Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chapter 60-Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Today was my wedding day.  In a few short hours I would no longer be Amari Vinson but instead Mrs. Amari Smith.  I lay awake most of last night tossing and turning.  Marcus and the boys had stayed with Aric and Nina.  He couldn't see the bride before the wedding he said.  I should be happy, excited, nervous but I'm not.  I'm scared, and guilty, and ashamed.
"Mom hurry up." Ceula yelled knocking on the door.  The girls and I had appointments at the salon. 
"Sorry.  I'm ready."

"This is going to be so much fun mom.  We have arranged a complete make over for you.  You are not going to recognize yourself when you're done."
"I'm looking forward to it.  Have you talked to your brother?  How are the boys?"
Bynni rolled her eyes.  "I'm sure they're fine mom.  Besides Nina will fill you in on everything when we see her."

Spending some carefree time with my girls was fun.  We didn't mention Ceula's pregnancy or any of the horrendous events that had taken place over the last few months.  We talked about hair and make up and fun girly things.  Three hours later we were leaving the salon headed back to the house to get dressed.  In two hours I was going be be marrying a wonderful loving man, yet my thoughts were on another.

We arrived at the location and the setting couldn't have been more perfect.  It was a beautiful day.  The arrangements looked like something from a magazine.  Aric walked up behind me.
"Are you ready for this mom?"
"Yes of course."
"Well lets get going.  They are playing your song."  I placed my arm through his and we walked down the aisle together.  Marcus look so happy and at peace standing there waiting for me.  Bynni and Ceula looked gorgeous in their dresses.  Dax and Dunham were very handsome in their tuxes.  This should be the best day of my life.

"You look amazing" Marcus whispered when I reached him.  Aric took his place, there was no turning back now.

Marcus was first to say his vows.
My beloved Amari,
romance may fade, but true love endures.
I choose to truly love you
with kindness, faithfulness, and respect,
through every circumstance that life may bring.

Many people may not believe this but I do believe in soul mates.  
From the moment I first saw you I knew you were the one for me.
Today I will marry you, my friend, my lover, my soul mate.
You are the love of my life and with each breath I take I love you more.
With this ring I promise my love for you will have no end.  

I was moved my his vows to me.  In return loving words should have flowed as easily from my lips.  I was overcome with emotion but not for the reasons I'm sure the believed.  I looked into his loving eyes and there I saw such tenderness and devotion.  I sighed deeply, closed my eyes and began to speak.

My dearest Marcus,
I like you believe in soul mates.  That there is one person
in the world that will love you for all eternity.  A person
that no matter what obstacles you face, you know that 
your love will always bring you back together in the end.
From this day forward I will live as your wife.  With each passing
day I will work to make myself worthy of your undying love
and devotion.  With you by my side all things in life seem 
possible.  With this ring I vow to love, honor and 
cherish our life as husband and wife.

The tears slip down my cheeks as I slipped the ring on his finger.  He had such happiness on his face before we shared our first kiss as husband and wife.  

The guests erupted in applause.  Both mom and Lilian were crying as well as the girls.  Things past as a blur after that.  Pictures were taken, guests kept coming to congratulate us.  

"You are so beautiful Mrs. Smith." 
"Why thank you Mr. Smith."  
We stood there watching the party around us.  I found myself staring off at the ocean when I felt Marcus's arms tighten around me.

"May I have a dance with the bride?"

My breath caught in my chest as I turned to see him standing there.  A slow smile crept onto his face.  I could only imagine what Marcus was thinking.  I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"It's ok.  It's only a dance." Marcus reluctantly released me as Mulo put his hand out for me and led me onto the dance floor.  As soon as I made contact with him my whole body tingled.  I tried in vain to keep space between us but as the music started he circled his arms around my waist pulling me close to him.

Don't you Remember (song Amari and Mulo dance to)
I didn't speak.  Being in his arms took me back to the first day we met.  Everything and everyone faded away and I settled closer to him.
"You make a beautiful bride."
"Thank you."
"I've done as you asked.  I put an ocean between us but I couldn't not see you today.  I needed to see you today."

