Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chapter 39-Going Home

As I rode in the taxi I remembered how happy my life use to be.  Hanging out with my friends, my sister life was simple, peaceful, and loving.  I was nervous my parents didn't know I was coming.  It has been years since I'd seen them and I wasn't sure what I was going to say to them.  Really do I say Hi mom and dad guess what you have three grandchildren and some crazy vampire chick with a grudge against dad wants me to have ninety-seven more.  I starting laughing at that thought, the cab driver looked at me in the rearview mirror.
"That'll be $21.19"
I sat there for a moment looking at my childhood home.
"Are you gettin out? Meter's runnin."
"Yeah sorry." I handed her the cash and climbed out of the taxi.

I walked up the steps and hesitated before ringing the doorbell."
"I'll get it." I heard my mom say.
"Hi Mom."
"Sorry I didn't call first."
"Come in, George Amari's here."
My dad came walking up, he looked at me for a moment before giving me a hug.
"Hey baby girl."
"Hi Dad."
"Are you hungry?  You need to eat you're too skinny.  Dinner's almost ready."  mom was in full nurture mode.  I bit of guilt washed over me, she would have loved the role of grandma.  I sighed.
"Are you ok sweetie?"
"Yeah I'm fine dad.  I would love some dinner just let me take a quick shower.  It's been a long trip."
"Of course."
I headed upstairs to my old room.  I forgot how small it was.
I don't know how Amella and I survived living in such tight quarters but we did.  We would spend hours laying awake talking about boys and such.  She would do most of the talking since she had the most experience.  I had the same boyfriend, Marcus Smith, from eleventh grade through my third year of college when I left.  She would have been able to handle this, she could handle anything.

I headed back down stairs after my shower.  Mom had dinner on the table.
"So tell us how is life in the big city?" Dad asked
"Your emails have been a little vague lately and your voice has seemed strained during our phone calls." mom added.
"Life's just been a little hectic."  That was the understatement of the century.
We ate in silence for a little while then mom spoke again.
"Honey we are happy for the visit, but it's so sudden."
"What your mom is trying to say is, well are you in some sort of trouble?  You haven't been back since you left and now you just show up.  What's going on?"
I just sat there pushing my food around on my plate wondering why my parents still had the ability to make me feel like a little girl.
"Amari, are you pregnant?" my mom asked in hushed tone as if the house was bugged.  She always did that if she was speaking about something she considered taboo.  I looked at her and started laughing.
"Not presently."
"Then what's going on?"  I didn't want to get into everything the first day.  I was tired from traveling and I hadn't worked out what I wanted to say to them.
"Mom, dad can we talk about it in the morning?"
"Of course dear."
We spent the rest of the night making idle chit chat.

They were both enjoying retirement.  Mom had taken up gardening to pass the time and dad was refinishing an old fishing boat.  That night I didn't sleep well between the nerves about tomorrow and being back in my old room.

In the morning I heard my parents up early going through their morning routine.  I laid in bed for a little while not wanting to start the day.  Eventually I got up, dressed and headed downstairs.

"Good morning dad."
"Morning." he replied from behind the paper.
"Where's mom?"
"She ran to the store.  She thought we needed more food since you're here.  You know how she gets."
I took a deep breathe. "Dad who's Marisol Aberle?
"I don't know dear."
"Dad."  he sighed and folded the paper.

"Amari I don't know anyone by that name.  Should I?"
I was trying to keep my emotions in check.  Marisol certainly could have lied about everything but somehow I didn't think she had.  He was hiding something.
"Yes dad you should because she certainly seems to know you."
He didn't say anything and got up when we heard mom's car pull into the driveway.  He went out to help with the groceries and they came back in talking.
"Morning honey are you hungry?"
"No mom."
"You really should eat.  Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day."
They were putting away the groceries when I walked into the kitchen.
"Amari how long will you be staying?  I want to invite a few people over.  Marcus is still in town you should give him a call.  I do water aerobics with his mom I could get his number for you."

"You have three grandchildren." I blurted out


  1. It must be so hard coming back home after all of this time.

    With all that she has gone through, I can't believe how patient she is being with her father after he denied knowing Marisol. Maybe he knew Marisol by another name!

    I'm so glad there is another chapter after this! The suspense would kill me!

  2. Daisy
    It was hard to come home but she needed answers. These were the last two chapters I had pre written while my computer was broken and I took the pics all the same day which allowed me to get them both out today.

  3. WHOA! Talk about being forthright. I wonder how her parents will take the news. About her dad though, he didn't seem like he knew Marisol, I thought he's telling the truth, but then again Amari knows her father better than I do. Mhh, if he is hiding something, I wonder how it will affect his wife, if at all.

  4. Val
    She took the rip it off like a bandaid approach. Otherwise I don't think she would have been able to tell them at all.

  5. I hope her father comes clean about his knowledge of Marisol.

  6. Oooh....yeah, this is going to go well...LOL


    What?! She just blurted that shit out!

    HUH? OMG Her dad is fishy as hell...sorry can't comment next chapter...must...

  8. Oh God, Amari probably gave those two old people heart attacks....

  9. Hmmm, I'm not sure what to make of this... Her Dad genuinely doesn't seem to recognise the name, so I'm guessing she either lied, or she gave him a different name. Or he could be lying, I guess, but it didn't sound like that. Unless you made him a good lier :P

    1. LOL well you will start to learn a lot about good old dad in the upcoming chapters. :)

      thanks for reading