Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chapter 117-Talking In Riddles

“Where is she?”

“Sleeping right now.”

“Let her go Marisol…this isn’t about her!”

“Oh, you silly girl, but it is. I told you should you not complete your task she would be the one to do it. Now that you are unable to do as I need, she will step in for you!”

My entire body shook. I knew there was only a matter of time before Marisol reared her ugly head again. She had my baby, the one child that seemed to have the worst of it in life.

“What do you want?” Marcus asked grabbing the phone from me.

“What makes you think I want anything?”

“You wouldn’t have called otherwise. If you were going to force Cece into anything you would have done so without announcing your plans. You want something so what is it?”

There was silence on her end for a moment. “How’s the marriage?”

Marcus’ eyes met mine. “It’s fine,” he answered with a bit of edge in his voice.

“Really…you are a forgiving man then. I wonder if your wife would be as forgiving if the situation was reversed.”

“We’ll never know since she’ll never be in that situation.”

I hung my head in shame listening to him defend me. I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to make things right with us, but I was determined to try should Marcus give me the chance.
For now I needed to push those thoughts aside and focus on getting Ceula returned safely.

“Marisol, where is my daughter?”

“Let’s play a game.”

“A game!? This is my child’s life you heartless bitch! I’m not playing any games!”

Her sinister laughter rang out over the speaker. “Temper, temper girl. If you want her back whole and not in pieces, we play!”

“What is this game?” Marcus asked.

“Ah good the sensible one. I have a riddle for you. Figure it out, you can get the next clue. Maids and men walking through sand. Don’t you remember where it all began? Twenty-four hours…tick tock, tick tock.”

She disconnected the call, leaving us both confused as to what she meant. I grabbed for the phone. She had my baby and I needed her back safe and unharmed.

“Who are you calling?” that same edge was in his voice.

“Trey,” I lied. “May…maybe she’s lying and Cece is safe at home.”

With shaking hands, I quickly dialed the number to her house. It rang and rang, but no answer. I hung up and tried his cell.


“Trey! Oh thank god have you heard from CeCe?”

“No, she is at some spa retreat for the weekend. Limited cell phone access. Why?”

Shit! Shit! Shit! I couldn’t tell him. Not right now. He had to look after Ashley I didn’t need him worrying.

“No…no reason. I just needed to talk to her.”

“Why didn’t you tell him?” Marcus asked after I’d hung up the phone. “He has a right to know his wife has been kidnapped!”

I looked at him, but didn’t respond. I thought back over Marisol’s riddle. What the hell did she mean? Mulo. I looked at Marcus and knew he was not an option. If I called him, my marriage was as good as over, but at the same time how could I put Marcus’ feelings over Ceula’s life?

“Amari!” Marcus yelled, getting my attention. “He needs to know.”

“What did she mean Marcus? I…I don’t know what she meant!”

My breathing became restricted, the phone fell from my hand. I started shaking, I couldn’t think. I don’t know what she meant.

“What did she mean? What did she mean?”

I felt Marcus putting his arms around me, making me sit on the ottoman.

“Baby, you need to calm down.”

“Calm down! My child is in the hands of a mad woman and she’s playing fucking games and you want me to calm down?!”

I pushed Marcus off me. I needed air. I needed help. I needed…him. I turned to look at Marcus with a heavy heart. The look on his face told me he knew what I was thinking.


“It’s him.”


“The words she said. Don’t you remember. You danced with him at our wedding, our first wedding.”

“The beach? She has her at the beach? Oh my god Marcus!” I threw my arms around his neck, he didn’t return the embrace. “I…I have to go,” I said stepping back from him.

“And do what? You can’t handle her on your own.”

“What choice do I have? I have to go!”

He left the room and walked over to Finley’s and knocked on her door.

“We have to go out. Call Elton, he lives closest.”

“What’s going on?” she asked, looking from Marcus to me.

I waited to see if he would tell her or not. “There’s something your mom and I need to take care of.”

He gave her a kiss on the forehead then started down the steps. I gave her a quick hug before following behind Marcus. The car ride was quiet. I was nervous, wondering what we’d be walking into. 

