Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chapter 108-A Long Time Coming

I awoke to the sound of raised and very angry voices.

Come quickly Love before I really hurt him.

I threw the covers off and rushed down the stairs. Aric stood in between his father and Marcus, the furniture was over turned, there were holes in the walls and some things were broken.

“Marcus stop!” I yelled when he attempted to lunge passed Aric to get to Mulo.

I’ve been holding back, but he’s trying my patience.

Mulo stood ready to defend himself should Marcus get past Aric. I hated seeing those two fighting but I hated even more that my son could get hurt trying to stop them.

"Marcus!" I yelled again.

This time he turned at the sound of my voice and came to me instantly. His face was bruised and bloodied just as Mulo's was. I knew he would heal, some of the cuts already were, but seeing him like that was a shock.

“Baby I’ve been worried. I thought you ran…” He stopped when he took stock of my clothes.

I forgot I was in Mulo’s shirt and underwear. I didn’t get a chance to explain before I saw the fury flash in his eyes as he let out this feral noise that I could only describe as a growl before he turned towards Mulo again.

“Marcus no!” I cried but Aric stopped me as I attempted to get to him. “Let go Aric!”

“No. You are in no condition to try and get between them. Even if you weren’t pregnant I wouldn’t let you over there.” Aric replied calmly.

“He’ll kill him Aric!” I pleaded trying to get free, but Aric used gentle pressure to keep me in place.

“No he won’t.”

I had to stand by and watch as those two attempted to rip each apart. Marcus was furious and with good reason. It was about more than me being here, it was about everything Mulo had done to hurt me, him, and our family. His life was stolen, he couldn’t get back that time and he had every right to want Mulo to pay for that. But I didn’t want him hurt. Mulo was older and stronger. Just like with his fight with Aric, I could see he was holding back, but I wasn’t sure how much longer that would be the case. How could I not think he would come for me once found out where I was? I should have known Marcus wouldn't just sit around waiting on me to come home on my own.

“What did you do to her?” Marcus yelled.

"Nothing she didn't want." Mulo countered with a smug look.

Marcus let out some sort of deep guttural roar, then I saw Mulo flying through air; he crashed through the glass window and skidded across the patio coming to a stop against the railing. When he got up I knew all bets were off. Thinking quickly, I flung my head back hard making direct contact with Aric’s nose and catching him by surprise. He released me on instinct and I scrambled quickly towards Marcus just as Mulo moved towards him. I braced for impact thinking I was about to be crushed between their two bodies.

Marcus threw his arms around me turning so that his back was to Mulo, allowing himself to take the brunt of the impact. I saw a blur and heard a thud as Aric tackled his father to the ground moments before he reached us.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Marcus yelled at me.

I let out the breath I had been holding while taking a step back. My entire body was shaking from the fear and adrenaline. I have never seen Marcus like this; he’d always been so calm and understanding. This new out for blood him was scary, I never knew he had it in him to be so vicious. It was a little scary to see, but I had to admit it was also pretty damn hot.

 “She was trying to save you from imminent death.” Mulo said as he stood dusting bits of broken glass off his clothes.

Marcus turned and I knew it wasn’t over for him. The tension was long standing between these two and I had only made it worse by going with Mulo. I stepped around so that I was in front of Marcus again and Aric stepped in front of his dad.

“Marcus look at me.” He kept his eyes focused on Mulo. “Please!”

“Are you hurt?” He asked finally complying with my request.

He pulled me close letting his hand gently caress my face. Gone was the anger he had just a moment ago. It had been replaced with a look of concern as he ran his hand along my belly.

“No. I’m fine.”

“Why can’t you just leave her alone?” Aric asked turning to face his dad.

Mulo looked at me and smiled and I heard Marcus do a sharp intake of breath.

“If I had, she’d be dead right now. Feel free to thank me whenever you are ready.” He replied looking directly at Marcus.

