Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chapter 55-A Family Affair

Family life was good.  We were having a big family cook out this weekend and I was excited to see the kids.  They were all busy with their lives but were taking time out to humor their mom and to finally meet their new siblings.  CeCe had called and asked to bring a date.  I was a little unsure but she begged me, she said it was a great guy and one I would approve of.  Her choice in men had been very questionable so I agreed.  She was enjoying her new job and was excited to tell me all about it. 

Dax and Dunham were wonderful.  Both were walking and running around the house and talking so much.  Marcus was going to have to go back to Riverview soon and I really didn't want him to go.  I felt as if I saw David everywhere.  He'd be in his yard watching me when I would check the mail or take out the trash.  If I was at the park with the boys, he would be patrolling the area.  I told Marcus of my concerns but since he never saw it, he didn't believe me even after I told him how he always hit on me and made inappropriate comments.  The alarm was always set so I didn't bother telling Marcus any more but I knew someone was still getting in the house. Today I couldn't take it, I was doing laundry and noticed that the panties to some of my sets were missing.  All I had were the bras so whoever kept getting into the house was now taking my things.  Marcus came home and found me sitting on the floor among piles of clothes crying.

"Hey babe, what's wrong and what's with the mess?"
"They were in the house again.  I know you think I'm imagining things but I'm not!"
"Ok, calm down.  How do you know someone was in the house?"
"I was doing the laundry and I'm missing things."
"Missing things, like a sock? You sure the dryer didn't just eat it?"
"No not a sock Marcus.  My panties are missing.  I always wear them as a set but all I have are the bras."
He sat on the floor with me and put his arms around me.  "Why would someone take them?  Are you sure they just didn't get misplaced?  The boys are always playing in the hamper, taking the clothes out."
"I don't think so.  I think it's David.  I told you he's been watching me, I know you think I'm just paranoid but it's true."
"Shhh.  Ok I'm sorry.  Tell me again what he's done and we will figure out what to do."
I told him again how he was when I was pregnant, how his looks and comments really made me nervous and uncomfortable.  Marcus really reacted when I told him about finding him in the house the day he left town.  He was even more pissed when he remembered he mentioned he would be going out of town on occasion.

"I think we should re visit us moving to Riverview.  We could go to the police but since we don't have any proof he's done anything, there's nothing they can really do."
"I was just finding my balance again and now I have to leave my home, my children's home because of this guy.  What if I'm wrong and he really is harmless like Carter says?  Maybe I am going crazy."
"It doesn't matter, if you are this upset by it, then something has to change.  You can't be uncomfortable in your own home."
I had my reservations about being back in the same town as my parents plus having to explain to both families why we would be having so many kids seems easier when there are a few hundred miles between us.  So much would have to be done.  We would have to sell his house, it was only a two bedroom and we would need something much bigger.  I would have to track down my landlord, apparently he was out of the country. I had contacted my realtor about breaking the lease when we got back from Riverview.  Even if we didn't move there, I had my reservations about staying in the house. I hadn't told Marcus when I made that call since at the time he thought I was just over stressed.  Marcus promised we would sit and discuss everything and work out a plan to get things started.  In the meantime, the boys and I would be traveling with him to Riverview next week.

The day of the cookout arrived and I pushed aside all my worries and was determined to enjoy the day. We had invited Carter but his mother passed away and would be traveling back for the memorial service.  There was a bright spot in the his family's time of grieving as his brother and sister in law welcomed twin girls.  He was now the proud uncle of three beautiful nieces.
Aric was the first to arrive, he apologized for Nina who wasn't feeling well.  Bynni showed up without TK who was with Mulo in France.  He was trying to help him get a start in the music industry.

CeCe was the last to arrive and when I saw her with her date my heart stopped.  He was with my child.  Our eyes met and I watched as a smile spread across his face while his had slid from her back down to her butt.  I was going to be sick.
"Mom, I want you to meet David." she called cheerfully grabbing his hand and walking towards me.
"David this is my mom."
"Well isn't a small world.  Baby your mom and I already know each other although not nearly well enough." He licked his lips and winked at me.  I don't even know how to describe the turmoil that was going on inside of me at that moment.  I wanted to scream at him to get his hands off my child,but I didn't want to appear unstable. 
"What you know her?"
"Yes, he's my neighbor."
"Really? Cool at least then you should already like each other." she gave me a peck on the cheek then ran over to see Bynni.
I took Dunham outside, then headed into the kitchen to start working on the salad.  David strolled into the kitchen.

"You stay away from her!"
"You wouldn't be jealous that I've given someone else my attentions now would you?  Since you think I'm stalking you according to your boyfriend."  Marcus must have spoken with him after we talked.  He didn't tell me.  I hoped I didn't cut myself but him being in any room with me alone made my hands tremble.  David was about to step closer to me when Marcus walked in.
"I thought I asked you to keep your distance from her.  Why are you even here, it was Cater that was invited not you."

