Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chapter 104-Goodbye and Hello


I sat thinking about Amari. She never came back and I didn’t really expect her to. The mood shifted after she left. The kids all became less talkative with Florence sending a clear message that they supported their mother. Florence picked up the change as well and we cut the evening short. I was not handling any of this correctly. I couldn’t properly work through my feelings for one woman while I was with another. It wasn’t fair to either of them.

“Marc, what do you think?” Florence asked stepping out of the bathroom pulling me from my thoughts.

She stood seductively in front of me in a barely there negligée.

“I bought it a few days ago. You like?”

I looked over her body which she had on display for me knowing what she wanted. We hadn’t made love while she’s been here and she was unhappy about that fact. It was hard to explain, but after being with Amari I didn’t feel right being with Florence. Sighing heavily I put my hand out. She slid hers into mine with a wide grin on her face as she straddled me. 

“We need to talk.” I said quietly when she leaned in to kiss me.

“Talk?” she asked sounding offended. “I am practically nude and you want to talk?” She finished angrily climbing off my lap.

“Yes, we need to talk.”

“If this is about today, me talking to her, I said sorry. I did not know she would run off.” I picked up on the emptiness in her tone. She wasn’t really sorry, I knew that.

Florence had always been a jealous woman, full of spirit and at one time it was something I loved about her. However, in light of the current situation, I was seeing as more of a flaw. Getting off the couch, I walked into the bathroom to retrieve a robe. She snatched it from my hands and I knew this was not going to be an easy conversation.

“I’ve not been fair to you.” I start quietly. “I’ve handled things, this whole situation poorly and for that I’m sorry.”

“No you have not.” She agreed. “But you can make it up to me. We get the wedding plans back on track and things will fall back to normal once we marry.”

I walked over to the window and stared at the twinkling lights of the city. Out there I had a wife and family. One that was taken from me, but now I had them back. I found myself wondering what they were doing right now. Had Amari returned home finally? Was she still upset or were the kids taking care of her? It was thoughts like these that made being with Florence seem wrong.

“Florence, I think it would be best if you returned to Italy.” I said turning to face her.

“You are breaking off with me?” She cried rushing towards me. “I knew it! You leave me because I do not give you a baby. You blame me, you have always blamed me.”

“That’s not what this is.” I retorted quickly. “I’ve never blamed you. Each of our losses was hard on me, but I have always, ALWAYS been there for you. Those things are out of our control.”

“Then why?”

“Because I can’t stay with you in good conscience with these growing feelings I have for her. I need to sort through some things.”

“Sort through? How exactly are you planning on sorting out?” She screamed getting angrier.

“I don’t know.”

“I do! You want to be rid of me so you can be with her! You think I no see it, but I do. The look that crosses your face when you looked at her today. She give you something I can not and you leave me for it!”

“No! This is about me damn it! I had, have another life before you and what I’ve needed from you is your support and understand but instead I get this. You have become this selfish and one sided person that I don’t know.”

I felt my temper rising so I took a deep breath to try and calm myself. Florence stood speechless looking hurt and this wasn’t what I wanted for her either. There was so much going through my head, and she seemed to be so resentful that I was getting my memories back. It left me with questions.

“Florence I need some time and it wouldn’t be fair to keep you in this state of unknowing with me.” I pleaded hoping she would calm down and understand that this needed to be done.

“I no stupid Marc. You can say this is you caring about my needs, but it is a lie. This is why!”

“Why what?” I asked letting out a frustrated breath.

“Why you hand me a robe instead of making love.”

“You are losing sight of the point Florence.”

“No! You want to lie to me. Tell me Marc when was the last time? Do you even remember?”

I walked over to the couch trying to recall the last time. I knew it hadn’t been while she was here so it had to be back in Italy. The first time that popped into my mind was after my return from the first trip out. I looked up at her and knew that my recollection was correct.

“I’m sorry.”

“Just stop with this crazy talk Marc. We go back home, get married. All will be fine. You can even have the children visit. They will love it.” She said still refusing to admit what we both knew to be true.

“Florence. You won’t be satisfied not having a hundred percent of me and I can’t be with you with these lingering feelings.”

The hopefulness in her eyes quickly changed and I sensed her mood shift. Without another word, she got up and stormed off to the bathroom. She came back out cussing me in Italian as she gathered up her belongings. There was nothing I could say to her that would make this better. She refused to see things from any other point. I could have told her it wasn’t necessary to get another room, but I said nothing while she called the front desk.

