Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chapter 40-Who is George Vinson

The silence in the kitchen was unbearable.  It was mom that spoke first.
"Do we also have a son-in-law?" she continued to put away the last of the groceries.
"I see."
"Is this why you came home?  Has this man put you and the kids out?"
"Can we please sit?  There's a lot I need to tell you both."
We walked into the dining room.  They both took a seat but I couldn't sit.  I was nervous and needed to keep moving.

I took a deep breathe and turned to look out of the window.  I couldn't face them as I told them everything, well almost everything.
"I don't know where to start."
"How about at the beginning."
I told them about Mulo and how excited I was to meet my idle.  I told them how we have had this very unusual romance but we weren't together.  I told them about Drake and I explained why things didn't work out with Jesse.  I didn't tell them about the fact that Mulo and two of my kids were vampires.  I didn't tell them about the twins I had just lost.  I didn't tell them about Marisol.  I figured I had given them enough shocking news.  Neither of them said anything when I finished speaking.  Mom was crying and dad was expressionless.  He wouldn't meet my gaze.  He got up and walked out of the house.
"I'm sorry mom."
"It's ok dear.  It's nothing we can't work through."  I wished I could have been so optimistic.
"So do you have any pictures of my grandkids?"
"No, sorry."
"When do we get to meet them?"
"Soon.  I'm going to go find dad."
"Ok dear."  I could see she was already planning some big family gathering.  I found dad in the garage.

I knocked on the door and he motioned for me to take a sit by him.
"Dad, I'm sorry."
"Is there more?"
I could only nod.
"Well get on with it, what didn't you want to tell your mother?"
"Well that depends on what you have to tell me about Marisol."
"It's a long story."
"Dad, I need to know."
"I suppose you do.  Just please keep in mind I was a different person then."
"If I've learned anything, it's we all make mistakes.  Now what is your relationship to Marisol?"
"I was her maker."
I thought I heard him wrong.  He couldn't be her maker, he wasn't a vampire.  This wasn't making any sense.  He saw the confusion on my face and started his story.

He had met her as a human and was in the mood for a new mate.  He played with her used her as his personal blood bank and she loved every moment of it because she loved him.  He didn't return those feelings but he enjoyed her other attributes too much to get rid of her so he overlooked her jealous side.  He was able to keep her in control since she was only a human.

"Things were getting worse when I met your mother.  Marisol was turned by then and her devotion to me was suffocating and the jealousy harder to control .  She would go into rages when I looked at another woman and would usually kill whoever it was.  I kept my desire for your mother hidden."

"Dad I don't understand, how is it that you are human?"
"Yes the million dollar question.  A witch.  I had heard tells of an ancient Egyptian witch who was powerful enough to curse our kind.  She had been forced into hiding but I sought her out.  After much convincing that it wasn't a trick and I wasn't going to have others come kill her she cursed me.  Which freed me to be with your mother."

I sat there listening trying to wrap my head around everything he was saying.  Who was this man?  This couldn't be my father.

"But why not just make her a vampire?"
"I loved her too much to do that to her."

"What about Marisol?"
"What about her?"
"How did she react?"
"I didn't tell her.  I just left one night and never came back."
He was so cold and matter of fact.  I couldn't believe this was the same man that doted on my mother.  There wasn't a day that went by when he didn't tell her he loved her or how beautiful she was but here he was sounding like a totally different person.  There had to be more, something I was missing because just being a jilted lover wouldn't bring on the rage Marisol seemed to have.

"What are you not telling me dad?"
"There must be something more.  Something you're holding back.  Do you know what she has been doing to my life?  Do you know how much pain and misery she has orchestrated towards me?"
"What are you talking about?"
"She wants children dad.  More specifically she wants me to have 100 children for her.  Do you know how crazy that sounds.  Do you know what that will do to me?  Tell me why?"
He turned his back to me. "Amari you're not making sense.  There's nothing more."
"Don't lie to me dad! Not now."
"Why kids?"
"Because I killed hers!" he yelled back at me.
"What?"  did he just say he had killed her child.  Who was this man?
"When she was still human, after we had been together for about 2 years or so she became pregnant with my child.  A child I didn't want.  I gave her a choice the baby or me.  I forced her to choose and I knew she would pick me.  She aborted but it was a different time then.  The procedure wasn't safe or legal and it almost killed her.  That's why I turned her but the abortion left her unable to have kids.  There was no fixing that.  I didn't care it solved a problem for me."

"How could you be so cruel?"
"I told you I was a different person then.  What do you want from me?"
"I want you to tell me why I have to pay for the sins of my father!"
"Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the ones we love."
"And what sacrifice have you made?"  Before he could answer mom walked in
"Is everything ok out here?  I can hear the yelling in the house."
"Yes Kathy everything is fine."
I stared at my father in disbelief.  My whole life, my mom's whole life has been with a man that we didn't even really know.
"Amari honey why are you crying?"

I hadn't even realized I was until she said something.  This was too much.  To find out my father was a heartless bastard and he didn't even seem sorry for the hell he has brought down on my life.
"I have to get out of here for a little while."


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  3. @Drew
    It will get better for her somewhat.

    I knew I wanted whatever her dad to have done to be big for her to have that level of hatred towards Amari. Although this all happened way before she was born she is stuck paying for her father's sins.

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    For a second there I sympathized with Marisol. But just for a second.
    MOAR! NOW!

  5. Val
    Yep he gave it up for love. I sympathized with her for a second too.

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