Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chapter 41-Old Flame

I was lost in thought trying to process what I had learned from my father.  How could everything be so wrong?  How could the simple life I'd grown up in been such a huge lie.  I still didn't understand why me, why is she punishing me for what he did to her?
"Hello beautiful."
I turned and saw him standing there.  This couldn't have been just a coincidence.
"Hello Marcus."
"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?  When did you get back?"
"You look good."
"Thanks.  So do you."
We sat and talked for a while.  I had forgotten how easy it was to talk to him.  I missed having a friend I didn't have any in Los Aniegos.  I hated being alone I needed someone.
"So make my day and tell me you're moving back."
"No, it's just a visit.  I needed to see my parents."
He looked disappointed.  Surely he had a girlfriend or a wife by now.  Marcus was a great guy and I knew some lucky lady had done what I couldn't and married him.
"So are you married?"
"No.  I guess no one could compare to the one that got away." he smiled and touched my hand.  I don't know why but it made me uncomfortable.
"What about you?"
"I don't think I'll be that lucky."  He looked confused by my answer.  "It's a long story for another time." I said trying to change the subject.
We talked for a while longer when my stomach started growling.
"Want to go get a bite to eat?"
"Yes that would be great."
We went to The Watering Hole.  It was an old dive bar that we would hang out at after class playing darts or foosball.
The more time I spent with him the more I started feeling sorry for myself and the life I could have had.

"Are you ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine.  Just doing a bit of thinking."
"About me I hope."  he flashed me another smile and I couldn't help but smile back.
"Want a drink?"
"That would be great."
We drank and talked some more.  He was now a CEO and loved his job.  He got to travel all the time and saw all the amazing places we dreamed about going.
"You want another?"
I should have said no.  I was always a light weight when it came to drinking.  I was tipsy after two but I was now downing my third.
He walked over to the bartender but came back empty handed.
"Where are the drinks?"
"I don't want to be responsible for getting you drunk.  Your dad would kill me.  Besides I want to show you something."
He hailed a taxi for us.  We pulled up in front of my favorite house in town.  I had told him that I wanted to live in the historic district in this house when I got older.
"What are we doing here?"
"I thought you would like a tour."
"It's late and I don't think the owner would be very happy with two semi drunk people knocking on their door."
"I don't think he will mind."  he said smiling and dangling keys in front of me.
"You bought it!"
He took me inside for a tour.  The wall paper was a bit much but he said that he hadn't gotten around to redecorating yet.  After the tour he asked me if I wanted him to call a taxi to take me home but I said no.  We had more catching up to do.
"You broke my heart when you left me."
"I'm sorry.  It was just a bad time and I needed a change."
"I would have gone with you if you had asked."
"I couldn't let you drop everything for me.  That would have been too much to ask of you."
"You can make it up to me now."
I was shocked at first when he kissed me but I started kissing him back. 
"Still as good as I remember." He whispered before kissing me again.  Things started getting more heated but I stiffened when I felt his hand under my shirt.
"We can stop."  Even now after all these years he was the same loving guy that never pressured me to go any further than I was comfortable with.  Amella would tell me he would grow tired of my hang ups and either leave me or cheat or both.  He did neither.
"I think I need another tour of your bedroom."


  1. Ooo! Hopefully Marcus can help heal Amari's heart but i'm not sure he will eclipse Mulo. But i'm definately sensing another baby very soon :)

  2. Ooh, smooth operator is Marcus, he's using the " I won't push approach" and he nailed her. I wonder how her mom will feel about a fourth grandchild out of wedlock? Great chapter. BTW, I love Marcus' hair.

  3. Marcus seems like a great guy, but I still don't see a future for her with him. She is still in love with Mulo.

    Maybe she will be happy for a while though!

    Loved it!

  4. @ Daisy
    He is a sweet guy. He's held a torch for her all these years and he could have been the one if things were different for Amari.

    LOL...he was smooth with that line of his. With her mom not knowing everything that's going on she might be a little surprised to learn there will be another baby. Marcus' hair is a standard game hair I think but thanks.

    I don't know if he can or not. She is still very much in love with Mulo. I have to decide if the morning after will be one of regret or happiness for her.

  5. Whoa. :-o
    I sense another baby on teh way... ;D

  6. Woohoo!! I'm loving Marcus!! You have to upload him, I want him for one of my games! It's about time for Amari to find some happiness, even if it's only for a little while!!

  7. jobug
    I will get him uploaded for you next time I'm in game. She does deserve some happiness even if it is only short lived. She had a glimpse of it with Jesse maybe Marcus can bring her a bit as well.

  8. I can't believe what a collosal douche her dad is!!! He drops all this crap on her & doesn't even seem like he feels bad about his daughter being forced to have 100 babies!

    I can't imagine what she'll tell her mother when Marcus' "Parting gift" makes itself known!

  9. Jilly

    Her dad definitely let the old him come through when talking to her. Let's hope that once he processes the information he will seem more fatherly and protective. ::) Not sure how mom is going to take it but since Marcus is a good guy she might hope to gain him as a son in law.

  10. Marcus seems nice! I hope he stays that way, unlike Jesse. He seems really sweet, though. I love how he doesn't pressure her. He does seem like a very smooth operator, though.

  11. Oooo-wee! Good for her, she needs a little normalcy.

  12. Now he'd better not mess this up! PLEASE OH PLEASE don't be another Jesse! Don't make me like you and then be something else!!!! I can't handle that! Not after everything else :(

  13. Quick Mari! Marry that guy before Mulo shows up!!!

  14. Gosh, Marcus seems like such a sweet guy, I feel terrible for her because she won't be allowed to be with him permanently :( I agree with MyzKrazyMa, marry him before Mulo hears about this!

    1. Marcus is a sweetie. She can't get attached to anyone, especially after everything that happened with Jesse. Mulo has a knack for making her life hard. :( LOL marry him...I'm sure Marcus wouldn't mind.

      thanks for reading