Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chapter 29-A Decision

I drove around for hours.  My phone kept ringing so I just turned it off.  I ended up at the beach.  I sat there listening to the soothing sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.  So simple so peaceful.
I don't know how long I sat there but it was nearly dark when I finally decided to go.  I realized I was starving since I hadn't eaten since breakfast so I headed over to the diner.  I wasn't ready to go home just yet.  After dinner I decided I needed to at least check in with Bynni.  I had 30 messages.
I had just unlocked the door when I heard his voice behind me.
"Where in the hell have you been?"
"At the beach."
"All day, do you have any idea how worried we were about you?"
"I'm sorry.  I just needed some time to alone to think and clear my head."
"Some time alone or some time with him?" his voice was dripping with distaste as he spoke
"Alone." I walked passed him and headed upstairs to check on the girls.  They were both fast asleep, I would have to apologize to them in the morning.  Mulo was waiting in my room when I got there.
"Go home Mulo, I had a very long, bad day and I would like to go to bed." I started undressing for bed but he didn't leave.
"Bynni called me when you didn't come home or answer your phone."

"Well at least I know she cares."
"Of course she cares, you're her mother."
"You and I both know she hates me and she will be leaving as soon as she turns 18 in a few days."
"That's not true, she doesn't hate you."
"Whatever, it's not important.  Just go home please."
I climbed into bed and pulled the covers up over my head.
I kept waiting to hear the sound of my door closing behind him but I never did.  Instead I felt the shift of the bed as he climbed in beside me.  I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.
When I awoke in the morning it was Ceula beside me.
"Good morning honey." I said as I got out of bed.
"Mommy am I a bad girl?"  I looked at her and could see she had been crying.
"No of course not honey.  What's wrong?"
"Well" she said sniffling "You ran away and now Jesse is leaving so I thought it was because I may have been a bad girl."
"Oh honey.  Don't ever think that.  I'm sorry for not calling and letting you and your sister know where I was, I just needed some grown up time." I said pulling her into a hug.
It took me a few minutes to process what she had said.
"Wait, what do you mean Jesse is leaving?"
"He and Mulo are downstairs.  He said he came to tell me bye that he had to go back to work."
I tried to hide the panic on my face and in my voice
"Where's your brother?'
"Ceula go to your room."
"Please dear, just go."
I headed downstairs expecting to hear a brawl but it was eerily quiet. When I got to the bottom of the stairs Jesse looked as if he had just seen a ghost.  I couldn't see Mulo's face but I could tell he was saying something because Jesse was nodding his head in agreement.
"Good morning Mom.""What's going on?"
"Nothing, Jesse just came to say goodbye."
"I'll give you two some privacy." Mulo spoke without turning around to face me.  He headed towards the living room and Aric ran upstairs.
"Jesse are you ok?"
"What?...Yeah I'm fine.  Just wanted to say by to Ceula before leaving." 
I was shocked, he was just trying to convince me to he wanted to be a family and now he was up and leaving.
"What's going on?  What did he say to you?"
"Nothing, just to have a safe trip."  his voice sounded shaky.  "The truth is after you left I called Diane."
"My wife...anyway she convinced me that maybe we should give it another try."
I couldn't believe this.  Yesterday he told me he loved me, wanted to be with me and now he's going back to his wife.
"I...I don't understand."
"Our relationship may be a bit unconventional but it works for us.  I love my job and she loves hers so we don't put any pressure on the other about working too much.  I'll still be around for Ceula, we can work out visitation or something."
"So that's it.  You come back into my life, tell me you love me and want to be with me.  Come into my child's life and now you decide it's really not for you."
"I'm sorry.  I will have Diane draw up child support payments."  That was the last straw.  After the last few days I was at my breaking point.
"Get out!" I yelled
"Amari, please"
"I said get out.  I don't want or need your money.  I know you were angry with me but how could you take it out on her.  She was just getting use to the idea of you being her father and're a bastard and I want you out of my house!"
He didn't say anything more, he just left.  I was too angry to cry.  I needed to find out what Mulo said, I knew he had to be behind this.
"What did you say to him?" I demanded.
"I don't know what you mean." he replied coolly
"Did you blackmail him, threaten him, what did you do this time?"
"Nothing.  He simply realized that his place was not here."
I wanted to throw something at him.  I knew he had to have done or said something or maybe I just didn't want to admit to myself that I was a fool and he never loved me."
"I told you, you can't be with him."
Then he left the room.


  1. Ohmygosh! Jazen, this is amazing! I wish I could find out what Mulo is truely doing... Maybe something from his point of view? Jesse's character has changed so completely it blows my mind! And what about Aric? Does he know the truth about what his father is doing to Amari or is he being lied to as well??? It seems like he knows but I can't be sure...
    I'll be on the lookout for more!!!

  2. Maddy...I am trying to figure out how to give his point of view but I just need to do it without giving away too much. It is coming. As for Jesse I needed a way to get him back out of the story plus Mulo really didn't like him so he had to go. LOL

  3. Mulo is so crafty. I think he compelled Jesse into leaving again. He's so possessive and secretive. I just wish he'd tell Amari what he feels for her.

  4. Valpre for some reason my vamps don't have fangs so I went with the Jaws approach with that scene (know something bad is happening without actually showing it) in case you don't know the movie Jaws it's a shark horror film but in shooting they could never get the shark to work so all you saw was a fin with scary music

    As far as telling Amari, we'll see. There's a lot he has to tell her.

  5. I have to admit, I really liked Jesse at first, but now I'm pissed at him. I'm sure Mulo did something to him, but Jesse is still being awful! And making Ceula worry about being a bad girl! Poor thing!

    As for the missing fang thing, I believe that the last patch fixed that problem. If you don't want the patch, You can find them in accessories in CAS. (I think you have to use unlockoutfits on before entering CAS)

  6. Crzy thanks. I will try that, I did the patch but they still don't show up :(. When I go in game I will try the unlock to see if I can find them. Fangs would be really nice to have :)

    He is being a butt, but I had to figure out someway to write him out of the story that didn't involve Mulo killing him LOL.

  7. Unless Jesse is really under some kind of mind control, he is a lowdown dog!

    I am glad that he is leaving! I just hope that Amari and Cuela will be okay.

  8. Ahh! Reading, reading, reading! I'm kind of glad I have a lot of your story to read...the suspense would kill me!

  9. "I told you, you can't be with him."

    WHAT?! He left it at that AGAIN! Man the suspense you are pulling with this story will put me into an early grave! What the hell did that asshole do this time? Man...he better explain and soon because...I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!

  10. You are just too amazing, do you realize that? :)

  11. Captain--thanks for reading. I'm glad you are enjoying the story and I love comments!

    Happy reading.

  12. .....I'm not sure who I'm even mad at. Mulo for being all up in her business or Jesse for being deadbeat jackass!

  13. Your story is riveting ... a real page-turner!