Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chapter 109-My Everything

Two weeks later, Marcus was still mad at me, even going so far as to sleep in the boys’ old room and I needed him with me. I couldn’t sleep; I would have nightmares about Florence. I was trapped in a door-less room and I just heard her laughter or I was choking, unable to fight or scream for help. I would wake up in a panic and alone. During the day, I tried not to focus on it too much, choosing instead to take care of Finley. She was very upset with me being gone and once I returned home she hardly wanted to leave my side. Just once I wanted to not have my children negatively impacted by outside forces.

I tried to be understanding of Marcus’ frustration, but I was starting to get annoyed with it the longer it carried on. When I tried to talk to him, he didn’t want to listen to me, the only thing he was willing to discuss was our marriage plans. The fact that I didn't want to even consider getting married right now only added fuel to his fire. He was so angry over Mulo, that he forgot about what I went through. I could have died, our babies could have died, but that fact didn’t seem to register with him. We were at a stalemate sadly. When Finely was at school, I spent time painting to keep my mind off the tension in the house. When that didn't work, I took the dogs on short walks.

“Where are you going?” Marcus asked as he stepped into the foyer. "You don't look like you are taking the dogs walking."

“I'm not, I'm just going out. I need some fresh air.” I replied taking another step towards the door.

“Out to where Amari?” He asked moving to block my path.

“I don’t know Marcus.” I snapped. “I wasn’t aware I had to ask for approval before leaving the house now.”

“Well you are a bit of a flight risk.”

Hearing his tone was like nails on a chalkboard, he didn't want to talk to me, but I was expected to remain on some sort of house arrest at the same time. I may have been on limited bed rest, but the stress of staying in the house was far worse than sitting at the park.

 “Why don’t you just say what’s really on your mind and get it over with!” I yelled.
 “Because I’m tired of you walking around with this chip on your shoulder.”

“You went to him Amari, how do you not expect me to be pissed about that?" Marcus yelled back. The anger he'd been harboring was finally coming out. "Him! Of all people! Then I show up to take you home only to find you half dressed in his clothes coming from where? His bedroom? His bed?”

I took a step back picking up on his hidden accusation. It never failed; it was always the ones that meant the most to me that could hurt me the worst. For him to even imply I would do something like that made me want to rethink more than just being married to him.

“Seriously Marcus? Are you forgetting that your psycho ex kidnapped and tried to kill us? I didn’t go to him Marcus; it wasn’t like I ran off with cold feet. He saved me. I am so sorry I didn’t come home right away, I am, but cut me some damn slack! I had just had an attempt made on my life, and then watched a woman be brutally murdered in front of me! It was a lot Marcus, that coupled with the previous fears about us getting married…” I stopped and rubbed my side. I needed to calm down because they were not happy.

“I can’t sleep Marcus. I have nightmares about her, about that day and when I wake up terrified the only person I want is you. But you aren’t there because you are too damn busy being mad at me!” I screamed before storming past him.

I didn’t get far because I got an intense cramp that caused me to double over in pain. Marcus was at my side instantly, all traces of anger dissipated.

“Baby what’s wrong.” I couldn’t answer; all I could do was breathe through the pain which felt strangely like really intense contractions. “I’m taking you to the hospital.”

“No.” I managed to groan. “Finley. I-have-to-be-here.”

“I’ll make sure someone is here, but you need the hospital.”

Marcus carried me to the couch and called 911. Then he made a phone call to Ceula since she was the closest. She spread the word to her siblings and would make sure that she was at the house for when Finley got home from school. Marcus kept telling me how sorry he was during the ambulance ride. I saw the worry in his eyes, I was just as worried.

Once at the hospital it was determined I was indeed in early labor. The stress, plus the fact I was carrying multiples set it off. They gave me medication to stop it, and a light sedative to help calm me. I tried to protest the sedative, but the doctor said that it would help the medication work quicker because they wouldn’t survive being born now.

Marcus POV

I felt like an ass as I sat and watched her sleep. The kids and her friend Carter had trickled in and out trying to give me comfort and just to check on her. The bleeping of the heartbeats was reassuring while I waited for her to wake up. I let my damn pride get in the way. I hated that man for what he’s done, but I hated even more that he has something with her I can’t. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be here. They wouldn’t be here and I didn’t want to be grateful to him for anything. I let my feelings of failure eat at me and I lashed out at her. I couldn’t save her. I didn’t even know she was in danger so all she had was him.