“Florence.” I called out as she started to leave.

“What?” She snapped.

“Why did you never question my past? Even without the possibility of a wife and kids, how could you not wonder if I had other family that might be looking for me?”

She gave me a wicked grin. “It was not important to what I wanted.” She replied with a shrug. She looked down at her finger then slid the ring off letting it drop to the floor.

As I laid alone in bed, I wondered how I was so blind to her selfish ways for so long. I owed a lot to Florence and her family. They helped me through my change and never asked questions. A lot of the early conversations they had gave me a sense they were talking about me, but it was before I understood Italian. When I asked the connection to the woman that turned me, I never got a straight answer. Magic and fate was all they would say as to why I was with them. Now I knew there was more. Now I believed me being with them wasn’t random and they knew, she knew more about who I was than they wanted to tell me. Jumping out of bed I felt this urgent need to see Amari.


“I wondered when you would be by.” I commented dryly as she stormed into my apartment.

“What is it about that woman that makes you men weak?”

“I take it he sent you packing. Would you like a drink?” I asked casually strolling out to the patio.

“You wanted her. I got him. That was the deal.”

“There was no deal. I needed information, you wanted him. I was content to let him fend for himself on the streets.”

“No you said I could have him!” She screamed.

“And you had him. Not my problem if you couldn’t keep him. You want him back so bad cast some love spell.” I replied taking a sip of my drink. “Oh wait you did. As a failsafe to help ensure those pesky memories wouldn’t resurface, yet all it took was a kiss from her. Looks like somebody’s skills aren’t up to par.”

She stood glowering at me but I was beyond caring over her plight. I had more important things to worry about.

“If you had not got weak I would still have him! Ma’ma was close to figuring out a spell. I could have given him the brat he wanted.”

“Ha. You are more delusional than I imagined.” I replied laughing sarcastically. “No spell would allow for that sort of an abomination. You didn’t love him enough to forsake your powers so you could carry his child. You knew what it would take because only a human, or another vampire can give birth to a vampire.”

“You are wrong!” She hissed. “Last one was close but now…” She got quiet as if something just dawned on her. “Maybe I should take out the real source of my pain. Rid myself of her. Then you both can suffer as I suffer!” She sneered.

Quickly I grabbed her by the neck and had her dangling over the side of the building.

“It may have been questionable on who wore the pants in your relationship with him, but let me make this very clear. You-will-stay-away from her. Far, far away.” I loosened my grip a little so that she slipped; the fear in her eyes was evident. “Do we understand each other?”

She nodded quickly and I placed her safely back on the patio. She stumbled over to the bar to pour herself a drink.

“Now I suggest you fly back home like a good little witch and move on. You’ve lost.”

I thought about my visit from Amari yesterday. Seeing her like that bothered me. She was ready to give up, call it quits on life because of what we had done to her.  I walked over and poured myself another drink.

We both have, I thought to myself  downing it in one gulp.


Fred and Wilma were going crazy barking loudly as someone pounded at the door. It was nearly one am, so getting a visitor at this hour instantly made me worry that something bad had happened.

“Mom?” Edson and Elton were already standing in the hall, Elphie walked out of her room rubbing her eyes.

“What’s going on?” She asked sleepily.

“Go back to bed guys. I’ll see who it is.” I started down the stairs with the triplets following behind me. The person at the door pushed the doorbell four more times and at least I knew it couldn’t be a burglar, they typically didn’t ask to be let in.

“Who is it?” I called out nervously.

“Amari open the door.”

“Marcus?” I asked shocked as I opened the door.

Before I could ask why he was here, his arms wrapped around me and his mouth covered mine.


  1. This chapter makes me giddy like a school-girl. Squeeeeee!!! Go Marcus.

    I think we all knew something was off about Florence, but wow. Somehow, despite her life being threatened, I don't think she just gives up.

    1. LOL I figured I'd get that reaction with this chapter. :D

      Yes no person would just not question where someone comes from unless they already knew or had some idea. Let's hope she does because Mulo won't think twice about killing her if she tries to harm Amari.

  2. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
    I skimmed!
    I'm uber hyper and kind of word that makes me ADHD.
    I'll read in a minute or so!

