Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chapter 45-Wedding Bells

The days turned into weeks.  Marcus and I continued to talk and email each other.  I would never let things get past friendly although he tried.  The endless flirting was a fun distraction and a bright spot among all the bad going on around me.

The kids wedding date was fast approaching and I was tired a lot trying to get everything finalized.  There seemed to be endless phone calls to the caters and the florists but it had to be perfect.  They didn't deserve anything less.

Mom and I spoke she was excited about their trip.  She was looking forward to meeting her grandkids and getting to see not one, but two weddings.  I was not looking forward to seeing my dad but I was determined to put my feelings aside so it didn't but a damper on the upcoming festivities.

Ceula remained grounded.  I offered to let her off for good behavior if she gave me the names of the people she was with and who was supplying her with the drugs and alcohol but she refused to be a snitch.  Neither she nor Mulo would tell me why she was there that night but whatever happened seemed to put her a little more at ease.

The day had come for my parents to arrive.  I was tense and decided to take a short swim to relax.  I had plenty of time before I was to get them from the airport.  After my swim I sat down for just a bit to rest.  I was winded from just the few minutes I spent in the pool.
I felt terrible when I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing.  I had fallen asleep.  Mom called to tell me they caught a taxi and would be arriving at the house shortly.  This visit was not getting off to a good start.  I wondered what mom would say when she saw the house.  Would she approve of me having some man take care of me like this without the promise or commitment of a real relationship?

I had just finished getting dressed when my doorbell rang.
"Hi Mom."
"Hey baby.  You look tired."
"Thanks mom.  I guess planning this wedding is taking a lot out of me."
"Hello Dad."
"Hello Amari."
There were no hugs exchanged between my father and I.  He looked as uncomfortable being here as I was having him here.
"So where are they?"
"Sorry they're not here right now.  Ceula is at school, Bynni will be over later after her final dress fitting, and I'm not sure where Aric and Nina are."

I gave them a tour of the house.  Mom loved the views and went on and on about how lovely the home was and so large.  Dad was silent.
We sat and talked while we waited on the kids to show up.  Mom kept asking about Marcus and if he'd been out to visit yet.  She clearly felt like we were headed towards getting back together and that made her happy.  She had always liked him.  Then she asked about the kid's fathers and if they would be at the wedding.  I told her probably not.

Once everyone arrived home she was in grandmother heaven.  CeCe really took to her and mom loved it.  They were all very good as she gushed over them and tried to feed them.  Aric and Bynni managed to choke down the food without complaint.  It made me feel guilty about keeping them apart.

The big day had arrived and I woke up not feeling well.  There was a lot I had to get done before this evening and I was not going to let nerves keep me from getting it accomplished.  I brushed my teeth, splashed some water on my face and tried to push the sickening feeling down as far as I could.

The house was a flurry of activity.  The ladies all headed to the spa for facials and to get our make up done.  The guys had spent the night at a hotel since I wouldn't let them see each other on the wedding day.  After our spa time, we headed home to get dressed.

The time had finally come, the limo arrived and we all headed to the event.  If I could just make it through the next few hours, I would sleep all day tomorrow.