And then she didn’t even want to come home to me when it was all over. That hurt the most. When she was in trouble, he was there for her and she was grateful to him for that. She asked him not to take her home; she wanted to be in his company instead. I felt even worse hearing she was having nightmares and needed me, but I wasn’t there to even comfort her. I walked over to the bed and looked down at Amari. She was so beautiful, and I had loved her for so long, the thought of losing her brought me unbelievable pain. I only had a few hours of worry, not knowing where she was and I was going crazy. I don’t know how she managed dealing with that while being pregnant when I was taken. I placed my hand on the soft swell of her stomach and I just lost it.

I couldn’t recall the last time something brought me to tears, but seeing her like this, knowing what all could have been lost, and knowing that my fool pride put her here, I cried. I felt Amari’s hand run through my hair. I looked up at her and when she saw me the look of sadness was instant.

“They…” Her words were cut off when I kissed her. I just needed her to know I was sorry and I was so grateful to have her.

“I love you Amari.” I said softly.

“And I love you Marcus. Always.”

I took her hand and placed it on her stomach. “They are fine. The contractions stopped about an hour ago.” I said answering her earlier question. I saw the relief in her face when I told her our babies were still there.

“I’m sorry.” She said with tears now rolling down her cheek. “I didn’t mean to worry you, I was just so upset and…”

“I know, and it's not you. It’s him and what you have with him. I couldn’t protect you Amari. I didn't even know you were in danger. Do you know how that makes me feel? When you needed me I wasn’t there. I couldn’t protect you. I couldn’t protect them.” Admitting that out loud to her sounded worse than when I thought it.

“Come here.” She said scooting over a bit and patting the space next to her on the small bed.

“Amari, no. I don’t want to crowd you.”

“Marcus get your ass in this bed!” She commanded kicking off the blanket.

I couldn’t help but to laugh at her attempts to be bossy while hooked up to all those machines. Not wanting to upset her again, I eased into the bed being careful to make sure she was comfortable. Amari snuggled up against me and I let out a sigh of relief to hold her in my arms like this. We'd already lost so much time and I shouldn't have wasted anymore being angry at her and overlooking the ordeal she went through.

“There is no place I’d rather be than with you. No matter what. Never doubt yourself when it comes to that or me.” Amari said stretching up to kiss me.

We laid in bed like that until the nurse came in and gave me a very disapproving look. I quickly got out of her way so that she could check Amari’s vitals.

“Can you go get me something to eat?”

“Sure, what do you want?”

“Um, chicken noodle soup from Gracie’s diner.”

Amari POV

Marcus gave me a quick kiss on the top of my head. “I’ll be back in a bit.” He said softly before exiting the room.

I had never seen Marcus look as fearful as he did today. I hated fighting with him and I hated knowing I worried him. Then and today. My fears were causing him to have doubts about us, but more importantly about himself. I needed this connection severed with Mulo, although I was grateful for it that day. Until I could get him to agree to turn me, I had to figure out another way to let Marcus know he was the only man for me and that I had no doubts about his ability to protect our family. The nurse sent in my doctor and I was given the all clear for my plan as long as I wasn't on my feet long. After the they left, I made quick phone calls to the kids. To ensure they would get here before he did, I sent Marcus to the bakery across town to get me croissants to go with my soup.

“Hey mom.” Bynni and Ceula said as they walked into my room.

“Hey girls. Thanks for coming.”

“Of course, everyone is here and already waiting. How are you feeling?” Bynni asked.

“I’m good. CeCe how is Finley?”

“She’s doing ok. I explained that the babies were being impatient and you had to come to the hospital. She was happy to know where you were.”

“Good. Ok let’s get this done before he gets back.”

Bynni hit the call button for the nurse to come unhook me from all the machines then they got me out of that ugly hospital gown and into something more appropriate. Marcus walked in just as they were adding the finishing touches to my make-up.

“What’s going on?” He asked sitting the food down on the counter.

I eased off the bed with the help of the girls then walked over to him and gave him a loving kiss.

“I’m getting married.”

He looked at me confused then Ceula walked over and handed him a duffel bag.

“So are you.” She said with a smile.

A huge smile spread across his face, Marcus gave me another quick kiss before running into the bathroom to change clothes. The girls kicked him out of the room after that, he was sent down to the chapel to wait. Once word got out what was happening, some of the staff got flowers and streamers from the gift shop to help decorate the small hospital chapel. Apparently we were the first wedding held there. 

The nurse wheeled me down to the chapel where the rest of the kids were waiting. I saw Carter and Vicki and they both waved at me. Aric met me at the door and I was allowed to walk down the aisle to where Marcus stood looking as handsome as ever.