    Giggling like a freaking schoolgirl!

    1. Okay, I just read it.

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! In YO FACE Flo. How delusional were you, really?!! (But dang it if that outfit didn't look good! Nice!) I saw this happen from the minute 'Marc' went to Amari in the hotel. It wasn't nice meeting you Flo and If I cry after you go, trust me it's NOT for you!

      Happy freaking tears, happy freaking dance, happy freaking everything. (I wasn't lying when I said this made me hyper. I saw that picture and Bam! Sugar rush)

      Flo, can you sink any lower? A witch; a weakass witch, really? You had to put a spell on him to keep his memories from resurfacing. No wonder you weren't happy that they were... way to keep up pretenses. Maybe if you had shown you greatest support and acceptance of it all, this would've had a different outcome, but nooooo, miss Bitch couldn't be contained. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

      Mulo, you Bastard! I never suspected her to have a link to Flo. That was the deal??? Oh oh oh... *lifts fists*
      That's right, you BOTH lost!!!

      Now for that Amarcus Baby! There's GOTTA be one in there!
      If not, that kiss is promising, and you know what they say about emotional reunions ;P

      ABSOLUTELY adored, loved, everything - it!

    2. LOL, 'him'
      I never expected HIM to have a link to Flo

    3. LOL she thought she would win out! She had no clue just how much Marcus loved/loves Amari. (Glad you liked her outfit, it still didn't hold Marcus's attention LOL)

      Ah so you knew he would come back to her, he just needed to work through some things first. He did have feelings for Flo, they just weren't as strong as the ones he has for Amari.

      LOL a weak witch LOL. She doesn't practice the craft much so her spell started to unravel, but so did Mulo's memory cloaking. They really wanted to make sure he didn't remember anything, but all it took was a kiss from Amari. Never underestimate the power of true love. :D

      I don't know if the outcome would have been different if she hadn't been as much of a bitch. I might have made telling her he needed the space a little harder, but it wouldn't been right of him to keep her around knowing he had these other feelings that were growing.

      Mulo always has his hand in the cookie jar, that's how he knew where Marcus was this whole time. He didn't really give him to Flo, but she took it that way. He needed information that her family had so they made a trade of sorts.

      A Marcus baby??? You and DJ are determined to have her knocked up. :D I'm sure he's working on it or at least gonna do a lot of 'practicing' LOL

    4. No hon, the term is 'Amarcus'. I want an Amarcus (Amari-Marcus, Their names hug each other sooo perfectly) baby quadrupled.

      No get Marcus the pro-shooter to work!! Get us some multiples! Ghehehehe!

    5. hahahaha oh ok sorry my bad. Amarcus :) got it. Damn quadrupled???

      He'll see what he can do about that. :D

  3. Well that answers everything, a Love Spell.

    1. :) Partially. Mulo did cloak his memories, but when one started to fail so did the other. That was a lot he tried to hide so he needed back up of sorts.

  4. I FREAKING KNEW IT! YES! *Fist bump*

    And by "knew it" I mean I figured Florence knew more than she was letting on. YEEEEEEES. Amari/Marcus for life. Now they just need to call Disney and figure out how they can harness the power of true love to get Amari out of her task.

    1. LOL Flo's day's have been numbered since the beginning. You guys just didn't like her, so I made her a bad guy. I knew she wouldn't get much sympathy from the hard core Marcus/Amari fans.

      Yes Flo had to at least wonder at some point where this very sexy man came from. He wasn't just dropped out of the sky plus she didn't encourage him to try and regain memories or look for possible family. Very fishy.

      Yes Marisol would be the next order of business for this to be a truly happy ending.

  5. Flo, a witch! Wow! Explains everything about the b***h. Way to go Marcus! I'm praying that Mulo leaves them alone to enjoy their love. I'm fed up with his interference.

    1. LOL yep she's a witch. Marcus wanted to do what was right and keeping Flo around while he figured out his feelings for Amari wasn't fair to her.

      Mulo does need to leave them alone, but will he is the question.

  6. First let me say I LOVE THIS UPDATE! I really really do. As soon as Florence walked out in her little outfit, I thought "that desperate bitch". I'm glad Marcus wasn't distracted by her and sent her away. So Mulo and Florence were working together? Smh that's not too surprising too bad their plan failed. Marcus kissed her! Yay, but kinda awkward in front of their kids lol.

