Monday, August 8, 2011

Chapter 23-Unexpected Vistor

Bynni was again giving me the silent treatment.  She was at least going to school so I was happy about that.  Ceula was getting bigger by the day.  She was now fully potty trained, could walk, and had almost mastered talking.  Jesse hadn't replied to my email.  I was a little hurt by this, I thought he would at least reply even if it was to tell me to piss off.  I tried not to let it get me too down since I had planned on raising Ceula on my own anyway.

As the weeks passed I was hoping the worst was behind me with Bynni but I was so wrong.
"Where do I even begin?  You get dropped off by a police officer!"
"Mom you overreact to everything!"
"Overreact?! You have been egging houses, flooded the school, and out past your curfew again.  You just got off punishment two weeks ago for goodness sakes."
"I was just having some fun.  It was either that or stay at TK's house.  His father IS out of town."  She was smiling as she said this.
"It's late and I just can't deal with you right now.  Go to your room, we will discuss this in the morning."
I rubbed the back of my neck trying to relieve some of the tension.  I missed Aric.  He hadn't officially moved out, but he spent most of his nights at Nina's house.  Things were getting serious between them and I was secretly hoping to be planning a wedding soon.  Now that Aric was an adult Mulo quit coming by everyday.  He hadn't completely disappeared out of my life, he seemed to enjoy hanging out with Bynni and Ceula.  Things had been good between us.  He would be my shoulder to cry on when things were got really bad with Bynni.  I still couldn't really define our relationship but it just seemed to sort of do it's on thing.  I still loved him and longed for a real committed relationship but he kept a bit of a distance between us that made it very unlikely.  He and Aric were still having private conversations that would cease as soon as I entered the room.  Aric had changed his name to Drakul.  I was hurt he didn't want to continue being a Vinson but Mulo reminded me that he was always meant to have his last name.  Now that he was an adult it was time.
Aric began telling me he loved me a lot more often.  We could be painting together and he would just look over and tell me he loved me.  I feared he was preparing me for the news he would soon be moving in with Nina.

Life became pretty basic and I was thankful.  Bynni had managed to stay out of major trouble over the next several months and her grades were up to a B.  She even decided I was worth talking to again, well at least a little.
Ceula was no longer a toddler, another birthday had passed without incident.  I was feeling good about them again.  Now that Ceula was older, Bynni took more interest in her.  She would let her play dress up with her clothes and they would do homework together.
"Hey girls what would you like for dinner tonight?"
"Spaghetti" Ceula said without even looking up.
"Yeah that's fine" Bynni agreed
"Ok then."  I was just getting the ingredients out when the door bell rang.  I was not happy to see Marisol standing on the other side.
"I was hoping you decided to stay in France forever." I said as I opened the door.  I really needed to have less glass in this house.
"Now dear is that anyway to greet a guest?" she said as she walked into the house.
"You are not my guest, just an annoyance that won't stay away.  What do you want?
"I wanted to see how the children are doing.  I heard you had another one.  That makes three now correct?"
Why was she keeping tabs on my life and kids?  I sort of understood with Aric due to her history with Mulo but my other two were even less of her concern than Aric.
"Not that it's any of your business, but yes I have three wonderful children."
"So where are they?  I would love to meet them."  She started to walk further into the house but I stepped into her path.
"You have no need to meet them.  I am asking you nicely to leave now."
I saw anger flash across her face but it was gone as quickly as it came.
"Never mind, I will meet them soon enough.  The first born girl, Bynni, she graduates soon."
"Yes, now please go or I'm calling the cops." 
She just started smiling "That will be a glorious day."
She turned to leave but stopped "So when are you having the next one?"
"What?" I was shocked she would ask me such a personal question.  "When and if I have any more kids is none of your business but if you must know I am not having anymore.  The three I have is plenty."

"Oh very interesting."  Then she started laughing as she walked out of the door.  I really hated that woman.  She always acted as if she knew something about me that I didn't.  I wished she would just leave me alone.  I didn't understand why she insisted on pushing herself into my life.  I headed back to the kitchen but the doorbell rang again.
"Damn it." I mumbled to myself thinking she was back.  I was wrong.


  1. OMG, I can't wait! I love the way you have taken on this challenge...there's so much more of a story line to it, rather than just a crazy chick decides to intentionally have 100 babies, lol! It's awesome!

  2. I'm glad you like the story. I didn't know if I could stick with it otherwise.

  3. Oh no. Marisol visits and the doorbell rings!

    It must be time for another baby. I can't wait to see!

  4. Marisol...why does she feel the need to keep popping up? Amari really needs to get on her about that and maybe even get Mulo to tell her the full story of that chick and WHY would she assume there are more kids?!? I want to know that!

    Is Jesse coming for a visit?

  5. I even forgot about Marisol, wonder what made her blow back into town....

  6. Replies
    1. hahaha she didn't make it easy on Amari