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Chapter 107-A Woman Scorned

The kids took the news of the engagement well. Bynni, Ceula, and Nina all kicked into wedding planner mode since Marcus insisted on us getting married before the babies were born. Since I was again carrying multiples, I was on limited activity restrictions. I wasn’t totally bedridden, unless it was left up to my soon to be husband. The wedding was planned at a small chapel in town. We had done the beach, and the house, so I hoped having it in a church this time would make a difference. I still worried but tried not to let Marcus know. We had planned it for after the triplet’s graduation and that day had arrived.

“Mom you look absolutely radiant!” Ceula exclaimed.

“Yes. I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or Marcus, but you are glowing.” Bynni added with a smile.

“I’d say it’s probably more Marcus than the pregnancy because these kids are kicking your mom’s ass.”  I replied laughing.

Seconds later Jonathon and Finley walked in.

“Ugh I don’t like this thing.” He complained pulling at this bow tie.

“At least you don’t have to be in a dress.” Finley retorted scrunching up her nose.

Nina walked over to softly scold both of them. “Stop complaining you two. You look very handsome.” She said kissing him on the forehead.

“Ew mom, stop that!” he whined wiping of the lipstick

She just rolled her eyes before turning towards Finley “And you are the prettiest flower girl I’ve ever seen.”

“Yes you are.” I agreed.

I hadn’t seen Finley in a dress since she was a toddler. Once she got older she turned into quite the tomboy. I didn’t push and wanted her to become her own person. She didn’t know it, but I did pack her a change of clothes so she wouldn’t have to stay in the dress the whole time.

“Ok you two, it’s time, go get ready.” Nina said taking their hands. “I’ll send in Aric.”
“Actually tell him I need about ten minutes.” I replied.

“Mom?” Elphie asked looking concerned.

All four girls turned to look at me. “I’m ok. I just need a moment to myself.” I responded.

They gave me hugs then filed out of the room. I exited the side door that lead out the gardens. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in sight, an absolute perfect day to get married. Things were going well, my life was finally looking up, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread I carried with me. 

“Look at you.” 

 I turned when I heard her voice. Florence stood behind me with a scowl on her face and there was something off about her. She said some words I didn’t understand then gave me an evil smile.

“For me he postpone often, for you he wastes no time.”

“Florence, what are you doing here?”

“Came to offer congratulations.”

I looked past her towards the chapel, Aric would be looking for me soon. As angry as I was that she would just show up, I had to keep calm for the babies’ sake. She turned and looked towards the door as well then shrugged.

“They can look, but will not find. Just a simple cloaking spell. Gives us privacy.”

“Cloaking spell?” I asked confused with my uneasiness about her presence increasing.

Florence let out a wicked laugh before leveling her crazed gaze at me. “Marc no tell you. Naughty boy.” 

Her eyes lowered to my stomach for the first time making me instinctively wrap my arms around it for protection. “Well this will be more fun than I thought!”
Before I could say anything else everything went black.

Marcus POV

“What do you mean she’s gone?” I asked Aric failing in my attempts to keep calm. “Where the hell would she go?”

“The girls said they left her in the bridal suite. It was empty when I came to get her and she’s nowhere on the grounds. I can’t sense her.” He replied calmly.

“Neither can I.” Bynni added.

“I thought that thing she has with him, kept others out.” I replied through clenched teeth. I liked Aric but I would have no problem killing his father if he had something to do with this.

“We’re her kids, so for us it’s a little different. When she’s close, we can pick up on her but she’s not here.”

Bynni gave me a sympathetic look. I knew they were as worried about their mother as I was and I needed to keep my temper in check. Ceula was doing a good job keeping Finley calm because she didn’t understand why her mom ran away. She’d been in tears the moment Aric told me she was gone.

“Aric.” I said trying to not lash out at him. “Your father.”

