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Chapter 122-The Final Straw

My head rested on the steering wheel as I sat in the garage. I know I couldn’t stay in here long since I was positive Marcus would have heard my arrival. I’d missed Finley and the quads and was eager to see them, but facing Marcus was going to be hard.

Mulo and I had spent the night together going over his plan to rid me of Marisol. It was risky, but could work. I'd be free of her, I just had to hope Ceula was alright. He had everything planned out, apparently he’d been working on this for a while. Afterwards he stayed and we spent the remaining hours just talking. We both knew this thing needed to be over. I couldn't imagine life that didn't include him on some level. He'd told me he planned on permanently relocating to his home in France, he needed the distance as much as I did. It was the only way to make this work.

All night we spent together fighting the desire we both knew was there. All night we spent enjoying what time we had left. I’d stopped by to see Trey before coming home. He was still a wreck, and Ashley wanted her mother. The kids had been doing a good job stopping by and helping out. I couldn’t wait until that bitch was dead for what she was doing to my family. She needed to pay for all the pain and suffering and I was going to be there when she took her final breath.

Realizing I couldn't delay any longer, I climbed out of the car so I could face my husband. Finley and Zana were in the dining room working on home work.

“Hey mom,” she said with a smile getting up to hug me.

She looked different, older somehow. Her hair was dyed an electric blue color with gray streaks. Behind her smile, I could see the same weariness and fear we all had with Ceula still missing. Bynni had even attempted to reach out to Marisol, hoping to reason with her on some level, but she couldn’t find her either. We were all stressed and worried. Angry!

“Hey sweetie, how are you?” She shrugged in response.

“Hi Mrs. Smith.”

“Hello, Zana. What are you girls working on?”

“Calculus,” they both answered with defeat in their voices.

I heard cooing coming from the steps followed by his voice as he talked to one of the babies. My heart rate increased. After Mulo left this morning, I threw away the clothes I’d been in and took a hot shower. I needed to wash away any traces of him because it seemed Marcus had his scent committed to memory and would know the moment I was close. Feelings of guilt settled on me. My actions were that of an unfaithful woman, but I’d not crossed that line, however the lack of sex didn’t make me any less a cheater.

I walked into the hall in time to see Marcus holding Graham. From the way he looked at me, for a moment I thought he knew, but then a smile spread across his face.

“Mommy’s home,” he said to the wiggling bundle in his arms. “How was your trip?” he asked, buckling Graham into the swing.

I watched the gentleness of his actions as he cared for our son. He was a good man, no matter how much I pushed his limits with my actions, he stays and keeps trying to make things work. He’d lost so much. We’d lost so much. I loved him. I’d married him three times. I could be happy with him. I would be happy with him, I just needed to make sure he was happy with me. I needed to uphold my wedding vows. Forsake all others.

When he turned to face me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on tightly. Marcus wrapped his arms around my waist in response. “Baby did something happen in Riverview?”

Keeping my face buried in his chest, I nodded slightly.

“Are you going to tell me what?”

“Just hold me for a minute please.”

“I can do that.”

His strong arms tightened around me, this was my safe place. When he held me, I just felt like things would be okay, like everything was alright with the world. I wished I could stay here forever and never have to think about the outside world, but the cries that came from upstairs was one of the many reasons that wasn’t possible.

“I’ll get her.”

Marcus reached for my arm as I pulled away. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

I gave him a weak smile, and a quick kiss on the lips. My hand caressed his cheek, “Not right now.”

Marcus didn’t push and let me walk off. I held my baby close, breathing in her soft baby powder scent. First the change, then this thing with Marisol had kept me from really bonding with them. I was missing out on so much, time I wouldn’t be able to get back. When Marcus and I had talked on the phone, he’d told me Gwen had rolled over for the first time. He was so excited and I’d not been here to see it. Her little fingers wrapped around mine and we just stared at each other. The sweet innocence they all possessed was comforting. They were too young to know what was going on and although Marisol’s games were keeping me from spending as much time as I liked, this was the most she’d affect their lives.

“Your daddy loves you,” I said keeping my voice low. “He’s a good man and a great father. You and your siblings are really lucky to have him and no matter what happens he will always be there for you and love you.”

She gave me a toothless grin in response.

“She might be hungry.” His voice made me jump. “I’m not supposed to be able to sneak up on you,” Marcus said handing me the bottle.