Mom and I cried during both ceremonies.  Both my babies were now married.  It was a beautiful night.  I slipped away to steal a moment.  I was feeling a tad light headed and needed to collect myself.
"Hello Amari."
I jumped at the sound of his voice.
"You look absolutely stunning tonight."
"Thank you."  I glanced around to see where my mom was.  I didn't want to have to explain Mulo to her seeing how he looked the same way now as he does on the poster I had as a teen.
"Don't worry she's busy."
"What are you doing here?"
"Our son is getting married.  You had to know I would show up."
Of course he would be here.  I knew he would be here and I hated to admit it but I was happy to see him.
He stepped closer to me and whispered in my ear "You know if you want to see me all you have to do is call."  There was a cockiness in his voice that I hated yet loved.  I was about to respond when I was hit with another wave of nausea.  The look on his face changed..
"I guess you did have a good trip." The warmth and seduction gone from his voice replaced with a cold bitterness.
"I guess this is where I should tell you congratulations."
"What? No, Mulo it isn't like that."  Why did he always make me feel as if I had done something wrong.
"You just lost our children and you jump in bed with the first guy that comes along!"
He had said some hurtful things to me but that had to be the worse.  Mentioning the twins was like a knife in my heart.  I loved them and missed them and for him to insinuate otherwise was low even for him.  I let myself go back to that day knowing he would see it all.
"Leave now."
"I'll go for now but know he won't last either.  I may have to share your body for now but I won't share your heart."
He walked away without another word or even a glance back at me.
I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry.
"Is there trouble in paradise?"
Shit.  Seriously was it too much to ask to have a special occasion not be ruined.
"What do you want Marisol?"
"I came to see my girl get married."
"She's not your girl!  Bynni is my daughter."
"We both have had a part of raising her.  You as a weak human and me to mold her into the wonderful creature that she is now."
I couldn't deal with her now.
"So where is George." the way she said his name sent chills down my spine.
"Marisol can you please just go away."
"But why?  He's coming to see me now."
I turn to see my dad walking over.  I did not want them to have this confrontation now. 
"Please Marisol.  I'm begging you don't do this now."
She ignored me as she turned her full attention to my father.
"George darling.  So nice to see you again."
"Hello Marisol."
"What no kiss.  You don't seem at all happy to see me.  That hurts my feelings."
This wonderful beautiful happy night was turning into a nightmare.  First Mulo, now Marisol.
"I guess you know your daddy's little dirty secret."  She didn't take her eyes off my father as she spoke.
"What your are asking of her is unattainable.  Why must you always be so unreasonable?"
She started laughing.
"George you almost sound as if you care what happens to her."
"Of course I care, she is my child after all."
Her laughter stopped and the cold hateful Marisol re appeared.
"You haven't told her.  Still keeping secrets?"
I shot a look over at my dad but he wouldn't look at me.
"Dad what is she talking about?"
Marisol started circling around me.
"Your dad made me choose my child or him.  That choice almost killed me and left me unable to have children."
"I know that already.  What he did to you was despicable but it doesn't justify what you are doing to me or what you are talking about now."
My father still wouldn't look at me and stood by silently.  There was something they were keeping from me.
"You want me to be the evil one here but I'm not.  I am simply a heartbroken woman who longed for two things in life.  To be with the man I loved and gave up everything for and to have his child.  He took them both away."
"But how is that my fault!"  I screamed at her.  I was thankful that the music playing didn't allow for the guest to hear.
"It's not but daddy dearest had a choice of his own to make once I found him again."
I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.
"What choice?"
Neither of them said anything.  My dad had guilt written all over his face and Marisol had a smug look of satisfaction on hers.
"What choice?"
"You should be the one to tell her darling."
"Amari at the time I thought this was the best option for everyone involved."
"What choice daddy?"
He put his head down clearly feeling shamed over about what he was going to tell me.
"When she found me she gave me the same choice I gave her.  I could go back with her, be turned again or I could give up my child."
I couldn't speak.  It felt like someone was sitting on my chest, I couldn't breathe. I could only stare at him with tears stinging in my eyes as I fought to hold them back.
"Hey you two.  The party is over there.  I thought you called a truce for today."  Mom said as she approached us.  My eyes darted to Marisol.
"Hello.  I don't think I've met you yet.  I'm Kathy Vinson and you are?"
A smile crept across Marisol's face but I could see the seething hatred behind it.
"I'm Marisol.  I'm a dear friend of Amari."
"How nice.  Glad she has a friend out here."
"Come they are getting ready to cut the cakes."
Marisol linked arms with my mom and walked off towards the party.  They were chatting about how lovely everything was tonight.  I took one last look at my father before heading off behind them.

****Sorry some of the pictures are so dark.  I tried to put lights around the venue but they weren't enough apparently.  Also for the wedding shots I hoped to get better ones but even though I didn't throw a wedding party when I clicked on the arch to get them married random townies that were at the location came over and messed up a few of the shots.  :(


  1. Darn random townies!!! That was a nice twist at the end >:) It's so evil and I never would have guessed it!
    Poor Amari, she and her twin were left in their father's wake, having to clean up his mess! I hope she can manage. Mulo could be more supportive though! He doesn't have to be a pain every time she does what she has to do or actually has a good time! Just because he's depressed doesn't mean she has to be. If he wants to be in her life he needs to do SOMETHING to help her! I can't wait til he figures that out! Haha, ever think of turning this into a tv show?? I'd watch! But until then, keep writing! :D

  2. Wow...Did he also give up her sister on purpose too? How could any father do that!

  3. Maddy
    Yeah those townies really ticked me off messing up my shots. He only thought of himself, the kids were expendable. Mulo could be nicer seeing as he knows what she has to do. He doesn't like the fact that she could be happy with anyone other than him. His ego can't take it LOL. He's is trying to figure out a way to save her but he knows first hand the wrath of Marisol so he has to tread carefully.

    You will have to read the next chapter LOL.

  4. Jazen,

    This was such a good chapter! The wedding ceremonies were beautiful!

    Poor Amari can't even have one good special day! Mulo always says the wrong thing to her at just the wrong time.

    Marisol came intentionally to ruin the day for Amari. I can't believe that her father gave up Amari's sister!

    I'm rushing to read the next chapter!

  5. Great chapter!! You are on a roll! So many updates!!! yay!

  6. Daisy
    Thanks glad you liked the wedding. It took 2 sim days to shoot. That pesky day/night problem between the townies and the slow reaction time on they had when I tried to make them get married. It was a nightmare. Marisol came to see the wedding because she feels like Bynni is hers now and if she could stick it Amari along the way well that was just a bonus for her.

    Once I got past the block of chapt. 43 the other ones were easier to write. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

  7. George, George, George, *SMH* at him. Where will the lies end.

    I can't believe how much sadness and misery Amari had to endure on what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life. And Mulo, saying what he said, I so wanted to slap him. I understand he was hurt and angry, but somethings are just low. And that's one of them. But I still love him, and I can't stop rooting for them!

  8. Oh, that was pretty hard of him to say, but I do understand it. Jealousy is a nasty thing. But I am just like Val, I love him and I want them to get back together :)

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  13. (I failed)
    He killed her sister? His baby? :'( How dare he call himself a father???

    1. LOL

      Well he didn't actually kill her, but he sure did nothing to stop it from happening. He won't be winning any father of the year awards for sure!

      thanks for reading