“I tried him already, he’s not answering. I don’t even know if he’s in the country or not.” He replied solemnly. “But if he did take her, he won’t hurt her.” That statement brought me little comfort.

I stormed out the side door needing to get some air. She wouldn’t leave me, not after everything. I knew she was nervous about getting married, but she was happy. She wouldn't leave me. She wouldn’t leave the kids.

“Where are you Amari?” I asked to the clear blue sky.

Amari POV

When I came to it took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness before I noticed I was no longer at the chapel. I looked around the room in hopes of figuring out where I was. It appeared to be some sort of old storage room possibly. Bags of trash and empty boxes were scattered around everywhere. I rubbed my arms trying to get rid of the chill. My eyes finally settled on the door and I immediately ran towards it. I pulled on it hard, but it was locked. Pressing my ear to it, I tried to figure out if Florence or anyone was out there, but I heard nothing. Some of the words she said to me replayed in my mind, she’s a witch. How could Marcus not tell me that? That was information I needed to know! Especially with her apparently being dangerous. Footsteps approached causing me to step away from the door. I searched around for a weapon of some kind, but found nothing useful.

“Good, you are awake.” Florence said as she stepped into the room. “How far?” She asked looking at my stomach again.

“None of your business!” I retorted wrapping my arms around my stomach. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I yelled. “Do you really think taking me is the way to win Marcus back? Do you think you will get away with this?”

“I no want him back. I want him suffering.” She replied calmly. “He broke my heart, so I break his! And yes. They no know I was even there and no one knows you are here.” She stated smugly.

I saw the intent in her eyes, she wasn’t just taking me, she meant to kill me. I knew something would happen, something always did, I wasn’t meant to have happiness.I had fought too much, been through too much to have it end like this, to die at her hands of all people. I moved towards her, but I was stopped by something, an invisible wall of some sort. Florence just stood there, smiling at me.

Mulo, if you’re there I could really use your help.

Florence said a few more words I didn’t understand and then with a wave of her hand I felt like I was being choked. I dropped to my knees, pulling at the invisible hands. Fear ran through me as I thought about my family and never getting to see them again. I thought about the babies I was carrying and it angered me that our lives would end here. Just as I thought I was going to black out, the pressure stopped. I took huge gasps of breathe as she stood over me laughing.

“It will not be that quick. I shall play for a while.” She said as I glared at her.

“I should have dropped you!” Her face fell when she heard his voice. 

Quickly Florence tried to mutter something but Mulo grabbed her by the throat cutting off her words.

“I warned you, did you think I was joking?” Mulo spoke calmly, but the tone even sent a shiver down my spine. “It’s been a while since I dined on witch.”

Mulo’s fangs extended then he roughly plunged them into the side of Florence’s neck. Blood dripped through his hands where he held her, staining the front of her outfit and draining down to the floor. She let out a strangled cry as Mulo ripped away from her, unceremoniously spitting a chunk of her neck out of his mouth.

“Bitter, just like your soul!”

I covered my ears not wanting to hear the guttural choking sounds she made as she drowned in her own blood. Helpless tears streamed down her cheeks as the fear in her eyes expressed the mortality of her situation; she knew what was coming. Mulo looked over at me briefly before turning his attention back to Florence. Without hesitation, he punched through her chest. The sound of her ribs breaking was loud enough to cause an echo and she gasped silently as he pulled out her heart. Florence’s limp body fell to the floor in a large pool of blood; her eyelids fluttering once before closing. I sat there too scared to move, staring at her dead body.

“I half expected it to be black.” Mulo said looking down at her heart in his hand then over at me. He tossed it across the room before walking over to help me up. I didn’t resist when he pulled me into his arms. I was shaking from the cold of the room and from the shock of the last few minutes of my life. Mulo had just killed a person for me, to save me, and I watched him do it. He had done a lot of terrible things to me, but no matter what when I needed him most, he was always there.

