Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter 47-A New Day

I stood outside looking at my new home thinking back over the last few weeks.  After the fight with my dad, my parents stayed for another two days.  The happy couples said goodbye to them before heading off on their honeymoons.  Aric and Nina were going to France.  Bynni and TK were going to Egypt.

Mom thought I was silly to move out of a house I owned into a rental.  I explained to her that it wasn't really my style besides Aric and Nina needed some time alone as a couple.  Truth was I just needed to be free of him.  My realtor had found one I could have afforded to buy but someone came along with a higher offer.  I wasn't too upset since it wasn't in the best part of town.

Ceula was reluctant to move so I agreed to stay until after she graduated.  She missed mom after they left but I think she took to talking on the phone to her more than I did.  As a condition to being allowed off punishment she started counseling.  I was still concerned over the drinking and drug use.  I was surprise when she continued treatment even after graduation.

Marcus and I continued to talk on the phone nearly every night.  Mulo and I hadn't spoken since he said those hurtful things to me at the wedding.

On moving day I was sad to leave the kids I felt hopeful that things had to be getting better for me. 
I got a warm welcome from my new neighbors Carter and his roommate David.

Carter was an intern at the hospital working his way up to being a doctor and David was a cop.  They were an odd pair to be friends but who was I to judge.  David had a girlfriend I'd only met once and she didn't seem to like me too much.  David was a flirty guy and she didn't like the attention he paid me, but I didn't really like it either.  He creeped me out.  Carter however was a loveable guy.  He nagged me as much as my mother did about not looking well.

Since I left the car behind with the house, he took me to my doctor's appointment.  He was very excited at the news I was pregnant.  He hoped to have kids someday but until that time came he was happy to spoil mine.  I had mixed feelings.  I knew it was Marcus' baby and I should have been happy at that thought but it only made me sad that I was pulling him in deeper to the mess that was my life.  Carter took to being my personal nurse after hearing the doctor tell me I was high risk due to my last miscarriage.  He was over every day either before or after his shift to check on me.  We talked about the baby and he was happy about the idea of helping me decorate the baby room.  The kids they took the news rather well and none of them asked me who the father was.

I spent my days painting.  It was strange to be in such a quiet house with nothing really to do.  It was relaxing and I was managing to remain mostly stress free.  I still hadn't told Marcus about the baby.  I knew I should have but I knew he would want to be involved and around and I just wasn't ready for that yet.

Today Carter was taking me crib shopping.  He told me I needed to stop putting it off.  I was halfway done with this pregnancy and hadn't bought a single item.  I didn't want to know the gender so we were looking for something cute and gender neutral.  I had just finished getting ready when I heard the doorbell.
"Hey did you forget your key?"
I called heading towards the door.  I felt better knowing he had a key to be able and check on me just in case something happened.  He promised not to let David know he had it because I told him how uneasy he made me feel sometimes.
"You never gave me a key."
"Expecting someone else?"
"Yes actually.  This really isn't a good time I'm leaving soon."
I hated how the mere presence of him could bring to the surface all the feelings and emotions I worked hard to suppress.
"Call your friend to reschedule."
"No.  You can't just show up here and expect me to drop everything for you."
He waltzed further into the house as if he owned it and didn't even bother to acknowledge what I said.  I took out my phone and called Carter to reschedule.
"Now was that so hard."
"I'm not a puppet.  You can't just take control of me like that."
I wrapped my arms around my belly as he approached me. 
"I'm not here to upset you.  I came to apologize."  His voice was soft and calming.  He placed his hand on my stomach and started caressing me.  As if sensing my reaction to him touching me, I felt a flutter of activity in my stomach.
"My ego was bruised and I lashed out.  Can you forgive me?"
He pulled me close then started to massage the back of my neck lacing his fingers in my hair.  His touch was soft I closed my eyes and just relaxed into him.  A soft moan escaped my lips.
"I'll take that as a yes."  He whispered as he placed a soft kiss beside my ear, then my cheek, and finally my lips.
"No." I said trying to regain my thoughts.  "You were mean and hurtful." I continued as I pushed him off.  "You say those things to me and then it takes you almost three months before you come to offer an apology."
A devilish smile crept across his face.
"Why must you try so hard to resist me?"
"Because you can't just come here and seduce me to get your way."
Mulo quickly closed the small distance I had put between us.
"I'm not seducing you, I'm apologizing."
I felt my resolve melting away just as quickly as I had found it.
"Most guys would send flowers or chocolates."
"Lucky for you I'm not most guys."
Before I could reply he kissed me.
My body tingled at his touch.  As he kissed my neck, I felt his fangs graze across.  I tilted my head more inviting him to bite me.  I don't remember him ever doing so but I wanted more than anything to know the experience.  His eyes glowed with desire and my heartbeat quickened with anticipation.
"It can be quite enjoyable but I won't while you're pregnant."  He picked me up and carried me to the couch.  Somewhere along the way he removed my shirt.  As he kissed me again I tasted the irony flavor of blood.  I didn't know if it was his or mine but I didn't care.

