Friday, September 2, 2011

Chapter 36-A Daughter's Choice

CeCe spent a lot of time in her room after our conversation.  She didn't really want to be around anyone other than Nina.  She looked at her as the sister she lost with Bynni.  She was quietly shutting me out and it upset me but I was happy she did at least have someone she felt comfortable with.
I never spoke to Aric about his conversation with her.  I didn't see the point, he hadn't done anything but tell her the truth.  Bynni called on occasion, she was planning on visiting soon since she was now better with her self control.  It sounded like she was adjusting to her new life well.

The pregnancy was progressing but it was taking a toll on me.  I was tired a lot and found it hard to breathe.  I had gone into false labor a few times because no matter how hard I tried stress was an unavoidable part of my life. 

Dr. Delson finally decided to put me on limited bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I was suppose to sit around with my feet up and pretend everything was sunshine and rainbows.  Mulo would call but I wouldn't talk to him I knew if I did the outcome would be bad.  Besides he wasn't so much concerned about my well being as he was concerned that his offspring was still being incubated.

My biggest worry was my youngest child.  She seemed to be talking to her dad a lot more these days.  I would catch her hurrying to get off the phone when I would waddle into the room.  I finally decided I needed to try and talk to her.  Prom was coming up so maybe she would let me take her shopping.  I found her in the kitchen getting ready to do homework.
"Can we talk?"
"I have homework to do mom."
"Please it won't take long."
She let out an agitated sigh but closed her notebook but didn't want to look at me.
"I just wanted to catch up a bit.  See how school is going.  We haven't really talked much lately."
"School's fine and there's nothing really I want to talk to you about."
She saw the look of pain that came across my face when she said that.
"Mom, I'm sorry I didn't mean it that way.  It's just I have been thinking about things trying to work it all out."
"I might be able to help if you let me."
She looked down at the table.  I knew there was something she wanted to say but she was holding back.
"Ceula you can tell me anything."
"I want to live with dad.  I've already asked them and both he and Diane are happy with the idea."
I felt like I had just been hit in the face.  I couldn't find the words to express the shock I was feeling at that moment.
"He's coming to get me in two weeks." she finished softly.  The plans had already been made and I wasn't even included.  This wasn't right, she was my child.  I've been the one there trying my best to raise her and he still was taking her away but more importantly was the fact that she wanted to go.  She got up and left me sitting there dumbfounded.
"She's in the kitchen" I heard her say before running upstairs.
"You haven't been answering my calls."
"I was avoiding stress."  I closed my eyes as I was still trying to process what my daughter had just told me.  Then it dawned on me, he came at just the right time for once.
"You can fix this.  You can make her stay!"
"I can't."
"Yes you can!  You caused this, you brought this chaos and unhappiness into my life into her life and now she wants to leave.  She is running away because of you."
"Amari, it's not that easy and you need to keep calm.  I'm sure if you just talk to her..."
"No.  I won't be calm if she leaves.  I won't be calm knowing she's unhappy here in her home.  Do you know why she wants to leave?  Did you see that when you are poking around in my head?  She thinks you are going to turn her like you did Bynni.  She's scared, and confused and you need to fix it now!"

I was frantic at this point.  I knew it was probably very selfish not wanting her to go.  As her mother I should have her best interest at heart but I just couldn't bear the thought of her leaving me or facing my failures.  Being with Jesse would give her the best shot at a normal life, but letting her go was too hard.

"Amari stop this now!"  his voice was low and threatening.  I stared at him in shock mixed with fear.  He took a deep breathe and steadied his voice before speaking again.
"You need to calm down please."  He tried to lead me to chair but I pushed his hand away.
"Don't touch me.  You don't care about me you just care about the child I'm carrying"  He looked hurt when I said that but I couldn't believe it.  He could make me see anything.  I started feeling lightheaded but I couldn't stop.  I needed him to do this.
"Please.  Please I'll do whatever you want.  Just make her happy she doesn't deserve this."
I have never felt so powerless as I did at that moment. 
"Amari, I can't.  She's just a child and we can't alter the free will of a child."  He almost looked sincere when he spoke.  I felt sick when he said that.  I was ashamed I was begging this man to use mind control on my child.  I was no better than him or Marisol for trying to control her like that.
"Now please you are suppose to be in bed."  He tried to lead me towards the stairs but I jerked away from him.  When I did I felt a sharp pain in my side.

"Ow!" I yelped clinching my side.
"What's wrong?" he asked as he reached out for me.
"Get away." I yelled backing up from him before doubling over in pain.  The pain intensified.  I was unable to stand up straight and he had put his arms around me for support.  I felt a trickle down my leg.
"Please, God no it's too soon."  I whispered to myself. Mulo picked me up took me to his car and headed to the hospital.

 Mulo was the first thing I saw when I woke up but he was looking out of the window.  I instinctively placed my hand on my stomach.
"They didn't make it."  He didn't even turn to look at me before he walked out of the room.


  1. I have tears in my eyes. This was so sad! She is losing Bynni, and she lost her baby.

    Mulo is sad too! Amari doesn't feel like she has anyone.

    Loved it!

  2. This chapter broke my heart. I so wanted to see more vamp babies. Does this signal the end of her and mulo? Not fair. Not right. Not nice. In ny heart I kept hoping they'd work things out, and her pregnancy would fix the break between them.
    I'm so sad right now.

  3. Daisy--Amari still has Aric even if he seems to be a bit of a spy for his dad sometimes he is the constant non problematic person in her life.

    Val--so sorry, if it make you feel better it broke my heart to write it.

  4. So sad! She was carrying twins? ("They" didn't make it) I feel so terrible for them both - Amari losing CeCe and the babies, Mulo loving her but not being able to tell her.

    If he could've just told her he wouldn't turn CeCe, it might've been OK, but he didn't offer to do that. Was he going to turn her, too? Is he planning on turning any baby not already born a vamp? Is this part of that evil witches plan?

  5. Amazing! Poor Amari! Poor Mulo! If only he could support her more and tell her how he really feels!

  6. So sad. Her whole world is slowly falling apart. I hope she can overcome all this! Going to the next chapter.

  7. Oh no! Poor Amari! She has had it so rough, now this!

  8. "They"????? She had twins???? See Mulo all you had to do was leave her the fuck alone but NOOO you have to be in control! She told you that you were nothing but stress and now the kids are gone!

    Interesting turn because I had a question about that. (that 100 babies all need dif daddies) but you handled that without me having to ask!

    Now there's no excuse for Mulo to stay...didn't you miss your flight?

  9. Wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! :'(

  10. Poor girl's lost three kids in this one :( She must feel terrible, knowing that Cece isn't happy living with her and has even arranged to move without consulting her once :/ And now she's lost twins as well? I wouldn't be surprised if she entered a long episode of depression after all this :(

    1. Yeah, this was a rough update for Amari. Learning that Ceula is so unhappy she wants to leave and made arrangements behind her back. Then the stress of that causing premature labor. :( Life is not good for her at the moment.

      thanks for reading