I needed to see him and I was happy he was there, he was the missing piece. We danced in silence.  There was so much I wanted to say to him, but I couldn't let myself but then again I didn't need to speak the words.  He knew.  As the song came to an end, he spoke again.
"Those were very touching vows you spoke.  You are right, I will love you for all eternity as only a vampire can."  he leaned in to kiss me, I wanted the kiss but I knew it would be dangerous to let him.  He was so close, his lips practically touching mine yet he was so far away.  He smiled.

"This is where I say good night Mrs. Smith.  Your husband is thinking not so nice thoughts about me right now."  
I stepped back to compose myself as Marcus walked over.
"Congratulations Marcus you have yourself a truly magnificent woman.  Treat her better than I have." I glanced up to see the pain in his eyes.  We held the gaze for only seconds but it felt like hours.  He turned and walked away.  

Later as I prepared myself for my wedding night my thoughts drifted back to Mulo. 

"Are you ok?" 
"Yes I just want to make sure I'm perfect for you." I replied snapping back to present.  
"I am a lucky man and you couldn't be any more perfect for me." 

I tugged at the skimpy nighty Bynni had bought for me.  It wasn't something I would normally wear but she insisted I try something different.

"Stop fidgeting, you look stunning.  Besides it won't be on for long anyway." he said giving me a devilish grin.  Marcus scooped me up into his arms and carried me over to the bed. 

We spent an amazing night together.  It had been a while since it was just the two of us and we took full advantage.


  1. <333
    They're too perfect together! :D

  2. ~ That was so stunning & Beautiful,I will come back with a better comment later I have some very conflicting emotions going on here!LOL!(",)

  3. SO beautiful! Amari looked beautiful, and I love her dress!

    Stupid Mulo....what a wonderful time to show up.

  4. This was beautiful! The wedding, the photos, the kids, the vows, and even the dance with Mulo. I love this update. It was actually happy. :)

  5. Dreamerz--he wasn't going to let her get married without showing up. Besides he was back in town for other business. It took me forever to get all those shots. Last wedding I am going to do for a while. LOL

    Cat--Thanks I wanted it to a mostly happy event with no drama for a change. Mulo did come back but he was mostly well behaved. The first half of Marcus' vows (the stuff before the soul mate part) was from google. I had the hardest time getting started on those. The rest I was able to come up with. I just had to find my mushy romantic side after writing all the heartache.

  6. Wow! The most perfect day for her and she was not happy. It's very bittersweet for not just Amari but Marcus as well. Here he married the woman of his dreams with hopes that he was her everything when in reality she dreams of being in someone else's arms.

    I hope the day he learns that truth NEVER comes. It would be much too heartbreaking for him to know that he wasn't what she wanted when she said her vows.

    It was a lovely wedding, so warm and full of hope. I loved seeing everyone together like that and I have to just hope that they are able to weather the coming storms!

    Great job :D

  7. What a beautiful chspter. The pictures were gorgeous! I loved the wedding venue, the colors, their clothes, the ocean, everything about it was beautiful. Well done, and you had no reason to stress at all, it turned out beautifully.

    I'm sad for her, she went through the wedding even though she had doubts and feeling guilty, worrying feelings to have on your wedding day.

    And then Mulo had to show up and shake her world for what looks like to be the last time. I hated the finality in his goodbye, he made me want to cry. But such is the life I guess, we can't always have what we want.

    Beautiful everything as always.

  8. Ahh this sent chills down my spine! Amari's vows were just so very fitting, if only they were about Marcus! Mulo had to show up and at least he didn't do the whole dramatic trying to stop the wedding he just had to let her know that he felt the same as she does. Maybe it will work out for Amari, Marcus certainly loves her but her heart belongs to someone else :(

  9. DJ--it was a very bittersweet day for Amari. The second half of her vows were actually to Marcus. She will work to be the wife he deserves.

    I don't know if he will learn the truth or not. I like Marcus and don't think I could break his heart like that.

    I wanted to do more family shots like with the parents and such but got tired.

    Val--Thanks. Getting all those shots was so time consuming but the new pose player helped.

