…you’re still in my life. You’ve hurt me in so many ways; I wasn’t even deserving of the things you put me through, yet I forgave you. Am I stupid for doing so? Am I stupid for loving you still? Marcus sure as hell thinks so, but I do. I’ve hurt him and he’s not been deserving of the things I’ve put him through. I defend him because I love him!”

I stopped and took a shaky breath, feeling a moment of clarity for the first time in a long time. “I defend him because he’s my husband. I defend him because he has the right to be angry. Am I hurting? Yes, I admit it, but at least I know why. That’s something I never got with you.”

Mulo took a step back, genuinely looking hurt by my words. “You’re right Love, you didn’t deserve the things I did to you. I’ve apologized, but the past can’t be changed. I won’t lie and say I’d do things differently because I don’t know if I would or not. I was a different man then.”

“I know you were. I know how you’ve grown; I acknowledge and appreciate those changes.”

“All for you Love.” Mulo pulled me into his arms. “You didn’t deserve what you went through then, and regardless of what you think, you don’t deserve it now. I disagree with you on what we have; just because what we have doesn’t have some label, it doesn’t make it any less real. What we have I believe is more real and substantial than some label or a piece of paper because it’s still here! Our connection has withstood it all, Amari. There is no pretense with us, there doesn’t have to be. Together we are real, unfiltered, and just raw. And it works! What could be more substantial than that?”

I was at a loss for words after hearing his impassioned speech. Mulo was always a man of few words and none of those words were ever about his feelings. At times I wasn’t sure if I convinced myself he truly loved me just to make myself feel better, but hearing his words, hearing him actually verbalize what goes on in his head was unexpected, yet welcomed. I couldn’t put into words what it meant to me to know finally that this was more than just some game to him. That I was more to him than that. It also made everything that came next so much harder.

Yes, I understood that Marcus was hurt, that I’d hurt him, but our current state was getting us nowhere. I needed to take a stand for myself, for my own dignity and self-respect. I couldn’t keep being Marcus’ dumping ground and allowing him to treat me with such disregard. The decision I’d come to last night wasn’t easy, but it had to happen. We had issues to work out, and I was more than willing to do that, but it needed to happen another way. For my sanity and his, to preserve anything we had from the past, and what we could have in the future, we needed to find another way.

I stepped closer; Mulo welcomed me into his embrace. “Everything you just said, I’ve waited so long to hear.” I stopped, taking an unsteady breath as my fight to hold back tears was lost. “You don’t have to stay away Mulo but you can’t interfere, I won’t let you interfere. If my marriage is doomed, if it won’t survive this then I’ll accept that, what I won’t do is give it any more pushes towards destruction. I love you, it’s a fact of my life, and I won’t deny that. I love you…but I love my husband also and as long as I’m married, whether we’re together or not, I’m off limits. You don’t have to stay away, we have a child together, a grandchild, and it was selfish of me to ask you to possibly miss out on things with them…but I’m asking that if you really love me, you’ll respect that I’m married. You’ll respect me enough to let things run its course, to let Marcus and I work things out as we see fit.”

I looked up at him; my chest constricted seeing the disappointment and sadness in his eyes. For the longest time I didn’t believe Mulo had a heart, but in this moment I could see that my words were breaking it.

He pressed his lips to my forehead. “For your sake, I hope he manages to get his head out of his ass and sees what he has in front of him.” He stopped and smiled at me, “but for mine I hope he doesn’t.”

I had mixed feelings as I watched him walk out. Part of me was sad at the seemingly finality of our time together. Another part of me was relieved, like a weight had been lifted in a way. For the longest time I felt like I was holding on to Mulo, still using him as a crutch out of some fear. Sink or swim, I needed to finally stand on my own two feet.

So there are 2, yes TWO chapters left of Kiss. I know, I'm sad about that as well. For the longest time I couldn't see a way out of this triangle because I love both guys and want everyone to end up happy. Figuring out what to do, how to end this has not been easy, and it still isn't. :( If you haven't done so already, be sure to leave any questions you have for any of the characters HERE. There will be a Q&A session with everyone just like I did when Fiendish ended. Thank you for the years of support. It's been a blast!!!!

Thank you to Daijah for making the very sexy Deigo! Not sure how Amari resisted his many charms but she did!!! She gets a cookie for that one, because he was trying hard. hahaha Also thanks for your photo editing skills. :)

Also thank you to Mypalsim for making poses for me. They helped to get Amari all relaxed and let her maintain a little bit of modesty when needed. ;) Not sure Mulo appreciates that though. hahaha 

Free Spirit Resort and Spa is actually The Hidden Cove Resort by aloleng. The only room I altered was the cabana. 

Lastly, because why not. 



  1. I have so many mixed feelings. For one, you suck for giving us THIS Mulo before taking him away. Are you serious? OMG! Where was he this entire time?! I'm with Amari! I'm sad now that his heart is broken. UGH. For real?


