Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chapter 110-Uncharted Territory

After being released from the hospital, I was put on strict bed rest. I was not to be on my feet for longer than thirty minutes at a time, but my husband cut that time down to five or less if he could help it. Marcus was back to carrying me everywhere, but I didn’t mind. I knew he still held on to some guilt, not only because of how angry he was with me, but also because of what Florence tried to do. We had both made mistakes and had forgiven each other, he needed to work on forgiving himself.

Life was calm for a change. I hadn’t heard from Mulo since the fight, I knew I needed to reach out to him about turning me, but it would be a conversation best had after the babies were born. The babies were draining my energy a lot more the further along I got. Now that Finley was a teen she tried to help out more. She and Marcus were closer than ever and it was great to see, and he took on the task of the dreaded driving lessons.

At least this time I had a valid built in excuse. When she wasn’t out driving she was with her friend Zana. She was an interesting young woman. She was always very polite, but she had an interesting look, one that was starting to rub off on Finley. I didn’t mind Finley trying to express herself. Self-discovery was all a part of growing up. Zana spent a lot of time at our house, Finley said she didn’t get along with her step-dad that well and her mom worked long hours as a waitress. Tonight was another impromptu sleepover.

“Marcus can you go tell the girls dinner is ready?” I asked as I finished setting the table.

“Of course.” He replied giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

He wasn’t gone long before he walked back into the dining room looking like he’d seen a ghost.

“You…you may want to go upstairs.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked as he dropped down into one of the chairs.

“This may be something better suited for you to talk to her about.”

I was getting really concerned especially if he was suggesting I waddle myself up the stairs instead of being carried. Just as I as heading that direction, both Finley and Zana came downstairs looking just as scared.

“Girls what’s going on?”

“Mrs. Smith I’m sorry.” Zana cried as she broke down into tears. “I…I’ll go.”

“Zana honey, you don’t have to leave.” I said walking over to comfort her. “Just tell me what all of this is about.” I finished looking over at Finley who still hadn’t said a word but had started crying as well. “Marcus?”

Marcus dropped his head and let out a loud sigh before standing to face me. He rubbed his neck nervously and looked very uncomfortable. “I went to get them, knocked once before walking in. They were…um…they were making out.”

“Like kissing?”

Marcus shook his head, “More…more than just kissing.” Finley’s face got red as she quickly covered it with her hands.

“Oh, um ok.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Smith, Mr. Smith. I’ll go. Finley I’ll see you at school.”

Seeing all of their fear struck faces just made me laugh. I knew it was so very inappropriate, but I couldn’t help myself. Marcus being the one to walk in on them, Finley and Zana being caught in a compromising position, I just laughed.
“I’m glad you can find this funny.” Marcus said giving me a curious look. Both the girls stayed silent not knowing how to react.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I know. It’s not funny, but it is in a way.” I stopped to clear my throat in an attempt to get my case of the giggles under control. “I’m hungry, so before I have to have a very serious talk with you two, I need to eat.”

I waddled over and took a seat, Marcus and the girls followed suit but they didn’t want to look at each other.  Once dinner was finished Marcus quickly cleaned the kitchen then went to the basement. He wanted no part in the upcoming discussion and I understood.

“So,” I said taking a seat across from them. “I don’t want to know the details of what you two were doing, but I do want to know if this was the first time.” Both of them looked at each other before shaking their heads no. “Huh, I see. So how long has this been going on?”

“About two months or so.” Finley answered quietly. “I’m sorry Mom. Don’t be mad at us.” She grabbed Zana’s hand and I saw the fear and worry in both of their eyes.

“I’m not mad girls, well I am, but not why you think. Finley, honey I love you. Nothing is going to change that, but there are rules in this house. Do you understand?”

She nodded but I could see she was still a little unsure. Zana kept her eyes down towards the table.

“I’m going to ask you both a question, and I want you to think about it before answering. Understand?” They both nodded. “Is this just a case of experimenting, or is this something more serious?”

Zana looked up at me and I knew her reply before she even answered. Finley squeezed her hand tighter and gave her an encouraging nod.

