Friday, September 23, 2011

Chapter 50-No Contact

I tried calling Marcus several times but he kept sending my calls to voice mail.  He was so angry when he left, I just wanted to explain to him, to make things right.  I left Carter a message asking him to call me, but he was working a double at the hospital.  I showered and decided to just turn in early.  I heard someone knocking on the door when I got out of the shower, I quickly dressed hoping it was Carter.  Instead I found David standing there.

"Carter asked me to come over and check on you."
His eyes lingered on my chest.  Being pregnant had made them bigger now I wished I had grabbed my robe since the shirt I was wearing was a little thin.  I protectively crossed my arms in front of me trying to cover myself.
"Thanks, but I'm fine.  Just getting ready to go to bed."  I hoped he would take the hint and leave but I was not that fortunate.
"Looks like I got here right on time?" What he was insinuating gave me the creeps.  After the day I had, the last thing I wanted was to be hit on by him.
"I'm really tired David.  Thanks for stopping by."  I opened the door and waited for him to leave.  He stole one last glance before muttering good night and leaving.  Just him looking at me made me feel dirty.  I could not comprehend how he and Carter were friends.

The morning came and went, Marcus didn't come by.  He hadn't return my messages and my calls were being sent to voice mail. 
"He'll come around.  He won't want to miss out on seeing you."  I said rubbing my belly.  I doubted the truth of my words but I had to hold on to something.  I spent the day trying to paint, but didn't have any inspiration so I cleaned instead.  Carter invited me over to watch some new action movie.  He didn't want me sitting around the house moping all day.

When I got there he apologized as soon as I walked in the door.
"I didn't know he would be home.  He said he was going to be out."
David and some girl that didn't look like his girlfriend were making out on the couch. 
"Don't worry.  We'll take our party to my room.  Amari, you're welcome to join us." He said winking at me.  The girl he was with just giggled, she looked barely 18.
"Dave, leave her alone."
"Suit yourself.  You know where to come if you want to see some real action." He and the blonde retreated to his room.
"I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault he's a creep."
"Has he called?"
I just shook my head.

"Don't worry he will.  From what you've told me he's not the kind of guy to not be around for his kids."  I was so glad Carter was not the I told you so type.  This could have all been avoided if I had just told him sooner.  We tried to watch the movie, but the noises coming from David's room were too loud and distracting.
"I'm gonna head home."
"Do you want some company?"
"No, I'm just going to take a nice hot bath and turn in early."
"Amari, he'll call."
"Thanks."  I gave him a hug and headed home.  I hoped Carter was right.

A week passed and still no word from Marcus.  I had quit trying to call him after three days.  Carter helped me get the baby room together.  I went for a nature theme, very gender neutral.  I loved it, and Carter had a great time helping me shop and put it all together.  It was a needed distraction.

Another two days passed and it was hard to keep hoping he was going to call.   When my phone rang one night I was got excited thinking finally it was him.
"Hello." I nervously held my breath waiting on a response.
"Amari, it's mom."  she sounded as if she had been crying.  My thoughts immediately went to George, had he told her or had Marisol done something.
"Mom, what's wrong?"
"Why didn't you call and tell me?  I thought we had gotten to a better place."  I was confused, tell her what.
"Mom, what are you talking about?"
"Please don't try to lie anymore.  Lilian just left.  She was upset because she thought I knew and hadn't told her.  It took me nearly 15 minutes to get her to tell me what she was talking about."
It had never crossed my mind that Marcus would tell his mother, who told my mother. 
"You're pregnant again, with twins.  Amari what are you doing trying to single-handedly re populate the the city of LA?"
"No mom."
"Then explain to me your reasoning for continuing to have children out of wedlock.  This isn't how you were raised."
What could I say to her to help her understand my actions? I needed a believable lie.
"I guess I'm just trying to fill a void."
"A void?"
"Yes mom.  My sister died and instead of it bringing us closer as a family you and dad could barely look at me without crying.  I felt guilty for having her face and when I decided to leave, you didn't even try to talk me out of it.  So a void mom, for the family that I lost.  You and dad still had each other, but I was alone."  There was much more truth to my words than I expected.  There was a stunned silence from her end. 
"I'm sorry honey, I had no idea you felt that way."
"I know you didn't."
We spent the rest of the call talking about how my pregnancy was going.  She asked if Marcus and I were getting back together but I changed the subject.  We ended the call with her making plans to come out after they were born.  She didn't want to miss out on the younger years with these two.  I silently prayed she'd come alone.

