Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chapter 65-Desperate Measures

I was still getting sick and Marcus was getting more concerned.  I refused to talk to him even though he kept trying.  I was angry that he wanted to just give up and leave us.  Angry that he waited so long to tell me.  He said I was being unreasonable and instead of spending all the time we could loving each other, it was spent fighting or not talking.  I thought telling me was hard, but when he told the boys I saw him struggling not to break down in front of them.  His voice cracked on several occasions and he would have to pause before continuing.

I tried to sit there and show my support, but I couldn't it hurt too much.  When he told them they would have to be strong and take care of me, I lost it.
"They wouldn't have to be strong if you would just quit being so stubborn!" I screamed at him.
"Amari we've discussed it and you need to..."
"I need to what Marcus?  Accept that you are choosing to die and leave us?  I refuse to do that, I won't do that!"
"Amari, please."  Marcus said pleading with me to calm down.

"No!  You have an option but you won't take it.  Why?  Why are you choosing this?"
"Stop it now!"  His voice carried a tone of authority that he'd never used with me before.  I was stunned and then realized the boys were still sitting there.  Tears in their eyes and totally scared from seeing us fight.  Without saying another word, I got up from the table grabbed my keys and left.
"Daddy, mommy was really mad at you."
"Yes Dunham I know she is.  She's just having a hard time right now."
"But she said you are choosing to leave us.  Why did you choose to get cancer?"  I could only smile at the comment.  They were trying to understand and Amari's outburst didn't help.
"Dax I didn't choose to get cancer.  Your mom and I are just disagreeing on the best course of action to keep me around longer."
"Don't you want to stay with us?"
"Of course I do buddy, but somethings just aren't that simple."


I shouldn't have had that outburst.  This was going to be hard enough on the boys without their mom going crazy and yelling at their father.  I just can't believe he wouldn't even consider becoming a vampire.  Sure there were some drawbacks, but the benefit of seeing his children grow up should outweigh all the negatives.  I needed to talk to someone that could help him see reason.  I knocked on the door and was greeted by Nina.
"Hey mom, how are you doing?" she said giving me a hug.
"I wish I could say great,but that's not the case.  Is Aric home?"  She gave me a concerned look.
"Yes he's upstairs."

But as she spoke he came walking down the stairs.  He always did have great timing.  He gave me a hug and held my hand as we walked into the living room.
I broke down into tears and my son held me while I cried on his shoulder.  Not only was I a terrible wife, but I was a failure as a mother.  Aric has had to comfort me more times than I can remember.
"I can't force him into this life mom." He spoke softly and I looked up at him in shock.
"I quit fighting it after everything happened with CeCe but I only do it when I sense distress such as now."

I sat up and wiped my face.  He still felt bad for not knowing sooner what was going on with her but then again we all felt a bit of guilt over what she went through.
"I changed TK in the heat of the moment and although it worked out in the end, I won't do it again.  It took Nina months of begging and pleading before I gave in to her and she was a willing participant."
"But I can't just let him die.  Your brothers need him, I need him.  It's my fault he's giving up."
"You're not letting him die, he's dying."
"But I have not been fair to him.  I can't let him give up on life because I hurt him."  I started crying again.
"It's his choice mom, you can't force him to become a vampire."  I tried not to think about how Bynni and TK weren't given that choice.  I already knew his feelings about his actions that day and I can't blame him for what his dad did, but the thoughts were there and he knew.
"I'm sorry son."
"It's understandable mom."
Aric, always so calm and reserved.  I look at him and think of all that I did right in raising at least one of my children since I seem to be failing the rest of them.  How could I possibly have 95 more of them?  It would be so unfair to inflict any more harm on innocent bystanders.  My phone was buzzing again.  I didn't need to look at it to know it was Marcus calling again. 
"I should go.  I am sorry I asked you to do that."
He smiled at me.  "It's ok mom.  I know you have a lot to deal with right now."

I gave him a tight hug.
"One day you won't have to take care of me." I said rubbing my hand on his cheek.
"I don't mind."  He walked me to the door and I said bye to Nina who was perfecting her sculpting skills.
"Mom, maybe if you told him, he'd change his mind."

"Told him what?"
"About the babies."  I gave him a curious stare and he just laughed.
"You are giving off more than one heartbeat."  Of course, I always seemed to end up pregnant at the most inopportune times.


