Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chapter 118-The Game Continues

Aric sat staring at CeCe’s phone. After getting the second message I knew I had to let them know what was going on. Talking to Trey was hard. He was angry and with good reason. Accusations were thrown and I let him get it all off his chest. Once he was done Marcus convinced him that his most important job was taking care of Ashley until we brought her mother home.

The triplets rotated shifts at his house helping him out with Ashley and making sure he didn’t try and run off to do anything rash. Bynni made attempts to contact Marisol, but to no avail. The stress level at the house was high. Finley was temporarily staying with Dunham and Embry. Marcus and I barely were able to function, let alone take care of the quads. Nina would came to help out at times as did Bynni. They both offered to take them, but they were still too little to be shuffled around like that. We all tried to figure out the riddle, but no one had any idea what the next message meant.

Wedding vows and lover’s spurned.
It was here where the truth was learned.

Marcus and I had been married three times, but no truths were learned at our other weddings. One of the babies started crying and I got up to go check, Aric followed.

He walked over and turned off the baby monitor. “Have you called him?”

Mulo had been the elephant in the room that no one wanted to mention. I just shook my head. I had so far resisted the urge to fall into old patterns by going to him for help. For Aric to suggest bringing his father in only made the seriousness of what we faced an even harder reality.

“I can’t. He can’t always be my crutch.”

“Mom, anyone that is in the room with you and Marcus can feel the tension. But this is Ceula’s life at stake.”

“You think I don’t know that?” I yelled making Gabby cry. I took a deep breath and tried to calm her back down. “That’s all I’ve thought about since getting that phone call.” I said in a softer voice. “Aric, if I call him…if he is needed…then…”

“Then your marriage is over,” he said finishing my statement.

I nodded in reply. “I feel torn like I’m having to make a choice between my husband and my daughter and I hate it.”

“If he loves you Mom, really loves you, Marcus wouldn’t make it a choice. He would just accept and understand what needs to be done and put his pride aside. I’m not a fan of my father, but even I know when he is useful.”

We finished getting the babies settled in silence. I knew everything Aric said was true, but I couldn’t fault Marcus for his feelings. I’d made a bad situation worse with my actions and for that I took full responsibility. I never wanted to hurt Marcus but I had in the most stupidest of ways. Once the babies were settled we headed back downstairs.

“What are you doing here?”

I stopped moving when I heard Marcus’ voice and he didn’t sound happy. Aric looked back at me, we both had the same thought. I held my breath waiting to hear a response. Since there wasn’t instant fighting, maybe it wasn’t him.

“She’s my daughter and I’m here to help.”

“George?” I said as I reached the landing. “I told you I never wanted to see you again.”

“I know…but we need to talk,” he replied walking into the house. He looked back at Marcus and added, “Alone.”

I looked past my father towards Marcus “No. Whatever you have to say can be said in front of everyone.”

I directed him towards the living room feeling confused. He started all of this, how could he possibly help, but at this point it was only fair to explore all my options.

“Well,” he said nervously rubbing his neck, “I would ask how you’ve been but something tells me you aren’t in the mood for pleasantries.”

“You’d be right about that,” I said taking a seat on the sofa. Marcus surprised me by taking a seat next to me on the arm of the chair.

“A few months ago…Mulo came to see me. He said he was working on a way to get Marisol out of your life.”

I thought about what he’d said to me on the island when I’d asked about Marisol. He only replied he was taking care of it. I had no idea whatever he was planning would have involved my father.

“And what is this grand plan of his?” Marcus asked. “Because if he had one, he should have enacted it before Ceula was put in danger.”

“Well some things take time and no one could predict that Marisol would do this,” George countered.

The tension in the room was thick. Everyone was on edge and it meant cloudy judgment if things got off track.

“I don’t care what the plan is right now, all I want is my baby back! But we can’t get her back because Marisol is playing fucking games and leaving riddles like a child!”


“Yeah,” Aric answered showing George the phone.

“I don’t know what truth she’s talking about. She’s crazy and makes no sense!”

George thought for a moment, repeating the verse in a low murmur to himself.

“The kid’s weddings. Aric and Bynni, she was there. It’s where…”

“Where she told me how you so freely traded my life for yours.”

Guilt and shame flashed across his face. “Amari, I know now that…”

“That what George? You were wrong? Save your apologies,” I said holding up my hand to stop his talking. I didn’t want to go down that road with him. He clamped his lips shut. “I have to go.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“No. Whatever part you play in this I’ll put up with to get my child back, but you being around me needs to be in a limited fashion. Please be gone when we get back. Aric, stay here.” I turned to Marcus, “Drive me please.”

He nodded and I exited without casting another glance in George’s direction. In the car, Marcus didn’t speak.

I wanted him to hold my hand, to offer me some comfort, but he kept both hands firmly gripping the steering wheel. I wrapped my arms around myself attempting to keep my emotions in check. I was breaking, the stress of it all was taking its toll on me, but I couldn’t fall apart. Not yet anyway. We arrived at the place and I sat unable to get out of the car right away. Marcus killed the engine and waited.

