Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chapter 117-Talking In Riddles

“Where is she?”

“Sleeping right now.”

“Let her go Marisol…this isn’t about her!”

“Oh, you silly girl, but it is. I told you should you not complete your task she would be the one to do it. Now that you are unable to do as I need, she will step in for you!”

My entire body shook. I knew there was only a matter of time before Marisol reared her ugly head again. She had my baby, the one child that seemed to have the worst of it in life.

“What do you want?” Marcus asked grabbing the phone from me.

“What makes you think I want anything?”

“You wouldn’t have called otherwise. If you were going to force Cece into anything you would have done so without announcing your plans. You want something so what is it?”

There was silence on her end for a moment. “How’s the marriage?”

Marcus’ eyes met mine. “It’s fine,” he answered with a bit of edge in his voice.

“Really…you are a forgiving man then. I wonder if your wife would be as forgiving if the situation was reversed.”

“We’ll never know since she’ll never be in that situation.”

I hung my head in shame listening to him defend me. I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to make things right with us, but I was determined to try should Marcus give me the chance.
For now I needed to push those thoughts aside and focus on getting Ceula returned safely.

“Marisol, where is my daughter?”

“Let’s play a game.”

“A game!? This is my child’s life you heartless bitch! I’m not playing any games!”

Her sinister laughter rang out over the speaker. “Temper, temper girl. If you want her back whole and not in pieces, we play!”

“What is this game?” Marcus asked.

“Ah good the sensible one. I have a riddle for you. Figure it out, you can get the next clue. Maids and men walking through sand. Don’t you remember where it all began? Twenty-four hours…tick tock, tick tock.”

She disconnected the call, leaving us both confused as to what she meant. I grabbed for the phone. She had my baby and I needed her back safe and unharmed.

“Who are you calling?” that same edge was in his voice.

“Trey,” I lied. “May…maybe she’s lying and Cece is safe at home.”

With shaking hands, I quickly dialed the number to her house. It rang and rang, but no answer. I hung up and tried his cell.


“Trey! Oh thank god have you heard from CeCe?”

“No, she is at some spa retreat for the weekend. Limited cell phone access. Why?”

Shit! Shit! Shit! I couldn’t tell him. Not right now. He had to look after Ashley I didn’t need him worrying.

“No…no reason. I just needed to talk to her.”

“Why didn’t you tell him?” Marcus asked after I’d hung up the phone. “He has a right to know his wife has been kidnapped!”

I looked at him, but didn’t respond. I thought back over Marisol’s riddle. What the hell did she mean? Mulo. I looked at Marcus and knew he was not an option. If I called him, my marriage was as good as over, but at the same time how could I put Marcus’ feelings over Ceula’s life?

“Amari!” Marcus yelled, getting my attention. “He needs to know.”

“What did she mean Marcus? I…I don’t know what she meant!”

My breathing became restricted, the phone fell from my hand. I started shaking, I couldn’t think. I don’t know what she meant.

“What did she mean? What did she mean?”
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday

So just like last year, I missed the anniversary of Kiss. It turned three on 7/20/14. Hard to believe that this story is still going after all this time and that is still holds your interests! Thank you for all the support over the last 3 years. I keep going because you guys keep enjoying it!!! We are headed towards the end and NO I don't know how it will end yet. It's all still up in the air at this point. I thought I knew, but like with most things my characters are taking over and changing shit! LOL No matter how it ends, I hope you all will enjoy it.

Thanks for the support! I hope you all will join me at my new story Retraction. I am working to get it kicked off soon.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chapter 116-Crossroads

The house was tense. Finley picked up on it, and started spending a lot of time out with Zana. Marcus and I barely spoke, and when we did, it was about the kids. I’d tried to talk to him about us, but he would shut me down every time. Nothing I could say would make this better for him. I’d betrayed him in the worst possible way. I’d fought against my attraction to Mulo, and he showed a will power I didn’t know he possessed in keeping me from crossing that line. We got close, too close many times and no explanation was going to help Marcus deal with that. Each day that went by, I felt the wall between us grow. I thought being without him was lonely, but I realized I hadn’t truly experienced loneliness until now. To be so estranged that it seemed like I truly didn’t exist to him made me feel more isolated than I ever have.

“Marcus, how much longer will we go on like this?” I asked once we got the babies down for the night.

Most nights he ignored me when I spoke, at least tonight he stopped as if he were considering answering my question.

“I didn’t sleep with him Marcus. He wouldn’t let me go there because he knew how much I loved you and he knew what that would do to me to betray you that way,” I continued trying to capitalize on the moment.

Silence. I thought he was going to just walk away like normal, but he didn’t.

“You expect me to believe that you spent all that time with him and you didn’t once have sex with him? On top of that, he was the one to say no? Don’t insult me by lying Amari, it won’t help anything.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Finley close the door to her room. This was not a conversation to have in the hallway especially if things got heated. He stepped forward quickly, grabbing onto my arm and pulled me into our room. I moved away from him as he closed the door. The look on his face was the same one from the night I returned home and I knew that he was still just as angry now as he was then.

“I’m not lying to you Marcus. I won’t say we didn’t come close, because we did.” I backed up more when I saw Marcus’ jaw clench and his hands ball into fists at my admission. “As much as it pains me to say we did…but…we never…I swear we didn’t.”

“But you wanted to.”

“It was out of my control. You’ve been through it. I was struggling Marcus. I nearly killed 3 people, I couldn’t handle the plasma options, so there was only him. Feeding from him made things worse. It was out of my control.”

“You could have come home Amari! You had other options, yet you chose to stay there, with him so don’t talk to me about things being out of your control. It sounds like an excuse to me.”

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Monday, August 4, 2014

I've been thinking...

So after reading the comments on the last two chapters I wanted to do a small for fun poll. I know most of you are Team Marcus, but there are a few Team Mulo fans as well.

This story is coming to an end, and like with Fiendish I will give it a proper send off. The ending is not yet written, and again like Fiendish this story has morphed from what I had originally planned for an outcome when it was all said and done. Oh who am I kidding? This entire freaking story changed LOL.

Anyway, as I bring it to a close, I wondered what you guys hoped to see as an ending in regards to who Amari ends up with.

Feel free to express yourself in the comments below.

  • Team Marcus
  • Team Mulo
  • Undecided
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