Friday, August 24, 2012

Chapter 84-Growing Pains

The last several months have been rough.  The pregnancy has been relatively easy but I craved the plasma packs more so I worried about what this child was going to be when I delivered.  Dunham was still a little resentful, but with the help of his older siblings, he at least started speaking to me again. Dax was also upset with me especially after finding out who the father was.  Jonas and Carter were like honorary uncles to them so he felt it was really weird.  Now I stand here getting ready to go watch my boys graduate.  They both had grown into strong, responsible, and smart young men.  Marcus would be so proud of them today even with all the stumbles we had along the way.  

I looked at my rings that now sat in a box on my dresser.  I took them off no longer feeling it was right to wear them since I was carrying another man’s baby.  As I rolled the tension out of my shoulders I mentally prepared myself to have to sit the next few hours next to Embry.  They sent Carter an invitation but I wasn’t sure if he would be attending.  I hoped he comes for the boys’ sake but since we hadn’t spoken since that day I had no way of knowing.  Jonas kept me informed on how he was doing.  He and Victoria were going out officially and Jonas said that he did seem happy.  I was relieved that they didn’t have any permanent damage to their relationship.  It was rocky and tense for a while but in the end I was the bad guy and I was fine with that. 

“Mom let’s go.”  Dunham called out.  “We’re gonna be late.”  He was anxious to get going.  He had the ring ready to propose to her the moment this was over.  I kept my opinions to myself because I could no longer keep them apart.  Dunham went to the hospital when she called to say she was in labor and he was a very proud daddy when he held his daughter that they named Kylie Monae Smith.  I did allow him to spend the night at the hospital since she went into labor on a Saturday and he got to spend most of Sunday there.  I didn’t like her mother, but I was in love with my granddaughter. 

She was a cute little girl that had Dunham’s eyes.  With finals being so time consuming he hadn’t been able to spend time with her like he wanted.  Embry brought her over on the weekends and they would have family time.  He even got first hand over night experience when she left her with him for the weekend. 

Every time she cried I heard him get up and go to the nursery to take care of her.  He was exhausted but never once complained and I was very proud of how he was taking full responsibility.  Now today would be the last day he would live under my roof.  His bags were packed so that he could move in with Embry.  That apartment of hers was terrible but he said he would be happy living wherever she was.  Dax was going to go live with Aric for a while.  He liked the house on the beach and they had plenty of room for him.  It was going to be a very happy yet sad day.

“Finally.”  They grumbled as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Look I don’t move too fast right now, give me a break.  Where are your brothers and sister?”

“Out in the tree house probably plotting to take over the world.”  Dax said.

“Oh they’re not that bad.”

“Yeah you said that about us as well.”  Dunham replied jokingly.

 “Well over all you two turned out ok.”  The waterworks were already starting as I wiped a stray tear away.

“Come give your mom a hug.”  I said opening my arms wide.  They both grumbled a bit but complied with my request.  “I’m so proud of both of you.”

“We know mom now can we go.”

“Yes.  I’m going to head towards the car you two go get them out of the tree house.”  The graduation was long but Kylie was a good little girl and slept through most of it.  Embry kept looking at me and smiling.  I don’t know if she was glad to be free of my meddling but it was a little strange so I tried to ignore it.  The older kids came and it was comforting to be surrounded by them.  Bynni sat next to me holding my hand, she knew I was missing Marcus, they all did.  Ceula handed me tissues as I couldn’t hold back the tears when their names were called.  Carter and Jonas both came which meant a lot to me.  After the ceremony, everyone came back to the house for a small party.  I was trying to keep busy and not dwell on the fact that they would both be leaving me soon. 

I was in the kitchen preparing more food when both Embry and Dunham walked in wearing the biggest smiles.  I tried not to roll my eyes when I spoke to them.

“Well I guess congratulations are in order.  Are you going to plan a wedding or do the courthouse option?”  They both engulfed me in a hug without answering.