    1. :D I knew this one would be a big hit.

      LOL yeah Flo was really trying to get his attention and this was a last ditch attempt and it didn't work. Yeah Mulo always has his hand in stuff and he had always known where Marcus was and there had to be a reason Flo never wanted him to research his past.

      Yep he needed to see his wife and he laid one on her right in front of the kids. :D

  7. Woot woot! Ahhhh, I'm so excited for Amari!! Marcus sent that witch on her way home. Ha! Should have known Mulo had something to do with her. Great surprise and great ending. Love the kiss!!!
    This is Jobug1015. I can't leave a comment from my phone with Wordpress for some reason.

    1. :D Amari is excited too, things are finally looking up for her. Marcus has loved Amari since high school, that man was devoted that's for sure and like Mulo said it only took a kiss from her to bring things back. Flo didn't stand a chance.

      They weren't really working together in that sense. Mulo needed information and Flo wanted Marcus so he left him there.

      Yeah as I was writing this chapter I originally ended it with Mulo and realized I can't not have Amari in her own story LOL. Her part was small but had a huge impact! :D

      When is the next chapter of Jewell coming out???? I need to know where Mace took her.

  8. HELLS TO THE YEAH! Get the fuck out Flo and don't let the door...I mean I hope the door hits you on the way back to Italy! Man! So glad that witch bitch is O.U.T GONE! Mulo should have done us all a favor and just dropped her over the balcony. Your weak little spell was useless against Marcus' heart. And like Mulo said, you're not up to par ha! Take that shit back to school and get some learning done.

    He finally questioned it! The thing I've been asking all this time: Why did you not want me to find out about my past. Because she's a selfish bitch and tried to hide you all for herself. Man. And then on top of that she didn't even want kids, "the brat he wanted" ha! She thought that would make him stay? I mean really? Really? How many failed marriages thought the same thing? Had she not been so selfish and gave her powers up (if she really wanted Marcus) then she could have had everything and maybe he wouldn't have come looking for Amari.

    But I doubt that anyway. Flo was just not a good person at all. She has a black heart and it's about time Marcus saw that.

    Mulo accepted defeat? Wha...wha...what?? Because Amari was contemplating suicide? Dude she's a strong person to have gone through all that and only NOW think about it. I'd have been like, nope, murder rage kill everyone when I first found out and started with that piece of shit George.

    I'm THRILLED now that Marcus has his life back on track and I'm so happy to see it's with Amari again. He's healthy, he's happy, he's a family man. That kiss said it all.

    1. LOL You have been wanting Flo gone since she first showed up. Even before she turned out to be a bitch LOL. Sorry Mulo didn't drop her, but he won't hesitate to kill her if she doesn't heed his warning about leaving Amari alone. She didn't practice her craft much and as she can see, she needs to do some work.

      Yep, before he didn't but now things are falling into place and he felt the need to question things. And nope she didn't want kids, she was only doing it for him. She never planned on Amari showing up, so even without the kids, she thought Marcus would stay just because he loved her.

      Marcus did finally see her selfish ways. He was partially blinded to them before because of the spell, but now that it is crumbling, so is his view of her.

      hahaha yeah he's finally seeing everything he's put her through. The fact she was so ready to give up was an eye opener for him (as if all the other shit wasn't). He's seeing the error of his ways now.

      Marcus is getting things back on track. Nothing can make up for the lost time, but at least knowing he has a family and one that loves him is enough. He is a family man, and his life is complete again. He didn't even bother with words just laid one on her. :D She's not complaining.

  9. Ludicrously-silly grin covering my face now.
    I freakin love this chapter!!! Florence got what she had coming to her! I'm, for once, happy that Mulo threatened her.
    Then! That scene at the end! Breaking down the door to demand she open it so he can passionately kiss her once she does! Damn! You know I love that s---!
    /happy sigh

    1. I mean for once happy with Mulo over something he did.

    2. hahahaha :D Glad to hear it, see this makes up for last chapter right?

      Yep he sent Flo packing. He's seeing a different side of her now and he doesn't like it. Mulo is a man of questionable morals, but he loves Amari and will not let Flo do anything to harm her. He will make good on that threat if needed.

      Yep he went to get his woman back! That was one hell of a 'baby I'm home' moment! :D

      Glad you are all happy now.

