Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chapter 119-Putting It Aside


Marcus held me, kissing the top of my head and giving me the comfort I so desperately needed in that moment. She was out to hurt me in every way she could. These riddles were not just opening old wounds, but also filling them with buckets of salt. Each one seemed to cause me more grief than the one before it.

“We have to go to Eden Woods Memorial Gardens,” I said quietly.

“What’s…” he didn’t need to finish that sentence when it dawned on him what I’d said. Marcus wrapped his arms tighter around me and I welcomed the embrace.

“I’m going to take you home and I’ll go.”

“No,” I said pulling away. I wiped the tears from my eyes. “I can do this.”

“Amari, you don’t have to.” He stepped closer to me and for the first time since I got home I felt the warmth and caring I used to get from him. “My attitude hasn’t helped and I’m sorry. I’m angry and hurt and when this is all over, there will be a lot we’re going to have to talk about. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but right now, you need me and my support and you have that. Fully.”

I looked up at him and gave him a weary smile. I had to focus on the right now because it may be all I’d have. I stretched up on my toes and pressed my lips to his. I expected him to pull away, but he didn’t. His arms tightened around me, his mouth took control. Our tongues danced, the kiss was desperate. 

I pressed my body against his hoping he could feel how much I needed him, how much I loved him. His fingers tangled in my hair, yanking my head to the side as he broke from the kiss. His nose ran down the side of my neck, my hands clawed at his back, all senses heightened. The deep woodsy scent of his cologne tickled my nose. I wanted him in that moment more than I’d ever wanted anything in life. I felt his fangs scrape my neck, his other hand moved down to cup my ass, giving it a hard squeeze. My body prepared itself for what it hoped would come; the scent of my arousal was mingled in the air around us. Marcus let out a low groan before leaning up to look at me. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“We should go.”

I felt instantly cold and alone without his body pressed to mine. I put my hand on my tingling lips, recalling the passion we’d shared just moments before and nodded in agreement. The ride to the cemetery was quiet, but Marcus held my hand, softly stroking my knuckles with his thumb.

When we arrived, Marcus held my hand as we walked to the graves where the twins were laid to rest. The hydrangeas were in full bloom creating a beautiful back drop. A gentle breeze blew causing the tall sunflowers to sway. Light, floral scents were dispersed into the air. The cool air caressed my arms causing goosebumps to pop up on my skin. The sounds of birds chirping in the distance was the only thing that disrupted the silence. I pulled my hand free as we approached. There was a rose and a note sitting atop one of the tombstones. I placed a kiss on both, then handed Marcus the items before taking a seat in the plush, well manicured grass.

“It’s been too long since I visited last.” I said softly. “I should do better, but you’re always in mommy’s heart.” I brushed away stray leaves that were scattered around. Running my hand over the cold, smooth marble I traced the outline of the baby booties that were engraved on the name plates.

Marisol was an evil bitch. It’s not that I didn’t like coming here, I had on different occasions, but they should never have been used in this sick game of hers. She already had one of my children and now she’d trampled over their memory. I couldn't understand how someone so heartless could exist in this world. Whatever plan Mulo had in place I hope called for her slow and painful death.

I stood, wiping tears from my eyes. “What does it say?”

Marcus opened the note. “Lies and deceit did heartache bring, she is now the one that wears the ring.”

I felt myself frown. “Ring? What that makes no sense.”

Marcus clenched his jaw for a moment before speaking. “Did…Mulo ever give you one?” I shook my head. “Maybe he gave one to her then.”

An irrational ping of jealousy went through me that I quickly pushed away. “It’s possible, but…”

“But what?”

“I need to talk to George first. They use to date, that’s why this all started, so it’s possible maybe they were engaged.”

Marcus looked relieved that I wouldn’t have to see Mulo, at least not yet. Who knew how many more clues I’d have and where they’d lead me. My only prayer in all of this was that Marisol hadn’t done anything to Ceula. Mainly restoring her memories of her time with David. I didn’t want my baby to relive that.

When we got home, George was gone but he’d left a number with Aric. After having dinner and checking on the babies, I went to my room to call him. The sooner I got this over the better. He answered on the fourth ring.

“Did you ever give Marisol a ring?” He was silent on the other end. “George, did you hear me?”

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that, Amari. I am still your father.”

“You lost the right to be called father when you traded the lives of both me and my sister to keep your lie going.”