When I got home the boys were in the backyard playing with Fred and Wilma.  Marcus was napping on the couch.  Seeing him instantly brought tears to my eyes, on top of everything now I had to deal with uncontrollable hormones.  I attempted to walk pass without waking him but I guess he wasn't really sleeping because as soon as I shut the door he sat up.
"I've been calling you."
"I know."
"Where did you go?"
"To see Aric.  I was hoping he would..." I didn't need to finish when I saw the anger flash in his eyes.
"That again?  I thought we settled that already." He spoke softly and I knew he was trying not to raise his voice.

"No Marcus, you just refuse to listen to reason. But it's different now."
"No it's not.  I won't do it, even if it's not done by Marisol."
"No buts Amari, just drop it.  I don't want to spend the time I have left fighting with you. So I'm begging you, please just drop it."  Marcus got up and walked into the kitchen.  I sat there thinking about what Aric said.  He wasn't willing to stay for the children that were already here, my being pregnant wasn't going to change that either.  Aric wouldn't do it, but I knew of one other option.  I would rather Marcus spend eternity angry at me than stand by and watch him die.

*****Yes so I know it's against "the rules" for a dad to father more than one pregnancy but since it's my story I decided to bend them a little.  I thought about having Amari get drunk and cheat on poor Marcus but since I am already putting him through enough I opted to have the next babies by him instead. Yes they will count towards my 100 because this story has taken on it's own life and since I never imagined she'd get married it only seemed fitting for her to be pregnant one more time by him. :)
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapter 64-Crumbling Down

Those two words brought my world crashing down.  There was a ringing in my ears and I felt short of breath as if I had just been hit in the stomach.  My chest was tight as my heart shattered into a million pieces.
"I...wha...dying?"  I couldn't get the words out, I couldn't even think clearly.
"I only have a few months."
"But you can't be."

I slid down to the floor.  He couldn't be leaving me, not like this.
He sat down beside me, all his anger seemingly drained away.
"But we need you, the boys need their father, I need my husband."
"I know."
"But you haven't been sick.  You don't look sick, I don't understand how you go from healthy to sick with no warning."  I was talking mostly to myself but when I looked at him, I knew.
"Your hair." I said reaching out to touch his nearly bald head.  His hair was gone and he looked thinner.  How did I miss this?  Had I been so caught up in myself and my lies that I missed his vanishing right in front of me?
"Yeah I shaved it.  It's easier than waiting for it to fall out." he replied rubbing his had on the top of his head.
"When did you find out?"
He dropped his gaze and got up off the floor. "The first time, right after you moved.  I went through several rounds of radiation and chemo.  The day we met up again at the park, I had just gotten the good news that it had gone into remission."
Was I hearing him correctly?  He was sick, and could have died and he didn't even call me to let me know.
"I would have come back if I had known.  Why didn't you tell me?"
"For the same reason you didn't ask me to come with you."

"How horrible am I that you could have died and I never even called you after I left."
I was so selfish to run away, I left him behind when all he ever tried to do was comfort me and take care of me.
"You said the first time, when did it come back?"
"I suspected I might have been relapsing a month or so before the wedding.  I went and had blood work done and it was confirmed a week before we got married."
My head was swirling trying to process everything.  I kept praying this was some nightmare that I would wake up from.  Why wouldn't he tell me?
"When were you going to tell me or was I just suppose to find out when you were near death at the hospital?"  The words came out harsher than I intended, I know I had no right to be angry about him keeping things from me but this was different.  "How could you not tell me Marcus?"

Her words were laced with so much pain it was unbearable.  I wanted to avoid this conversation for as long as I could to avoid seeing the pain I was seeing now.  She had been through more than any one person should have to endure and somehow she managed to keep going.
"There was so much going on.  Everything that happened with Ceula, this family needed something good, something happy.  If I had told you before the wedding, that would have been ruined."
"And after the wedding?"
"Once the dust had settled, I just wanted to enjoy life, our life together for just a little while before things got bad."
I silently prayed to the heavens trying to understand why.  Why was my family, why was I plagued with never ending heartache.  I never thought myself to be a bad person, but something out there must feel differently
"If it went into remission before, how do you know that won't happen again?"
"I have an aggressive cancer and I delayed treatment."
"Why in God's name would you do that?"
"I told you, I wanted to start our life together."
"By risking your health.  We could have postponed the wedding until you were better but instead you chose to cheat your sons and I out of a lifetime with you so you could have a few months!  That's not fair!"
I was angry and yelling at him.  There were too many thoughts and emotions going through me and I just couldn't take it any more.

