Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chapter 34-Letting Go

I loved this city.  The rhythm of life was electric.  I've lived in a lot of places and this use to be my favorite.
"Mr. Drakul...Mr. Drakul."  Sasha broke into my thoughts.
"Yes Sasha."
"The pilot wants to know if you have a return date."
She went off to finish making my travel plans.  Things would have been easier if I had just stayed in France.  I had done my part for Marisol and coming back was a huge mistake that has cost us both.  Having that conversation with her, making her believe she meant nothing to me was just as heartbreaking for me.  It wouldn't do either of us any good for her to hold on to hope that we could be something more.  Plus with my role in the total destruction of her life, I didn't deserve her love.  This way she could be free of me and I could only hope that she would be able to find happiness when this was all over.
"Everything is all set sir.  Is there anything more I can provide you with tonight?"
She made no attempt to hide her lustful thoughts.  Normally I would have been more than happy to take her on the offer.  Sasha had been a great distraction for me throughout her time as my personal assistant.
"No, that will be all."
"Very well.  Your flight leaves at 9am tomorrow morning.  I will be here at 7."
I knew she was disappointed but I didn't want a distraction tonight.  I wanted my thoughts to be on Amari.  I ached to go to her to tell her the truth.  When I got the call from her, I took it as a sign that maybe all was not lost.


The doctor said she had a sever panic attack.  Her blood pressure was so high he was surprised she didn't have a stroke.  This was my fault.  I couldn't sleep, every time I closed my eyes I flashed to the memory of seeing her laying there on the floor barely breathing and all alone.
I sat up "Amari"
"Where am I?"
"You're in the hospital." I said gently caressing her cheek.
"Hospital?" she questioned trying to sit up. "What happened?"
"Doctor said it was a panic attack."
She started trying to think.  I caught flashes of her at Marisol's, and seeing Bynni.  It was all a bit unclear but I knew Marisol had said something to her that sent her over the edge.
"How did you find me?"
"You called me."
"Ms. Vinson good to see you awake."  The doctor spoke as he entered the room.  "How are you feeling?"
"I'm fine." she replied trying to get out of bed.
"Whoa, take it slow.  You've been out for two days."
"Two days!  I have to get home, my daughter needs me."
"It's ok Amari, Aric and Nina have been caring for her."  I knew she wasn't completely comforted by that information.
"Ms. Vinson, I'm going to have to ask you to sit.  Your blood pressure is still a concern especially considering your condition."
"Condition?  What condition?"  Her mind started to race thinking she had something wrong with her. 
"I'm sorry I thought you knew.  You're pregnant."
"No, no, no.  This isn't happening, I can't be pregnant.  Not again."
"Yes ma'am you are.  We calculated you to be about eight weeks along based on the information given to us by your partner but we can go an ultrasound to be sure."
She wasn't taking the news well.  Her mind started thinking about everything that had happened.
"Amari, you can't be serious!"
The doctor looked at me with a confused expression.
"Dr. Delson, could we schedule a termination?"  she looked down at the floor when she spoke, not wanting to face me.
"We could, but you would have to wait until your pressure returned to normal.  You're still processing the news, don't you want to take some time to think this over?"
"I don't need to think."
"Like hell you don't.  Doctor could you please give us some privacy."
"Of course."
I knew she was dealing with a lot but I couldn't believe she was honestly considering terminating this pregnancy.
"You can't do this."
"Why not!  You said I have to have babies, but they don't have to be yours."  She was trying to convince herself this was for the best but she had doubts.
"You don't really want to do this."
"Get out of my head.  You and Marisol have made it perfectly clear what I am so I can only assume it is your ego that can't handle me terminating this pregnancy."  I pulled her close to me.  I needed to hold her.

"Let me go!"
"No and stop fighting.  You know I will win."
"Please, just let me go."  I knew that request wasn't about the embrace.  She put her head on my shoulder, she was fighting hard not to cry.  She didn't want to show anymore weakness in my presence.
"I won't let you kill my children."  I was fighting to keep control just was she was.  I didn't want to let her go, I knew at that moment I wouldn't be able to let her go and this pregnancy was proof of that.
"Haven't you already done enough to me?  Why make me carry this baby?  It will only serve as a constant painful memory.  Please don't make me do this."
"You should get some rest, the doctor said to keep your stress down for the remainder of the pregnancy in order to keep your pressure under control."  I spoke softly as I brushed a stray hair from her face.  I wanted to kiss her but instead I released her.
She climbed back into bed, she had lost the battle of the tears.
"You can go now."

