Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chapter 43-Drunken Conversation

I hated acting like a stalker but I had to see her.  I called Aric daily to check up on her and found myself often tapping into her thoughts to find out where she was so I could be there as well.  I stayed out of sight since I was trying to give her the space she needed but I wanted to be with her.

Sasha was no longer an effective stand in and neither were the parade of groupies that I was going through on a nightly basis.  I was glad she was back in town now.  I was tempted to follow her on the trip but I managed to restrain myself.  I was trying to be alone with my thoughts but my phone kept ringing.  After the third call I finally got up to answer.

"What!"There was silence at first, then giggling.  This was my private cell so the idea of a crank call coming in was slim.  Then she spoke
"Mulo.  It's Ceula."  her words were slurred.  I had been drunk dialed by Amari's teenage daughter.
"Where are you?" 
"Your house silly...where do you think I am?  The elevator's not working"
"That's because I have to buzz you up."
I punched in the code and buzzed her in.  I debated on whether I should call Amari now or wait until I got her sobered up a little first.  After she walked in the door, I decided on the latter.

I could not believe how she was dressed.  The see through shirt, super short skirt and heavy make up made her look a lot older than her 17 years.  She stumbled over and gave me a hug.  She reeked of cigarette smoke and several different alcoholic drinks.
"How did you get here?"
"Where are you coming from?"
"I dunno...can't remember the name of the club."
I walked her over to the chair and she just slumped down into it.
"Let me get you some coffee."
"Coffee is bad for me."
Right.  The logic of a drunk person was always amusing.
I got up to make her some coffee when she sat up and shoved her arm towards me.
"Here, do it."
I wasn't sure what she meant at first but when she cocked her head to the side exposing her neck I understood why she was here.
"Or does it need to be from my neck.  Is it gonna hurt?  I hope it doesn't hurt."  Then she squeezed her eyes shut tight.  I remembered then the conversation Amari and I were having when she went into labor.
"I'm not going to turn you Ceula."  She opened her eyes and tried to stand.
"Why not!  Aric's like you and you did Bynni so why not me?"  She stumbled forward and it's no surprise being in her condition and with those shoes she was wearing.  I caught her and sat her on the couch.  This was not the ideal situation in which to have this conversation.
"I made a deal with the devil and your sister was part of that deal.  Bynni was turned because the devil wanted a daughter.  She simply had the misfortune of being born first."  She sat there for a moment and then she started to cry.
"You hate me too.  Mom hates me I know she does even though she says otherwise and you do to that's why you won't do it."
I put my arms around her to try and comfort her.
"Not turning you isn't a punishment.  You don't want this life.  And neither of us hate you.  You shouldn't be carrying this guilt.  If blame is going to be assigned, then it would fall on me."
"But she's so sad."
"That's my fault too."
I sat there holding her while she cried until she fell asleep.  I carried her upstairs to the spare room.

I knew the impact I had on Amari's life but didn't know my actions would so adversely affect the lives of her children as well.  I figure this was all part of Marisol's plan.  Nothing is ever simple with that woman.  I still didn't know what she had against Amari's father, but I do know that my feelings for Amari just made her worse.


I was nervous in the elevator.  I hadn't seen or talked to Mulo since we lost the twins and I wasn't sure how I was going to react to seeing him today.  He didn't say why Ceula was at his house, just that she was and I should come get her.  I didn't even know she didn't come home last night.  I was so tired that I had slept from the moment I got home yesterday.
"Hello Amari." Seeing him made my stomach flutter.  This was a bad idea I should have sent Aric to collect his sister.
"Hello.  Where is she?" Get in and out quick that was the best way.
"She's still sleeping.  Would you like something to drink?"
"No.  I should just go get her.  I'm sorry she bothered you last night?"
"Let's talk.  She'll be down shortly."
He lead me over to the sofa.  I was trying hard not to make eye contact.  I wished he would go put on a shirt.
"How have you been?"
He caressed my hand and we both knew just being near him was a struggle for me.  I was temporarily glad CeCe walked in when she did, that is until I saw her.

"Morning mom."
This wasn't my child it couldn't be.  The clothes the make up, how could this be the same person.
"What in the hell are you wearing and why did you come here?  How did you get here?"
"I'm sorry mom.  I went out with friends and I had too much to drink and I wanted to see Mulo so I took a cab from the club."

She was out drinking.  How did I not see this change in her?
"Look at you.  Do you know something could have happened to you?"  I was so angry yet relieved she was ok.  I hugged her tightly.  Her make up was smudged from crying.  Had something happened to her?
"Honey why did you need to see him?"  I wasn't sure if I really wanted to know the answer to that question. She wouldn't meet my gaze.

