Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chapter 105-Victory

I snuggled closer to the body next to me and felt arms tighten in response. I inhaled deeply and was instantly comforted by a familiar scent. The sunlight streaming through the windows me me reluctantly open my eyes. His sparkling green ones were staring down at me. If I was dreaming, I didn’t want it to end.

“Good morning Beautiful.” He said with a warm smile.

I was filled with joy and a sense of peace; he really did come back to me last night. I stretched up and kissed him deeply and he responded enthusiastically. 

Marcus rolled on top of me parting my legs gently. I arched my back ready to accept him again. We enjoyed each other until I was exhausted last night. He always had impressive stamina but now as a vamp it was endless. I tried to remain quiet, but I knew facing the kids this morning was going to be a tad awkward. I ran my hands up his back as he settled his lean body between my legs. As our bodies joined again, I knew I was a fool for pushing him away and I was immensely thankful that he came back to me.

“I have to go back to the hotel.” Marcus said softly after we finished. My thoughts went to her, we didn’t do much talking last night but now reality was hitting me hard. He was still engaged to her. I didn’t know why he showed up last night, but now I guess I had my answer.

“You spent the night making love to me only to leave and go back to her?” I ask angrily pulling away from him. I suddenly felt very dirty and used and needed a shower to wash that away that feeling.

“Whoa! What?” Marcus replied quickly jumping off the bed to stop me. “I wouldn’t…you think I’d do that?” He looked hurt and mildly insulted by my accusation.

“I don’t know Marcus. You’ve spent the last week leaving me to spend your nights with her and…” my words faded out and I swiped at a stray tear that rolled down my cheek.

“Hey, no crying.” Marcus said softly. “Yes we shared a hotel room, but nothing else. I haven’t been with her at all while she’s been here. After that afternoon with you, I couldn’t and didn’t want to. I asked her to go back to Italy last night."

Relief washed over me when I heard him say that. Marcus turned me to face him and softly wiped away the tears that rolled down my cheeks.

"You know how sometimes something just feels…right. You can’t put it into words, but everything just fits. That’s what yesterday was for me. Being here in our house, surrounded by our children, I didn’t want to leave. Then talking to you, hearing you call me your husband still, hearing that you wanted me, wanted us. I realized I didn’t have to.”

The tears continued to stream down my face as I threw my arms around his neck. Marcus
held onto me tightly letting me take comfort in his arms for as long as I needed.

“I only need to go back to the hotel for clothes.” He said softly. “And to check out.” He continued pulling away to look at me. “I want to come home.” His eyes searched my face looking apprehensive about what my response might be.

“Well in that case let me be the first to welcome you home.” I replied circling my arms around his waist.

“I was hoping you would say that.” Marcus replied leaning down to kiss me.

“Oh and I never got rid of your stuff, I couldn’t so you can shower and get dressed. That should help make facing the kids a little less awkward.”

"Yes, the kids. Well since it's already going to be a bit of an awkward conversation..."

I let out a squeal of surprise when he picked me up and carried me into the bathroom. Somehow we did manage to finally bathe and get dressed. Once we made it downstairs we found all the kids hanging out in the backyard. I was nervous about facing them, Marcus took my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Good morning guys.” I said getting their attention.

“Good morning Mom. Dad.” They replied in unison smiling broadly.

“Hey mom are you feeling ok?” Finley asked running over to us.

“Yes sweetie, why do you ask?”

“Cuz I heard moaning coming from your room this morning. I was gonna come check on you cuz I thought you might have a tummy ache, but Elphie stopped me.” She said giving her sister a mean glare.

The triplets and Marcus all burst out laughing while I tried to figure out the best way to answer her question.

“What’s so funny?” She asked in a huff.

“Nothing honey.” I replied trying to stifle my own laugh. “Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

“Yeah, Ed fixed me cinnamon toast and eggs. Hey Marcus you're here early." She said scrunching her brows together for a moment. "But guess what, I got an A on my diorama that you helped with.” She beamed proudly.

“Great job! I was happy to help.”

“Ms. Vickers said we’re also gonna make a volcano, will you help with that?” She looked hopeful for a moment before her face dropped a little. “You probably will be gone by then though.”

“Actually.” He said dropping down so he was more on her level. “If it’s ok with you and your siblings, I think I might stay here for a while.”

“Like a sleep over?”

“Yeah, something like that.” He looked over at the triplets to gauge their reaction to his news.

“We’re gonna need earplugs.” Elphie said with a smile. They started laughing again and my poor innocent Finley looked very confused again.

After Marcus and I had breakfast, the triplets went with him to the hotel while I dropped Finley off at Carter’s house. He and Vicki were taking her rock climbing today at the new activity center and she was very excited. When I got back to the house, for once the quiet didn’t bother me. 