The rain was still coming down thick and I listened to the steady rhythm of the wipers moving across the window.  That place didn’t hold the happy memories it was supposed to. I only needed to look at how tightly Marcus’ jaw was clenched to see that. Being reminded of the vows I’d made to Mulo on our wedding day was the last thing either of us needed, and I’m sure Marisol used those words for that very reason. 

I closed my eyes, the memory of the words spoken, the dance we’d shared replaying in my mind. Then I was hit with the look on Marcus’ face that day when he realized what I had done. How hurt he was. How betrayed he’d felt.

“We’re here.” His voice broke through. I wiped away a tear, pushing those thoughts away.

“Where would she have her?” I asked looking around the deserted beach.

On one of the tables I spotted balloons tied to the bench. They seemed out of place, and I started walking towards them. On the table, in a bag was Cecula’s phone. On the screen another riddle.

Wedding vows and lover’s spurned.
It was here where the truth was learned.

So in an absolute surprising turn of events, Mulo is actually in the lead on the poll. I honestly expected Marcus to be the fan favorite by a land slide! I guess Mulo has more undercover fans than I knew. 
As of today:
Mulo 41
Marcus 32
Undecided 7


  1. Marisol.... mmm.. Thought she will come back.. Good episode as usual.. :)

    1. Yep...she always shows back up when Amari is already down. :( Glad you enjoyed it.

      thanks for reading

  2. Damn. I hope they find Ceula in time.'s time for that bitch to die. Seriously. She always seems to pop up when Amari is already on the ground just to kick her and throw dirt in her eyes. The woman is just a pain.

    And poor Marcus :( His life has been completely turned upside down just so he could be with the woman he loves. This is such a terrible thing for him to have to constantly go through just to prove himself to her.

    I guess you made the asshole lovable to some. As much heartache and pain he's caused Amari, people still want to see her and Mulo together. Strange times. I guess it goes back to that saying "good guys finish last" since women love their bad boys.

    1. Let's hope so. Marisol does need to die. She watches everything from a distance and knows when to strike. LOL. She needed to be ended before she ruins Ceula's life!

      Yeah...Marcus. He just love Amari and is punished to no end for that love! A lesser man would have thrown in the towel and said fuck it a long time ago. It really speaks to his character that he has stayed and tried to make it work will all the odds are against him.

      LOL I guess he has made himself lovable to some. Mulo never tries to be anything other than who he is. For better or worse you know exactly what you are getting. :( Bad boys that can maybe be redeemed...people love them. Sadly more than good guys. :(

      thanks for reading

  3. Poll, what poll? Did I vote? Am I suffering from Dory syndrome?

    Riddles, I love riddles!
    I know this is all bad, but I can't help feel giddy over the riddles.
    Did I have a feeling it could be Marisol, I'll give it to you, no, I didn't! To be honest I kinda forgot about her... wow, I know, right?

    I have a feeling this will all lead to Mulo's doorstep... This is very 'warui'

    1. LOL...I sent you a message on FB about the poll

      We can thank DJ for the riddles. I suck at coming up with that kind of stuff. I knew I wanted them, but she's the lyrical genius behind them. :) What???? You didn't think it would be Marisol??? Who else would call to taunt Amari in such a way? Flo is dead and Mulo would never hurt the kids.

      All roads lead back to Mulo.

      thanks for reading

  4. Oh, I feel so sorry for Amari... Ceula had so pay for what she's doing, so out of line with EVERYTHING. Loving the riddles too, brilliant twist, never saw it coming :D

    1. Amari really has been handed lemons in life. :( She can't catch a break. Now Ceula is at risk to pay for something NEITHER of them are responsible for. Marisol has taken a woman scorned to a whole new level!

      thanks for reading

  5. A poll? Oh where where? haha....

    This is insane... I can't believe that Marisol came back like this. Of course she would grab Cece...
    Can't Mulo 'hear' her? She should have called Aric. What a mess. Marcus is still being somewhat of a dork.

    1. LOL did you find the poll? If not I'll message you.

      Marisol had given Amari this warning before, that Ceula would have to complete the task should Amari fail. With everything going on, Amari hadn't even thought about that, plus she didn't think Marisol knew she was unable to have kids anymore.

      Now that she's been turned, the link they share isn't as strong. She talked about it 2 chapters back. If she concentrated, the could communicate but it was limited and such now. She would have to call him, and she couldn't do that with Marcus there. She could (and probably will) call Aric at some point, but tonight she just thought it was one clue. Now she knows it's not.