Marcus walked in and took a seat on the bed. He didn't say anything, his presence alone was enough to give me comfort.

“Will you ever forgive me for what I’ve done?” George sounded so different now. Gone was he anger and hostility he’d held onto even when faced with his actions. Now he sounded like a dejected old man looking for solace.

 “You were my father. You, above all else, should have protected us from harm.”

My statement was met with silence and I waited not so patiently for him to answer the question I’d first asked.

“We’re going to have to go to Riverview,” he said finally.


“Your mother has the ring.”

I took the phone away from my ear and stared at it for a moment.

“Amari what is it?” Marcus asked.

“I…I think my father just admitted to giving the same ring to my mother that Marisol once wore.”

I hoped I was wrong, I hoped that he would have at least had the decency to buy another ring, but no denial came from the other end of the line.

“Amari, you call your mother to make sure she’s alright and I’ll make plans for us to fly out tomorrow, hopefully.”

I hung up and quickly called Mom. She was fine, for all intents and purposes. I started to tell her I was coming, but that would have opened up questions I didn’t know how to answer at that moment.

“Are you going to be okay traveling with him tomorrow?” Marcus asked once I got off the phone.

He wrapped his strong arms around me and I leaned into the embrace, grateful for the temporary truce that was called.

“Three hours on a plane with the man that set all this in motion. Why didn’t he love us? We were his children, his flesh and blood but we were so easily disposed of to make his life easier. How could he….he let my sister die, he let my life be destroyed…” A sob escaped my throat.

 I’d spent a lot of time forcing myself to not acknowledge what he'd done, what he'd allowed to happen. I put my energy instead into trying to take care of my children, to protect them and love them to the best of my ability. But now everything was being shoved in my face, forcing me to confront it. If only he had loved us more than he loved himself, none of the pain and heartache I’ve gone through would have happened.

Marcus carried me over to the bed; I clung to his neck not wanting to be alone tonight. I feared he’d leave me, going to sleep in the boys’ old room like he had been, but he settled down next to me. I clung to Marcus, needing the comfort, needing to feel loved and wanted, even if it was only temporary. He stroked my hair and held me close.

“Sometimes it’s the ones we love that we hurt the most,” he said, pressing his lips to my hair.

I nodded my understanding. He wasn’t just talking about my father, that statement was about us as well. We’d both caused each other heartache and I hated my role in the breakdown of our marriage. I knew he was putting our issues aside for now, but I prayed that once we got Cece back he'd give me another chance. I needed a chance to make it right with us. Marcus tilted my chin, his lips came crushing down.

Marcus' hard body covered mine as our mouths continued to move in perfect sync. Our bodies quickly became entangled. Fabric was ripped as we impatiently torn at the barriers of our clothes. With his knee, he forced my legs apart, I could feel his pulsating erection pressing against me. The desperation, passion, and need from earlier was back full force and this time I prayed he wouldn’t pull away. Everything stopped when Marcus pinned me down. He loomed above me, bare chested, eyes blazing, fangs fully extended.

“You no longer have a choice!” he growled.

A shiver of fear and anticipation ran through me. I didn’t need him to elaborate, so I simply nodded my agreement. He leaned down, running his nose along the column of my neck. I heard him take a deep inhale before roughly sinking his teeth into my throbbing vein as he thrust forward, claiming me. Each forceful pump into my body claimed me. Mind, body and soul. I wanted my hands free but he held me tight, so I wrapped my legs around his waist; needing to hold him in some way.  

The gentle sucking motion on my neck drove me wild. Just as I was close to losing all control, Marcus pulled away and kissed me hard. The taste of blood filled my mouth and I needed more. I needed his. Using the strength in my legs, I lifted my hips to meet his powerful thrusts. I broke from the kiss, lifting my head just enough to sink my fangs into the soft flesh of his shoulder.

As soon as the warm liquid filled my mouth every touch, every move became intensified. Our bodies moved in perfect sync, each of us knowing exactly what the other wanted. What we needed. The feeling of being completely connected to him was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Euphoria.

I felt his tongue lapping at the liquid that still dripped from my wounds. Every nerve ending was on high alert as he moved within me. I closed my eyes, biting down on my lip trying to keep my moans contained. Marcus shifted, both my wrists were held tightly in one hand, the other on my chin forcing me to look at him.

“Look at me!” His voice rolled over me like warm caramel and my eyes popped opened. A small shiver rolled down my spine at the sight of his piercing gaze which caught me by surprise.
“You will not hold back!” he growled.