It had been two weeks, and Marcus still hadn't been in contact with me.


  1. D:
    He better call...
    Or else. >.<

  2. I don't like David at all! He is a dirty creep!

    I'm glad she has a good friend like Carter. Poor Marcus seems to have given up on her.

    At least she was able to give her mom an explanation that allowed her to keep her relationship with her.

    If David tries anything with her, I bet Mulo will take care of him!

  3. Daisy
    He is a dirty creep. He will be persistent in his pursuit of Amari. I haven't totally decided on his fate when it comes to his interactions with her.

    Marcus hasn't given up, but he was very pissed off at her. I knew that there was no way she could keep these babies a secret from her mom after she told Marcus. Their moms were friends. I'm glad the explanation worked out. It will keep her mom at bay for a little while.

    If David does hurt or attempt to hurt Amari in any way, Mulo will take care of him for sure.

  4. Great chapter!

    David is a total creep. I just hope the curse doesn't make Amari carry his child :(

    I'm so glad Carter is there for her and doesn't seem to want more from her than friendship. Hopefully Mulo will let her have that at least.

    I'm sure Marcus will come around with time. Maybe not in a relationship way, but at least with being a part of his children's lives, and perhaps even a friendship with Amari once he heals from his broken heart.

  5. Wow, that last bit witg her mom on the phone stunned me. I didn't realize how much her sister's death affected her, her feelings of aloneness and loneliness are so sad :-(

    Dave is a nasty piece of trash that belongs in the garbage. I'd hate for Amari to be left alone with him, he doesn't look like a guy who can take no for an answer.

    I hope Marcus comes around around soon. Is Carter gay? I kind of get the GBF feel from him.

    Great chapter!

  6. I'm super excited because I just finished reading your challenge from the beginning! Now I can finally read your new updates when they come out.

    So far... I love your challenge. Your writing brings out so much more life from the pictures. I love how complicated the plot is with Amari, Mulo, Marcus, David, and all those other sims in Amari's life. I'm anticipating the next chapter!!!

    Again, great work! :D

  7. I think Marcus will come round eventually when the babies are born, but i sense that Mulo will probably get rid of him at some point! I'm glad Amari has Carter as a friend but i wonder if that is all he wants from her?

  8. Demenshia
    She does have some free will over who she has to make babies with. Drake has been the only one she was "compelled" to sleep with.

    That phone conversation was a last minute idea on my part. It worked out however because Amella was her twin and they were super close as most twins are. The events after her death did leave her feeling very alone in the world. she had just never admitted to it until her mother pressed the issue. Carter is not gay LOL. I thought about making him gay but changed my mind. He will be explained better in a few chapters.

    Thanks so much for reading!!!! I am glad you are enjoying the story.

    You know Mulo isn't one for sharing when it comes to Amari's heart. Carter is a good friend to her. More of his story will be revealed in a few chapters.

    To all: Yes Marcus will be back. He won't just run out on his responsibility to his children. Thanks for reading.

  9. Wow...I wonder if her mom is ever going to know the truth...

  10. "Amari what are you doing trying to single-handedly re populate the the city of LA" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Comic gold! LOL Mom made me scare my boyfriend with the out of the blue laugh! HAHA awesome!

    I hope she does come alone! She doesn't need the stress even after the twins arrive!

  11. Marcus where are you?

    Just like Daija I had to love such a good dialog between mother and daughter. That David sure is a creep. they should lock him up.

  12. I think she should be with Carter! He cares about her so much!

  13. Poor thing is right back to square one, at least she has her mom to help her this time.

  14. Damn it Marcus, man up and do everything you promised her you'd do!! :(

    I'm glad she told her mother the truth about how she felt, even if it was unintentional. When he Mum called i thought someone had died but I'm glad I was wrong.

    1. LOL he needs some time to collect his thoughts. She spent an entire week basically lying to him not to mention she didn't tell him about the pregnancy months ago. So yeah...he needs some time.

      The best lies are often based off truth, isn't that a saying, or something close? Man...that would have been heartbreaking if she'd call to say Marcus had died or something. :(

      thanks for reading