      LoL Marcus...he's struggling. :( He doesn't mean to be a dork, but he's really gotten a raw deal here as well.

      thanks for reading.

  6. Such a great chapter! I can't stand that woman, something needs to be done about her. Love the twist with the riddles, so clever!! Mulo is in the lead?!? Surprise! As much as.I love Marcus, he will need to do something incredible to make up the lead. Maybe he'll be the one to kill Marisol,,

    1. Glad you liked it! Marisol has made no friends LOL. Hopefully this will lead to her demise, but we'll have to wait and see.

      Glad you like the riddles. Marisol likes to taunt Amari and so she is all for playing games.

      It's so crazy that Marcus has to fight for the lead. He's been nothing but good to Amari. True they've had their fights, but it's been because he's having to fight for Amari's affections. She's not really been fair to him, but he still tried and tried to make it work because he loved her. Maybe that's his downfall. :( He should have cut his loses earlier, but he couldn't walk away.

      I don't know what will happen ( I really really don't) so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

      thanks for reading

  7. The first thing I thought about when I saw "Lets play a game" I immediately thought about the Saw movies. Those are some great torture movies! But anyways, I knew that the first person should would think about was Mulo. That's the only person she thinks about when something goes wrong. I knew it. I'm surprised she didn't mentally communicate with him on the ride there or something.
    And yup! I knew he would win.

    1. LOL...Saw nice. I only saw the first one.

      Yeah, just like Marcus said, she always seems to turn to Mulo when things are down. That is his biggest issue with her. Mulo has turn their lives upside down countless times, and yet she still goes to him. That hurts him. A lot. Um, she couldn't talk to him. Their connection is limited now that she's turned.

      I am very surprised Mulo is winning. Marcus has done nothing but tried to love Amari and gets punished time and time again for that. :( I guess Mulo gives her that unconditional thing that Marcus doesn't. Marcus expects her to not want Mulo. He expects her to love him and only him and the fact that she can't, not like he wants, pisses him off. :( Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

      thanks for reading :)

  8. Uggghhh Marisol, that stupid psychotic bitch needs to just go away for good, preferably by dying. Of course she had to show up now, just to make Amari's life more complicated than it already is. >.< Poor Amari. And Cece, damn, I feel bad for her too, Marisol's newest victim... I hope they find her fast.

    1. LOL...yep that's Marisol all right. George really picked a winner with that one. You all want her to die, and that just might happen. Not sure yet, we'll have to see. She loves making Amari's life miserable. She's sank her teeth into her (so to speak) and won't let go, no matter how irrational her quest for revenge may be.

      Yep, Ceula. She's had it hard in life and doesn't need this. Hopefully they will find her before Marisol can do any damage.

      thanks for reading

  9. For an old vampire Marisol sure has time for games. Ugh, someone should just kill her for once and for all. I wonder who between Marcus and Mulo will do the job. Maybe they can put aside their differences long enough to get rid her. She needs to go away!

    And I don't know, something about the way she kept goading Marcus about his marriage makes me worry. Does she know something about Marcus that Amari is not aware of? Something Marcus himself might not be aware of?

    Hopefully they can get to Ceula before something bad happens to her.

    1. Marisol only has time on her hands LOL. She leads a lonely and vengeful life. Hopefully they will be able to take her out once and for all. If those two could manage to work together it would be a miracle. LOL

      She is goading them because she knows things are on the rocks. She wanted Amari to give Marcus up a long time ago as payment for getting out of the challenge. Marcus didn't want her, and Amari wouldn't agree to trade his life for hers. Marisol has been unwanted by all the men in her life. George left her, Mulo left her, and Marcus rather die than leave Amari...makes Marisol one bitter woman.

      Hopefully they can get to her.

      thanks for reading.

  10. Oh no, I hope they get Cece back safely..

    1. Amari sure is going to try. Marisol had to rear her ugly head again.

      thanks for reading

  11. This is getting thrilling!! Have you ever considered writing a thriller? You're good at this tension stuff!

    1. Nope, I haven't thought about a thriller. Those require a lot of planning to keep things interesting. I'm not sure I can pull that off for a whole story. But thank you for the kind words.

      thanks for reading