Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 52-New Arrivals

Life was good for the first time in a long time.  Marcus was very loving and attentive whenever he was in town.  He did his best to make it to doctor appointments and would feel terrible if he missed one.  He was certainly racking up the frequent flyer miles.  With my due date fast approaching, he took time off so he could stay with me.  Having him with me every night was comforting and started to feel like I had something real and lasting.
Carter's brother and sister-in-law welcomed their own baby into the world.  He was anxious to go see her, but put off his trip until after Marcus was going to be around full time.  He and Marcus got along great and between the two of them I didn't have to worry about anything.  It was great to be pampered.
My situation wasn't completely ignored.  On occasion during dinner or just hanging around the house Marcus would ask me more questions.  He still couldn't fully understand how me having so many babies served as revenge against my father.

We were in the middle of one of those conversations when I went into labor.  I was around 3 weeks early, Marcus was trying to appear calm but I could see the panic on his face.  He was concerned about me and the babies especially them with me delivering early.  I didn't want to worry him anymore, but I was scared too.  I kept flashing back to the last time I went into labor.  I knew they were bigger and could survive but I was still scared.

Once at the hospital they settled me into my room and hooked me up to the monitors.  Marcus called our moms and Carter to let them know I was in labor.  Seven hours later we welcomed Dax and Dunham Smith into the world.  I gave the boys his last name since he was the only boy and responsible for carrying on the family name.  His parents were very happy and grateful.

Marcus was instantly a great father.  He got up in the middle of the night, never complained about changing dirty diapers, I couldn't have been happier.  Many nights I would find him in the nursery just watching them sleep.
"I knew I'd find you in here."
"They look so peaceful."

He slipped his arms around me and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.  I nestled my head against his shoulder and enjoyed the silence of that moment.  We stood watching our boys sleep.
"Marry me" He whispered in my ear
"Marry me.  I love you Amari and you have given me the greatest gift in the world, my boys.  Now make the the happiest man by marrying me."
He was serious, I didn't know how to respond. 
"Marcus,"  I couldn't answer him, instead I ran and locked myself in the bathroom.  I sank down on the floor.

He had just proposed to me, and I was hiding in a bathroom.  Isn't this what I wanted?  I asked for normal, and normal people have kids and get married yet I was suddenly very terrified at the idea.  I buried my face in my hands.  What the hell is wrong with me.  Why couldn't I just say yes?
"Amari" he was knocking at the door.
"You running from me was exactly the reaction I was expecting.  Open the door."
I didn't answer him, what was I going to say?  I sat there hoping one of the boys would wake up and cry.  Anything to get him away from the door, but they were good for a change and remained sleeping.
"Open the door and talk to me.   Please baby just open the door."
I couldn't stay in here forever so I got up and opened the door.
"I'm sorry.  I guess I just panicked."
"Why would you panic?"
"Because nothing good lasts for me."
He hugged me.  "I'm not going anywhere.  I promise.  I have you and my boys, there is no way I would leave you."

I wanted to believe him.
"You know, the doctor said we should wait before trying for another baby.  He didn't say we couldn't practice."
"Why Mr. Smith are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?" I asked already starting to remove his shirt.  We didn't need to say anything more.  That night for the first time since we conceived the boys, we made love.  He was sweet and tender, afterwards we fell asleep in each others arms.


Sorry for the short chapter.  I promise the next one will be longer.  I gave you bonus pics of Dax and Dunham.  They are the first set of twins I've had that actually look alike and they both got their dad's green eyes.  I was most excited about that.

 Dunham Smith
Dax Smith


  1. It was wonderful! I always seem to feel Amari's emotions with her! I am so glad that she has Marcus and Carter looking after her!

    I know her happiness probably won't last long, but at least she has normal for now!

    I can't wait to see if she says yes! Although, it probably won't work out because she has to have the 100 babies.

  2. Thanks Daisy. Marcus and Carter did a good job tag teaming on her care. I will try and give her happiness at least for another one or two chapters. She does have to have the babies, but Marisol didn't give her rules as to who the fathers had to be. So in theory she could say yes but we don't know yet. ;)

    Thanks for reading.

  3. So glad that the boys arrived safely and that Marcus was able to be there for their arrival!

    Was nice to see Amari get to be happy for a bit :) Hopefully Mulo will keep his end of the deal and let her be.

  4. Yes they arrived safely even if a little early. She is happy at the moment, but is cautious about it not lasting. Mulo will be keeping his distance for a little while. He is trying to do the right thing and let her have her moment.