“Thank you?! You are the reason she is here in the first place. You are the reason she was almost hurt.”

“She asked me to bring her here. Well not here, but she didn’t want to go home so this was as good a place as any.”

“What? What the hell are you talking about you lying bastard! There's no way she'd willingly come here and especially not today!”

“I’m not lying. I didn’t take her. I saved her, from your ex. Then after it was all over, she didn’t want to go home. Don’t believe me? She’s standing right in front of you, ask her.”
Marcus looked down at me as Mulo walked out to the patio to fix himself a drink.

“He’s right.” I said quietly meeting Marcus' questioning gaze.

“Florence took you?” I nodded. “From the chapel?” I nodded again. “Why didn’t you scream for help or something? I was there, Aric, the other kids.”

I frowned hearing the tone in his voice. “Why didn’t you tell me that she was a witch?” I countered. The scowl from Marcus’ face dropped. “That was something that would have been nice to know. And it’s the reason I couldn’t let anyone know. She said she did some sort of cloaking spell.”

“I didn’t think about it. She didn’t really practice it much.”

“Well I guess she had reason to change that thanks to you.” Mulo interjected picking up his knocked over chair to take a seat.

“Dad stay out of this!” Aric warned.

He merely shrugged before finishing off his drink then held the empty ice filled glass to the side of his face. I hated to have this conversation in front of Mulo or even Aric, but I rather get it all out now.

“I guess I’d have to agree with Mulo on that because she was intent on making you suffer by killing me.”

“Baby, I didn’t know. I thought she was still in Italy. Last time I spoke to her I made it clear I wasn't coming back. That you and I were getting remarried.” I heard the remorse in his voice.

“I’m not blaming you Marcus. You had no way of knowing she would come after me.”

I took a deep breath because I knew the next part was going to be hard for him to hear. I placed my hand on his cheek and stretched up to kiss him softly. “Mulo was able to find me.” I said quietly. “After he…” I looked back at Mulo for a moment before continuing. “after he killed Florence I was a little shaken up. He was going to bring me home but I didn’t want to go. So he brought me here. I showered and changed, then slept. That’s it. He only did what I asked of him, so if you want to be mad, be mad at me.”

Marcus slid his hands around my waist pulling me closer to his body. We stood there not talking as he processed everything I told him.

“Why didn’t you want to come home? You knew I would be worried.” He said finally.

“Because.” I answered without expanding on the reason. When he looked at me, I knew he understood. The confusion on his face changed to anger.

“Go change, I’m taking you home.” He ordered.

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can. You have children; they want to see you, so let’s go.”

“No I mean I...I can’t change." I replied. "I have nothing to wear. My dress got dirty and I wouldn’t want to put it back on anyway. So it’s this or nothing.”

I wouldn’t mind the nothing.

I shot a glare at Mulo who winked in response. Marcus took a step forward and I put my hand on his chest to calm him but he shot me a look that made me take a step back.

"Mom do you need to stay with me for a bit?" Aric asked shooting a look over at Marcus.

“No son, thank you, but I'll be fine." I replied looking back at Marcus who was clenching his jaw so tightly I feared he would crack a tooth. "But how's your nose?” I asked remembering how I hit him.

“It’s fine mom. I don’t think you broke it.” He replied smiling while rubbing the bridge of his nose. “But I’m gonna tell Nina it came from breaking up the fight. I can’t let people know my mom got the better of me.” I gave him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek.

"Are you sure you are going to be ok?" He whispered.


Marcus may have been angry with me, and with good reason, but he wouldn't do anything to me. I knew he just needed time to calm down and then we would be able to talk about everything.

“Mulo” I said looking over at him.

“No need to thank me Love. I’ll always be there for you.” He looked up at Marcus when he said the last part.

Stop making this worse. Please.
Sorry Love, I couldn’t help myself.

Marcus mumbled something under his breath, before grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the door.