“I guess I just tuned out the world as I spent some much needed bonding time with my babies.”

Marcus just smiled before checking on the other two who were starting to wake. We easily worked as a team getting the girls changed and fed. Marcus had asked me again about Riverview, but I told him I wanted to talk about it later. I knew I was going to tell him, but I just wanted to wait. I wanted to enjoy the time with them without the tension and frustration that would seep in once I told him about my trip. I hated this position I found myself in and I felt like I was sinking into a bigger hole. I just wanted this to be over. I wanted my life to be uncomplicated.

Finley was trying her best to maintain as normal a routine as possible given the circumstances. She tried to keep her grades up, and do things that high schoolers should be doing. It was hard to believe she was a senior, set to graduate in a few short months. Over dinner she excitedly told me she’d been accepted to the Bridgeport Art Academy.

“Wow…Fin, um Bridgeport? When did you decide to go there? I didn’t realize you were even applying for colleges yet.”

“Well, yeah Mom. We talked about it remember. I was applying to there and two others...” She looked disappointment that I wasn't able to recall the conversation.

Marcus reached over and held my hand. “That was her top pick. The program there is really sought after and getting in is tough.” He spoke as if he was hoping to trigger my memory.

I thought for a moment, then it hit me. “Yes! Right, okay. You did the contest, the mural with your art club. Right, but it’s just Bridgeport…it’s so far away. Other side of the country far away.”

Finley smiled and rolled her eyes at me. “Mom…it’s not like I’m your first to leave or heck even the last. Besides there’s video chat and phone calls and emails. And I’ll be home for holidays.”

I got up and gave her a tight hug. “It doesn’t matter where you fall in the line, I’m never okay with having my children far away.” My embrace got tighter as I thought about my missing one. She had to be okay.

“Mom…” Finley croaked out, “you’re crushing me.”

“Oh sorry!”

We talked about housing and the fact she wanted to live off campus since Zana was moving with her. Zana’s grades had always been borderline, but had improved some over the course of their relationship. She wanted to go into nursing, so her plan was to work a year then attend one of the community colleges before applying to a larger university. They had things all planned out and wanted to go over the summer for a campus tour for Finley as well as scout out apartments. Aric called and wanted to know how things went. He apologized for sending Mulo, but I told him it wasn’t necessary. He was only trying to help. We all wanted her home safe and sound; it was my judgment that was clouded. It was nearly midnight before I got Graham down. He was last man standing, but I guess having 3 sisters, he had to get his extra attention somehow. When I walked into our room, I expected Marcus to be in bed, but instead he sat in the chair looking at a picture.

 “There’s only one reason you’ve avoided talking about Riverview,” he said, placing the photo back on the table. Our last wedding photo; we looked so happy in that picture.


He held up his hand to stop me. “No. I don’t want to know. You tiptoe around me. You guard your words and you always have this look of guilt behind your eyes.”

I bit down on my lip not sure how to respond. His voice was eerily calm which only served to heighten my anxiety over where this conversation was headed.

“I didn’t tell him where I was going. I promise! I didn’t plan for him to be there.”

I knew he could hear the increase in my heartbeat. It was all I could hear, the constant and loud pounding within my chest. Even though the subject had been dropped, I felt he still didn’t believe me when I’d told him Mulo and I hadn’t had sex, although I couldn't blame him. I certainly didn't behave like a woman who wasn't having an affair.
“Can he help?” I was shocked by his question. Marcus had spent a lot of time telling me I always ran to Mulo in situations and now he was asking for his involvement? I didn’t know what to make of it. I studied his handsome features. He looked tired. Not just from caring for four infants, but this was a different kind of weariness; like he'd finally admitted defeat in the battle he'd been waging to be the only man in my life.

I nodded. “He…he said he has a plan for…taking care of her. Once we find her that is,” I answered.

Marcus stepped closer and pressed his lips to my forehead. “Okay then. I’m going for a run.” He turned and headed towards the door.

“Marcus!” He stopped, but didn’t turn around. “Please…please don’t leave me.”

I watched as he took a deep inhale and heard the slow exhale. “It’s just a run Amari. When I get back, you can tell me about his plan.”

He wasn’t dressed for a run, but I didn’t push. The weight of it all bore down on me. Curling up on the bed, I buried my face in his pillow. Marcus said I had his support. He’d accepted the fact that Mulo was needed, but accepting it and liking it were two entirely different things.

