Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chapter 85-Saying Goodbye

“Carter, um I hadn’t expected to see you.”

“Yeah I was on duty and saw the family out in the waiting room.”

“Oh, do you want to see her?”

Carter walked over and pulled the chair up close to the bed. I was happy to see him but a little cautious since the last time we spoke wasn’t on the best of terms.

“I called Jonas, but I guess he must be at work.”

“No, he’s here.”  Now I was really worried. Maybe Jonas had changed his mind about wanting to be in her life and couldn’t figure out a way to tell me so Carter was sent to soften the blow.

“Oh, I see. Does he not want to see her, or me?”

“I’m sure he would if he was able…” Carter paused and took a shaky breath. “Jonas was admitted.  He was at work and he and his partner were exiting after doing a final sweep of the building but a beam—“ He paused again, but this time I could see the tears forming in his eyes. “A beam fell on him, pinning him. He landed on a piece of rebar that punctured a lung. Because the floor had partially given way from the impact they couldn’t get to him right away.” My heart dropped as I feared where this was going. My thoughts started racing, not wanting to believe what I was hearing.

“But, but he’s ok right? He has to be ok.” Without fully thinking I started climbing out of bed.

“Whoa where are you going?” Carter asked trying to stop me.

“Where is he Carter?  I need to see him.  Please Carter.”  Letting out a heavy sigh Carter left and returned with a wheel chair followed by Ceula. “Is he awake?”

“I’m not sure why?” I looked over at the sleeping figure and he immediately knew what I wanted. “Let’s go check and if he’s up then I’ll have the nurse bring her down. It’s against procedure, but since he might…” He choked on the words unable to say out loud what we were both thinking. He had been trapped for a while, in a fire, with a dirty piece of metal going through his body.  The nurse was checking his vitals when we arrived.

“He’s in and out of consciousness Dr. Day.”

“Thanks Judy, we won’t stay long.”

Carter wheeled me to his bed; he looked so different laying there. There was beeping and wires and his chest was all bandaged.

“Jonas you have to be ok.” I whispered taking his hand. “You’re a dad now. You were so excited about becoming a father you can’t leave us now.” His fingers curled around mine and I looked up to see him trying to give me a weak smile through the mask he was wearing.  He attempted to move the oxygen mask off his face but Carter stopped him.

“You need that.” He scolded gently. Jonas made a scribble motion with his hand; Carter looked around to find him some paper and a pen.

What did we have?

“A girl. Finley Duff.  She’s so cute and tiny and has black hair like you.”

I want to see her. He showed it to Carter who nodded then left the room. It was hard to see him like that and I couldn’t stop from crying.

I’m gonna be fine.  It’s only a scratch. I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Even hooked up to all the machines that were beeping keeping check on his vitals he was trying to make me feel better. Carter walked in with Finley bringing her over to the bed so Jonas could see her.

“You’ve scarred the poor girl; I think she has your nose.”  Carter joked. Jonas laughed a little which turned into coughing which sent the machines screaming. The nurses came rushing in ushering us out of the room.
The funeral was hard, his co-workers all gave their condolences to Carter and I. The kids all showed up for support, it was still hard to believe he was really gone.  He had gotten an infection that ravaged through his body. The antibiotics weren’t effective; his body had gone through too much trauma to fight it off once it got to his kidneys everything starting shutting down. I was determined not to let myself sink into that depressed state like I had with Marcus.  It was hard because with each passing day she looked more and more like him which was a curse and a blessing all at the same time. 

Carter started coming around to check on us on his off days.  We never spoke about our last conversation, it no longer seemed important.  We put it behind us and moved forward helping each other grieve and taking care of Finley. I was getting to know Victoria better as well.

She was a very nice woman, and she appeared to really adore Carter.  I was happy that he found someone special.  He deserved it. Things were hard, but I was used to that being part of my life.  I could whine and complain about it, but that wouldn’t change the cards I was dealt.  It wasn’t all bad so I was determined to try and focus on the good.
Aric and Nina had their baby, a little boy they names Jonathan, and couldn’t be happier to finally be parents. Dax at gotten on with the local minor league sports team.  He was always very athletic so it only seemed like a good fit for him. Dunham and Embry were making things work. He had gotten an internship at the Science Facility.