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sad day--Updates on hold

So the screen on my 2yr old laptop has been giving me problems and I think it finally died on me today. :(  I am hoping to get it fixed this week.  I am using my son's computer so I can read and keep up with everyone's story but I can't play my game.  I really didn't plan to leave everyone hanging about Amari for an extended period of time.  Hopefully I will be back up and working soon.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter 33-Looking for Answers

I don't know how long I sat there on the floor.  Eventually I got up and showered.  The house was quiet as I headed downstairs.  Ceula was gone, I started to panic.  I know Mulo said Aric wouldn't hurt his sister but I was having some major trust issues.  I grabbed my phone but realized I didn't really know who I could call.  There was a text from Aric:
Mom, took Ceula to spend the night at Nina.
Love Aric
The last thing I wanted was to be alone in the house so I decided to head to the beach instead.  I don't know how or why I ended up at her house.
I was nervous walking up the stairs but I needed answers and this was the best place to start.  She may be the source of my misery but she and she alone holds the information that I needed.  I rang the bell.
"Hello Dear." she sounded so happy "Whatever brings you to my humble abode?"
I've never been one for violence but at that moment I wanted nothing more than to drive a stake through her heart.
"You know why I'm here Marisol."  She shut the door and lead me further into the house.
"I guess you talked to Mulo and he's filled you in on your job."
Just being around her made me uneasy.  I didn't want to be there especially knowing not only was she crazy but she saw me as a meal.  I pushed my fears aside and continued.
"I don't know what hold you have on Mulo to make him say those things to me but this is extreme even for you."  she started laughing.
"You poor pathetic girl.  He's really quite good isn't he?  He has remarkable powers especially over the weak minded ones such as yourself.  But you, you have to be the most gullible one yet."
Her words cut me like a hot knife through butter and she knew it. She continued her attack with a smile.
"Did you think you were special?  Did you really think he wanted to be with you?"
Why did I come here?  I knew it was a bad idea but I wasn't exactly thinking clearly.
"You're wrong!" I yelled hoping I sounded more sure of those words than I actually felt.
"Really?  Tell me has he ever told you he loved you? That he wanted to be with you? Or was it some fantasy you made up in your head?"
I didn't answer but we both knew she was right.  He had never spoken those words to me.
"I didn't think so.  You are nothing more than a means to an end.  I wanted something, he wanted something and we both get what we want through you."
I was getting no where.  I still didn't know why I was caught up in this craziness.  The only thing I did know was there was no limit to Marisol's sadistic nature.  I tried to muster up as much courage as I could before continuing to speak.
"I will tell you the same thing I told him.  I will not do this, I can't do this.  I won't be used by him or you!"
In the blink of an eye before I had even finished my sentence she had me by the throat up against the wall.
"You will do as I say or I will kill your parents, and your children before ending your miserable life."
Bynni walked in and Marisol released me.
I wanted to run to her and hug her but I was afraid.
"What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to see you honey.  I miss you.  Are you ok?
I could see she wasn't my little girl anymore.  She was one of them now and my heart was aching at the knowledge of that.  Even more so because of the fact that the man I loved had done it to her.

"I'm fine mom.  Marisol is taking care of TK and I but you should go."  I stepped closer to her but she backed away.
"Honey please, I'm your mother."
"Mom you really need to go.  I will call you."
"You really should listen to your daughter.  I would hate for something to happen by accident.  Imagine the guilt she would have to live with."
I understood then why she needed me to leave.  Before I left Marisol had some parting words for me.
"Amari dear if you are thinking of calling my bluff about your family don't.  Your sister tried that and you see how well that turned out for her."
I looked at her in horror.  Was she admitting to being the one responsible for Amella's death.
"That...that was a car accident..  A drunk driver."
"Was it really?" she asked with a smirk.  The look on her face was so sinister I just ran out of the house.  My hands were shaking so badly I could barely put the key in the ignition.  I sat there taking several deep breathes to calm myself down.

