Friday, August 24, 2012

Chapter 84-Growing Pains

The last several months have been rough.  The pregnancy has been relatively easy but I craved the plasma packs more so I worried about what this child was going to be when I delivered.  Dunham was still a little resentful, but with the help of his older siblings, he at least started speaking to me again. Dax was also upset with me especially after finding out who the father was.  Jonas and Carter were like honorary uncles to them so he felt it was really weird.  Now I stand here getting ready to go watch my boys graduate.  They both had grown into strong, responsible, and smart young men.  Marcus would be so proud of them today even with all the stumbles we had along the way.  

I looked at my rings that now sat in a box on my dresser.  I took them off no longer feeling it was right to wear them since I was carrying another man’s baby.  As I rolled the tension out of my shoulders I mentally prepared myself to have to sit the next few hours next to Embry.  They sent Carter an invitation but I wasn’t sure if he would be attending.  I hoped he comes for the boys’ sake but since we hadn’t spoken since that day I had no way of knowing.  Jonas kept me informed on how he was doing.  He and Victoria were going out officially and Jonas said that he did seem happy.  I was relieved that they didn’t have any permanent damage to their relationship.  It was rocky and tense for a while but in the end I was the bad guy and I was fine with that. 
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chapter 83-The Best Policy

Telling Dax and Dunham was harder than I thought it would be.  Dunham took it harder because of his current situation.  He didn’t really want to talk to me for a few days especially when I wouldn’t tell them who the father was.  I still had to tell Jonas and Carter and I didn’t want them going over there making accusations.  I had promised to tell them after I talked to the father.  I however put that off for two weeks as I tried and tried to figure out what I was going to say.  Jonas’s schedule also helped in the delay.  Now that his paperwork for his official transfer had come through he was working his 48 hours on 24 hours off at the station.  I really didn’t want to have that sort of conversation around ten other firemen it gave me an excuse not to tell him right away but I wanted to tell him before I broke the news to Carter.  However today was the day.  When I sent him the text telling him I wanted to see him he was all too eager to accommodate me.  I was happy I still wasn’t quite showing but I made sure to dress in looser fitting clothes to be on the safe side.  
 I arrived at the restaurant first the hostess seated me and I ordered a drink while I waited for him.  I toyed with the straw in my lemonade watching the ice cubes swirl around.  I really would have loved to have something stronger but that was no longer allowed. 
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