    Now I think I want her with Mulo even though I know I don't but I do because he's just :( I thought we were friends! What is this?! These...feelings. What the heck man?

    I was all wearing my Mulo hating pants when he showed up last chapter because I just knew, I KNEW shit was about to hit the fan but NOPE you picked that up flipped it on its ear and made it tap out. This was a very real and very emotional chapter. So well written and amazing. Just...WOW!

    Amari is doing some real soul searching and she really, really needed that. This was good for her.

    Marcus man...he really better figure out his shit because that woman just got something she's never gotten before from a man that is, by all accounts, WORSE than Marcus. He's stepped up. Can Marcus?

    P.S Love the title! I KNOW it was about Mulo and it too was perfect :D
    P.S.S. I used "really" a lot in my comment but that's how lost for words I am. This was perfection!

    1. awww...I suck. :( That's not nice. Mulo couldn't put all his cards out early in the game, where's the fun in that? He had to keep an ace up his sleeve. It is very sad that she's turn him away twice now. :( He's hurt, especially since he thought Marcus had surely screwed up this time.

      WHAT?!?!?!?! Did you really just type those words??? Wait...I think hell has frozen over. hahahaha

      your Mulo hating pants? Are they a nice comfy cotton blend? Hey, I can't let things get all predictable now can I? I gotta keep you guessing. Amari needed to do that, set boundaries, really set boundaries. Before, things were always sorta still left open ended, but this time around she firmly closed that door and it needed to be done. :( No matter how much it hurt, and boy did this chapter hurt.

      She did need the time to do her soul searching. Before there were always things that were in the way, that complicated things. This time she had nothing and it's just what the doctor called for.

      Let's hope Marcus has figured out things because Amari did get what she's been looking for. Things have been bad with Amari and Marcus for a while now. Hopefully the visit he got from Mulo helps him put things in perspective since it seems like Amari's time away has cleared up her thinking. :)

      LOL glad you liked the title. It was mostly about Mulo, but some was for Diego. ;)

      thanks for reading.

  2. Good for her, for finally taking a stand. Showing Mulo the door could not have been easy, considering the way she feels about him, but it had to be done. She can't be indecisive any longer. Hopefully Marcus realizes what they have and appreciates the fact that Amari wants to work on their marriage and she chose to stay for him when she could have run off with Mulo.

    1. Yep, she needed to do that. It wasn't easy for her to really draw that line with Mulo, but it had to be one. She is very much married and as long as she is, she no longer can waffle back and forth.

      Let's hope Marcus does realize this and they can move forward.

      thanks for reading

  3. Some of this... I'm never very good at expressing what I mean when I get a little emotional, good or bad. At least, when I'm trying to describe a reaction.

    "just because what we have doesn’t have some label, it doesn’t make it any less real. What we have I believe is more real and substantial than some label or a piece of paper because it’s still here! Our connection has withstood it all, Amari. There is no pretense with us, there doesn’t have to be. Together we are real, unfiltered, and just raw. And it works! What could be more substantial than that?”

    No, Mulo. It does not WORK. The fact that the two of you are not together is proof enough of that. If what you say you feel for her now was what you felt for her ages ago, you would've fought more to keep her. Not saying he didn't. Maybe I'm not saying it to Mulo.
    I'm just saying those WORDS! Those words basically come down to shit even if they sound wonderful. There IS something to be said about a piece of paper and about commitment even when one side has broken trust. It's hard as fuck because the love for the other person remains no matter what she does, even if he's the world's biggest idiot jackass.

    I am so SO proud of Amari right now. I'm SO SO glad that she didn't sink to temptation when it was standing, literally, right in front of her, begging her.
    I wanted Marcus to be in earshot for that, for him to hear that. Dammit, she loves you, Marcus! If this isn't proof, I don't know what is.

    1. Well, they've never been together. Not really, that's what Amari was trying to say. What Mulo was trying to say, was label or not, their feelings were just as real and just as strong, if not stronger. He fully admits to knowing he missed his chance, and it's one of his regrets in life, not telling her how he felt, and not stepping up before. He's tried to be there for her in other ways, sadly they just weren't in the way she needed or wanted. :(

      It was hard for her, but she was true to her words with Marcus. Even with Mulo's return, she's still fighting for them. He was there, giving it his all and Amari still chose her marriage. It is the proof he wanted and it's too bad he wasn't there to hear it for himself. :( Maybe when she goes home, she'll be able to convince him finally. She does love him, he just needs to believe it.

      thanks for reading.

  4. Dang it. I thought this would be the chapter where she chooses Mulo. But there are still two chapters left so there is still a cha- ... wait. There's only two chapters left?! Double Dang it! This story has been such an adventure. I feel like its the ending of a long journey or something.

    Does Aric even care about Mulo? I don't think he cares at all about Mulo missing out on him or his son. In fact, I think he prefers it that way.