Marcus pulled back then drove forward, harder, deeper, the rigid form of his shaft hammering my hilt. I cried out and writhed beneath him, the pleasure intensifying, my body floating with a tingling sensation; I knew I was close.

“That’s it baby! Give in, let go!” 

Marcus pounded into me harder, sliding faster against my chest. His muscled pecs caused slight friction on my already taut nipples and a ragged moan escaped my lips. Unable to hold it back any longer, I finally did as he commanded. The long-building orgasm broke loose and I screamed loudly as it washed over me. My body shook and shuddered, my hips bucked wildly and a gloating smile captured Marcus’ lips. I sighed heavily as the sound of my heartbeat pounded in my ears. Leaning up, I seized his mouth again longingly. Marcus kissed me back with an equal force and passion as I curled fingers up his back.

My hands were free, and our positions were now reversed. I sat atop him, staring deep into his beautiful eyes as I rode him hard. I moved myself along his massive shaft, each place he touched me set my body on fire. Marcus sat up, thrusting his hips upwards. My arms wrapped around his neck. I needed this, I needed him. Our lips met in fiery passion as we pushed each other further and further, our sweaty bodies connected in a primal coupling, saying all the things words could not express. My nails dug into his shoulders, his fingers gripped my hips. Marcus groaned out my name as I continued to grind against him pushing us to the edge until finally our climax broke free in perfect unison.

The two of us clung tightly to one another as our orgasms slowly subsided. Our ragged breathing filled the air. We were an exhausted tangle of arms and legs. Two bodies still as one.

“You’re mine, Amari. Now and forever!”

I hugged him tighter, tears streamed quietly down my cheeks. I nodded and I felt him kiss the top of my head and we quietly drifted off to sleep.


  1. HELL YEAH! Marcus staked his claim :D What? And wow! So awesome. Ok, admittedly, the "scary-take-control" Marcus from before was pretty intimidating. The always angry one. But he's manageable in bed :P He was all "Yeah that's right" everything except "Say my name!" Steamy!

    Amari had nerves of steel! I would have broken down and just staked that bitch. What kind of twisted game is she playing? AND MAN! Don't even get me started on that son of a bitch father of hers! WHAT? He gave her mom the same freaking ring he'd given to Marisol? Sick asshole! That man...seriously. There is a place in hell reserved for him! Pretty soon, Marisol will be keeping it warm for him. Those two deserve each other!

    P.S. OMG! OMG! OMG! I just realized you didn't do an R-rated and a PG-13 version of the scene like before! Oooooh! I'm gonna tell!

    1. Marcus has turned into quite the alpha male being a vamp. Amari was admittedly a little scared of him at times too, but she didn't mind it in bed. :P She needed to have him take control and make a decision about their relationship. He was sick of being in limbo and he sure as hell is not about to lose her to Mulo!! No way is he letting that happen.

      Well if she could find her, I'm sure Amari would have staked her, but sadly she doesn't know where she is yet. :( Amari is forced to continue playing this game. There is a special place in hell for George. I'm sure in his mind he figured he paid good money for that ring, he needed to use it. It is low and when she finds He and Marisol do deserve each other.

      hahahaha nope sure didn't do a PG-13 one. Last time everyone read the R-rated one instead so why make myself do the extra work????

      thanks for reading.

  2. I'm glad to see Marcus and Amari made up. However, I could never see Amari and her father making up; What he did was unforgivable and he should just live with it. Also, I miss Mulo. Feels like ages since we've seen him.

    1. Marcus and Amari have made up, possibly. Emotions are heightened, tensions are running high. They still have things to talk about once Cece is found.

      She won't ever make things up with her father. He let her down so many heartbreaking ways that there's no coming back from there.

      aww sorry you miss Mulo. I'll see if he can make a reappearance soon. It's in his nature to disappear for a while.

      thanks for reading.

  3. ~ I am guessing that Marcus won the Poll!?
    ~ Good to see Marcus showing some support for a change,he thinks things have been hard for him,he should see things through Amari's eyes,I think he would feel humbled & ashamed as his disappearance near broke her!
    ~ And the pain she has been through........................
    ~ Loving seeing the old Marcus catch up with the new one,finally!
    ~ Amari needs him,more than ever!
    ~ More please! (",)

    1. Actually Mulo won the poll ... As of now it is

      75 - Mulo
      38 - Marcus
      10 - Undecided

    2. The poll was a just because thing to see who people liked. It wasn't to have any bearing on the outcome of the story.

      Marcus is angry with good reason. He hates Mulo, with good reason, and the fact that his wife not only doesn't hate the man, but has feelings for him upsets him. He doesn't discount what she's been through and most of what she's been through has been at the hands of Mulo. :(

      Amari does need him and his support and he recognized that.

