Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 54-Unsettled

The plane ride was an experience.  The boys wiggled and squirmed but finally fell asleep.  Marcus was working so he couldn't meet us at the airport but sent a car for us.  When we arrived at the house his parents and my mother were there waiting.  I sighed when I saw them.  I was hoping to get them in and settled before having to entertain guests.  Lilian walked up and hugged me.

"How was the flight?"
"It was fine Mrs. Smith."
"No more Mrs. Smith dear, you're family call me Lilian."
"Yes ma'am."
I saw my mom standing off not sure if she wanted to hug me or not.  I walked over to her instead.
"Hi mom."
She was crying already.  "Hi dear.  Your dad said he'll come by later if you want him to."
I didn't want to see him, but I knew mom was hopeful that I would.
Earl, Marcus' dad came over and hugged me then took our suitcases into the house.  I really wished Marcus was here.
"Marcus left us a key so we could get things all set up for you.  One less thing you will have to worry about." Lilian spoke as she picked up Dunham to carry him into the house.
"Set up?"
"Yes dear, with cribs, toys, and such for the boys." Mom said grabbing Dax. I followed them into the house.

Earl had stayed for a little while then left.  He wasn't much of a talker and I knew that although he was happy to meet his grandsons, he needed to get back to his farm.  My mom and Lilian played with the boys until they were worn out.  I wasn't allowed to change a diaper, feed them or even hold them.  They just kept passing them back and forth.  Once they went down for a nap,both moms found me in the kitchen.

"So dear have you set a date?" Lilian asked
"Um, a date for what?"
"Your wedding." 
Mom was silent, undoubtedly she thought I was keeping something else from her.
"It will be great, you two can get married at the house.  There is a beautiful spot with a gazebo that I think would be perfect."

"Mrs. Smith, I mean Lilian we aren't..."
"When do you plan on moving back?  It's going to be so great having the boys here and getting to spoil them." she continued interrupting me.
"Don't you agree Kathy.  Finally our kids are back on track to where they should have been years ago."
I was silently fuming.  He set me up for an ambush, he told his mom we were getting married.  I kept silent and continued to make my sandwiches.
"I think an outdoor wedding at your house would be lovely, Lilian.  Amari while you're here maybe we can go dress shopping.  Have a little mother daughter time."

"Hello ladies." Marcus said as he sauntered into the room.  I shot him an angry glare.
"Marcus dear your mother was just discussing our wedding plans." I spoke through clenched teeth.
"What wedding plans?" he sounded almost as shocked as I was.
"I was just telling Amari about how lovely it would be to get married at the house.  Neither of your sisters did and I so want to host a wedding.  But of course the final decision is up to you dear."
"Mom, I told you I proposed, I didn't say she said yes."
Silence over took the room as all eyes turned to me.  This was worse than the talk of planning a wedding.  I saw the questioning in their eyes.  I was wishing at that moment that I had remained in LA.
"I don't understand.  She didn't say yes?"
Marcus walked over to me and slid his arm around my waist.  Giving me comfort and support instantly.
"We're working through it mom.  No need for you to be concerned."
She looked as if she wanted to say something but stopped.  His tone and body language relayed it was no longer up for discussion.  They left shortly after but promised to be back the next day.  It was going to be a long two weeks.  That evening we discussed everything.
"I'm sorry, I didn't know she would put you on the spot like that.  She asked me when I was planning on marrying you and I only said that I had proposed.  It was before you gave me an answer."
"It's ok.  I should have expected it.  I'm the one who should be sorry."

He walked over and embraced me.  I loved being in his arms, everything felt right when I was there.
"She is also under the impression we are moving back to Riverview."
"I never thought about it, but it does make sense.  We have our family here, and there isn't much sense in us continuing to pay rent on a house when I own one here.  Why don't you move back with me.  It would help especially now since I will have to start traveling back here a few times a month for this project."