  1. It will suffice...
    My fang-losing version is hard to live up to LOL

    Aww, poor Aric. He was surprised?? Hell, -I- was surprised she would do that. She actually head-butted him...
    Oooooh, Marcus is mad. Her being abducted from their wedding, his ex trying to kill her, seeing her in Mulo's attire, her not wanting to come home. The weight of it all!

    Loved the adrenaline and testosterone!
    Good Chappy!

    1. LOL so glad you approve.

      Yeah poor Aric :( She felt bad about hitting him, but she knew Mulo was out for blood when he got up. All bets were off and she didn't want Marcus hurt. Rash thinking? Yes but she had to do something.

      Yes Marcus is very mad. Mostly because she was with Mulo and he thought Mulo took her. But then learning everything he got majorly pissed. :( It wasn't good.

      Glad you enjoyed it.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. I don't remember what all I just said...the stupid thing erased my shit and I didn't copy it first. ARGH!


    Amari was stupid to assume going to Mulo's after being attacked by Flo would be a smart thing. She had to know that Marcus would be concerned about her not showing up especially on her wedding day. I don't get why she did that. It was made worse when she came downstairs IN MULO'S shirt on top of that! I can totally get why Marcus was upset. I think it's lucky for Mulo that Aric was there otherwise he'd have been in a world of hurt. Although Marcus should be grateful because Mulo was in kill mode.

    And I agree with Amari, mean Marcus was HOT. He certainly is a new man :P

    1. sorry my blog ate your first comment. I hate when that happens.

      LOL she wasn't thinking. She already had reservations about being married and then Flo shows up and Mulo saved her and...yeah not thinking clearly. She knew he would be worried that's why she asked Mulo to let Aric know she was ok. She knew Aric would give Marcus the message.

      And she did show up, he knew she was on site she just went missing. She didn't want to go home because she was shaken a bit and she didn't want to face Marcus at that moment. He had to talk her into getting married again and she didn't want to face him with the 'I told you so' of being right about things going wrong. :(

      Being in Mulo's clothes couldn't be helped. It's not like she had back ups at his house (that would have been much worse) and her dress was ruined. She understands why he's upset to, she knew he would be. She didn't expect him to show up at Mulo's house.

      Aric, poor Aric LOL. He tried to keep those two from killing each other. well Marcus more than Mulo since he wasn't trying to hurt Marcus. He only switched to kill mode after he was thrown through the window. :(

      LOL yeah she couldn't help but to have that wayward thought :D

      thanks for reading.

  3. Why does Amari insist on making dumb decisions?! Seriously..she was going to throw herself in between the two in order to stop their fight, thus killing her babies. She has to start putting her kids first :/ *Shakes head at her* I'm not going to comment on her actually throwing herself in between the two later and hitting Aric in the process. I love Aric. He's always been so protective over his family but sometimes I wish he didn't have to rescue her all the time. That fight was TOO intense, especially the picture where Marcus looked like he was about to rip Mulo's head off.

    1. LOL She was thinking her kids were about to be without a father if Muo got to him first.

      I love Aric too, he's still my favorite kid :D He wasn't really there to rescue her. He went to just bring her home and Marcus came along and madness ensued. :( And thanks, I know this story doesn't have much action so I hoped it came out well. There is deep seeded hate on Marcus' part so he was happy to finally have a chance to go at Mulo.

      Thanks for reading.

  4. Indeed, their fight has been a long time coming.

    I kinda expected a dead body or maybe two. But thank God Amari won't have to be a widow.

    She really messed up this time, I get she was shaken up, but the last thing you do is turn to your ex, especially when there's a long history between him and your current partner.

    Marcus had every right to be angry, I'm just glad he was able to put a lid on his emotions and allow her to explain.

    1. Yes it has!

      Nope no dead bodies. If she hadn't gotten in the way Marcus could have been a goner. :(

      She knows she messed up, she really does. She wasn't thinking clearly at that moment and honestly she never thought Marcus would come to Mulo's house. She figured she'd explain it all when she got home. Yes it was still a stupid decision but that was her thought process.