The sounds of crying came through the baby monitor. As I got up to check, I noticed Marcus’ side of the bed was cold and empty. Sighing heavily, I headed towards the nursery. The impatient cries of Graham woke up Gwen, which woke up the other two.  I smelled him before I saw him.

He reeked of liquor and that was no small feat considering it took a lot for us to get drunk now. Marcus headed towards one of the cribs, but I stopped him.

“Go shower. I can handle them.”

He didn’t protest and I busied myself with the babies to avoid looking at him. Marcus had never been a big drinker. He was always level headed and always had a smile for me, even in the toughest times. For him to have consumed so much alcohol that he still smelled of it when he got home, I knew he was at his limit. Silent tears ran down my cheeks as I went about my tasks of changing the babies then making sure each were fed. I needed to keep busy, if only for a little while so I didn’t have to think about how I’d single-handedly broken the spirit of the man whose only crime was loving me.

After getting the babies settled downstairs, I made sure Finley was up and getting ready for school. The shower was still running in our bathroom as I passed by to head back downstairs.

An hour later Marcus came downstairs. He said nothing as he maneuvered around the babies and their gear and I slowly sat up, making room for him on the sofa. The nasty smell of liquor was gone and I could tell all traces of it were burned from his system. The only thing that remained was the clean and refreshing scent of his soap. It always made me think of a warm spring day after a light rain.

I inched closer to him, ignoring the nervous flutters in my stomach. Intertwining our fingers, I let my head rest on his shoulder. We both knew there were things to discuss, but we needed just a moment.

“I love you Marcus.”

Unlike other times, there was no instant response. His silence spoke volumes.

Tilting my head up, Marcus gave me a brisk, feather light kiss. “I know, Beautiful…but…” His response was cut off by the ringing of the doorbell.

“But what Marcus?” Whoever it was could go away. I needed to know what he was thinking. I needed him to finish that sentence, but the doorbell chimed again.

“I’ll get it,” he said pulling away.


He turned and gave me a smile, but it wasn’t the same. “I love you too Amari.” He headed towards the door, as the bell rang again. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m looking for Amari Smith please.”

I rounded the corner to find a man dressed in a weird bell boy type costume.

“Are you Amari?” he asked and I nodded in response. He put down some machine that started playing music.

“I made this song up just for you.
Because you’re baby girl is missing
and you’re feeling a little blue.
Misery loves company.
You know it’s true.
Here’s one last clue
To tell you what to do.”

The song finished with confetti being shot in the hair and the guy in a ta-da pose with an envelope in his hand.

I saw red, rushing forward I grabbed his neck throwing him against the wall. “Where is she?” I yelled.

All color drained from his face and the smell of piss filled the air. “I…I…I was just hired to…to sing.”

“Bullshit! Are you working for her? Are you one of her lackies?”

My fangs extended and my hands tightened around the guy’s throat. His heartbeat increased and I could feel the pulsating vein beneath my fingers. I hadn’t drank from a human since France and now his blood called to me. I could drain him dry without a second thought.

“I…I…swear…” he struggled for air, his feet kicked against the wall as he clawed at my hands.

The babies were crying, the music and commotion had frightened them.

“How dare you come into my home!” His eyes started to roll back as I squeezed tighter.

“So…rry…” he croaked out.

I leaned forward, preparing to sink my fangs into the soft flesh of his neck when I felt Marcus come up behind me, prying me off the man.

“LET ME GO!” I screamed, fighting to get free.

Marcus turned to look at the man huddled on the floor. “Leave. Leave and forget you ever came to this house.” His voice was even and calming.

The guy stumbled to his feet then out to his van. Marcus held me until he was gone.

“Why did you do that?” I yelled.

“Because I wasn’t about to let you kill that man in our house!”

“Why not? It would have been one less opportunistic asshole in the world!”

Marcus stared at me for a moment before walking back to the living room, taking deep breaths as he did. All four of them were crying and I heard him trying to calm them down. I should have gone in there. I knew they needed me, that he needed me, instead I picked up the envelope that guy dropped and walked out the door.


Firstly, sorry for making you guys wait so long for this update. Secondly, like with Fiendish (for those of you who read that story) I will be doing a Q&A session with the cast of KOV. I'll be posting soon asking for your questions close to time the final chapters should come out. 

Thank you all for your support over the last 3.5 years! It's been a wild ride. Be sure to become a follower for my upcoming story. Retraction.