    1. aww sorry. No, she needs to finalize things with Marcus, cleanly. She hopes things will work out, but if they weren't it won't be because she didn't give it all she had in order to save it. Yes :( 2 chapters left. It's sad, I know.

      LOL yes Aric cares about his father. They aren't close, but he still cares. Nina is very instrumental in helping to heal their relationship. Mulo is allowed to spend time with Johnathon and them.

      thanks for reading

  5. So there are two parts of me torn in this chapter. The part that wants Mulo and Amari together is like. Mulo is here! Mulo is here! Amari what the hell are you thinking that two stones of yummy right there? You don't reject that. You need your head examined. God...Marcus even when you are not around your a cock-block. Ugh... The other part of me is glad that Amari is gaining strength and becoming her own woman. I just wish the rejection of Mulo wasn't the price for that. Hopefully that will lead her to a new path because I am still not feeling Mr. Smith these days. Heck I doubt if Marcus even comes to realization of his actions in all this I will still even grow to like him. Though I have a feeling Amari will forgive him, get back together and go to counseling. So since there are two more chapters will there be an Epilogue? Any who thanks for the ride its been fun ^^

    1. hahaha well Amari didn't send him away easily. It was a hard thing for her to do because she does love him. But she is married, that ring on her finger is the biggest cock-block. It's hard, but she won't cheat on Marcus, not physically. The emotional has been more than enough. :(

      She is becoming her own woman and she needs that. It's important to her that she finally makes decisions for herself and not make them because she's considering everyone else or is backed into a corner. There is so much that is left unresolved with her and Marcus that she needs to see it through before she can consider anything (or anyone) else.

      Aww, Marcus has taken a lot of heat lately which I find interesting. Mulo has put Amari through way more than Marcus ever has, yet he's hated more. LOL It's kind of funny in a way. That's the price you pay for being a 'good' guy turned 'bad'. With everything that's happened, and how his life has been effected by things, he has a right to his anger. Maybe he's not letting it out in the most productive of ways, but hey...people do crazy things when in love.

      So as far as the chapters go, it's 1 actual chapter and then the epilogue. After that will be the Q&A.

      thanks for going on this ride with me. It's been fun. :)

  6. Oh my...I have to say that I really respect Amari for being completely honest with Mulo. As much as I wished she didn't tell him that she loved him, I'd be crazy to think she doesn't. I am not rooting for her and Marcus like I was once before though. I think the damage has been done and they need to just co-parent, but that's not my decision to make lol.

    1. It was time for Amari to set some boundaries when it came to Mulo. There was no reason to not tell him she loved him, it's the truth and both of them know it. She and Marcus have taken some hits as of late. If both are willing to work on things, then there could be hope, but it would take both. Right now it's seemingly all been on Amari. Time for Marcus to step up and figure out what he wants in live.

      thanks for reading

  7. Oh Wow I wasn't expecting this chapter to end like this. It looks like that is the end of Mulo and Amari. While I have been rooting for Mulo I am glad to see that Amari has grown into her own woman. She really doesn't have Marcus at this time because of all the mixed signals he has been sending but she doesn't need to use Mulo as her crutch. She is finally standing on her own for the first time and I think its wonderful.

    What Amari needs to do is go back home now and try to talk to Marcus to work things out. She has made the decision that she wants to work on her marriage and one of them needs to end all the games and talk things through. If Marcus wants to continue on this path than maybe she is better off without either of them but she needs to find out.

    I do have to say that I feel bad for Mulo as he really loved Amari enough to change from the ass he was before into a better man. It really was sad to see him walking away in the last part.

    1. You and me both. :( Amari has done what she needed and took some time alone to thing and reevaluate her life. She's not had a chance before and with Marisol out of the picture, she really can stop and breathe for the first time. Standing on her own two feet, and not relying on Mulo as a crutch is a huge thing for her. It would have been so easy to just say yes to him, to take the easier road instead of seeing things through with Marcus, but she didn't do that. She knew that things needed to be final with Marcus one way or another before she did anything else.

      Yes, they do need to talk. Most of their interactions turn into a fight and that needs to change. She knows they can't continue as they have been, it's leading them no where and fast. It's time for him to put up or shut up because she's done being walked over. have no idea how hard this was for me!!! Like so freaking hard. It killed me to send him away. He's come so far since the beginning of the story, changed for her, become a better person because of her...and she sends him away. That wasn't an easy thing for either of us.

      thanks for reading

  8. "For the longest time I didn’t believe Mulo had a heart, but in this moment I could see that my words were breaking it." <-- that's a great line!

    I'm so, SO glad she was strong enough to send Mulo away. Oddly enough I believe him, too. I think he'll stay away.

    Also, my sims need someone like Diego!!


    1. Thanks. Sometimes I can pull some tricks out of my hat and make things sound poetic. LOL

      She was strong enough to tell Mulo no. If things are going to fail with Marcus, she needs to wait and see them through before starting up anything with Mulo. She just needs time.

      LOL Diego is...yeah he's nice

      thanks for reading