I managed to get myself home by some small miracle.  Marisol's last words kept replaying in my head.  I went upstairs suddenly feeling very light headed.  I barely made it to the top of the stairs before I was overcome with nausea.  

My hands were shaking, my breathing became shallow and my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to come out of my chest.  I fumbled to get my phone and tried to hit redial.  I dropped the phone as my body started trembling uncontrollably.  I reached out for the sink to try and steady myself but missed and hit the floor.
I could hear a voice coming from my phone I had managed to call someone but I didn't know who.  I was struggling to breathe.  I closed my eyes as I remembered everything I had been through starting with my sister's death.  I guess it was possible to die from a broken heart.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chapter 32-The Aftermath

I watched her toss and turn all night.  She was trying to escape what she believe was a nightmare as she replayed the nights events in her dreams.  I couldn't sleep, every time I closed my eyes I saw the look of terror in her eyes.  It's a look I will never forget.  I knew she would have to find out eventually but I didn't want it to be like that, so violent and without proper explanation.  Plus with Aric's attack of that boy, it was too much too fast for her.  I glanced back at the be, she was waking it was time to deal with the aftermath.


My head was pounding.  The morning sun that I enjoyed waking up to made my eyes hurt.  I was groggy and disoriented, I felt like I had one hell of a hangover.
"Good morning Amari."
His voice made me jump.
"Mulo, what are you doing here?"
He walked over to me, his touch was cool against my skin.  I looked at him and he smiled, I saw the teeth.  All at once the events of last night came flooding back, I needed air I pulled away and headed for the deck my mind started racing.   I must still be dreaming, this can't be real, they don't exist.
"No you aren't dreaming, I am, we are very real."
I looked at him.
"I can hear your thoughts, I always have." he answered approaching me.  I backed away.
"What are you?"
"I think you already know the answer to that question."
I couldn't believe how calm he was.  He acted as if this were an everyday thing. 
"For me it is an everyday thing."
I glared at him.
"Stop doing that!"
"Do you not want your questions answered?"
The most obvious question came to mind as I thought to my daughter.  The sound of her scream played back in my head.
"Why did you kill her?"
I started crying as I a recalled seeing her lifeless body in his arms.  He turned away from me.  I guess I wouldn't want to look the mother of his victim in the eye either but as he spoke I could hear a sadness in his voice.
"I didn't kill her Amari, I turned her."


I stepped forward to try and comfort her but she backed away.  I knew this was going to be hard and as much as it pained me to know what the outcome of this encounter was going to be, it was the only way she was going to be able to survive.  Her face showed the same fear that she had the night I came back from France.  I lost control that night letting jealousy take over and I never wanted to see that look again but there it was coupled with repulsion.
"What do you mean you turned her?"
"It means I turned her, she is now in transition to become a vampire as well as TK although he was unplanned."
" mean you have been planning to do this, to make my child a...a monster!"
Her words stung but the ones running through her mind were much worse.
"Do you think Aric to be a monster?"  I knew that was uncalled for considering everything she was dealing with, but I needed to finish this.
"Oh God, Aric."


As if on cue, Aric was there.  I looked at my son and started to cry again.  I was his mother how could I have not known there was something wrong with him, that he was different, not human.
"You did know, or at least suspected something when he was a toddler."
I remembered then going to Mulo trying to talk to him.  I remembered how angry he got when I said I thought there was a problem and how me made me feel as if I was going crazy.
"Mom, I know this is a lot and I'm sorry.  I wanted to tell you sooner but I couldn't."
He looked at me with those eyes.  The ones I always felt could burn a hole in my soul if he stared at me long enough.  Then I flashed back to the look on his face after he attacked TK.
I stepped away from him.  I could see he was hurt by my slight rejection at that moment.

"I didn't mean to attack him.  I just acted on instinct.""Aric go check on Ceula."
"NO!" it came out before I could stop myself, the panic the thought of him being near her. 
"She's his sister, he won't hurt her."
Aric didn't say anything but he was hurt by the knowledge I thought he would harm her.  He looked at his father before exiting the room.


"Are you going to tell her everything"
"She's going to hate us."
"You're her son, she could never hate you.  Right now she just needs time, she's scared and confused."