"I just wanted to see him."  I felt like she was hiding something but I didn't want to get into it here.
"Ok. Let's go.  We'll talk about this more later."
She ran over and gave him a hug and whispered something in his ear.  He just smiled at her.
"I'll wait in the car."  I felt him grab my hand as I tried to follow her out.

"I've missed you."
"Please, don't do this."  I tried to close my thoughts off to what I was feeling, to how he was making me feel.  I tried to think of the hurt and pain he caused me.  The role he played in how things were working out for me but him being so close.  Him touching me.

"You've missed me too."  he said kissing me tenderly.  
"I...I..."my breathing got deeper and he knew he was getting to me.
"I need to go.  She's waiting." and with that I ran out of the door.  I pressed the elevator button repeatedly hoping that somehow it would speed up it's arrival.  I kept glancing back at his door thinking it would open at any moment but it didn't. 


  1. Oh goodness!!! What will he do when he finds out she's pregnant again!? (Because I assume this is so.) And ironically, Ceula is my favorite so how could she do this to her mother and Mulo!? (And me!) Arg! Poor CeCe, what will become of her? ~End of mini-rant~
    Please post again soon! I don't want to rush you, but your writing is just too good!!! Have a great week!

  2. He won't be pleased although he knows this is what she must do because of Marisol. I'm glad you like CeCe. I wanted to try and bring some closure to her character like I did for Bynni. She is having a hard time with the loss of the twins blaming herself. She's turning to alcohol to cope which isn't a good thing.

    Thanks for reading. Glad you are enjoying the story!

  3. Cece needed to have that talk with Mulo. Maybe now she will feel better!

    I still wish that Mulo and Amari could be together! They just seem to have such chemistry!

    I'm glad you got your game straightened out! I agree with Maddy. Your writing is great, and I can't wait till the next update!

  4. Daisy
    Yes she needed to have that talk. It would have been better if she were sober.

    They do have chemistry and it would be nice for them to ride off into the sunset together but they can't. Yes my game finally quit freezing up on me so I could get the shots done. It happens when I play the cities for some reason.

    Thanks for reading. Glad you liked this update I struggled with it.

  5. Love the new update, as always! I can't wait to see what Mulo thinks when she turns up pregnant. I'm surprised he didn't "see" her hook up with Marcus, since he can read her mind. Great job!

  6. I have imposed a limit on how far his abilities reach. Mainly because I didn't think that far ahead LOL He didn't know about Jesse until he found out from his phone calls with Aric. He will learn about Marcus soon.

  7. Oh a Mulo centric chapter <3 Loved it! I feel bad for CeCe thats such a heavy burden but maybe now she knows that her fate is not set for her she can move on :)

  8. Angie
    CeCe is having a hard time and that is one less thing she has to worry about.

  9. Gah! I feel awful for Ceula... D:
    And I can't wait to see how Mulo reacts when he finds out Amari's pregnant! :-o
    Also, I love the poses you use! <3
    Great chapter!

  10. I love Mulo. OMG! It's amazing how he just makes Amari go all wobbly-kneed like that. I love the chemistry between these two. It's sad though that he has to watch her be with other people and have babies with them. I hate Marisol!

    I think Mulo handled things well with Cece and I'm glad she trusts him enough to go to him.

    Great update as always.

  11. Val
    He can certainly do a number on her that's why she has asked him to stay away. It is hard on him knowing what she has to do and his behavior won't always be rational.

    Thanks so much for reading!!!! Glad you enjoyed the update.

  12. I disagree with Amari. He shouldn't put on a shirt...Did I say that? ;)

  13. Even though Cece was drinking her reactions to Amari's concern was much better than anything Bynni went through in her teen years. That was a pleasant surprise.

    I hope she understands what Mulo was telling her and try and not blame herself for the stuff that's happening.

  14. I swear to God! I would have beaten that girl with her own stilettos while I cried and told her how glad I was that she was okay...Teenagers @_@

  15. I hope he won't be too mad at her when he finds out that she's regnant again, because really this is the hag's fault (I'll call Marisol 'the hag' from now on), not Amari's.
    I feel so bad for Cece. All this must be so hard for her, it's no miracle her personality changed this much if she thought that both of them hated her. She must hate herself a lot since she doesn't believe it when Mulo or Amari tell her otherwise :/

    1. Well he 'can't' be mad considering he's fully aware of what she has to do, but that's not to say he won't be an ass anyway. LOL

      Yeah Cece is taking this very hard. She still carries guilt from the miscarriage but neither of them knew just how much until now. She doesn't believe it when they tell her they don't blame her, but in her mind all she knows is her mother got upset over a choice she made and lost the babies because of it. :(

      thanks for reading