The hospital chaplain started the ceremony and there in front of our children, friends, and a few hospital staff, Marcus and I got married.

Ok so I left them off the last two chapters, but the triplets are all grown up now. Also I got really lazy when thinking about doing their wedding. I really didn't want to manage a huge house, so no shots of those in attendance. Sorry.



Also the hospital used is made by Jamee and is up for download on her blog. The only real change I made was to add the chapel.


  1. Marcus. Really? 2 weeks. Damn, he must have been really hurt, or his pride was seriously bruised to stay mad at Amari for such a long time over something he knows didn't happen.

    It's sad that it it took a hospital scare to make them both see what's important and realize some things aren't worth fighting over. I don't think Marcus and Amari would have been able to forgive themselves or each other if something had happened to the triplets.

    Wow, they are finally married. It must be such a big relief to both considering their track record.

    1. Yep, it was a bit of both actually. His pride took a huge hit and he was hurt that Amari didn't want to go home. He hates the connection she has with Mulo and hates even more he has to be grateful it was in tact.

      I'm sure they would have found peaceful ground eventually, the scare just pushed them there faster. If something has happened to the babies they both would have had felt beyond guilty. :(

      Yep finally married, again. LOL Let's hope the bad has already happened and they won't have anything to worry about.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. :D
    I love happy chapters! I'm so glad these two worked out a huge chunk of their issues. Now, Amari just needs to really sever that bond with Mulo, and Marcus will be a very happy man.

    Totally with you on the 'less is more' approach to a wedding. I have enough imagination to imaginate all the rest of it. :)

    1. :) I like to write happy chapters. They just needed to sit and talk to each other but neither was ready before. She does need to sever that bond but it will be a while since it requires her to become a vamp and can't do that while preggo.

      LOL yeah did not want to film a whole wedding. And it would have been all staging since in game Marcus and Amari were already married.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Ugh ugh and ugh! Pie in the face for Marcus... Sure, he made up, but, he really went over the line. I hope that this really scared him and he can really now focus on his relationship rather than being jealous. Amari chose him. That has to account for something.

    1. LOL Marcus is in trouble this update. He was being a bull headed man, and he's very sorry. He can't be perfect all the time.

      He will be a good boy (mostly) from now on I promise. Amari did pick him and she always will over Mulo. :) He's just having a moment.

      Thanks for reading.

  4. I was also a bit worried... But on the end everything ends well.. In fact I've got a tear in my eye.. This is really my best Sim story to read..

    1. Sorry to worry you. I couldn't have them have too much more sadness, but they needed something to show them what was most important.

      Aww you got misty eyed **hugs** and **blushes***thank you. I'm so glad you enjoy my story that much!

      Thank you for reading.

  5. Poor Finely :( I don't blame her for not wanting to leave Amari's side. As much as I hated reading their fight, it needed to happen. He needed to get everything off his chest so they could heal and move on, I just wish it didn't cause her to go into premature labor. Thankfully it was able to be halted though! Aww..they made up :) And the wedding was cute! It didn't matter that it wasn't at some big fancy place, as long as they were together.

    1. Yes poor Finley. :( Not having her dad, then her mom being taken, it was hard on her. She doesn't want to lose the only parent she has.

      It was hard making them fight, and I'm taking a hit for Marcus' behavior LOL He is usually always so calm and understanding, but this was hard for him. He knew it was wrong, but he was hurt. Really hurt but once he explained it, she understood and she feels bad for making the situation worse.

      Yes all ended well that day. :) They only needed their family and each other. That's all that mattered to Marcus so he's a very happy man now.

      Thanks for reading.

  6. I love your story! I just read it all today and you're an amazing, very talented writer. You made me cry and laugh. Poor Amari. She's just trying to keep things together for her kids and wants a little happiness.


    1. Aww thanks! That's a lot of chapters to read in a day so happy to hear it kept your attention that much to make it through all of them. Amari has had it hard, but she's never given up, even when things got really bad. She was close at times, but she managed to keep going.

      She does just want a little happiness and hopefully she's found it now.

      Thank you for reading.

  7. It made me sad that he managed to stay mad at her for 2 weeks without even talking to her or listening to her side of the story. I kind of wanted to smack some sense into him, but I also felt bad for him, he must've been really hurt to stay mad for so long. I'm glad they worked it all out though, and they finally got married, again. :D Hopefully nothing messes it up this time.

    1. :( I know. Marcus took a hit this chapter, but he had good reason. He isn't perfect, and Mulo put him through a lot of crap. So for Mulo to be the one to save her and then she went with him instead of coming back to Marcus, that hurt. :(

      He'll do better from now on I promise.