“It’s more serious ma’am,” she said quietly. “At…at least for me,” she added quickly looking over at Finley.

“Same for me mom.”

I sat back in my chair, exhaling loudly. “Ok, well that changes things. If you were dating a boy, sleepovers and things wouldn’t be allowed. Now, where as the risks involved surrounding certain activities are not the same, that doesn’t mean you get free range.”

“So Zana can’t stay over anymore?” Finley asked and I sensed the panic in her voice.

“No, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying adjustments will have to be made for when she does. Like no more closed doors. Kissing, holding hands, that’s all fine, but anything that involves any parts of the body that are covered by clothing is not allowed. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes.” They answered in unison.

“Is Mr. Smith mad at me?”

“No honey, Mr. Smith is more in shock than anything.” I replied smiling. “He’ll be fine once whatever image he has in his head gets out of there. I promise.”

“Can we go watch TV now, Mom?”

“Yeah sure.” I got up to give Finley a hug just to reassure her everything was fine with us. I saw a look of sadness cross Zana’s face. “Zana, do your parents know?” She shook her head no.

“You’re not gonna tell them are ya? They aren’t like you…” My heart broke seeing the worry on her face. I gave her a hug and promised not to tell her parents.

I’d only talked to her mom once and she almost seemed relieved when I called to verify that Zana could stay over that first time. The girls went to watch TV and I headed downstairs in search of my shell shocked husband. I walked up behind him as he sat at his desk.

“Sorry I made you handle that on your own, but I was not prepared for…that.” Marcus said, turning to pull me into his lap.

“I swear you looked almost pale when you came back downstairs.” I replied, laughing a little.

“Babe, some things can’t be unseen and as a father, I never want to see my daughter that way. Regardless of who she’s with. At least if it was a boy I could have screamed or threatened his life or something, but I could only close the door and walk away.”

He wrapped his arms around me tighter resting his head against my chest. Putting my hands on his face, I lifted it and kissed him deeply.

“Welcome to parenthood.” I said softly.

Marcus gently massaged my neck as he gazed up at me before he kissed me again. His tongue slipped between my lips and his grip got a little tighter on the back of my neck holding me in place.

My hand slid down the front of his chest but he stopped me just as I got to the top of his pants and let out a soft groan. He placed our hands on my very swollen stomach. My bedrest also restricted sexual activity because the excitement could send me into labor. That was probably the hardest part, laying next to my husband every night but being unable to consummate our marriage. I’d offered to give him some relief, but he declined saying it wouldn’t be fair. So we were eager for the safe arrival of our new bundles of joy, for varying reasons.

“I’m looking forward to being around, and not missing a single moment of their lives. Even if that means walking in on…that.”

“You will have to talk to her, them, at some point. They are both worried you are angry.”

“I will, just not tonight. Tomorrow, just not tonight. Speaking of, where are they?”

“Watching a movie. I told them no more closed doors and they need to spend limited time in Finley’s bedroom.”

“I would have to agree. So…are they dating?”


“Well, at least we don’t have to worry about her getting knocked up.” He said laughing.

Ok, well with this chapter Kiss is not on a short break for the holiday. Those of you that read my other story as well, know I'm going on vacation for Christmas break so there will be no more updates until January. I made sure not to leave it as a cliffy so you aren't wondering what's going to happen. :) Kiss will be ending next year. I haven't worked out how many more chapters there will be, but I don't think it will be any more than 10 and that might be pushing it. We will see once I start writing those final ones. 

Anyway, enjoy your holiday, however you celebrate and Happy New Year!

Kylie (Dunham's and Embry's daughter)


  1. Uncharted Territory HA! Putting mildly are we? I think it's awesome the way you write the characters. Each child has his or her own dilemma or issue or growing phase that's always different from the child before. And Finley and her GF? Awesome!

    "At least if it was a boy I could have screamed or threatened his life or something, but I could only close the door and walk away."

    HAHAHAHAHA Poor Marcus! That's hilarious! I love Finley, I think it's great that she and her girlfriend came out to the parents (although they were kinda forced) but I think it makes them feel better knowing their parents (at least Marcus and Amari) accept them.