"What.  Why, and how often is a few times a month?"  I was panicked at the thought of having to be alone at the house.  My encounter with David flashed back in my head.
"Two or three times a month I may have to come here.  I can do a lot of it from the LA office, but it requires some face to face meetings with the team and they are all here."
"Why can't they come to you?"
"Because it's ten of them and one of me?"
"I didn't like you being gone."
"That's why we should move."
We snuggled closer on the bed.  I thought about the possibility of moving back but I didn't know if I could handle being in the same town as my father.  The distance made it easy to avoid him without too many questions from my mother.  We switched the conversation to the boys and how their day was.  He was happy they enjoyed their time with the grandmothers.  He said that would be another advantage to living here, free babysitting.  He apologized again for the misunderstanding with his mother and we drifted off to sleep.  My dreams however turned to a nightmare as David invaded them.  I felt his touch, I saw the look in his eyes when he gazed upon me.  It startled me awake.  I glanced over at Marcus who was sleeping soundly, I moved closer to him and allowed myself to drift back off to sleep with my head rested against his back.

The two weeks went by and I was happy to be home again.  I didn't have to endure anymore wedding talk although Lilian did make little comments when Marcus wasn't around.  My mom did tell me when we were alone that she was happy I hadn't kept something else from her.

As I walked into my room, I stopped something wasn't right.  I knew I had made the bed before I left.  I always made it yet it was unkept as if it had been slept in.  I was just staring at it when Marcus walked in.
"What's wrong, you look like you've seen a ghost."
"Uh? Oh it's the bed.  I thought I made it before leaving but it's not."

"Well I'm sure you just forgot.  I mean you had a lot going on with getting the boys to the doctor appointment and then to the airport."
He stepped closer to me reaching for my hand. "You're shaking."
"I really think someone was in the house."
"The alarm was set when got home.  If someone had been in the house it would have gone off."
I knew he was right, but I couldn't shake the feeling something wasn't right.  He left to go get the rest of the bags out of the car.

I started putting away my clothes and as soon as I opened my drawer I knew something was off.  My clothes looked tossed around and were unfolded.  I started to call for Marcus when I heard the door bell ring.
"I'll get it." he called.
I tried to push the thoughts from my head but I couldn't shake the feeling.  I walked back over to the bed and picked up the pillow.  It wasn't my scent or Marcus', I knew I had smelled it before but couldn't place it.  I stripped the covers from the bed and took them to the laundry.  I went to go find Marcus, he was talking to David.

"I just wanted to let you know to be careful" I heard him saying.  I walked over but stood behind Marcus when I saw David's eyes glimmer when I walked into the room.

"Hey babe, David just came by to say there had been a few break ins in the neighborhood.  It was just teenagers and they think they caught them all.  He just wanted us to be more aware, especially if you are going to be home alone sometimes.  Good thing we live next door to a cop."  I wished that he hadn't made that comment about me being alone.  Marcus didn't seem to notice, but I saw David's eyes light up at that bit of information.
"Yes that is a good thing." David said with a smirk.

I couldn't sleep that night knowing someone had been in the house and in my bed.  Marcus thought I was crazy when I washed all the clothes in my dresser but I just couldn't put any of them on my body believing someone had touched them.  He thought I was making it up and that the stress of the trip along with dealing with the twins was getting the best of me.  He promised me a relaxing day at the spa on Saturday.

Carter came over a few days later while Marcus was at the office.  He loved spending time with the boys and hated that work had kept him so busy.  I took this time to ask him more about David.
"So how did you and David become friends?"
"We met in college.  I was his tutor and surprisingly we hit it off and became friends.  I was the geeky guy and he was the jock.  One wouldn't think we would have much in common but we just got along. He basically raised himself.  His mom was a hooker and a drug addict and she would often times bring her work home with her.  His dad was one of her customers so as you could imagine she didn't win any mother of the year awards.  He developed this ladies man persona to keep people from getting close.  He's really a good guy outside of thinking when it comes to relationships."
"Well he still makes me uncomfortable."