  5. Aw so cute! I can understand why Amari hesitated in replying to Marcus buti hope she gives happiness a chance :)

  6. Angie, she wants to give it a chance really but understandably she has some reserves. Plus we all know what (or who) her biggest hang up is.

  7. Dunham and Dax are too adorable! <333
    I can't wait to see if Amari answers the question... ;D

  8. I can't wait to see if Amari says yes! The boys are so cute and I love how Marcus acted toward the proposal. He's so sweet!

  9. Short and sweet, but with a burning question - is she saying yes, or no. ^_^
    I would be lying to say I don't think the same worrisome thoughts she does about it not lasting. I hope there is no accident or other terrible circumstance that takes Marcus' life. That's my fear.

  10. @Drew--thanks. I hope they continue to look alike as they get older. It will be nice to have game created identical twins for a change.

    @Cat--Everyone is waiting on her answer. Marcus didn't press it chapter, but it will come up again.

    @Zhippidy--That is the burning question. She is right to worry about it not lasting. We'll have to wait and see what Marcus' fate will be.

    Thanks for reading!!!!!

  11. I love the twins! Soooo cute! I can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up :') Two handsome, good, healthy boys! Yaaay! I hope she says yes, but I know she'd be lying to herself because she does love Mulo. It would be interesting to see if she and Marcus could stay together if he finds out about the vampire part of the story though... This is just what I needed now, too! Thanks for brightening my day with another fabulous chapter!!!

  12. Maddy, glad I could brighten your day. I am anxious to see with they look like as well. Marcus has a lot of people hoping she says yes, but you are correct even though he's not around she is still very much in love with Mulo. I haven't decided when the vampire thing will come out, or if he will find out at all.

  13. ~ They are both adorable!
    ~ I wish she could say yes,but Marisol is still at the helm,& if she could she would stop this & she uses death,she has done it before!Just to get her point across!
    ~ Murlo does not like to share,so that in itself could be a problem,but Marcus is good for her!
    ~ Loved it & can not wait to see what she answers!(",)

  14. Yay babies! I am so happy Amari is finally happy but I hope she isn't right about things not lasting! She'e right as things in the past have been bad but I hope this is the start of great things for her!

  15. Aw, they look identical, Dax and Dunham.Cute man. And I love that Marcus proposed, he's serious about her, but like Amari, I don't think he fully understands her situation! Great chapter. I don't know how I missed it yesterday.

  16. Karima--Marisol is always in the background watching so she may step in and put a stop to her happiness just to be a pain. Mulo doesn't like to share so the thought that he would stand by and let her marry someone isn't likely to happen.

    Qui--I had to give her some happy times. It would be awful of me if I had her life always sad and miserable.

    Val--Marcus is very serious about her. He's loved her for a long time and wants to have a life with her.

  17. Awww....they're so cute! Marcus is so awesome, I can't wait to see what Amari says. I'm glad she is having some happiness for a while.

  18. Dreamerz I have the next chapter written, just need to take the pictures. Her answer is coming.

  19. Awww, I love it! Marcus is so great for her! Question though, is that David guy peering in their window while they're getting it on part of the storyline? If so, ahhh!

  20. Yes that was part of the storyline. Setting him up to be creepy stalker guy.

  21. WTF David is spying on them as they make love!?! FUCKING SICKO! Man! She better say yes! SAY YES! Marcus is back, happy, helping with his babies! MAN! She better say yes or I'm choking her the fuck out!

  22. such cute toddlers! I am glad Marcus was there for her. David really scared the hell out of me. Why is he still alive?:P

  23. Awww, that's so sweet! OMG! I didn't notice David there until I looked at a couple posts before mine! Creepy!

  24. All I could think about when I saw the last picture was the music from Psycho.

    1. haha funny. I had to go back and take a look to see what you were talking about. That was pretty creepy.

  25. DAX!!!! Now there's someone I know! :D I'm still a little sad he didn't win.. if you ever do a bachelor challenge for him I will spam you with eligible ladies :P

    And what the hell, David, how creepy can you get?? Watching them, seriously? I was scanning his hands for a weapon, I was worried he was gonna shoot Marcus :(

    1. Oh you get to see his story. LOL After the twins, I think I'm done with bachelor challenges for a while. They were a lot to handle, but nice to know you'll send him some ladies if he wants to take his chances on The One.

      LOL hahahah scanning his hands for weapons??? Let's hope he wouldn't take things that far. But yeah, he's super creepy standing in the window watching has they make love.

      thanks for reading