  10. wow.... I am please with Mulo for once? Wow.... He admitted he lost!... he should have dropped Flo though... and she is a witch!! *LOL* I didn't mean a real witch, but a witch with a B instead of the W hahaha...

    Yeah Marcus! Yeah Amari!! Love love loved it

    1. :) Mulo has his good moments and this was one of them. Yes he knows at this point he will never have Amari's heart, not like Marcus. Even he can see when it's time to let go. (took him long enough LOL)

      Yep she's a witch and the other one too LOL.

      yep Marcus knows who he wanted, it's all becoming clear to him now.

      Glad this chapter made you happy.

  11. This chapter is sooo good! Love it... And please can we have that beautiful babies now?

    1. :) Glad you loved it. LOL I'm sure she and Marcus will work on some babies for you.

  12. Oh Florence is a witch? That's an interesting turn of events. I suspected she might have been in

    cahoots with Mulo. So her whole accent was a fake, I noticed you dropped it when she was

    speaking with Mulo. Poor Amari, between a scheming vampire, a deranged witch and a woman who's

    got a God complex, I don't know how she'll ever be truly happy. At least she has Marcus now and

    her kids and they can be a family, for however long it will last.

    1. Yep, that's why he was able to be dropped off there. A newly turned vamp with humans would have been a bad mix. And no her accent wasn't fake, she really is Italian LOL. If it was 'missing' that was the fault of the writer. I tend to write it correctly then go back later to edit the 'accent' I just missed it with Mulo :P

      hahahaha the list of people Amari has to deal with. When you put it that way her life seems terrible...who am I kidding her life has been terrible :( But it's getting better now. She got Marcus back so that's a start. :D

  13. Well, there goes any sympathy I had for poor old Florence, she's turned into quite the little bitch huh, and a witch=b.

    My poor baby Mulo. He knows he's phucked up this time, and yea, he's probably lost Amari for good, least he put Florence in her place.

    Welp. Marcus is kind of laying it out on the line here. Amari kicks her own ass too hard to let someone else do it, hoping she will let herself just be happy ...edenz~

    1. LOL see isn't it a good thing that Amari went to find him. Flo isn't as innocent as she tried to seem. :(

      He knew he'd lost her the moment he told her the truth about Marcus. Now he can only sit back and try to let her be happy without him.

      Marcus finally made his choice. His love for Amari was too strong to deny and he couldn't ignore it any longer. Let's hope they can be happy now.

  14. A witch and a bitch! I should have known it! I'm so glad that Marcus finally saw how selfish she truly is. She loved herself and didn't really love him. She just wanted him and that's a big difference. She didn't care about what truly made him happy the same way that Amari did. She wasn't even willing to do what was really necessary to give him a child!

    I'm so glad that Mulo let her know what would happen if she went after Amari. Although I don't think Amari would be as easy to defeat as Florence believes. Amari has changed a lot over the years and she's tougher in a lot of ways now.

    I'm upset with Mulo though for even making a deal with Florence in the first place! At lease now though he really seems to understand the harm he's brought to Amari. All Amari wanted in the beginning was to love Mulo, but he blew it! He needs to leave her alone and let her be happy with Marcus now. Somehow I don't think it'll be that easy though.

    I can just imagine how happy the children are that Marcus is back with their Mom and I loved that their attitude toward Florence changed after their Mom left! They saw through Florence too!

    1. Yep! It took a little bit, but the more he was around both of them the more he started to really see Flo. Plus his feelings for Amari were gaining and that made a huge difference as well. She did want him, just to have him. I mean let's face it, Marcus is a hell of a catch :D...but she wasn't willing to do what was needed.

      LOL Mulo...his bad side comes in handy at times, like then. Flo believes she has the upper hand on Amari since she is a witch and Amari is a human.

      LOL...Mulo wanted Marcus out of the way. He didn't really care what happened to him. He wouldn't kill him out of respect for Amari, but he would send him off. The link they share does provide him with an insight he didn't have before. He can feel, and understand her pain in a way he couldn't before. Had he acted right in the beginning, he could have had her, but he just couldn't get it together. Now he knows he's lost her.

      The family is whole again. The triplets and twins get their father back and Amari has her husband. Life is good in the Smith house! Yep, those kids may have given her hell, but when they need to stick together for her they do. :) Flo didn't stand a chance.

      thanks for reading.