I plopped down onto the couch and pondered over how much my outlook on life could change in just a few short hours. Yesterday I was ready to end it all, and today my family and I are whole again.

I’m happy for you Love.
Don’t ruin this for me Mulo.
I wouldn’t dream of it.
How can I believe you? You’ve done it before.
I do want you happy and I know now that happiness won’t come from me. I lost my chance a long time ago.
It’s ok Love. Even a cynic like me can see that some things are just meant to be.
I need to be free Mulo.
I know Love.

I felt him close off again without expanding on what he was going to do about our link. There were a lot of things Marcus and I haven’t discussed but I knew this would be an issue at some point.

Over the next few weeks life started to settle. Marcus talked to Florence a few times, each time she called asking him to come back to her. He tried to be nice and I could see how it pained him to hurt her. I could never muster up any sympathy for her, however. My relationship with the triplets was on the mend and Finley had started calling Marcus dad mimicking her siblings. I felt more content and complete than I had in a long time. Mulo hadn’t made contact with me again and I wasn’t ready to see him in person yet. I knew I needed to sever our connection and the only way to do that was to have him turn me. Marcus hadn’t brought it up so I took my cues from him on how to proceed. We were just taking things one day at a time instead of trying to tackle too much at once.

Things were good but the morning I woke up feeling sick and craving the plasma drinks, I knew they were about to get a whole lot better.


  1. Oh, I was so worried that Florence was gonna do something evil at the hotel when Marcus got there, but thankfully, I was wrong. This chapter is stock-full of happiness! My kind of chapter. :)

    Eeee! She's preggers! Marcus will be over the moon!
    So, what does this mean about her being turned?

    1. Nope Flo is back hashing evil plans in Italy.

      Yes this was a light hearted easy going mushy chapter. :D See I am capable of doing them LOL

      Yep, too many of you guys wanted her preggo and since they say Marcus has super sperm, he wouldn't miss so Amari is having another Marcus baby. (or babies if left up to JM and DJ)

      As for her being turned, well she can't while she's pregnant.

  2. AMARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here come the quads!
    You were right Jaz, this chapter does put a smile on my face and right when I got to work. Bam, just waiting for me on my screen.

    Loved it, loved it, looooooved it!!!

    Lol, @ Fin, but even more at Elphie.... yes hon, get you those earplugs! Their already healthy appetite got even healthier now that he's a vamp!

    PS: Get dear Fin a room AWAY from her mommy's. Mommy's gonna have a LOT of stomach aches from now on!

    Loooooooved it!!!!

    1. LOL yes Amarcus...

      quads hahahaha you and DJ are trying to kill me (or her). Yes this has been the moment you all have wanted since she found him. I couldn't keep those two apart for long, hell I couldn't even kill him off when he had cancer.

      hahahaha the kids were fun to write. Fin has no clue what mommy was up to, and the trips hahaha well they do and no kid wants to hear their parents doing that. And it doesn't help that Amarcus were going at it like horny teenagers, the kids might want to move out of the house for a few weeks. Not sure ear plugs will be enough.

      Glad you loved it. :D

  3. Squeeeeeeeeee!!! Just what I needed on my day off. I love the mushy chapters. Yay for Amari, but I hope she doesn't get too comfortable. The girl needs to be on her toes. Now instead of two baddies to worry about she has three.

    1. aww glad you got to enjoy this on your off day. She needs more mushy chapters, I've been hard on her. :( She does need to stay alert although she doesn't know that Flo could be an issue. Mulo is gonna keep his promise not to interfere with her life with Marcus this time so her biggest (known) threat is Marisol.

    2. Yeah, yeah... Mulo says that now... I'll believe it when I read it! Ha.

  4. Great for them :) I was afraid Florence would have guys at the hotel to knock him over the head and take him back or something... And Mulo actually did feel regret??? Wow.... Maybe he will be a friend, even if it is only on his side.... He's right. He could have had her from the beginning. Let his heart melt a bit.

    great update

    1. nope she is back in Italy so no harm will come to Marcus (right now). Yes Mulo did feel regret. He knows he messed things up big time, and with the bond that they share he gets first hand knowledge at just how much Amari hurts. Mulo always looks out for himself first, but he won't allow any harm to come to Amari (if he can help it)

      If he hadn't been such an ass, he could have had her and he's realizing this now.

  5. Aw, victory indeed. I think the title worked well in this update.

    I'm glad Florence finally got the hint and she backed the hell off. Hopefully she stays out of the picture for good. It's time for Amari and her family to have some happiness.

    I, too, wonder what Mulo will do about their connection.

    Oooh, I wonder how many babies she's expecting this time?

    1. :) Yes finally something worked out in Amari's favor.

      She could be backing off, or she could be plotting her next move. Let's hope she's just staying out of the way.