"I've told him to back off, that you weren't one of his conquests.  He's harmless really, just has a big ego and usually women are fawning all over him.  He was just not use to a woman not throwing themselves at him so you were different for him.  He has moved on now anyway.  He mentioned having his eye on this pretty blonde that works at the movie studio."
"Well thank goodness for that.  Hey did you notice anyone around the house when we were gone?"
"No, but I wasn't home a lot either.  Why?"
"Oh nothing."
We spent the rest of the day talking about my trip.  I told him how I was ambushed with wedding talk by Lilian.  He felt bad for me, but thought I was crazy not to marry Marcus.  I told him he should think about dating himself.  He just brushed it off saying work didn't leave him much time for a social life.  I thought it had more to do with him being self conscience about his weight.  He was always making comments about needing to diet or exercise.  His beeper went off, some emergency at the hospital. 

After dinner, we enjoyed some family time with the boys.  I told Marcus I would consider moving to Riverview.  I was still uneasy thinking someone had been in the house.  I knew I wasn't imagining things.  I would miss Carter and the kids but I was going crazy feeling like someone was watching me.

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  1. Great chapter! I hope they do move. I think if the next time she is home alone and Carter is working, David might become a real danger. He is definitely a creep :( And being a cop it would be hard for her to prove it. Poor Amari, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to know someone had been in my bedroom going through my clothes and such.

  2. Ugh... David go away! D:
    Now! >.<

  3. Dem
    I am still deciding if I want them to or not. I just know it will mess up the relationships in the game if I move them so it's still up in the air right now. David is getting worse and you're right him being a cop makes things harder with trying to prove he's stalking her. She knows someone was there but the alarm was set so Marcus doesn't believe her unfortunately.

    He won't be going anytime soon, sorry.

  4. Ugh... David is so friggin' creepy. They should move, be far away from him. I hope they do.

    The bonus pics are soooo cute!!!

  5. Ew, I really hate David even more. He's such a creepy guy. I hope he moves on like Carter said but something is telling me that's not going to happen. Anywho, the bonus pictures were so cute. I love toddlers in the sims 3!

  6. Those pictures of David staring in at the window were scary! He has really turned into a stalker. I hope Mulo takes care of him quick! His behavior is escalating! I hope he doesn't hurt Amari.

    Marcus is so sweet! He says and does just the
    right thing.

    I loved all the pictures!

  7. Creeeepy!!! Poor Amari! Something bad is about to happen because of David- I just know it! And whatever it is will break her and Marcus up. She needs to tell Marcus about the David situation before time runs out!!! :O And hopefully Lilian doesn't hold anything against Amari... She seems nice, she just wants the best for her son <3
    I LOVE those boys! Sooo adorable! Thanks for the bonus pics!!!

  8. Dreamerz--if they do move it will be because Amari wants to be way from David.

    Cat--He is a creepy guy and he does have another interest like Carter said, but it's not enough to keep him away from Amari.

    Daisy--He has turned into a stalker. He is definitely escalating but no on but Amari notices. Marcus is a sweet guy I like him so much it will be sad when I have to write him out of the story. :( Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Maddy---David won't be the cause of whatever happens between Marcus and Amari. She does need to tell him how he acts towards her. Lilian is just being a mother but she has know Amari for a long time and loves her like a daughter so it will be ok.

    I love the shots of the boys also. Thanks for reading.

    For those of you wondering where Mulo is right now. He has gone back to France to give some distance between him and Amari. It's the only way he could not interfere in her life like she asked. He'll be back in a few chapters, but no it won't be to kill David LOL.