  1. Okay then. Uhmm, yeah. Not sure what to say except that I can't believe Amari actually wanted to kill that dude in her own home. How would she have explained all that to her older children? Thank God Marcus was there, I guess someone has to be the adult in their relationship and think for both of them.

    I'm starting to think Marcus is probably better off on his own. He deserves better, not a part time wife and a part mother for his kids, and that's what Amari's been over the last few updates. She keeps saying she loves Marcus, but it sounds like she's with him out of obligation and because they have kids together and because he's such a "good" man.

    1. Yep, she's at her limit with Marisol and her games. She acted on all that built up frustration after listening to the lyrics of the song that guy sung. He apparently didn't really listen to the words or cared what they meant. :( As far as the kids are concerned, Finley was at school and the older ones, well...Aric and Bynni have already been involved in a murder (David) so they might have just helped cover it up. (that's bad wow...) The others, not sure how they would react, everyone is on edge with Ceula gone.

      Marcus probably is better off on his own right now. He has a wife who can't make up her mind on what she wants and being in limbo is never a good thing. She does love Marcus and wanted him back. She does think he's a good man and deserves to be happy. He's loved her for a long time and she wants to return that love in the same manner. Love triangles suck!!!!

      thanks for reading

  2. Amari has too much on her plate and is not thinking clearly, plus she has so much guilt that she is carrying around with her. She still sounds like she is convincing herself that she needs to stay with Marcus, and its obvious no matter how much distance she puts in between herself and Mulo, he will always be a part of her life. I think Marcus is starting the realize that too, which is why he went out drinking. Marcus looks like he has had enough and is at his breaking point. When she tells him her decision for breaking all ties with Mulo, after they deal with Marisol of course, I question whether or not Marcus will believe it. There is only so much one person can take and I really feel bad for him.

    At the end Amari really did try to kill the messenger, she needs to save that for Marisol.

    1. I honestly don't know what happens to the responses. I know I answered this! Amari does spend a lot of time sounding like she's convincing herself she wants to be with Marcus. She does, but she can't help that she still loves Mulo and she feels guilty about that.

      Marcus is finally admitting that defeat and that is why he went out drinking. He loves Amari and has for a long time. To know that she is not as dedicated to him as he is to her hurts and he needed to numb that pain. I'm not sure how he'll react to the news she is trying to cut off all ties. The fact that she needs to put that much distance between herself and Mulo may actually have the opposite effect. It's going to be something hard to tackle.

      Yeah she did. She's at her wits end!

      thanks for reading

  3. Remember when I told you what I think about this whole Amarcus-Mulo triangle? I keep telling you, so you can't have forgotten. Even Valpre has caught up on the same feelings! I can see the Q&A already dear!

    It breaks my heart seeing Marcus in that state and it also infuriates me. How can he love her sooo much he puts up with this? No scratch that, he's doing it because of the quads. That's what I'm going with now, so don't try to tell me otherwise. She already feels like a guilty wife that's cheating, hell she even acts like it. Getting rid of the clothes, taking a bath? Yeah, the sex isn't even necessary in this case. It's all there! I'm sorry, but it is!

    There is no happy ending to this story. She picks Marcus, Mulo, while a bastard, gets hurt. She picks Mulo, Marcus, a wonderful man, gets hurt.

    1. :( I'm trying to find an out, but damn I love both guys (just like Amari) therefore I waiver as much as she does. LOL It's not an easy place to be and Marcus is tired of competing with the man that stole so much of his life. Which is very understandable. The Q&A...something tells me those questions might be harder to answer than the Fiendish ones.

      :( I'm sorry...It breaks my heart to put him through it. He loves her, he's only ever loved her plus he has an ego. He refuses to admit defeat and lose her to Mulo. Anyone but him...Mulo has taken a lot from him, time he can't get back and to know he also could take the one woman he's loved is more than he's willing to lose. You're right, he sticks around for more than just love. The quads and his ego play a large role in it as well. Amari admitted she acts like a cheating wife because she is. They haven't had sex, but that doesn't make her any less unfaithful to her husband. No need to be sorry, I agree with you, hell she agrees with you. She is cheating on her husband, she holds on to the fact she hasn't crossed 'that' line yet, but at this point it doesn't matter.

      :( There might be a happy ending...I just need to figure out how.