I ran to the bathroom overcome with a strong wave of nausea again.
"Are you ok?" Marcus asked walking into the bathroom
"No I'm not ok.  My husband just told me he's dying.  How am I suppose to be ok?" Marcus reached out for me, but I stepped back. "How do you know for sure?  How can you be certain it wouldn't go back into remission?"

"Because I was lucky it went into remission the first time.  My doctor was surprised by it then and told me that if it came back my chances of survival were slim to none."  Marcus spoke as if he had already given up.
"I did this to you.  I've killed you." I spoke barely above a whisper still refusing to process what he was telling me.
"Amari you didn't give me cancer."
"No but my actions, my lies.  I've killed your desire, your will to live."
"Amari, I'm dying and ..."
"No, you can try to deny it but I know that you don't feel like I've given you anything to live for."
He pulled me into his arms and rested his chin on my shoulder.

"I know I've hurt you Marcus, but I won't let you die."
"You don't get much choice."
"That's where you're wrong."
I pulled out of his arms and with shaky hands I pulled out my phone.
"Who are you calling?"
"Why would you call her?"
"Because I won't let you die, even if you won't be with me, you will be around for the boys and that's more important."

Marcus took the phone out of my hands. "You aren't making sense."
"Remember when I told you I asked Marisol to let me free?" Marcus nodded his head "well when I told you she said no, that wasn't the whole truth."
"Of course it wasn't."
"She asked for a trade.  My life for you."
He gave me a confused look. "What are you talking about a trade?"
"She gave my dad a choice and he gave up me.  She gave me a choice I could stop having babies if I let her have you."
"Why would she want me?"

"Because you love me, and..."I don't know if I wanted to tell him the rest. 
"And what?"
"And she is angry about my relationship with Mulo." I didn't look at him when I spoke.
He walked over and sat on the bed.  I waited for him to respond but I was afraid of how angry he would be when he did.
"So she wanted to take from you what you took from her?"
"Yes, something like."
Marcus was silent again.  I sat beside him waiting for him to speak, to let me know what he was thinking.
"How exactly does that work?"

"I know biting is involved but I blacked out when Bynni was changed so I don't remember much other than that."
"Not that.  The part where she expects me to stay with her."
"Oh that, well I would imagine there would be some altering of memories involved."  I expected him to yell, to cuss something but he said nothing.  Instead Marcus laced his fingers in mine and kissed the back of my hand.
"I'm dying Amari.  I don't want my memories altered, or even to acknowledge that you would think I would do such a thing.  I don't want to forget that I love you and that I was your husband no matter how painful some of those memories are.  I have no desire to live forever, to watch my children grow old and die while I'll remain.  I'm dying and you need to accept that.  I have."
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Chapter 63-The Truth Shall Set You Free

"What are you doing here?"
"Well I was a little offended that I wasn't invited to the wedding, but I've gotten over it.  You can thank your daughter for that."
Bynni and TK still lived with Marisol.  Regardless of how we felt about each other she never did any harm to either of them and I tried not to be upset at the fact my daughter lived with the woman who was the sole cause of my torment.

"So where is that handsome husband of yours?"
"Not here so will you please leave.  He's been gone all week and I would like to spend some alone time with him before the boys get home from school."
Ignoring what I said, Marisol walked further into the house.

"You can't be here.  I need you to please leave before Marcus gets home." 
"But dear I'm here to see Marcus, not you."
My thoughts started racing, was she the mystery caller?  Why would she need to see Marcus?
Marisol started laughing clearly reading my thoughts.

"I came to make the offer directly to your husband.  He may be more agreeable once he learns the whole story and taking into account his current situation."
"There is no situation.  Marcus loves me and I have already told you I'm not into trading people for sport so you can leave.  My answer hasn't changed!"

She let out a cold laugh.  "Secret phone calls, business trips.  It seems to me that you are already losing him.  What are you trying to hold on for?  I can give him something you can't."
I couldn't do this today, not with her.  I was barely holding myself together with the thought of my impending conversation I didn't need her here to make things worse for me.