  9. Ugh David, go away. The terrible cop that no one believes is trouble because of his profession. Was he such a stalker before Amari, or is it something that has surfaced because she always refused him? The insight into his past does not provide an excuse. I can almost see Marcus' demise at the hands of David. Maybe a kill/kill when David finally breaks and is caught, but then it's mentioned above that David won't be the cause. hmmm. I should not read spoilers *L*. Did Mulo pick up on David's oddity? It's too bad he's away in France, not nearly close enough to help. :(

  10. Zhippidy yes he gets to hide behind the badge. No one would suspect a cop of being a crazy stalker. He's always been a little unstable because of his mother but he just learned to hide it well. The insight into his past wasn't meant to provide an excuse but to show that no one not even his closest friend gets the same sort of vibe from him that Amari does. There is no excuse for his crazy behavior. No Mulo hadn't picked up on anything with David. Her interactions with him were limited while Mulo was in town, his behavior has only recently started escalating.

  11. My mind was allllllllll over the place! I was about to jump the gun and question if Marcus came back with some skank and forgot to clean up behind himself then David showed up and a light went on! He is truly creepy and I think Amari should move before things take a turn to the point of NO return!

  12. Wow, David sure doesn't know when to stop does he? Like seriously, what was he doing in Amari's bed? And with whom? I shudder to think what acts his sick mind came up with.

    I'm glad the trip back to Riverview went okay, spending time with the family can be pretty stressful and you cover those quarky, family moments so well.

    Great chapter!

  13. Marcus isn't that kind of guy. Yep it was David sleeping in her bed going through her clothes.

    Val--no he doesn't have a filter at all on what is right or wrong (and he's a cop). He was by himself in the bed but I will let you use your imagination on what he was doing while in there. ;)

    Those quirky family moments I get from experience sadly LOL. My mom is like Lilian, a little pushing for that wedding. I went through it and now my poor sister is going through it. You just have to love moms.

  14. ~ I would say that Amari,is the first to turn David down,but surely others have had bad vibes like Amari,about him or are the all brainless twits?
    ~ I would have washed everything too!
    ~ I can see were the parents are coming from,but they do not know the situation!
    ~ Marcus is a sweety & only sees the good in people,I hope she can get a little happiness with him....for a time,before reality catches up!

  15. Karima--I'm sure she's not the first to turn him down. The behavior he has isn't something you develop over night. He's just perfected his cover over the years.

    She's happy now, for the most part. There are just things that keep getting thrown in the way. The good thing is Marcus doesn't scare off easily and stands by her side which she needs.

  16. Ahhhh! I know he's up to no good...the suspense is killing me! And now that I'm all caught up I'm just gonna have to wait! Ahhh!

    Oh, I love the bonus pics idea btw! They're so adorable!

  17. Glad you are all caught up but sorry you have to wait now. David is bad news for sure.

  18. David is just disgusting! He really needs to get a fucking clue. Not every girl wants you and when they refuse they REALLY MEAN NO! I really hope she picks up and moves out and away from that place! There's no telling what he'll do when he gets her alone again and I'd hate for her next child to be a victim of rape! It would hurt everyday to see that child's face and have that baby grow up thinking Mommy hates him/her because of what daddy did!

    I am absolutely head over heels in love with this and can't wait for the next! I just spent the entire day catching up (and stopped writing to do so) and am now anxiously awaiting more Amari/Marcus and the hopes that she will say yes!

    You are a terrific writer, thank you for sharing this with us :)

  19. OMG, David is so scary. I would by a new bed directly! Marcus is such a sweetheart, sometimes I think he is to good to be true. It's probably just me, I don't trust perfect people or sims :P

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  21. I'm all for her moving, especially now that David has turned into something worse than an ordinary stalker. I can't believe he's a cop, what a perfect alibi that is! -.- If you ever need anyone to kick him where it hurts, let me know.
    I love how their Mum's fawn over them getting married, even if she hasn't said yes. She'll need something normal in her life, so this is perfect!

    1. Yeah, moving sounds like the best option because of David. He's very much obsessed with Amari and all because she turned him down. The fact that he is a cop is a scary thing because he uses that to his advantage. LOL David will hopefully get what's coming to him.

      LOL Well Amari and Marcus have dated before so the moms think they are finally back on track. They have kids together now and have reconnected, so a wedding is in order. Amari isn't so sure, but she does need normal.

      thanks for reading