      Thanks for reading.

  8. What?? He was still mad two weeks later? For real? Wow. That's some grudge! I mean damn your ex tried to murder your wife on her wedding day. I mean understandably Amari shouldn't have run to Mulo but to be mad that long is a little much! And then to take a near miss with the pregnancy to put things in perspective. It shouldn't have come to that. A little disappointed in Marcus right now. At least they've kissed and made up though.

    It's nice they finally got married. And LOL I understand the whole thing about the wedding. I'm dreading the one I have to shoot coming up in CND :P but we do what we must right? At first I thought it was gonna be something different when she called all the kids though but the wedding was nice after all. Sending the hubs on a wild goose chase just so she could get ready! It's sad that it took them this long to make up but it's good that it's finally over.

    1. Yes sorry he was still mad. I know I know long time, but Marcus has lots of reasons to be mad. Mulo he hates that man so for him to be the one to save Amari just ate away at him. :( Add to that the fact that after everything Mulo has done to them as a family she went home with him instead of coming back to Marcus right way. Well his ego, pride, whatever was really really hurting. :(

      He knows he shouldn't have taken it that far, but sometimes that male ego is a bitch. LOL

      Yes they got married finally. Amari needed to show Marcus he was the man for her, and the way to do that was to give him what he wanted. She understood his anger and frustration so she was forgiving of his actions.

      You need to get to work on my, I mean Mica's wedding. LOL.

      Yes she sent him off on a goose chase so she could get things planned. It was a great surprise for him and it was all they needed.

      Thanks for reading.

  9. I kind of see Marcus's point but he let his pride get the best of him and it seems that he wasn't really so upset at Amri anyways. He was upset at himself and the fact that she could reach Mulo and that it was Mulo that came to her rescue, not him.

    Finally married, even though I'm sure the hospital is not the most ideal place to do it, it was still thoughtful of amari...edenz~

    1. Yes sadly that damn male ego/pride was a real pain. He hates Mulo, but at the same time had to be thankful that he was there to save Amari and the babies because he couldn't. It's a hard thing for him to deal with considering all the crap Mulo has done.

      Finally married. She needed to help ease his fears after he opened up to her about his feelings. The hospital wasn't ideal, but neither needed anything fancy, only each other and their family. It was perfect for them.

      thanks for reading and woot you are all caught up now!!!!

  10. Happy Dance!!!! The trips are beautiful, her kids are all speaking to her again, and she and Marcus are married with more babies on the way. More Happy Dance!!!!!!

    1. Enjoy your dance. It took a while to get them there, but they are married again.

      The relationship with the kids has improved greatly, all is well in Amari's life right now.

      thanks for reading.

  11. Jaz, I should have known you'd make me cry again during a chapter!

    I'm so glad that you let us see things from both Amari's and Marcus' point of view! I do see why Marcus was upset, but I was mad at him for not recognizing how Amari was feeling. It's sad that it took almost losing her and their babies again for him to push his resentment against Mulo's relationship with Amari aside and just think about her! I guess that's really only human nature though.

    I really felt for Amari in this chapter too! Marcus should have at least talked with her and let her know his feelings rather than shutting her out until there was a huge blow up. Men sometimes have a problem with talking about their feelings though and I guess that came out in Marcus.

    I think that the wedding in the hospital chapel had even more meaning and was even more special than the original wedding they had planned! I'm so happy that she did that for Marcus. He needed that reassurance of her love for him.

    Beautiful chapter, Jaz!

    1. aww...sorry for making you cry.

      He held a grudge for a while sadly, and he regrets that now. He couldn't get passed what he saw as short coming in himself compared to Mulo :(. He was blinded by that anger and his hurt pride that he ignored what she'd gone through. This crisis put things back in perspective for him. He can't be perfect all the time :P

      He should have, but has he said, admitting how he felt only made him feel worse. Instead he kept it in until it was too much to handle. They both did and hopefully they've from it.

      She didn't need much, and neither did he. Just the two of them surrounded by their family and friends. She needed to push her fears aside, and he did need that reassurance. It was perfect for them.

      thanks for reading.

  12. What a sweet, beautiful wedding!! I'm glad the babies are fine, AND they are talking again! Success all around :D

    1. Thanks. I took the easy way out with that shot because staging weddings is a pain. Plus Amari and Marcus have been married in game since their first wedding. LOL The babies will be fine and they are talking again. Let's hope they are on the right track now.

      thanks for reading