      @Anonymous, thanks for looking it up. I hadn't checked in a while. Last time I looked Mulo was surprisingly in the lead then as well.

      thanks for reading

  4. Good to see them working things out. Hopefully this is a sign they've turned over a new leaf in their relationship.

    1. they have a long way to go, but at least they have called a truce for now.

      thanks for reading

  5. Been waiting for this update for what seems like forever ... I think it was a good chapter ... However, I don't don't think that just because they had sex means things are gonna get better ... I am actually hoping it was just a moment of need for both of them ... Kind of like a stress relief for both of them or a heat of the moment thing ... One roll in the hay does not change what has happened and doesn't resolve anything ... They still have issues that have yet to be addressed ....

    I still think she belongs with Mulo and I agree with Tay R I miss Mulo ...

    I am and always have been Team Mulo ... I am still holding out hope they end up together ...

    1. It hasn't been that long has it? I think this was on schedule.

      They do have issues that need to be resolved and they will talk about things once the dust settles. The sex was needed. Emotions are high, stress is wearing them down, there's just so much happening.

      It's in Mulo's nature to disappear from time to time. He's always aware of what's happening, but he knows how things are with Marcus. Amari has told him she wants and needs to work things out with her husband so he's giving her space. I'm sure he'll be back to help complicate her life even more.

      Mulo has more fans than I knew. I guess they weren't as vocal as the Team Marcus fans, but they have shown their support of him, despite everything. :)

      The ending still isn't written, and as I told Karima, the poll wasn't to dictate who she ended up with, I just wanted to see how people felt. I have always written this story as it came to me, very little is planned out too far in advance. (crazy I know LOL) If I had planned, I don't think I would have ended up with this crazy love triangle.

      Thanks for reading

  6. Ok, my vote has officially changed to Marcus! Damn! Marcus in control and demanding, Oh my!! Now to deal with the evil witch causing so much pain. And wow, her father recycled the ring... that's low!

    1. hahahahaha....That controlling sex was the turning point for you huh? He's tried to be the nice guy. Understanding, but Amari has taken advantage of that. She's overlooked his feelings about the situation as a whole where Mulo is concerned and she needs to see that.

      If they can deal with Marisol, they will be on better ground, but they still have a lot to work out. And yes he did. George is a special kind of bastard.

      thanks for reading

  7. Love love LOVE this story! I stumbled across it from another Sims challenge story and I have been hooked ever since. You're an amazing writer and I can't wait to see what happens with Amari.

    1. Aww, so glad you are enjoying it. This story has been a long time running, it takes a lot of commitment to start late in the game and get through all the chapters. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Amari's had a rough life, but hopefully she'll find her happily ever after.

      thanks for reading

  8. Mulo.... hahaha... on the poll ;)
    Amari is right to place the blame on ole' George. It was really a selfish thing... but then I think about Amari's mother, and, George did what he did to protect his love, so, was he really wrong in making the deal? After all, his children move away and start lives while he married their Mom for life. I am sort of mixed about that now that I think on it deeper.

    I hope their making up doesn't come back to haunt. I know they both care for each other. It's just that they are both feeling grief or fear right now. Gods, I dunno. Good for them if this is really what they both need/want and I hope they can make it last.

    1. I never expected him to take the lead. It's crazy!

      None of this would have happened if not for George. He didn't do it to protect his love, he did it to stay with her. Marisol wanted him back, she gave him a choice, him or his daughters, he gave up his kids. :( True kids move away, but one was murdered and the other was forced into a life of servitude to pay HIS debt!!! George is a selfish hateful man.

      I don't know that the sex was as much making up as it was a desperate need to connect to someone. Yeah Marcus told her she no longer has a choice, but outside that moment, it's not that easy to just turn off the feelings she still has for Mulo. She can try to ignore them, but they are there and need to be dealt with. Once this is over, they still have a ways to go to repair their relationship.

      thanks for reading

  9. Replies
    1. they needed to work out some tension, the rest is yet to be seen

      thanks for reading