"Don't worry Amari, she didn't hear anything last night."
"Will you please stay out of my head."
"No, now sit we have a lot we need to discuss."
'I don't want to sit, I only want two things from you.  One tell me where my child is , and two for you to get the hell out of my house."
She was getting tired and although she was trying to be strong she was quivering on the inside.  Ignoring what she said I continued.  The next words out of my mouth were the hardest ones I ever spoke.
"You asked me if I loved you or if you were a possession, I answered you but was unclear.  You have a purpose to serve and I am here to make sure you complete that purpose.  You have been fated to have 100 children."
She just stared at me for a moment then began to laugh hysterically.
"That is absurd!  And I thought you being a vampire would be the craziest thing out of your mouth today."  She continued to laugh and I knew she was at her breaking point.
"I am very serious Amari."
My tone and look made her stop laughing.  She started processing what I had said to her there were so many things going through her head at once.

"But...but I know you love me.  I could see it in your face when you looked at me." her voice was very soft and it was as if she were speaking more to herself than to me.
"You saw what I wanted you to see.  That's how you didn't see me for what I really was."  I had to do it this way.  I had to put some separation between us as much as it killed me to do so.
"You have done nothing but brought misery into my life!  All I have ever done was love you and you punish me for that.  Why damn it, why are you so intent on destroying me?"
"Marisol.  She wishes this and as my maker I am getting her what she wants."
"You bastard!" she said slapping me "I don't give a damn what she wants, you can't make me do this.  I won't do this!"


I couldn't process what I was hearing.  This was crazy I don't know how he expected me to willingly have 100 kids.  Before I knew what happened he grabbed me and held me close to him.
I struggled to get free but it was useless.  I didn't want him to touch me and I didn't want my body to respond the way it did to his touch.  It was betraying me at that moment and he and I both knew it.
"Remember." he whispered and I was flooded with the memories of that nigh with Drake.  I remembered how I felt out of control of my actions.  Screaming inside my head that I shouldn't be doing it but I couldn't stop.  He released me.
" me..."
"Marisol but as you can see you really don't have a choice.  With or without your cooperation, the babies will come."
He sounded so cold and heartless.
"For that answer you will have to ask your father."  He started to leave.
"Wait, you never told me where Bynni is."
"With Marisol"
He was gone without another word.  My head was reeling with all the information I had been given today.  He didn't love me, he never had I was just a pawn in some game they were playing.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I crumbled to my knees feeling totally defeated.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chapter 31-The Time Has Come

I prayed this day would not come. This was going to be the hardest thing I've ever done.  I could only hope she would forgive in time because forever is a long time to be hated.  I climbed out of bed.  Nothing would be the same after today.


"I'm so proud of you honey." I said giving her a big hug.
My baby was graduating today.  Aric and Nina had promised to be there.  I hadn't heard back from Mulo, but I wasn't going to be sad about that today.                                                               
"Mom...I can't breathe." she said. 
"Sorry, didn't mean to hug so tightly." I said wiping the tears from my eyes.
"Mom don't cry again.  We haven't even made it through the ceremony." Bynni said rolling her eyes
"Ok, Ok.  Let me get your sister and we'll head out."

The ceremony was lovely.  Bynni graduated with high merit and was voted most popular.  With all the stunts she pulled while in high school, it was no surprise.  I was happy when she finally got back on track with her grades.
"What time will TK be over?" I asked on the way home.
"Around 5.  His dad wanted to spend some time with him.  I think they were headed to visit his mom's grave."
Aric told me Nina had to work so she wouldn't make the party.  We were all just hanging around having a good time dancing and being silly.  It was a wonderful moment and none of us expected what happened next.
"Ms. Vinson." TK tapped me on the shoulder "I just wanted to say I was sorry for all the trouble Bynni and I gave you over the last few years.  I want you to know I do love your daughter."
I got a sick feeling in my stomach.  I closed my eyes for a moment and thought please don't let her be pregnant, please don't let her be pregnant.  Before I could say anything he was down on one knee.
"Bynni Vinson.  I love you and would like to know if you would do me the great honor of being my wife."
"Yes, yes, yes!!!!!" she squealed jumping up and down.
I couldn't believe it.  I though for sure I would have a daughter in law before I got a son in law.
"Congrats honey.  I'm so..."  I didn't finish my sentence as I looked and saw Mulo walk in with her.