    And Marcus, can't get his nookie. That sucks, for them both. And it's sweet he's waiting on the babies and not making things "unfair". I don't think many men would turn down "help" in the department. Hopefully also Mulo will be WILLING to help Amari complete her transition or no longer be so dependent on him.

    1. LOL, well this is new for Amari. She's dealt with a lot but never this. And aww, thanks. Since the focus of this story was supposed to be her children, I wanted them to be more than just a number. She hasn't had it easy, and they aren't perfect, but I wanted to make it more realistic that way. Each child is unique and will face different challenges. I tried to drop little hints about Finley going this way with her being a tomboy and not liking to wear dresses as a kid.

      hahahaha yeah poor Marcus. He was helpless as to what to do in that situation. Finley is a great girl and faced hardships early on in life. She needed the love and support of her parents and she got that without question or judgement. Coming out can be hard even for adults, even more so for teens who are just learning to figure themselves out. Poor Zana won't have it as easy. :(

      Nope no nookie for them. It does suck since we know they have a very healthy sexual relationship. LOL. He is trying to be supportive and suffer along side her like a good hubby. :D I'm sure once she's cleared for 'active duty' they will make up for lost time.

      Yeah Mulo. Well he can't change her now, so it will have to wait until after the babies are born. Let's hope he does bow out completely and let her go.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Marcus, he was probably more mortified than the girls were,=b.

    I thought Amari handled it well and her bursting out into laughter, along with confusing them probably at least helped them not to be so tense about it.

    I don't know how I feel about Mulo. If she asks him I'm sure he will turn her and it looks like he's pretty much giving her what she wants. I can't help but feel bad for him, he's a good shit at heart I think...edenz~

    1. hahaha, yes he certainly was. He did not need or want to see his daughter in that way.

      She did handle it well, the laughing helped relieve some of the tension. For her, of all the things thrown at her, this was probably the easiest to deal with.

      Yes our dear misunderstood Mulo. He probably would change her if she asked. He can't right now, but once the babies are born that will be a conversation they need to have.

      thanks for reading.

  3. Marcus certainly had a surprise. haha... At least they both seemed to have accepted Finley's announcement well.

    1. LOL I know. I laughed the whole time I was writing this chapter. They love their kids and her saying she's gay doesn't change that for them. Amari has made tons of mistakes along the way, but the one thing that has never wavered was her love for her children.

      thanks for reading.

  4. I LOVE how this story is going :)
    its going to be sad when it ends.
    I'm quite new to reading your story's but I'm now up to date on this one.
    When i read "he walked back into the dining room looking like he’d seen a ghost." I knew Finley and Zana were doing something like that up in Finley's room. Poor Marcus.
    I really like Mulo ;) but i do hope he turns Amari when the babies are born.

    1. Aww thanks! I will be sad when it ends as well. This one and my other one have been going for over two years.

      Well thank you for taking the time to read it all. I know 100+ chapters can be a very daunting task. :)

      hahaha yeah you knew something was going on upstairs with how he came back acting. :P I thought it was more fun to have him be the one to find them instead of Amari. Glad you like Mulo, he doesn't have many fans. He's a good guy at heart (sorta) he just messes up a lot. Once the babies are born, they will have that conversation.

      thanks for reading.

  5. Aw I love calm chapters. I'm glad everything seems to be going well for the family. They need a break from the drama lol. Omg I knew as soon as Marcus told Amari that she needed to handle it and the girls were freaking out, they had to be messing around. Amari handled it very well and it's good she can support her daughter and Zana. Marcus's freak out was just so funny, but its good they talked about it too :)

    1. :) I do too! It's nice to show them having family time, even if its not perfect. LOL yeah the moment he came back down you knew it wasn't good. Amari really does love her children no matter what, and she makes sure they know that. Zana needed to get that little bit of acceptance as well.

      haha yeah Marcus, it was fun to write him. I laughed the whole time.

      thanks for reading.