“Sorry it took so long Love. Are you hurt?” I shook my head as I cried into his chest. “Well then I should get you back, your family is missing you.”  I could not only hear the melancholy in his voice, but I felt it also.

He had really resigned to just let things go which was very surprising; I never thought Mulo would give up. I pulled away and looked at him.

“I don’t want to go home right now, but will you at least let Aric know I’m ok so he can tell…everyone.”

“As you wish Love. Where would you like to go?”

Where did I want to go? I knew Marcus was probably worried, they all were, but I wasn't ready to face him.  I didn't want to tell him again that marriage was a bad idea, that it wasn't meant to be for us.

“I don’t know. I’m just tired and need away from here, and her, and just everything.”

Without another word Mulo scooped me up and carried me away from the building. We ended up back at his place.

“I think your dress may be ruined.” He commented after sitting me on the bed.
I looked down to notice for the first time that dirt and Florence’s blood covered it in spots. Mulo walked over to his dresser and pulled out a shirt and a pair of his boxer briefs.

“Take a shower and get some sleep. I’ll go call Aric.” He said dropping them on the bed beside me.

As he walked away, I reached out to grab his hand. He smiled and I knew what he was going to do before he did it but I didn't stop him. I let him kiss me and I don't know if it was because of the gratitude I felt, or just a natural reaction, but I kissed him back. I could tell he wanted more, but I could also tell he wasn't going to push. Instead he pulled away and left me sitting alone in his room.


  1. What!!? No!!!!!! She was making such good progress. One step forward, ten steps back.

    1. LOL she didn't take 10 steps back. One or two maybe, but she's a little upset right now. She wouldn't have let things go further than the kiss. It was like a thank you, that's all. :)

      Thanks for reading.

    2. Okay, she is on the verge of taking ten steps back. If Amari didn't pick up on Mulo saying "I warned you.." after her shock wears off, then she is really dim and maybe doesn't deserve Marcus.

      On another note altogether, and maybe not even story related... but that second to last picture; Amari in a wedding dress and Mulo in his suit just looks very natural. I'm really thinking that is how the ending ought to be.

    3. I'm not sure if his I should have dropped you thing registered with her. She has known that Mulo knew of Florence so maybe it's not as big of a shock to her in the grand scheme of things for the day.

      :) If the story ends like that, I will have an angry mob after me. LOL. They have been through a lot and they have a complex relationship that works in a strange way. Anything can happen.

  2. I hope after everything is explained Marcus will understand. Mulo doing the right thing, I'm shocked. Glad the bitch is dead :) :) Happy dance.....:)

    1. We see Marcus again next chapter. Hopefully he'll be understanding after they talk.

      Mulo can do the right thing every once in a while. :P And he's good at knocking off people that hurt the ones close to him. :D He has his uses!

      One bitch down, one to go. LOL

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Replies
    1. ***COME BACK JM, COME BACK!!!***

      it'll get better. I promise.

      Thanks for reading.

  4. ~ The Witch is dead,the wicked old witch,the witch is dead!*happy dance,all over the place*
    ~ OK,so is she going to marry Marcus or not?????
    ~ She needs this,she needs some happiness,especially with Mulo staying out of her life now,but good to know he showed up to save her life!
    ~ I want to know!!!!!
    ~ What a shock,that Mulo did some good,but then she bitch did attack the one he loves!
    ~ More,more,more! Loved it!!!!! (",)

    1. yes Mulo warned her he would kill her. She didn't really think that through. She was more blinded by her need to hurt Marcus.

      Is she or isn't she? Well she was already having her fears about their luck when it came to marriage and then Flo happens. It sorta reenforces her point sadly. :( We'll have to see if Marcus can talk her into it again.

      She does need to be happy, but she just can't catch a break. Mulo was/is trying to give her space but he's there when she needs him. And it was a good thing or she would have died.

      Sorry, you'll have to wait and see what happens over the next few chapters. :)

      Mulo can be useful when he wants to be. He wasn't about to let Amari be hurt by that woman! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.