      Mulo is the only one that can finish the transition. They would still have a connection but it wouldn't be to the extent it is now.

      hahaha I would like for them to have only 1 but I'm in the minority since each pregnancy increased in number. Quads are being called for.

  6. Awww... yay, this makes me so happy! :D I'm so happy she has Marcus back, and she's pregnant, that's even more wonderful. :D I'm happy something's going well for her, hopefully it stays that way for a while (well, I'd hope it would stay that way forever, but I have a feeling that won't happen), she so deserves a break.

    1. :) yes this chapter was long awaited. Yep, that time from the pool table. Marcus didn't waste any time LOL. Life is finally going well for her, she needs a bit of a break. Hopefully all evil beings will stay away, at least for a little while so she an enjoy it.

  7. So so happy!! Love me some Marcus!! Such a great chapter. I know Flo is working on something devious, but hopefully their happiness can last for a little while at least. Not sure I could handle 4 babies. Shew!!!! Good luck with that!

    1. LOL Marcus is a great guy and he's loved Amari for a long long time. Sometimes things are just meant to be, and it looks like Amari and Marcus are one of those things.

      Flo, there's no telling what she's up to. I don't see her giving up that easily. I'm not sure I can handle 4 either. LOL Well I can one of my for fun games gave me random quads for the first time ever. I was really thankful for the walker and playpen LOL.

  8. Best Chapter ever! I smiled all the way through. Marcus and Amari are back together and the kids are all happy about it. And Mulo even said he was happy for her! Hopefully he truly meant that And another baby is on the way, yay! I'm just worried it's all too good. And I fear Florence will pop her ugly head back in at some point. But at the same time I know Mulo won't let her go too far.

    1. aww thanks :D It was time for something good to happen for Amari. That man knew where home was the moment he got there. The kids are happy and Amari is extremely happy. Mulo does care for her in his own way and now has a much better understanding of how bad her life has been. He does truly want her happy now, even if its not with him.

      Well, it can't be that easy, something (or one) will have to come along to mess it up. :( Hopefully it won't be for a while. She needs to enjoy her happy.

  9. I'm glad that she and the kids are getting on better now and that they accepted Marcus. Awww she's gonna have another baby, and Marcus will be a daddy and remember it this time hopefully.

    I think Mulo is just putting off the inevitable really. He needs to let Amari go and is having a hard time doing so, or at least that's what I'm hoping....edenz~

    1. They are softening towards her especially now that they have a new understanding of her life.

      Yep according to DJ and JM, there is no way Marcus didn't knock her up that day in the basement. Apparently he never misses and he doesn't give her just one either according to them. LOL

      He is putting it off, he's not really ready to let go. But he has time since he can't turn her while she pregnant anyway.

      thanks for reading.

  10. I'm so happy for Amari! Marcus and another baby with him on the way!

    I really believe that this time, Mulo won't intentionally do anything to spoil her happiness. He knows that he blew his chance with her.

    I wonder how Marcus will react when he finds out about that connection between Mulo and Amari. I think he'll hate it even more than Amari does. It probably is hard for her to decide to let Mulo finish changing her because she won't be human at all after that. Maybe seeing how happy Marcus is as a vamp will make it easier for her.

    Common sense would tell Florence to leave Marcus alone now. He's made his choice! However, I don't think that she has a lot of common sense. Also, she's too much of an eglomaniac to respect or even acknowledge the emotions or feelings of others. I don't think that she will listen to Mulo about staying away from Amari!

    Finley made me laugh! That really was an awkward morning! I wonder though why Marcus didn't say that he was going to be with them for good! Maybe he thought saying that might be too overwhelming for them? Or was he just trying to see how they felt about him staying?

    1. Yep, that day in the basement. JM and DJ wasn't going to let that pass without another Marcus kid (or 4 to hear them tell it).

      Mulo has decided to back down this time. He just wants her happy and is very aware that her happiness no longer lies with him.

      He already knows about it and yes he hates it! It's not her that's the hold up. Mulo has been dragging his feet on doing the change because it would sever that connection. I mean they would still have some connection since he would be her maker, but it wouldn't be as strong. He's still being a tad selfish when it comes to that. Now that she's pregnant again, she has to wait.

      LOL did you use common sense in the same sentence as Florence? Yeah...not likely to happen for all the reasons you mentioned.

      Finley...gotta love kids. She's not heard those noises before since Amari hadn't been with anyone since Jonas. The trips knew the deal LOL...awkward morning indeed. And yes, he was sorta testing the waters. In theory they liked having him around, but he wasn't sure how they'd feel about it being a permanent thing.

      thanks for reading.

  11. Oh my goodness, another baby!! :D I'm so excited for them, can't wait to see the new addition :3

    1. Yep...that romp in the basement left behind a little gift. :D

      thanks for reading