    She did go through with it even though she really isn't in love with Marcus. That's why she told him no the first time he asked her to marry him. She knows he is a great guy and she does love him but like she warned him so many times before, he deserves someone better. She will be a good wife (or try her hardest to be) because he deserves that much at least.

    Mulo of course was going to show up. He wasn't trying to mess things up, but he needed to know if she still loved him and he got his answer. It was a goodbye, but it's Mulo I don't it will be a final one. ;)

    Angie--The second half of the vows were to Marcus. As his wife she will work to be the woman he deserves to have. I wanted her to have a peaceful wedding no drama (no Marisol) so he wasn't going to stop it. He can give her what she wants and he knows Marcus will. He just wanted to know she still loved him and he was satisfied knowing her heart does belong to him.

    Thanks for reading.

  10. Aaw, I loved the wedding photos, They are beautiful together!

  11. Thanks Fru!!! They do make a beautiful couple. I may have to bend the rules a bit and give her another baby with him.

  12. The wedding was so beautiful and satisfying.

    For once Mulo behaved himself and I'm glad he was there.

    Emotions can be so confusing, and I love how you are describing Amari and Mulo's.

    A beautiful chapter Jazen!

  13. Thanks Daisy. I am pleased with the finished product. Mulo did behave but he wasn't going to stay away. Amari poor girl was all confused and not feeling anything like a bride should on her wedding day. Mulo even had a little sadness but beating up on David proved to be a great stress relief. LOL

  14. I don't know why but this chapter made me a little sad. You can see her heart belongs to Mulo and he to her. Marcus is great but he doesn't let my heart skip a beat. The night can be great but I have a feeling the night with Mulo would be fantastic! Lovely pictures!

  15. Dutchy, that is how Amari feels. Marcus is a great guy and she knows it but he doesn't set off the fireworks like Mulo does. :(

  16. Ok, I'm so sorry I'm probably bombarding you with comments, but this was so beautiful! You rock posing all those pictures for the wedding...staging stuff in this game is hard I can imagine how difficult it was.
    I'm chomping at the bit to find out what happens next...does she really love Marcus? Or is she meant to be with Mulo? Ahh...I can't decide...Amazing chapter!

  17. I know this was written a while ago but the wedding was just so beautiful- especially her dress & the family snapshots were perfect. And bittersweet. Ahh Mulo I might just be falling a little in love with you myself...Poor Marcus, he's such a good guy. Hope she treats him well...
    And I see the next chapter is titled "Death of David"!!!Can't wait to see who does the deed- Mulo or Aric?!

    1. Thank you. That wedding took a lot. It was done before I knew how to stop time and change the lighting to suit my needs so I spend a lot of time yelling at the screen. It was a bittersweet day since Marcus loves her so much and she is still holding on to feelings for Mulo.

      Yes the Death of David was done based on fan request.

  18. Beautiful wedding & lovely photos! I knew as I was reading Amari's vows that she was thinking about Mulo. How bittersweet.

    1. thanks. It took me forever to do before I really learned mods and such. and yes she was thinking about Mulo during her vows. :( Or at least the first half of them.

  19. It breaks some part of me somewhere to know that she doesn't love him as much as he loves her. She's the only one for him but a large chunk of her heart will always belong to Mulo, no matter how much she tries to pretend otherwise. I still hate him, but I ave to give him a massive deal of respect for watching her get married to someone else and even wishing her well. Despite how he treated her he loves her, so all this must have broken his heart but he was there anyway, for her. I don't think I can hae him now, jazen :/ He's a stronger and better man than I gave him credit for :/

    1. :( yeah it's hard and even worse because Marcus doesn't know it. He loves her and although she's committed to making things work with Marcus, it's not for the right reasons. Mulo can't or won't give her what Marcus offers so she's taking that instead. :( Not an ideal reason to go into a marriage.

      LOL wow...Mulo earned a little bit of praise from you. :D Wonders never cease. LOL Mulo does love her in his own way. He is an ass 90% of the time to her but that other 10% he shows he has the capacity to do what's right despite how he feels.

      thanks for reading