  5. fist of all, LMAO, Karima! I can't believe I didn't think of that! :D

    Well, uh. Wow. So, she starts off the day planning to marry Marcus and ends it in Mulo's bedroom. CRAP. Marcus is going to be heartbroken, jumping to all the wrong conclusions. Mulo is going to gain hope, and that's not fair to him either. Poor Amari is a complete mess, and that's not just her appearance. /sigh This doesn't look good, but at least the wicked old witch at last is dead!

    1. Yep it's been one hell of a day for her. Marcus is going to be pissed and hurt and she's going to have a lot of explaining to do.

      She's not really leading Mulo on. He knows where he stands with her and he won't push beyond what she's comfortable with. She needed saving and he doesn't mind being her 'knight in shining armor' :D

      She is a mess, Marcus already had to talk her into getting married and then disaster struck even before she could get down the isle. :( She didn't want to face the questions and everything right away. She needed some quiet time to think.

      Yes on the upside, Flo is no more!

      Thanks for reading.

  6. I knew the good chapters were too good to be true :( Amari can never be happy. I also had a feeling Florence would be back, I hate bitter women. She should have just moved on with her life and now she won't ever get the chance but good riddance to her. I have never been so happy to see Mulo, but that was brief. I'm glad he saved her and all but WTF Amari, you don't want to go home? To your kids, your husband? And she kissed Mulo? Too much, too much! She better get her head together fast before she loses everything. Ugh!

    1. I completely agree with Tiffany, Amari is off her rocker on this issue.

    2. LOL can't have good for too long, sorry. Florence wasn't going to give up that easily, even if she didn't want Marcus any more, she didn't like losing. :( She was very bitter and Mulo warned her to stay away. This is what she got for not listening.

      No she didn't want to go home. :( She was already not so sure on the marriage thing, and then Flo happens. Then Mulo came to the rescue, she needed some time. Mostly because she didn't want to face that I told you so moment she felt she would have had if she had seen Marcus right away.

      Technically Mulo kissed her LOL she just didn't stop him and she kissed him back for a bit. She wouldn't have gone further than that, but she felt like she owed him that in a way. Mulo has done some major crap, but she has strange feelings when it comes to him.

      Thanks for reading.

      @ Pinky, hahaha she's stressed. Had a traumatic day. She isn't thinking clearly.
      Thanks for reading.

  7. Wow... well... I think that was the worst wedding day ever :( I knew something would go wrong before long, but wow... stupid Florence. Though that stupid bitch is dead, so I guess that's a positive, haha, seriously... I would have been happy if she just stayed away but no she just had to cause trouble so she did need to die... good job Mulo (I feel really weird saying that).

    1. yeah it was pretty terrible. :( With her fears on getting married, you had to know something was going to happen. Mulo, or Marisol sticking her nose in, but nope this time Florence.

      She should have taken Mulo's warning seriously! But she wanted revenge and got herself killed in the process.

      LOL giving Mulo a good job is hard for you...he was a good boy in this chapter. Let's hope he can keep it up.

      Thanks for reading.

  8. OMG! Florence! Damn. I knew she was too calm to leave Marcus alone just like that. But I didn't think she was that insane she'd go as far as kidnap Amari.

    Yes, Mulo finally came through for Amari and did something good for her for a change. I'm glad he showed up when he did. But the kiss shouldn't have happened. End of story.

    What a terrible thing to happen on one's wedding day. At least she's alive though and they can always reschedule the wedding!

    1. Yep that witch was off her rocker for sure! She didn't handle rejection well at all.

      Mulo has his moments. Most of them are bad, but he has these rare ones when he shows there is some good in him. He wasn't about to let Amari die, he warned Florence and made good on that threat. The kiss...yeah he probably shouldn't have kissed her. She probably should have stopped him, but they needed that. Like a goodbye in a way.

