Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 30-A little Insight

"Come back to bed." she said wrapping her arms around me.  Her voice so sultry and full of lust a weaker man would have given in.
"You and I both know how this will end."  I replied ignoring her request.
"Yes with me getting what I want as always." she said kissing my back.
"Why do you need me involved?" I asked walking away from her.
"Because you owe me and this will be the last thing I ask of you for all eternity."
I walked outside to fix a drink. 
"Why are you so intent on this?  I don't even think it's possible for her to complete what you are wanting her to do."
"It's possible or she'll die trying, either way I get the desired effect and I'm happy."
"Why can't you just let it go?  All this revenge will give you wrinkles."
"Very funny, why are you being so difficult?" 
"You know Marisol, if I believed you had a heart, I would swear this human played some role in breaking it."  I took a sip of my drink and just stared at her.  I could see the hatred burning in her eyes even if she tried to deny it.
"My dear Mulo, I don't know what you mean.  This is just pure entertainment on my part."  I could hear the underlying tone in her voice warning me to drop it but she and I both knew I wasn't going to.
"Cut the crap Marisol.  I have done a lot of things for you over the years to those you thought wronged you in someway, but this one seems the most personal."
"I grow tired of this conversation."  She said avoiding my accusation. "Care to join me on the hunt?"
"Why don't you just tell me what this is really about, and why you need me.  You can easily compel the girl to do your bidding without my assistance. "
"You really make too much out of this.  Just get me what I want and you'll get what you want.  It's really quite simple."

"Simple."  I mutter to myself.  I should know by now when you make a deal with the devil, nothing is ever simple.  I should have known Marisol was up to something more, she wouldn't let me go that easily.  Although she wasn't the settling down type, I was always her home base you could say.  She didn't take the news so well when I told her I wanted to be free of her once and for all.  I was tired of always being pulled into her crazy revenge plots out of what I know now was some misguided obligation to her.  The night I told her I thought she was going to bring the building down.  She was gone for four years and I thought it was for good.  I was wrong, she showed up at me door asking for two things.  One a roll in the hay and two that I help her with this last thing.  I should have just said no to both.

Simple I was to get this poor girl have 100 babies.  I thought it was crazy, Marisol was not the mothering type but she quickly told me she wouldn't be taking the babies the girl was just to have them.  The girl was just a pawn in her game.  The real target was the girl's father.  I thought it would be quick and easy, meet the girl plant the idea in her head and be done.
That was not the case.  I was just as memorized by her as she was by me.  I remember just needing to be with her, to know more about her from the moment I laid eyes on her.
She was so unlike any of the women I had been around in my life.  There was a genuine innocence about her it just drew me in.  I was the one that was suppose to be in control.  She was more than a fan and I should have stopped there and just walked away but I couldn't.
I took her back to my place.  I honestly didn't have any intention of sleeping with her initially but I couldn't resist kissing her.  My first mistake, it was intoxicating and I needed more.  I bit her, my second mistake. I needed to taste her and if her kiss was intoxicating, her blood gave me a high like no other ever had.  After that I had to make love to her and I knew she wanted me to.
Being that she was in somewhat of a trance like state she had none of the inhibitions that most virgins had. 

I play that night over and over in my head in vivid detail.  I couldn't get enough of her and when she finally fell asleep I watched her for a while before taking her back to that sad place she lived.

After that night I was in trouble.  I knew she was pregnant a few weeks later and I was happy at the thought of having a real reason to continue to be in her life.  She was less than thrilled and I could understand why since she didn't have a real memory of that night.  Instead she had flashbacks which she thought was a dream.  When I explained to her what happened she took my explanation as well as good be expected in her situation.

