Saturday, February 28, 2015

The end is near...

Kiss of a Vampire was my first story. I've been working on it for three years so the idea of it coming to an end is very bitter sweet. This was supposed to be a simple baby challenge but it morphed into so much more over the course of the years.

I appreciate the support you all have given me over the years. Amari has had many ups and downs and hopefully she will find her happy ending.

So as we approach the final chapters, like with Fiendish, I want to open it up for questions. Ask the crew and/or me anything you want to know. The question session will remain open for an undetermined date since I don't have the final chapters written up yet. I will be sure to let you know when the cut off date is.

Thank you for the support!


  1. For Mulo:
    1. Why did you continue pursuing Amari seeing how hard she was trying to make a life with Marcus?
    2. After the countless unforgivable acts you committed, do you really feel that you are deserving of love?
    3. You claimed to love Amari, and even in its crudest sense I'm sure you must know what the word means. If this is the case, why did it take you so long to stop Marisol's scheme against "the woman you loved?"

    For Marcus:
    1. Even with the knowledge that your wife, Amari, has feelings for another man, do you still think there is a chance to make things work?
    2. Have you come to resent Amari for the way your life has turned out?
    3. If you could turn back the clock well before you and Amari started dating, knowing then what you know now, would you still pursue Amari?

    For Amari:
    1. When you saw how your feelings for Mulo affected your relationship with Marcus, why didn't you let him go before things got as bad as they did?
    2. Marcus was living what one would consider a dream life, with his second chance (albeit unaware of his previous existence), do you regret going after him and pulling him back into such a traumatic life?
    3. You claim to love both men, but there is no way that love is equal. In your heart of hearts, who do you love more, Mulo or Marcus?

    For the author, Jazen:
    1. I love the spin you have with your story. How did you think up the "Cursed love" angle for Kiss?
    2. The story started off so very carefree and simple. Was it difficult writing/thinking up angles the deeper in you got?
    3. How far off the mark did you land from your original ideas for the story?
    4. At what point did you realize this 100 Baby Challenge was going to be too much work?
    5. What character did you find easiest to write/work with?
    6. Who did you want Amari to ultimately end up with?

    I'm sure there's more...but I'll let someone else have a shot!

  2. Oh, how sad... this was very much one of those stories you never want to end... and... it is... :(

    1: Who was your favourite character/s to work with through-out the story?
    2: did any of the 'children' surprise you with how they turned out looks wise?

    ...and I think DJ used a mind ray gun on me, cause she's asked most of what I wanted to ROFL

  3. I've always been curious - Amari, do you still listen to Mulo's music after all you've been through? Another, if Marisol had not been part of the reason Mulo approached you, would you have made a life with him and had 100 babies?

  4. I really like the way Daijah V set up his/her questions. I'll do that too.

    1. Do you ever wish you could have helped raise Aric and be there for him a bit more? Cause I think he kinda hates you.
    2. Did you ever think about having more children with Amari after the loss of the twins? If you could have the opportunity again that is.

    1. Were there any characters that you were going to use originally but decided not to use or decided to suddenly create and use?
    2. Which child do you like the most? Which child do you dislike the most?
    3. What type of plot and setting were you gonna have before? There is so much drama and suspense in this story. I can't possibly see this as being a simple or regular baby challenge.
    4. Did you know that you are a great writer and an awesome person?

  5. For Mulo:

    1. If what you feel for Amari is really love, then why didn't you leave her alone when you saw how happy she was with Marcus?

    2. Did you want Aric to be the kind of man you are or are you proud of the man he has become despite you?

    3. Do you ever wish that you had told Amari about Marisol's plan from the very beginning and helped Amari instead of using her?

    4. Did you even want a family of your own?


    1. You have had to toughen up and carve out happiness in the best way you could despite Marisol's efforts to sabotage you. What do you think your life would have been like had you never met Mulo?

    2. What decision do you regret the most?

    3. How many children would you have had if the choice had been completely your own?

    4. Do you want any more children now?

    5. Which of your children do you feel is the most like you?


    1. Do you like being a vampire or do you wish that you had remained human?

    2. Do you ever wish that Amari had never found you again, and that you had not regained your memory?

    3. Will you ever completely trust Amari again?


    1. I understand how Amari's father hurt you, but couldn't you have found a way of getting revenge that didn't involve destroying the life of his innocent daughter?

    2. Did you ever really come to care about any of Amari's children?

    3. Did you ever feel any guilt for what you did to Amari or her family?

    4. Did you feel any guilt for using Mulo to help you in your plan for Amari?


    1. How do you make each character so unique and interesting to the point that they seem real to us?

    2. Was it hard to think up the different storylines and tie them all together so well?

  6. Oh wow, 3 years of writing is pretty amazing. I am sooooo behind but I'll eventually catch up one of these days haha. I know the feeling of ending a long running story. Exciting but sad at the same time.

  7. I just have one question and that's for Marcus, Have you ever considered divorcing Amari and just co-parenting?

  8. I have a question for Mulo: If it wasn't for Amari, would you have eventually killed Marisol yourself? I only ask because you didn't seem happy with her, even at the start of the series.

    Also (for any one of the characters that feels like answering), if you could tell your past self (like at the beginning of this series for example) one piece of advice for the future, what would it be?

    I think those are my questions, as meager as they are. Late entry is late LOL but I can't believe its almost over.