“I’ll go, just tell me where the ceremony was held.”

“No,” I said shaking my head. “I…I’ll go.”

We both got out of the car and he followed me towards the back garden area. I didn’t see anything at first, but Marcus spotted a teddy bear tied to the fence with a note pinned to its overalls. He untied it and read the words out loud.

“Twice of life both bitter and sweet, frail young things you never shall meet.”

I backed away from him and the bear in his hands, shaking my head frantically.

“She wouldn’t…” I whispered. My body began to tremble; I didn’t want to play this game anymore.

“Amari?” Marcus wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his chest.


  1. Ugh...George! Really? He's still alive huh? Damn shame.

    It's really sad, the state of Marcus and Amari's relationship. They have so much to work through. Aric and everyone else can see that this tension is almost unbearable between them. I don't know what it will take to get things back to the way they were. But I really hope they can figure it out for the sake of their love and their newborns.

    I guess George came in at the nick of time to figure out that one riddle. It's funny he actually expects Amari to hear him apologize for royally screwing her over AND getting her twin killed on top of that. He's a terrible excuse for a father and an even worse example of man. He needs to join Marisol in death.

    And if that last riddle means what I think it does, then that is just fucking wrong. I can't wait for Marisol to die. :(

    Poor Amari.

    1. LOL yes DJ George is still alive.

      Their relationship is hanging on by a thread, a well worn, frayed thread. When trust is broken it's hard to come back from that and Marcus is struggling. Right now their issues have been put on hold because of this thing with Cece but Aric said it, anyone in the room with them can feel it. :(

      George did just 'happen' to have good timing didn't he. Good luck or something more???? he really does want to apologize, but there's no coming back from what he did. He was her father, and he discarded her so easily. Both her and her sister. No amount of sorry can fix that.

      Well it is Marisol and we all know she is not above doing any and everything to hurt people. :( So yeah it means what you think it does sadly.

      thanks for reading

  2. Wow, I have no idea what to say except that Marisol is taking the revenge thing a bit too far. Amari seems to be a magnet for bad luck and bad choices, she just can't seem to catch a break. As for George, he deserves to spend the rest of his life with Marisol.

    1. Marisol has nothing but time and hate on her hands! She's lost 2 men she's loved to someone else and they happen to be in the same family. The moment Mulo fell for Amari signed her 'death' warrant as far as Marisol was concerned. She takes woman scorned to a whole new level and NONE of it was Amari's fault.

      they are meant for each other it would seem.

      thanks for reading

  3. I'm terrible with riddles so I have no idea what it means but I really hope we find her daughter soon. Plus I hope that evil woman gets what she deserves!!!

    1. LOL it's ok, I'll give the answer in the next chapter. It's a not so fun trip down memory lane.

      Hopefully they will find Cece unharmed and Marisol can be dealt with.

      thanks for reading

  4. Oh no. Could the next place possible be
    The grave of the twins that Amari lost? Marisol is a real jerkass if that is the next destination. Also, I didn't know they had a dog. And that 12th image, the one with the dog, makes Aric look like such a badass.

    1. Marisol is very much a jerkass plus a few other choice words.

      They've had the dogs for a while, back before Amari found out about the cancer, shortly after their first wedding. Every once in a while they photo-bomb my shots. LOL

      Aric is a badass! He's still my favorite kid!!!!

      thanks for reading

  5. Aric is so right about Marcus needing to let Amari do what she needs in order to make sure Cece is safe. He is the voice of reason. I guess her Dad's appearance was good for something.
    This game of chase seems to be designed to wear Amari out and really defeat her. I think Marisol has a little more than revenge for the Father on her mind. She seems to be torturing Amari for the fun of it, or maybe she has a personal issue now that goes beyond her initial revenge.

    1. Yes Aric is right and Amari feels the same way but with things being so tense with them she's afraid to say anything. :( George won't win any father of the year awards, but he was needed then and it wasn't by accident he was sent to help.

      Yes that's exactly what this is. Marisol feels like she's lost everything and is out to hurt Amari in anyway she can. It started out with Amari's father, but Marisol was/is in love with Mulo. When he fell for Amari she sort of lost it. This is the second time a man she loved left her for a human. This is all about a woman scorned. Amari is not at fault, but she's being made to pay.

      thanks for reading

  6. Why is Marisol such an evil bitch? That's just low, even for scum like her.

    1. because her mother didn't hug her enough???? LOL she's just evil to the core, feeling rejected by the men she loved and is out to make everyone suffer. :(

      thanks for reading

  7. I may have to borrow Marisol so I can torture her. (I mean I'm sure she comes with Bridgeport anyway, but it feels like that's a different, alternate universe Marisol who has nothing to do with this)

    1. hahaha Marisol, she's never been anyone's favorite. She is an evil woman for sure.

      thanks for reading