"Will you just get out of my head and out of my house you crazy bitch!"
Before the words were even fully out of my mouth, Marisol had me by the throat with her fangs hovering above my neck.
"You would be wise to remember who I am you stupid girl!" she hissed in my ear.
"Go ahead.  You keep threatening to kill me, to drain me dry just do it already!" My heart was racing but I was tired of the same empty threat.

We both knew I was more fun to her alive, she released me.
"As I was saying, once he accepts my offer I'll cut you a new deal.  I'll reduce your number by half since I'm not totally heartless.  You won't get a total reprieve since you didn't give him up the first time."
I wrung my hands together trying to fight back the nausea, the tears, and the anger.
"I want you out of my house.  Why must you continue to torment me?"
She just smiled at me.  "Show time."
Marcus walked in "Honey I'm home."

Marisol sauntered towards him smiling the whole time.  "Hello handsome." she spoke as she out stretched her hand.  I watched has he smiled back at her and brought it to his lips.
Was she really going to seduce my husband in front of me?  Stop it. I screamed in my head.  Marisol looked over her shoulder at me as I stepped to Marcus' side.
"Amari who is our guest?"
"She's um, this is..."
"Oh spit it out girl.  I'm Marisol.

He shot me a look of confusion as the name clicked with what I had told him in the beginning.
"This can't be the one..."
"Yes it's me in the flesh." she spoke with a smile.
"Amari do you want to explain what is going on here?"
"He doesn't know, how interesting.  The whole family has been in on this little cover up."
This was not how this was supposed to happen.  I had planned this out, I had been preparing my speech and get it all out in the open.  Why did she show up now, after months of nothing to mess things up?
"What don't I know, what cover up?"
"I think I will just go for now.  It's obvious you two love birds have a lot to talk about."  Marisol walked towards the door.  Before she walked out she turned back to Marcus.

"Marcus just know no matter what your wife says, I can give you what you want most."
As soon as she walked out he started in with the questions.
"Amari, what the hell is going on?  Why isn't she old like your father? And what did she mean about giving me what I want most?"
The urge I had been fighting all morning hit me again.  I dashed to the bathroom, locking the door behind me before getting sick again.  Marcus was pounding on the door.
"Open the door! You can't just run and hide."

I ignored the pounding praying he would just go away.  I needed to think, to collect myself before facing him.  He was right, I couldn't stay in here forever.  I pulled out my phone to text Aric.  He would need to pick the boys up from school today and keep them tonight.  I sat on the floor listening to him rattle the door knob trying to break in.  I wiped the tears from my cheeks and opened the door.
"You need to explain what's going on Amari."

Without meeting his gaze or speaking a word, I went over to my dresser and pulled out the papers.
"What are those?"
"Can you stop bombarding me with questions.  Please sit and I will explain."
Reluctantly he said on the bed. "Fine, now explain."
I twirled my wedding ring around my finger.  Such a light piece of metal yet it felt so heavy.  I would miss it.
I looked up at him and the tears started falling as I spoke.

"She doesn't look old because she is a vampire." The words tumbled out "And so is Mulo, Aric, Bynni, TK, and now Nina."
Marcus got up off the bed. "Seriously.  You are not only still lying to my face but you aren't even trying to make it a believable lie!"

He stormed out of the room and I ran behind him.
"I'm not lying.  Why would I make something like that up?  I know it's hard to comprehend, but..."
"Hard to comprehend is an understatement.  You are standing there expecting me to believe that vampires are real and you have five, well six if you count the one that just left, in your life."
He threw his hand up in disbelief and I watched as he paced back in forth.
"Please Marcus you have to understand.  I wanted to tell you everything but it was all too crazy.  I just didn't know how." I choked out the words in between my sobbing.  I reached out for his arm but he yanked it away.

"So that whole story you told me was a lie?"
I shook my head, "No, not all of it.  What I told you about Marisol wanting the babies and her dating my father was true.  I just left out the part where she was a vampire and that this all happened a really really long time ago."
He continued to pace stopping every once in awhile as if he was going to say something to me but stopped himself.