Both men just stared at each other, neither backing down but then David's body relaxed.
"Actually I was invited.  I'm CeCe's guest, an invitation that was extended by the very woman who thinks I'm stalking her.  I think her obsession with me, is jealousy on her part.  I like them younger."  Like the snake that he is, he slithered out of the room with a look of smug satisfaction on his face.  Once he left I felt the need to explain myself to Marcus.  "I didn't know her date was him.  She asked to bring someone and I said that was fine, but..."

"It's ok, there's no need to explain.  Now we have guests."  He took my hand and led me outside.  We walked passed David kissing CeCe and I wanted to hurl something at his head.  I made a mental note to speak with both she and Aric later about him.

It was great having everyone together.  I had missed them terribly even though we lived in the same city it was rare that we saw each other.  I tried not to look at CeCe and David but it was hard.  He seemed to be all over her but would steal a side glance at me.

If he saw I was watching, he delighted in being even more sleazy.  I couldn't take it any more and pulled CeCe into the kitchen.

"Honey can we talk about David?"
"I know mom isn't he great.  And he's a cop, but you know that."
"Don't you think he's a little old for you?"
"What no, I mean a little but he's fun.  Why can't you just be happy for me?"
"I am dear, it's just that"
"That what mom?  You haven't liked anyone I've dated.  What's wrong with him?  He's a cop, he's sweet to me, and he's loads of fun.  I thought you'd be happy."

I hated seeing her upset.  I know she's worked hard with therapy and trying to stay clean.  How do I tell her that her new guy makes passes at her mom every chance he gets.  That weasel, the thought of him touching my child.  I had to get him away from her, but in a way that would not get CeCe upset with me.  I would have to speak with Aric.  He would know what David was thinking although he didn't do the mind reading thing.  He was such a great person, it was an invasion of privacy he said.  I hoped I could convince him otherwise.
"You're right, I'm sorry."  I hugged her then we headed to join everyone outside.  Marcus embraced me as soon as I walked out.

"I love you."
"I love you too."
"Well I have been speaking with the kids, all of them and they have given me permission."
"Um permission for what?"

He got down on one knee.  No no no, please no.  He's not going to do this, he can't do this now.  I should be happy, this was the moment every woman dreamed of yet I wanted to tell him to get up.  To not say those words.
"Amari Vinson, I've loved you since the first day you bumped into me in the hallway in high school.  Over the years that love has grown.  You have given me two beautiful sons, now would you do me the honor of agreeing to becoming my wife?"
I looked at him and then at my children.  They all knew this was coming.  Bynni and Cece had tears in their eyes but had the biggest smiles on their faces.  I looked at Aric, he didn't have to read my mind to know what I was feeling at that moment.  He gave me a slight smile and a small reassuring nod of his head.  Finally I looked back down at Marcus who was still waiting on his answer.  I simply extended my hand and allowed him to place the ring on it.

Bynni and Cece rushed over and gave me hugs and started in on the wedding talk.  They wanted to help plan everything, I faked excitement but instead I was dying a little.  I excused myself for a moment, I needed to be alone.  
"Congratulations mom." Aric had followed me inside.
"Thanks sweetie.  So you guys all conspired to marry off your mother?"
"He's a good guy mom, and he loves you.  You deserve that."
I hugged him tightly.
"Dad will understand."

Aric always knew me so well.  I didn't get a chance to say much more since Marcus said the burgers were ready.  We enjoyed the rest of the day as a family.  After everyone left and the boys were in bed I lingered in the kitchen slowly putting away the dishes.
"Hello future Mrs. Smith, are you coming to bed anytime soon."  I jumped a little when he spoke, I was so lost in thought that I didn't hear him come in.
"Yes, I'm almost done."
"I was thinking."
"That could be dangerous." I teased.

"Very funny.  The boys are older now.  After the wedding we should get back to work on making babies."  A necessary part of my situation.
"I guess you are right, but for now we can keep practicing."  I said with a wink. 
"The dishes can wait." He said picking me up and carrying me to our room.
More bonus shots.  I aged up the boys while everyone was at the house. 

 Dax's Birthday

Dunham's Birthday

After engagement kiss!!!!


  1. The boys are so handsome just like their father!

    Now for the rest! If David had dared walk in my house with his nasty arm around my daughter, I'd have been under the jail that night!!! One of us would not have left that house alive!

    I'm calmer now. I just had to get that out of the way! I am glad Amari accepted Marcus' proposal even though I can tell she has doubts. I really think that he will try to make her happy!

    Other than that creep David, I loved seeing them all together again. Poor Cece is bound to get her heart broken. Where is Mulo? He needs to get rid of David ASAP!!!

  2. This was wonderful!

    Damn David is so sick! Stealing her panties! *gasps* I know I shouldn't because it's just weird, and creepy, but I really wonder what he does with her panties. I wouldn't be surprised if he's made a shrine for her! I can't wait to see how far you'll go with this.