      Thanks for reading

  4. Wow O.o Amari is just done it seems, just attacking the messenger like that, seems like she's just at the end. Can't say I blame her, Marisol's game is cruel and it is her daughter's safety at stake. But it's good Marcus was there to stop her, they really don't need to make this anymore complicated than it is by killing this guy.

    And Marcus, yeah I'd say it sounds like he's at his limit, poor guy. Don't blame him either. He has had to put up with a lot. And now Amari's coming home from spending time with Mulo and she's putting off telling him. I know she has her concerns but she just needs to tell him, he found out eventually anyway, but putting it off is just going to make her seem guilty (I know she feels it, but it's just cluing Marcus in to that).

    I get that she's just wants to save her daughter and she's anxious and this just isn't easy for her. But that she just walked out like that concerns me. I'm not sure Marcus is going to take well to it. She should have taken a couple minutes to talk to him about it, instead of just walking out.

    1. Yeah she is...that song just pissed her off on top of everything else Marisol has put her through. Killing that man would have been bad, very very bad, but she wasn't thinking clearly in that moment.

      He is at his limit. He wants her to not be in love with Mulo, but the more she fights it and tries to hide it, the more he realizes how much she does actually love that man. :( It hurts him because Mulo has destroyed so much, he can't understand how she's in love with him and it frustrates him. No man wants to compete for his wife's affection. No man wants to know that his wife is also in love with another person.

      She shouldn't have walked out like that. Their relationship is already rocky, she's not thinking clearly so to just up and leave without a word was wrong. He'll know exactly where she's going too, so that makes it much worse.

      thanks for reading

  5. It is going to take a lot of miracles to get this marriage back to good. Amari still has these Mulo longings, then Marcus is out permanently I think. She's obsessed with both men and I don't think it's fair to either that she's undecided and waivers constantly. Sure she has troubles, sure she has been abused and taunted and has tons of stress going on, but really, she's melting to Marisol's will by letting herself be so confused about every step she takes in her life.

    1. Yes it is!!! They have too much going on at once and all the little fractures in their marriage are starting to grow into full blown cracks. She is obsessed with both men. When Marcus was missing and there was only Mulo she never took that time to explore if they could have a real relationship because she was missing Marcus (understandably) Before Marcus came into the picture, Mulo wasn't at a place in his life where he was ready to make that sort of commitment to her because he was too busy being an ass most of the time. It's all been one huge giant mess!

      On top of that she has to deal with Marisol and the truth about her father and his lies. Now Ceula is missing. She's never really had a time to just breathe. I think she needs that, but with babies to care for, a marriage on the rocks, another child getting ready to leave for college and her daughter missing...she still can't. :(

      thanks for reading

  6. Amari and Mulo just can't get enough of each other. They have to live on separate parts of the world and they think that's gonna be a solution? They are under each other's skin! The sad thing is, their emotions and everything feels so natural, unforced and sincere. And it seems when she's with Marcus, everything is planned, feels forced or just...she has to try with Marcus. With Mulo, it's different. I guess in the real world, love/marriage is something you have to work at to keep together and it's not always easy. But I don't know if it should be as hard as they've had it. And what sucks is they never really had a chance since Mulo was always there and will always be in her heart.

    Poor Marcus. Too bad he got cut off. I'm wondering if he was about to tell Amari that he's tired of trying. :(

    That guy was dumb to come into that house like that! Didn't he read those lyrics (I'm sure he did) before coming to sing? How stupid can you get? You just made yourself an accessory to kidnapping by delivering a song you KNEW had pertinent information. I'd have his ass arrested! :P

    It was interesting to see Amari be the one to "shoot first, ask questions last" so to speak. Normally we see Marcus being the one who's not so levelheaded. I am glad he stopped her before she made her home a crime scene though, that would have been really difficult to explain to her family. Her babies sleep there! But I get she wasn't thinking rationally. Her child is missing and she is in full on Mama Bear mode.