"How is that even possible?  I mean your dad is old so how is that possible?"
I told him the whole story, the one I had learned the day we met again at the park. 
"I was trying to make sense of it all when I saw you again.  I still didn't fully understand and then when I learned that my father had basically given me to her in order to keep his secret, you have to understand how I wouldn't have been thinking clearly.  I mean would you have believed me if I had told you all of this before?"
"I don't know, you never gave me a chance.  You were thinking clearly enough to lie about it though."
He was right.  I knew what I was doing by keeping the truth from him but I honestly told myself it was for the best.

"Marcus, I love you and I didn't want to hurt you.  You know that much is true right?"
"I don't know anything right now."
I looked at the papers in my hand and debated on if I should continue.  He was already hurting, I was hurting.  If he was going to leave me anyway, why cause him any more pain?  My rustling of the papers attracted his attention.
"What are those?"
I glanced at them one more time and then with a shaky hand handed them to him.  I watched his face as he read through the papers.  He looked up at me and threw them to the ground.  Marcus walked over and picked up his suitcase.
"Marcus wait, please where are you going?"

He turned to face me and there were tears in his eyes.
"It's one thing to know that my wife loves some other man more than she loves me, but to find out she has me living in his house is more than I can handle.  At least..." he quit speaking as if he got a sudden realization and he turned and punched the door.  I couldn't help but to scream.  I had never seen him be so angry or to lose his temper. 
"Even on our wedding day, I couldn't be the only one even on our wedding day!" he spoke through clenched teeth.  "Soulmates for all eternity.  You were talking about him, you made a vow to him on our wedding day." He punched the door again.  His hand was bleeding but he didn't seem to notice or care.
I stood there crying unable to say anything to defend myself.  There was nothing that could be said for what I had done to him.  I put my hand on his back but he shrugged it off.

"Please don't touch me.  I was such a fool.  Thinking I could love you so much that it would be enough for both of us.  I should have listened when you said I deserved someone better."
Those words cut me deeply.  I wanted to make this better.  I wanted to be able to say something that could fix this, but there weren't any words that could do that.  Marcus went over and collapsed on the couch.
"Do you think about him when you are with me?"
"When we are making love are you thinking about him?  Wishing it were him?"

I went over and knelt beside him tentatively reaching out to touch his arm. He didn't pull away this time.
"Marcus, I do love you.  When I am with you, I am thinking only of you.  I never wanted this, I never wanted to be the cause of this much anguish.  I loved, love our life as a family.  I need you, and the boys."
"So why tell the truth now?  Oh that's right you were forced into it."  His voice was dripping with contempt.
I closed my eyes as the tears continued to fall.  "That's not true." I whispered
"Some how I think it is."  He got up "I need to get out of here.  I'll come by later when the boys get home from school but I can't look at you right now."

"Of course.  Go run off to see your girlfriend." I spat angrily wiping the tears from my cheeks.
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"I know I haven't been honest but I would never cheat on you."
"You are in love with another man, it doesn't get much worse than that." he scoffed.

"I'm not an idiot Marcus.  The secret phone calls, the increase in business trips.  Why did you marry me if you were only going to cheat on me within a matter of months?"
He looked genuinely shocked and hurt by my accusations.

"You're crazy.  I think all your lies have gotten you confused."
"Confused?" I screamed "Am I confused on the fact that you went from not being able to keep your hands off of me to barely touching me?  It's been almost a month since we had sex last Marcus, am I confused about that?"
I had come clean I had told him everything and he was still going to stand in my face and pretend he wasn't doing anything wrong?

"I've been tired, working a lot late to provide for our family.  Although I guess it was all for nothing since you own two houses and two cars on top of having a nicely padded bank account."
"That's bullshit!  You are different and you know it.  Who is she Marcus?  Who is the woman that has you needing to shower as soon as you walk into the house?"

"I'm not having an affair damn it!"
"I'm not crazy Marcus.  Something is going on and don't tell me it's just work.  Now who is she?" I screamed
"You think I don't want to be with you?  You think it's easy for me to lay beside you every night knowing I can't be with you?" he yelled back
"You aren't making any sense Marcus."
"Well I'm sorry for that but not everyone can live forever like your beloved Mulo!"
"What the hell does that mean?"
"It means I'm dying!"
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chapter 62-Suspicions

"I think you might be over reacting.  I see the way that man looks at you.  He loves you way too much to cheat on you."
"But what other explanation do you have for his change in behavior?"
I wanted to believe Carter I did but things had gotten strange lately.  Since that first mystery phone call, Marcus has started getting them more frequently.  He would always leave the room and take them in his office.  Other strange behaviors started appearing as well like him showering as soon as he got home from work and he would go to be shortly after the boys and would be asleep by the time I got there.  He was still affectionate and loving but the sex had fizzled.
"I don't know Amari, but after everything I just can't imagine him doing that."
"Even with his increase in business trips?"