My body got hot as I was flooded with the memories of our first night together.  I did know the experience of him biting me as he had done it that night.  It was very sensual with the perfect mix of pain and pleasure.  Before now that night had been just a series of flashes but never the full reconciliation I was getting now.  I couldn't stand it I wanted him at that moment more than I ever had before.

My doorbell rang and brought me back to my senses.
"Ignore it." he said.  His voice was thick with lust as he started removing my pants.
"I can't just ignore it.  If it's Carter, he has a key." I replied trying to wiggle myself from underneath him.
"You can't really be trying to stop now."
The doorbell rang out again.
Mulo begrudgingly let me up.  I put my shirt back on and tried to compose myself before opening the door.
"Marcus" I gasped.

****Thanks to SilverDaybreak for Amari's new friend and neighbor Carter Day.********


  1. Oh geez! Did Mulo know Marcus was coming? He probably seduced Amari just so Marcus would get upset and leave Amari for good! Once again, she's going to be left dealing with the aftermath! I just hope whatever is about to happen doesn't cause her to lose the baby!!!

  2. Oh uh, Marcus perfect timing! Maddy could be right it does seem like Mulo is just never gonna let her move on :(

  3. Ugh, Mulo... -_-
    Go away. XD
    Excited for the baby! :D

  4. @Maddy
    You will have to wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Don't worry I'm going to have her go through another miscarriage but she is going to have to deal with both of them.

    Good timing for Amari but not so good in Mulo's eyes LOL. He is not ready to let her move on although his sticking around is painful for both of them.

  5. Every time she meets someone nice, Mulo comes back!
    He knows how attracted to him she is and that she can't resist him. Sigh! I can't help but like him!

    She should tell Marcus about his baby, or she may have the same problem that she had with CeCe!

  6. @Daisy
    Mulo does know how to get in the way for sure. He knows her weakness and plays on it every chance he gets. Seeing as how she is very pregnant right now she's going to have to tell Marcus something. I am working on screen shots for the next chapter.

  7. Oh boy... Mulo just... needs to bugger off. Now he's in the way and Marcus is there. It could be interesting between her and Marcus though with her being pregnant and not having told him yet... there's definitely no hiding the pregnancy now.

    Great chapter.

  8. Loved, loved this chapter. OMG, Mulo...Best vampire seducer, EVER!

    Wow, where to start, first I love, love Carter, he sounds like what Amari needs right now, a dear friend without feelings getting in the way and egos being bruised.

    And then Mulo had to come back. WOW, I could hear him seduce her, it was incredibly sexy and damn, I don't blame Amari for wanting him to bite her. I would too.

    And Marcus...Oh boy! Bad, bad timing boy!

  9. Dreamer
    You and Drew are the only ones that wish Mulo would just stay away. LOL. He does come back at the right moment to stir things up for her. The conversation between her and Marcus is going to be a tense one for sure.

    If I could blush I would be right now. I'm glad you appreciate Mulo's skills of seduction. I debated when writing that chapter on when I wanted Marcus to show up. I figured it was better for them not to be fully in the act when he rang the doorbell. That would have been much harder to stop. ;) With the biting I hadn't really brought much of his vampire into their scenes together so I wanted to this time around. It just added to the moment especially since he wouldn't do it while she was pregnant but now she knows exactly what went on their first time together. I'd want him to bite me too.

  10. Absolutely loved this chapter.

    I'm so glad Amari has a great friend in Carter, it looks like she is really going to need him.

    I hope Marcus doesn't take off without at least getting to know his kid.

  11. Thanks for reading.

    It's going to be a tense conversation between Amari and Marcus but he's not the kind of guy to leave knowing she is having his child.

    Carter is a good friend and she was lucky to have met him.

  12. Wow! Mulo is something else! He knows exactly how he makes her feel and uses it every chance he gets! (why I find that charming, I don't know, but I DO! Lol!)

    With the neighbors, it's nice that she has guys close by that she can depend on, but I wonder if that curse will rear it's ugly head after this baby and smack one or both of those poor guys upside the head? A baby with both - how awkward would THAT be? If Dave's girlfriend hated her before, that would put the nail in the coffin for sure!

    Speaking of awkward, I'm sure Mulo has no intention of leaving out the back door, and will give Marcus the impression that the's very much in the picture!

    Good luck explaining that, Amari!

  13. Jilly you are so right about him not using the back door. He's not that kind of guy LOL. He does play on her weakness of her. It's fun for him and I could see how that would be charming in a way.

    I am still working out how things will go with the neighbors but Dave is definitely not going to be as nice of a guy as Carter.

    She is going to have one hell of a time explaining things because Mulo is not going to make it easy.

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  15. Crzy
    LOL he probably could as I get better with writing. He enjoys toying with her because he knows he can.

    he is very arrogant for sure and he does wear it well LOL.

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  18. First thought at seeing Mulo: Not this jackass again. Seriously! How does she keep getting pulled back into his trap and allowing him to hurt her over and over. Friggin' kill his ass with fire too >:(

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    1. Marcus is a sweetheart. :) He was in town for work and decided to look her up. Well he wasn't sure what he walked in on, but yeah bad timing.

      I'm glad you like the neighbors...won't say anything about if they will or won't be baby daddies.

      thanks for reading