    1. I was just trying to explain to Zhip that the timing has always been screwed up with Amari and Mulo. They've never had that time to try and be a normal couple. That could be part of the the reason they can't get each other out of their system. They have that 'what-if' thing going and Amari has asked Mulo before why he couldn't just have stepped up sooner. It's a mess and far from the ideal situation. Because of that, Mulo has always been in the middle of their marriages. Marcus has had to share her from day one and he's tired of thinking/hoping that would change. Part of the reason things are easier with Mulo is there aren't any expectations. He knows she loves Marcus and doesn't try to fight it. He's happy knowing that she also loves him too despite all the crap he put her through. He's grown and evolved some since they shared that bond for a while. He was able to better understand how much he hurt her and she was able to see how sorry he actually was for all he's done. With Marcus he does expect to be the only man she's in love with. It's not an unreasonable request, but it's one she can't meet. For them to work, I think Marcus will have to accept that reality and just be happy that even though she does love Mulo, she chose to stay with him. It's not ideal, but for them to have a chance, he will have to concede on that point I think.

      No, that's not what he was going to say. He was actually going to say, it's one thing to love someone, but another to be in love with them. He's feeling like she loves him, but is IN love with Mulo. :(

      Yeah he was...he got paid well to deliver that song hence Amari calling him opportunistic. He should have thought differently, maybe not perform it like it was a happy tune. He could have just told her what was up, something, anything other than what he did.

      Amari is done! She fed up with Marisol and her games. She's tired of her life being wrecked constantly from her interference and that guy just sent her over the edge. Killing him would have been bad, but I'm sure it would have made her feel a whole lot better. LOL Marcus was right to pull her off the guy though. Don't want to know a man died in your foyer.

      yep she sure is!

      thanks for reading.

  7. Wow Amari, you nearly killed that poor innocent low income worker who was just trying to do his job. I know shes having a lot of emotions going on with still not being able to find her daughter, but damn. At least Marcus is finally starting to realize that Mulo will be needed in order to get rid of Marisol once and for all. I'm still on Team Mulo though.
    Also, how old is Amari? I feel like she would be well into elder age by now. Finley is basically an adult now.

    1. Yeah, she's at the end of her rope and that guy and his song had really bad timing. :( Marcus has admitted defeat in a way when it comes to Mulo. Not sure how that will translate into the rest of their marriage, we'll have to wait and see.

      Well the thing with baby challenges is you have to over the the logic of time. If you think about how they are supposed to be run, it would never be a possible thing to complete. LOL for her I tried to give some 'plausible' reasons why her aging slowed. First it was Mulo feeding her his blood before she knew about it, then the bond thing that really slowed it and now she's a vamp. But, it's just best not to think on the time aspect because it will never work out. LOL

      thanks for reading. :)

  8. Ok, I have to say, it took me 1 1/2hrs of solid reading and two coffee's to catch up on all your stuff, and it was just awesome!!!
    if I have one person who in my top people who I love to read from, you are very much one of them. As well as being inspiring to me as well to get my butt back into gear and write again.

    So... I have a new updated blog and was hoping you would become a familiar face on there. It's only just been put up today so, don't worry if you see nothing :P
    Hope to see you soon :D

    1. wow...thanks for taking the time to catch up. A lot has happened and a lot more is planned, I just need to get my butt in gear and write.

      Awww...thanks. **blushes** I enjoy writing these stories and sharing them with everyone. :)

      already followed.

      thanks for reading

  9. Marcus deserves sooo much better than Amari. I go back and forth with her because she was been through a lot, thanks to her dad, but still..when is she going to get he stuff together already?! She has wonderful kids and a great husband yet she constantly jeopardizes that because she is still in love with Mulo. Thankfully she didn't cheat, but she wanted him. I hate to say it, but I wouldn't be too upset if they got a divorce.

    1. LOL, a lot of people feel that way. Marcus is for all intents and purposes the 'perfect' guy. She's brought out the worst in him with this thing with Mulo, but before that she couldn't have asked for a better man as a husband and father. She didn't cheat, but she wanted him, so it's just as bad. If she truly loved Marcus, I don't think her feelings for Mulo would be as strong as they are. :(

      Thanks for reading.

  10. Right, it's definitely time I take break and do something else! But first-

    That poor guy! :O He has nothing to do with this and merely brought her the message, so she wants to kill him because she doesn't like the message? I get that she's pissed, but he's completely innocent in this! :O I'm glad Marcus stopped her, she would have regretted this a lot.

    1. on a reading binge??? LOL

      Well, Amari got pissed because she didn't understand how he could sing the lyrics he did so happily. Yes he was only the messenger, but seriously listen to the message....not good and that set Amari off. She has some control issues and is already on edge because of the games Marisol has been playing. She over reacted yes and so that guy has Marcus to thank for his life.

      thanks for reading