"He is a CEO.  It would be crazy that he wouldn't be required to take business trips occasionally.  I think you are projecting."
"What?  What are you talking about?"
"You are feeling guilty for not telling him the truth about the house so you need him to be doing something dishonest as well."
"That is the craziest thing I have ever heard!"
"Maybe so but you shouldn't be lying to your husband yet you are and you are feeling guilty about that fact."
I was guilty for lying but it was more than just the house.  It was everything, my feelings, the truth about my kids.  There was so much I was holding back, how could I not feel guilty for letting him marry me when I should have just let him be free.
"And you think I'm making up all of this odd behavior?"
"No that's not what I'm saying.  Amari look I'm not in your relationship.  I can only make observations based on what I see and what you tell me.  So what I am saying is you need to sit down and have a serious and truthful conversation with your husband."
"I'll think about it."
Carter was probably right but after I tell Marcus everything he would no longer want to be my husband.  I've continued to lie to him after I told him I wouldn't.  Maybe I wasn't suppose to be happy, maybe I was suppose to carry the burden of my fate alone and in misery.  That had to be the case otherwise I wouldn't continue to sabotage myself.  Carter and I spent the rest of the morning talking about the dogs, his job, and the boys.  We spoke about Ceula and her recovery but neither of us mentioned David.  He was still missing and assumed dead at this point but it was still an open case.  The police had come to speak with us and were not happy that Ceula had been flown out of the country.  They said it looked suspicious but I refused to bring her back and have her questioned.  He did mention that his cousin would be coming to stay with him for a while.  Jonas wanted to try out life in the big city for a while and Carter was excited to have some family out here with him.

After he left, I spent my time trying to keep busy and not think about my worries surrounding Marcus.  I hated having these feelings about him, I wanted to believe that maybe Carter was right and I was just projecting my own guilt onto him.  I prayed that was the case.  I needed to come clean, but that was easier said than done.  The boys came running into the house breaking me from my thoughts.  They dropped their bags and ran right outside to play with Fred and Wilma not even stopping to say hello to me. 

I watched them running and playing, so happy enjoying life.  My coming clean would certainly destroy that but continuing to hold on to these lies was eating me alive.  I finally made them come in and do their homework while I fixed dinner. 

After their baths, they made their nightly call to Marcus.  Dax brought me the phone when they had finished talking to him.
"Hey how was your day?"
"Good.  Carter came over and we talked for a while.  How was yours?"
"Long, I'm beat.  I'll probably turn in early tonight."  It was the same thing every night.
"We haven't talked much while you've been gone.  I miss you."

I tried not to let the sadness in my voice come through but I was hurt.  It seemed like he was avoiding even talking to me.
"I know, sorry about that.  I'll make it up to you when I get home."
"Goodnight Marcus."
"Amari, I love you."
"Love you to."
I hung up and tried hard to ignore the nagging feeling eating away at me.  After reading the boys a bedtime story, I took a hot shower and debated on whether or not to call him back.  If he didn't answer it could mean that he was tired and went to sleep, or it could mean he was otherwise occupied.  He would be home on Friday, in two days and then the fate of my marriage would be determined.  I spent those two days in a fog.  I had made myself sick with worry about what I would say, what he would say.  I couldn't keep anything down and hadn't eaten anything more than crackers since Tuesday night.  I kept glancing at the clock, he would be home soon and the closer the time got the more nervous I got.  I had already thrown up three times.  I thought things over and decided to wait until Saturday.  The boys would spend the night with Aric and Nina because if things got bad I didn't want them to see us fighting.  I heard his car in the drive way and had to fight the urge that came over me to vomit again.  This needed to be done but I had to put on a happy face as best I could until tomorrow.  I took a deep breath before opening the door to go greet him, only it wasn't Marcus standing on the other side.

********Sorry this was so short but the next chapter will be longer.***************
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