      It was a terrible day, but a day she survived. They can reschedule the wedding, if she's willing, but with Flo showing up it sort of reenforced the fears she had to begin with. :(

      Thanks for reading.

  9. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! hahaha..... but what a mess.
    Mulo will probably take the heat for this one, even though he actually rescued her. I don't think that anyone else could have.

    1. LOL yes I knew that part of this chapter would make everyone happy.

      Mulo will be blamed :( he would be the #1 suspect given his history but this time he's not the bad guy. No one else could have saved her because no one else is connected to her like he is. For once it was a good thing to have that link.

      Thanks for reading.

  10. Great the b**** witch is dead! Can we go back and get married now?

    1. LOL yes she is. Um not sure if they will be making it down the aisle right now. Amari has some things she needs to work through.

  11. Hmmm, i gotta tell you, if Amari ends up with Mulo I wouldn't be sad..yesh I know, people hate me for loving Mulo but I can't help it!
    She will probably end up with Marcus but eh, i can dream.

    Ps...Mulo did warn Florence and i found myself going' do it now do it now'! when he was talking about he had told her so=b..edenz~

    1. LOL, aww he'll be glad someone is in his corner. He's not always a bad guy, just a huge asshole most of the time. He does have his good moments and ALWAYS comes through for Amari when she needs him too.

      Yes he did warn her. She was unaware of the mental link they shared so while Marcus couldn't find her, Mulo could. She should have just stayed in Italy.

      Thanks for reading.

  12. I'm glad that evil creature is dead! I'm glad that it wasn't a quick death and that she had to suffer just like she wanted to make Amari suffer!

    Okay, so it looks like things haven't completely ended between Mulo and Amari. I hope that it doesn't ruin what she has with Marcus. I can sort of understand her feelings about marrying Marcus, but I don't see what difference not marrying him will make. Does she mean that she's going to break up with Marcus? If they are still together, then bad things can still happen if that is what is holding her back from marrying him. I'm so sad if she ends it with him.

    I had forgotten that Marcus already knows about her mental connection with Mulo!

    1. Mulo warned her! She didn't know about the connection he shared with Amari, cloaking spell or not.

      That was sort of like a final goodbye. They will always share something, but it won't ever be like it was and he knows that. She's moved on and found happiness, he's letting her go. It's not that she doesn't want to be with Marcus, she is just scared. Flo showing up on their wedding day was proof of everything she was worried about. She doesn't want to end it with Marcus, it's just their relationship has been plagued :(

      LOL yep, he knows and hates it.

      thanks for reading.

  13. I usually do not comment until I'm caught up with all the update, plus there is a year of updates posted after this one but I have to say this, Arrivederci la buttanna del diablo. Take my word for it you won't find those word on the translator but I think you get the meaning.

    Oh boy confused as ever in this now, this chapter was a turning point for me, changing my mind about a lot of things. Ok back to catching up.

    1. LOL...Florence pissed you off that much huh??? Yeah she had that affect on most people. At least she got what was coming to her.

      Are you confused over Marcus and Mulo? It is one heck of a love triangle. The waters stay muddied. :( She loves both men in her own way and they love her in theirs.

      thanks for reading! and you're almost there with being caught up!!!!!

  14. THE HELL, FLORENCE!! I knew she wouldn't just walk away! I'm glad Mulo killed her and that he at least could still sense Amari, otherwise this wouldn't have ended so well. I understand her needing a moment after that, but I can't imagine Marcus will be too pleased that she'd rather be comforted by Mulo than by him :/

    1. LOL you should have known she wouldn't ride off quietly. Mulo warned her at his place, Amari was off limits but she didn't listen. That bond they have is strong and she was thankful to have it at that time. If they weren't connected, that ending would have been very different.

      It was a lot to deal with and Amari needed time to process. Marcus won't be happy at all, especially because she's with Mulo. :(

      thanks for reading