  6. Haha, oops...poor Marcus, it certainly wouldn't be a pleasant surprise to walk in on your children messing around with anyone. It was kind of funny though, unfortunate, but funny. I'm glad Amari and Marcus are can accept Finely and her relationship with Zana though.

    1. Yeah he got an eye full. :P Amari thought it was funny too. She handled it well and even her talk with Marcus was great. They are good parents so they can handle the relationship, they of course wish she would have come to them.

      thanks for reading.

  7. Oh boy! LOL about Marcus not being able to react like he thought a dad should react. That whole 'screwing around with my daughter' and 'don't hit girls' rules getting crossed in his head.

    I think Amari handled this very well. She knows that now she has to treat their relationship as more than a friendship, and I'm glad she's laying down the ground rules. I feel sad for Zana. No matter what, I will always love my children and do my best to show that love. I worry from her expressions that her parents aren't the same way. ?

    1. LOL IKR! That was the most fun. He couldn't threaten some poor kid for messing with his daughter when it was another girl. He will be traumatized by that sight for a while.

      She did a very good job with talking to them. Now that the nature of the relationship has changed, rules need to be put in place that the girls understood. They were really worried about how the parents would take it, and at least from the Smith side they handled it well. You are right about Zana's parents. Her mom works too much as is relieved that Zana spends so much time with Finley. They don't have the same type of relationship and coming out to them might not go as well.

      thanks for reading.

  8. LOL @ Marcus getting a shocker of his life. I think Amari handled her talk with the girls very well. Now that Mulo see how happy she is with Marcus, I don't think he'll stand in their way, so here's to hoping he does change her.

    1. LOL I know, and he was such a guy. Didn't know what to do. :( Amari has made some mistakes, but she's always loved and supported her kids.

      Hopefully once the babies are born, Mulo will change Amari and sever the connection with her.

      thanks for reading.

  9. Oh man what a shocker for Marcus lol
    Amari handled that well. It's nice to see the family handling some normal issues and things being a little more calm for a while. :)
    Just have to have those babies and get Mulo to finish turning Amari finally! I have a feeling there is some sort of surprise that you will throw in somewhere along the way. :P

    1. yep, he got quite the eye full LOL

      This was an easy-ish thing for Amari given everything else she's dealt with. It is nice to just have family issues to worry about, hopefully they can enjoy the calm for a while.

      Yes Mulo...he does need to let her go, but will he is the question. Who me??? throw in a surprise? I wouldn't dream of it. :P

      Thanks for reading.

  10. All of the children have grown up to be gorgeous!

    I think that Amari handled that situation perfectly! Marcus' reaction still has me laughing! I hope that when Zana's parents find out that they will be just as loving as Amari was, but with the way she reacted when she thought that Amari was going to tell them, I don't think it will go very well!

    Does Marcus know that Mulo still needs to turn Amari? I'm worried about how hard this pregnancy is going for her.

    1. She has had good genes so far. It's always scary to see what EA does to the genes.

      LOL Marcus...welcome to parenthood. He was not prepared for that. Zana's folks aren't as friendly or understanding. :( Coming out to them will be hard, and something she will avoid doing if she can.

      Yes he knows. Marcus has been given full disclosure where Mulo and her situation is concerned. This pregnancy has been a struggle for her. :( More than the others.

      thanks for reading.

  11. Less than ten chapters left? :O Am I that close? Somehow it seems like I'm still way off!

    N'aww, hahaha, bless him, Marcus was not expecting that!! What a something to walk in on for him! :P When he came down looking pale and all I figured they were doing stuff, Amari handled it very well. Poor Zana, sounds like her family life is less than stable :/ I like her and them together, they make a cute couple ^^

    1. You are making great progress!!!

      LOL Marcus, nope he was not expecting that at all. Last thing a father wants to see is his child in that sort of position. Amari has dealt with a lot from her kids and in life, so she thought this topic was a walk in the park compared to other things she's had to deal with. LOL

      Zana does have a less stable home-life which is why she spends so much time at Finley's. They do make a cute couple. :)

      thanks for reading