Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chapter 110-Uncharted Territory

After being released from the hospital, I was put on strict bed rest. I was not to be on my feet for longer than thirty minutes at a time, but my husband cut that time down to five or less if he could help it. Marcus was back to carrying me everywhere, but I didn’t mind. I knew he still held on to some guilt, not only because of how angry he was with me, but also because of what Florence tried to do. We had both made mistakes and had forgiven each other, he needed to work on forgiving himself.

Life was calm for a change. I hadn’t heard from Mulo since the fight, I knew I needed to reach out to him about turning me, but it would be a conversation best had after the babies were born. The babies were draining my energy a lot more the further along I got. Now that Finley was a teen she tried to help out more. She and Marcus were closer than ever and it was great to see, and he took on the task of the dreaded driving lessons.

At least this time I had a valid built in excuse. When she wasn’t out driving she was with her friend Zana. She was an interesting young woman. She was always very polite, but she had an interesting look, one that was starting to rub off on Finley. I didn’t mind Finley trying to express herself. Self-discovery was all a part of growing up. Zana spent a lot of time at our house, Finley said she didn’t get along with her step-dad that well and her mom worked long hours as a waitress. Tonight was another impromptu sleepover.

“Marcus can you go tell the girls dinner is ready?” I asked as I finished setting the table.

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