I got to babysit Kylie on occasion when their schedules overlapped. Embry was still not my favorite person, but I tried not to dwell on that instead choosing to focus on the adorable little girl that came out of that terrible situation.  The triplets were becoming more and more exclusive. They didn’t want to interact with Finley much and spent an awful amount of time either in the tree house or at the park down the street. Their teacher had called wanting to have a conference.  She wouldn’t say what it was about over the phone but she sounded very troubled when we talked. I asked them about it when they got home, but denied knowing any reason that she would want to see me. Nervously I waited outside the principal's office trying to figure out what they were in trouble for.
“Mrs. Smith, Mr. Polax will see you now.” The elderly secretary lead me towards the back into the office. There sat Mr. Polax and the triplet’s teacher Mrs. Brookstone.
“Mrs. Smith thank you so much for joining us today.”
“Of course. I wasn’t given much information on what this meeting was about.” I gave a glance over at the teacher then back to the principal.
“Well Mrs. Brookstone has voiced some concerns about the behavior of your children and requested that we have a meeting to discuss them.” Mr. Polax leaned back in his chair waiting on Mrs. Brookstone to begin.
“Um yes, well you see Elton, Elphie, and Edson were delightful children at the start of the school year. Always listened and got along with the other kids. But in the last few months they have started acting…well a little strange.”
“We’ve had a few changes at home and they have began spending more and more time together as a group but they are triplets so they have a special bond.” Mrs. Brookstone sat wringing her hands in her lap as she tried to come up with the words she needed to continue.
“Changes at home? What sort of changes?”
“Well their older brothers graduated and moved out of the house. They just got a new sibling and they loss a close family friend. All of these things happened in a matter of months so they may be be having some adjustment issues.”
“Yes, yes that could explain why they are acting out now. Little minds have a hard time processing loss sometimes. And sometimes it’s a cry for attention.” She gave me a pointed looked as if she were questioning my parenting skills. I chose to ignore that instead wanting to focus on the more pressing issue at hand.
“Acting out?”
“Yes well. They play a lot of make believe with the other students. They like to tell them they are vampires and that the students are there as a food source. They have even attempted to bite some of the children.” I sat there staring in disbelief. We hadn’t talked much about them being responsible with who and what they are but I never thought I would need to.
“Oh.” Was all I could manage to get out.
“Yes and on occasion they have tried with me to get me to change grades. Which I don’t understand because when I looked at my grades for the class they have pretty much aced everything.” I tried to think of times I recalled seeing them do homework or studying lately and nothing popped. Life had been hectic but they were pulling in good grades so I assumed they were on top of things. Now it seems that they were compelling their teacher somewhat to make changes. This is not what I needed to hear.

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  1. :( Jonas
    It is nice to see Carter is becoming her friend again. :( Jonas :(

    The triplets sound like they are going to be a real handful. Where's the dirty rotten scoundrel who did that to them? He needs to take some responsibility here.

    I feel badly for her, her life is just a nightmare. Without her older children though, I think she would have gone insane.

    Loved the scenes. :)

    1. Yes Jonas :( very sad but the dads can't really stick around. :( This has healed the wounds between her and Carter, she needs that friendship.

      They are going to be a handful. :) The power of three. The dirty rotten scoundrel is not far away she only need ask and he'll be there.

      Her life is one thing after the next. :( It is a wonder she keeps going, and her outlook to try and focus on the good is what is going to help get her through all that is still to come.

  2. Finley looks JUST like Jonas! I think Carter was right, she's scarred with his nose! Sad days that he died :( he was a real hero though and hopefully that'll be enough to get Finley through tough times.

    Finally! Aric had a child! I'm sure Amari is grateful for that I know he and Nina are as they seemed to be stressing over it.

    HAHAHA The Trio of Terror, The Triplets of Torture, the Terrible Tots Three, the...I got nothing. But those kiddies are about to give poor Amari a real run for her money I can see that now! Compelling good grades HA! What a clever little team they make!

    1. She does look just like him. Amari had no hand in any part of her DNA it would seem. LOL. Sadness he died. It was hard to let him die, I liked him and he would have made a great dad. It has brought her and Carter close again.

      Yes FINALLY Aric has an offspring. They have been the longest running couple and it is a major relief to Amari to see her son and daughter in law so very happy.

      HAHAHAHA...Trio of Terror Those three are always cooking up schemes. If she can't get them under control and quick it could be bad because they only grow in their power the older they get. It took all three of them but they got it to work, but not completely since she did remember something about it.

  3. I was very sad that Jonas didn't make it, he did at least get to see his daughter=). I'ts good that she and Carter are friends again as well.
    You know one would really assume poor Amaris' life truly is cursed.

    And now the triplets, good lord. I hate to say it but I think her troubles have just started with these 3. She may have to call upon the power of Mulo for this one!...edenz~

    1. :( Jonas died a hero's death. He did get to see his daughter and Carter will be there to help raise her.

      It is cursed in a way. :( Hopefully she can find pockets of happiness.

      LOL the triplets, those three are a something else to deal with. The power of Mulo LOL. She may need to do just that.

  4. I'm sorry that Jonas died but at least Carter is her friend again. Now the triplets are causing trouble... poor Amari can't get a break. lol.

    1. It was sad but I'm trying to keep to the challenge rules at least a little. Carter is stepping back in and she needs him. Yes those three are gonna be fun to write LOL. I know I feel bad. I have not given her an easy life.

  5. Jonas! Noooooo! =(
    But it is good to see Carter and Amari being friends again, she certainly needs one.
    I love the idea of the triplets using vampiric powers to get their grades changed, lol.