I tried to make her life as easy as possible from there.  Giving her the beach house and setting her up with money.  I wanted to be with her, and I know she wanted me to be with her but I couldn't risk it.  It took way more self control than I think I could muster to be around her for extended periods of time.  She settled in nicely and I didn't think I could have been any happier when she gave birth to my son.  I didn't know I could feel such emotion, she had awoken something in me that I though died a long time ago.  I knew things couldn't work out for us, not knowing what she had to do and I couldn't tell her at least not then.  I had to put some distance between us, for my sanity.  Especially after seeing her pregnant with another man's child.
I don't remember ever having the urge to kill a human as much as I wanted to kill the man that had touched her.  I was too angry to notice the look in her eyes at first but when I did, I knew instantly what had taken place.  It just reaffirmed my decision to leave.  I would have stayed away until this whole sorted mess was completed but jealousy got the best of me when Aric told me about Jesse.  Coming back, my third mistake.  I have caused her so much pain and anguish since my return.

Now as I stand here thinking about tomorrow I can only hope and pray she will understand as I make my fourth mistake.


  1. Great chapter! Good job providing some insight without giving too much away. I'm starting to really dislike Marisol, though...

    Also, thanks for making vampires sexy again after Twilight :P

  2. Thaaaaank you!!! This chapter is the best by far! I've been waiting to FINALLY know what was going on since the beginning... besides the obvious... I have more questions, but I'm happy that you've allowed everyone a glimpse into Mulo's head!
    Keep writing :D

  3. Crzy---It was hard to write this chapter. I scribbled for two days trying to piece it together so it worked out like this. I had so much I wanted to say from his point of view. And your welcome....yeah Marisol is a real piece of work.

    Maddy--Thanks for the feedback. Like I said to Crzy this was the hardest chapter for me to write so far. I am happy it came out the way it did and achieved the effect I was after.

  4. I loved seeings things from Mulo's POV. It explained a lot, especially his ambivalent feelings towards Amari.

    I hate, hate, Marisol!

    And I can't help but wish Mulo doesn't make that fourth mistake.

  5. Valpre...I know your feelings about Marisol, I don't like her much either but she is still fun to write. I wish there was a way to save Mulo from his next mistake but sadly there's not. :(

  6. This was so good! I'm glad to know that Mulo really does care about her!

  7. Just came across this from the forums and love it! You've really done a great and absorbing job so far. Looking forward to reading more. Good luck =)

  8. Ranter,
    Glad you found my story and thanks for reading.

  9. Mulo may be a bit more likable and Marisol is quite the villianess.

  10. OMG! Awesome chapter...and perfectly placed...brought Mulo's likability up really well!

  11. Whoa! Was not expecting that! OMG watch what I am about to say: Poor Mulo... SMH I said it...that explains a great deal but still he should come clean. He wants his freedom from Marisol and I have to wonder ok, well with Amari wouldn't you have it? You are ruining any chances you have with her because of this little scheme to the point where she hates having you around...

    Marisol...what the hell kind of revenge is this? And what did her father do to her to make her take a revenge like that????

  12. Okay... So I have been reading though your story the last few days until this point. Oh my gosh! I think I have to take a break now, just to let it settle.
    Honestly, I also read some of the actual chapters. Mulo is kind of bad to her, but on the other hand... I still like him. He's the seductive kind, probably that worked on me.
    What this a means to say: Wonderful story! I will read all of it. All. And when it's finished some day I will be truly sad.

  13. Silber, thanks for taking the time to read my story. :) A lot has happened so it's a big undertaking to read it all. I should do a summary for new readers. Mulo has several readers feeling the same way. He has his ups and downs throughout the story that makes your feeling sway for him.

    Thanks again for reading!

  14. Suddenly I don't hate Mulo so much, he's as much a pawn as Amari is

  15. This is amazing. Been reading since last night and can't put it down!so glad I started late, though: plenty of story to read before I run out! Keep it up, girl! --Switchfacexa1ex

    1. Thanks. Glad you are enjoying it. There are plenty of chapters to keep you busy for a while but if you read the first 30 already maybe not.

      Thanks for reading.

  16. Great chapter -- much needed info!

    1. it was good to see what Mulo has been thinking this whole time.

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    1. Hello and welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your stay.

      Thanks for reading