The moment I walked in I saw the range of emotions through her eyes.  First disbelief, then sadness, and finally anger.  I didn't want to do this to her.  The tension in the air between us was so thick I could have choked on it.  No one else seemed to notice.
"Dad not now." Aric spoke to me through his thoughts.  I looked at him.
"I don't have a choice" I replied motioning towards Marisol.
"Please just let her have this moment."
I looked back at Amari and then to Bynni who was standing with her now fiancee.  She'd never looked happier.  As Amari approached me I glanced towards Marisol.  She was enjoying this immensely.  I knew she was heartless but this was a new low even for her.
"Just remember our conversation." she said in a tone so low only I could hear her.  I didn't respond but I didn't need to be reminded.  I had thought of nothing else for the last few weeks leading up to this day.

"Marisol this has to stop.  It has gone to far and I won't be a party to your torture any more."  I was furious when she told me what I had to do.  There was no way I could, I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
"It's too late to back out now." she said smugly
"Like hell it is.  I don't even know how I let myself take it this far.  It's not worth it I would rather be forced to share your bed for the rest of my existence than continue with this."
"It has gone way beyond you not wanting to share my bed any more Mulo Drakul."  The fire burning in her eyes was more intense than I had ever seen.  It was at that moment I knew things had gone from being more than just about Amari's father.
"You think I didn't notice you had fallen for that human!"
"I don't know what you are talking about." I said trying to deny the truth "I just don't want to continue playing these childish games any longer."
"Oh please, do you think I am an idiot.  You're no better than him."  I still didn't know why she had just hatred for Amari's father and I could see she was now projecting that same fury towards me.
"You're crazy and I'm done.  We are finished after today are you clear on that?"  I turned to leave.
"We are finished after you do what I have asked or you will watch as I bled her dry."  I could tell by her tone that this wasn't one of her statements for dramatic effect.  She was very serious.
"We part ways after this." I said without turning around to face her.  I was afraid if I did I would rip her throat out.  I left knowing it didn't matter because to do what she asked would mean the end to it all.


"How could you?  How could you come here and bring that woman?"  I was more hurt than angry but I refused to cry in front of her.  She had done enough with my emotions with all her innuendos.  Mulo had done a lot of things to hurt me but this had to be the worst.
"How could you do that and ruin Bynni's day?"
"Amari, please it's not like that." he started talking but I just couldn't listen to his lies today.
" know how I feel about her."  Marisol was silent as she stood and watched enjoying every minute of my torment.
"If you want to be with her, that's fine but did you have to let me know like this? Today?"  I felt the anger being replaced with sadness.
"Ceula go to your room."  Aric spoke harshly to his sister and it shocked us both.  She didn't complain but instead ran up the stairs wiping tears from her eyes.  I looked at him and she saw the shock on my face.
"Mother I'm sorry."  There was something in his face when he said that.  He hadn't called me mother in a long time and I could see that the apology had a double meaning to it.  Bynni and TK were just as confused as I was to what seemed to be happening.
"Aric?  What's going on?"
"Mother it will be ok."  I just stared at him
"Mom, what's happening"  I could hear the fear in her voice as she walked to me and took my hand.
"I don't know dear, hopefully your brother can tell us."
"This is turning out better than I could have hoped." Marisol said gleefully
Mulo looked at me.  There was so much torment on his face, as sadness in his eyes I'd never seen before.  He looked at Bynni who was clinging tightly to my arm as he walked closer to me.
"Mulo please tell me what's going on.  You are scaring me."
But he didn't speak he stood so close to me I could feel his breathe on my face. 
"Mother please, step away." I heard Aric pleading but I couldn't move.
Everything started happening in slow motion.  Mulo leaned close to my ear and his closeness made my entire body tingle.
"Please forgive me." he whispered before kissing me softly.
Then all at once his face, his entire demeanor changed.  I heard Bynni scream when she saw him.  TK charged forward to get Bynni but in an instant Aric grabbed him.  TK sounded as if the wind had been knocked out of him as he struggled against Aric's grip.  The room started spinning.
It looked as if Aric had blood dripping from his lips as he approached me.
"Get away!" I screamed as I stumbled backwards.  I looked at Aric and then to Mulo I didn't recognize either of them.
"What are you?"

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