    1. Sad day. :( I know but he had to make his exit. It did bring Carter back into her life so we must look at the bright side. Those three are working together to take over the world LOL.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry, typing on an ipad before 1 st cup of coffee is never a good idea, anyway, anyway I deleted my first comment in case you couldn''t read through the gibberish. If I didn't know better I'd think Amari is a black widow, all the men she's been with have either died or vanished in some way, except for dearest Mulo of course. I didn't expect Jonas to die so soon, but such is life I guess. I really like how determined she is to stay positive despite everything.

    2. Oh no worries. I have tying issues fully awake and on a full keyboard. Aww a black widow. Nope not her she really does want a happy life. She tried to have that with Marcus. She is just cursed it seems to fail at love. Dear Mulo won't be going anywhere anytime soon. It was hard to kill Jonas, he's the first character I have killed off. I couldn't do it with Marcus.

      She is trying to keep a positive attitude because the depression she had after Marcus went missing took it's toll on her, the kids, and her friendship with Carter.

  7. Emotion packed update..Finley, I like it. Kylie and Finley are adorable playing blocks together..they will love having each other in the future..your family is getting so big. Aric and Nina will be good parents, baby Jonathan has no idea what a family he's been born into...or I should say his extended family, that is. Elton, Elphie and Edson, oh noooo. They are going to shower the house with moments to remember by the sounds of it...somehow it always comes to "poor Amari" every chapter..LOL, well almost.
    Jonas, what an emotional way to exit the story...that was so touching, this could easily be a weekly show the drama is so darn good. I always end up wondering, what Mulo will do next. I am glad that Carter and Amari are friends again and that Victoria is going to mayhaps become a new friend, for Amari..friends are always, good.

    1. Yeah a lot went on this chapter. Finley and Kylie hopefully will be good friends even though Finley is younger but is Kylie's aunt. This family is getting huge can't keep it all straight. Aric and Nina did finally have their baby. Little Jonathan will be just fine but he has been born into the most unusual family. The triplets are going to give Amari a heart attack or two as they age.

      :( Yes he had a very emotional exit. I tried to give him a hero-ish way out something that they can tell Finley as she gets older about how wonderful of a man her father was. This did bring Carter and Amari close again and he has someone who love him. Life is getting better for him.

      Mulo...we all wonder what he will do.

  8. So sorry that Carter died... so sad! The triplets are really a handful! Compelling the teacher to change grades, awesome!! LOL!
    I wonder who's gonna be the next baby daddy!! :)

    1. Jonas had to have an exit now that he was a daddy. :( Yes they are a handful LOL. I have no idea who the next daddy will be. Haven't thought that far ahead yet.

  9. Nice update. Sad about Jonas and I know Amari will survive the triplets doings. Also glad that she and Carter friends again.

    1. Thanks. Yes it was very sad. She will survive, with a few extra gray hairs most likely LOL. Yes Jonas' death has brought them closer again.

  10. Hi Jazen,

    Just read your last two chapters and am sorry about Jonas's death but am glad that he was a good part in your story. I recently uploaded more Sims to my studio if you need any more. Craig MacDougall looks kind of lonely in there. Hope that you are doing well and glad that she and Carter are friends again.


    1. Yes having Jonas go was hard. I tried to give him a good send off and mend the relationship with Carter in the process. She still needs dads so I may raid your studio again at some point. Not sure where the story is going to take me with that just yet.

    2. I'm doing a "who's your daddy" challenge, only 26 men. Maybe after 26 men the witch (sorry I can't remember her name) can let her of the hook. :-)

    3. Yeah I changed it from a 100 baby challenge to just a baby challenge. Gonna try to make it to Z since I'm doing the names alphabetically. Otherwise I don't think she'll make it to 100. I'm not even sure if she'll make it to Z.

  11. SOOOO SAD! What a sad chapter! :( atleast he got to see his baby. I really was not expecting this one....great story.

    1. It was very sad. I have a hard time killing characters. I had to make an exit for him and being the good guy that he is he wouldn't have just left his child.

  12. Such a sad beginning! So sad that Jonas is gone and won't get to see his daughter grow up. I think that he would have been a good father. I'm glad that Carter and Amari are still able to be friends, and that he has a relationship with someone nice.

    I know they shouldn't have done it, but I laughed at what the triplets were doing in class! Compelling their teacher for good grades and threatening to use their classmates as food!

    I think that Amari is handling the Embry situation correctly. I'll try to follow her example and just say that the baby is adorable. All of the babies are so cute!

    I loved it Jaz!

    1. Yes it was hard. Killing Jonas was hard to do but had to figure out a way for him to exit the story. :( Carter stepped up when she needed him like always. They are great friends and need each other during this time.

      LOL the triplets are a force to deal with. They will give Amari some gray hairs for sure.

      She can't fight what's happening. Dun is a grown man now and able to make his own choices. She won't hold it against the little girl so she can only grin and bear it.