“Thank you mom.”

“Yes thank you Mrs. Smith.”

“This is the best gift ever and I am sorry for being such an ass these last few months.  You are a great mom and I love you.”  Now I was officially confused.  I was grateful for his apology and statement but had no idea what brought it on.

“I know we aren’t on the best of terms Mrs. Smith, but this does mean a lot to me.  I went by today before the ceremony and I love it.”

“A house for us mom.  Thank you.”  Dunham gave me another big hug and a kiss on the cheek as I stood there speechless.

“Oh and we are going to go to the courthouse next week.  I want to get moved and settled first.  It would mean a lot to me if you would come.”  Embry stood there quietly looking hopeful.

“Of course son.  Embry will your family be attending?”   She looked down at the floor for a moment.

“No ma’am.  When I told my mom about Dun and I she, well she’s quit talking to me.  Embarrassed about my lack of judgment.”  I could see the sadness in her face, Dunham put his arm around her to give her some comfort. 

“Oh...well.  Just let me know the day and time.” 

Dunham gave me another quick kiss on the cheek before they walked out to go join the others.  I knew instantly where that house really came from.

Why do you insist on interfering in my life?  Why can’t you just leave me alone to deal with the hell you created?

I am trying to help.  And look how happy he was.  This was good for you.

But tainted by you.

How long will you be angry at me?

Don’t know how long am I expected to live?

In your current state?  Longer than the average human.

Well then I guess that’s how long I plan to stay angry at you.

Dax didn’t move out right away.  He knew I was having a hard time with them both leaving me so he stayed for an extra week.  Dunham and Embry had a small ceremony officiated by the Justice of the Peace attended by myself and Dax.   

After the wedding, I went over to their house for dinner and some quality time with my granddaughter.  I was grateful that he didn’t buy something extravagant.  It was a nice three bedroom house that would be a perfect fit for them. 

It took the triplets and I sometime to adjust to it being just us in the house, although some days it felt like just me because they were always together either out in the tree house or in each other’s rooms.  I guess I was happy that they appeared to be so close, but it made me feel lonelier.  Jonas was good about coming around on his off days and trying to make doctor appointments.

I spent my downtime painting or playing with Fred and Wilma.  I tried to enjoy this little time to myself since I knew it would be coming to an end soon as I was due any day.  Aric called to tell me that he and Nina were finally expecting.  I was thrilled for that news since I know she’s wanted to have a child.  Ceula and Trey had gotten engaged so there would be another wedding soon.  She wasn’t sure what she wanted yet, but she did know she wanted it to be small and family only.  My mom would be flying in to help plan her wedding since the two of them were close.  She said that George had stopped trying to convince her to take him back.  He now lived in a small apartment across town.  He had emailed me a few times but I never responded.  
 Life was moving and going and at near three am new life was ready to make it’s arrival.  I sent Jonas a text letting him know I had gone into labor before calling CeCe to take me to the hospital while Trey stayed with the triplets.  Once we arrived and I got settled she let everyone know I was in labor.  A few hours later I welcomed Finley Duff into the world.  Jonas and I had discussed it before and it was best if she had his last name.  It wasn't right for her to have Marcus's last name and if I was going to continue having these children, I would have to consider changing my name back to Vinson.  Something I would think about at another time. 
I had finally gotten moved into my recovery room and was resting when there was a knock at the door.  It was Carter not Jonas that walked through my door and from the look on his face I knew he wasn’t there to congratulate me on the birth.

**********A/N not sure if I mentioned this last chapter but Amari and the gang have once again been relocated.  The story still takes place in LA but it is now being filmed in Storybrook County by mysimrealty. Embry and Dunham's house is one of the houses that come with that world I just did a redo of some of the rooms.*********

*********Finley Duff*********


  1. Happy to see Dunham realising things and coming around. Mulo is such a twit. The wedding ceremony was very cute. Very quiet and pretty :)

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