      He's still angry, even after listening to her explain and that's why Aric asked if she needed to stay with him. He loves his mom and he didn't really like the tone Marcus took with her.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. I laughed oo'ed and ahh'ed and ouch'ed. *LOL*
    Mulo was really very amusing in this.
    Aric is such a saviour, I love him.
    Marcus can be angry, he has the right to be, to a point. Yeah, he should have said that Florence was a witch. I don't think that would have made a difference though. I think that Florence would have still done something bad.

    I did like Mulo in this, and is wisecracks and looks hahaha...

    loved it very much :)

    1. hahaha glad you got so into the action. :D

      I know right! I had a blast writing him this chapter. He has such an inappropriate sense of humor,I love it. Aric remains my favorite kid. :D

      Marcus does have a right to be angry and it was mostly because of Mulo. Not sure if knowing she was a witch would have stopped her but at least Amari would have been better prepared for something unexpected.

      LOL I loved his wisecracks, he couldn't help but to keep getting under Marcus' skin.

      Thank you and thanks for reading.

  6. Well damn. It's hit the fan again. Awesome glass breaking shot.
    It's going to take a lot to get Marcus to calm down, and I don't blame him.

    1. yep, you knew it was coming. Her going with Mulo was a bad, bad idea.

      Marcus is pissed for various reasons and Amari is going to have one angry vamp on her hands.

      That shot was the great work of DJ. She did the photo editing to make the glass look broken. :)

  7. I gotta say in Mulo's defence, he didn't do this. He was simply doing what he was asked to do that he wouldn't have had to do IF Marcus had bothered telling Amari that his ex fiance just so happened to be a witch! there!

    I did get a giggle out of Aric tho=)...edenz~

    1. Nope he didn't do anything this time, and Amari said as much. It's easy to think he would take Amari, but this time he saved her.

      Marcus has issues with Mulo that extend way beyond the current events, this just gave him a reason to attack. Until then Amari had tried to keep them separated and for good reason. She knew something like this would happen.

      Marcus should have told her everything about Flo, but he didn't really think it to be important. Communication is key.

      Aric....yeah poor kid. He's great though!

      thanks for reading.

  8. At least Mulo had the good sense to hold back on killing Marcus, but he shouldn't have kept provoking Marcus! I guess he wouldn't be Mulo if he hadn't done that though. Doggone it, I just can't completely hate Mulo! I guess that's how it is for Amari too.

    I loved all the action in this chapter. I had to smile at Amari thinking that this side of Marcus was hot too. I have to agree with her!

    I don't think that Marcus will take her decision not to marry him very well. It might make him leave again.

    Aric is so sweet with the way he looks after his mother. She's so lucky to have him!

    I definitely don't think this is over between Marcus and Mulo. Mulo is the cause of most of the problems that they've had.

    1. Yeah he held back, but Marcus was making it hard. Mulo could end him easily enough. LOL I had a blast writing Mulo in this. Love his thoughts. He just doesn't give a shit anymore :P.

      It was action packed with them fighting. It was a storm that has been brewing for a while. And yeah...bad Amari, mind in the gutter LOL

      He will be more determined now than before. He already hated the connection, then to find out Mulo saved her and she didn't want to come home right away. Oh yeah he's pissed.

      Aric...still my favorite kid. :D I just love him. He has been the perfect son, I guess to make up for all the crap his dad puts her through.

      Nope not over...just on hold for a while. He is a bigger cause than Marisol, that's for sure.

      thanks for reading

  9. Well, Marcus has a right to be mad and hurt, but I'm sure they'll talk it through once he's calmed down. They always have done.

    1. yep, to know she went with Mulo, willingly on their wedding day, Marcus is pissed. They do need to talk, but he's too angry right now to do so.

      thanks for reading