    Mulo will not be pleased, I see him cutting his trip short. Ooooh and I can't wait to see the hottest vampire EVER! Please, please, please, let him come back, pretty please!

    It was great seeing all the kids again, too bad their spouses couldn't join them. And David going after Cece now can only mean trouble. Poor Cece, she'll just be collateral damage in all this.

    Yay you used the t-shirt! The color scheme looks great!

  3. do know that assault on a police officer is a very serious crime right? I laughed so hard when I read that part of your comment but I understand your anger.

    She does have her doubts, and Aric knows what (who) they are but she wasn't going to turn him down again. Especially not in front of everyone there. He even took the time to ask her kids for her hand in marriage, how could she say no to that.

    @Val--so I love to watch CSI and one of the episodes a few seasons ago had a convention in town (Vegas) where the product that was being sold were panties, used panties. The men bought them vacuum sealed for their scent. Yes just one more weird fetish in the world.

    On to other things, Mulo will not be please when Aric gives him that bit of information, spoiler alert----He will be at the wedding---

    David took it to a new level by "dating" Amari's daughter. She thinks he's the best guy ever and he is just using her as a stand in until he can get his hands on Amari.

    I was hoping you would notice the shirt!!!

    Thanks for reading guys!!!!

  4. Aw it's sweet but still tinged with sadness as i don't believe its what Amari really wants. I feel like shes just accepting the best situation that she can find rather than being truly happy :( I like how the David situation is building ever so slowly, it makes it that much creepier and i'm certain it will be explosive when all is revelaed. I'm loving this story so much :)

  5. Wow, what a creep! I'm glad that Marcus is believing her now though. I didn't see the curve ball of him showing up with CeCe coming. Poor CeCe :( She could really use a nice guy after getting clean too.

    I hope the marriage plans don't scare Amari off too much. Marcus makes her happy, she should just enjoy it :)

    Great chapter, thanks for sharing!

  6. @Angie--She does have reservations. She had them the first time he asked and she still has them now. She loves him she really does, but she is in love with Mulo still as much as that pains her. Marcus will take care of her and will do everything in his power to make and keep her happy. David's part of the story will be coming to an end soon. I'm glad you are loving the story.

    @Dem--He is a creep. Marcus came around after seeing so distraught. I thought of a couple of different ways to have him interact with CeCe like maybe arresting her then trying to blackmail Amari but I thought this way was easier to shoot (yes I'm lazy and staging photos is a lot of work)

    Marcus does make her happy. She won't leave him standing at the altar so don't worry.

    Thanks for reading.

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  10. @Drew--yes, he found another way to get to Amari. Poor CeCe doesn't have a clue.

    @Cassie--She has no clue what kind of a a$$hole he is. Things will get a little more complicated now.

    @Qui--He's reached a new level of creepy for sure by dating her daughter and breaking into the house. Marcus does believe her now. He is definitely escalating in his behavior by entering the house while they are home. The proposal didn't make him happy.

  11. YAY!!!! OMG I am so happy! She didn't "say" yes but at least it's a done deal! I can't wait for the wedding!

    OMG David is such a fucking slime! A disease filled, pus infected, oozing mess of a wound that won't heal! He steals her panties, creeps in and watches her sleep and NOW HE IS SLEEPING WITH HER DAUGHTER?!?! EW!!!! Poor Cece would be so heartbroken if she ever knew what he really was and if it were Amari to tell her that might do a lot of harm to the mother/daughter relationship!

    Man! Someone needs to shoot him in the head ASAP! You really know how to make 'em Jaz lol I hate all your bad guys!!!! (A feat NEVER met by anyone before!)

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    ~ I hope his undoing comes soon!
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  14. @DJ---I thought that might make you happy. I am working on the shots for the wedding. Hopefully you will enjoy that as well.

    Your comment about David had me laughing so hard!!!! I guess you don't like him much uh? Amari feels the same way about her not taking it well. She tried and CeCe quickly got upset so she didn't push the issue. She will try again later but she will have to enlist some help.

    I'm glad you hate my bad guys. David is good practice for another character I have in mind for a different story.

    @Karima--I just had to have someone wear that awesome shirt!!! David does spell bad news to someone like her. Recovery is hard and she could easily be pushed over the edge dealing with him. Since she has tons of conflicting emotions going on right now, he can't pin point her dislike for David. If he were to be more like his dad and just invade her head it wouldn't be an issue. She will speak with him later about her concern over CeCe since she still lives with him.

    Mulo will get word of the engagement, he'll be back soon.

  15. Cat--he went after a different target to get at Amari.

  16. Oh, what a ending. Is that David standing next to her? God, somebody shoot that man. I wish Mulo would come back and save her from David.
    The boys are so handsome, can't wait to see them as man :)Loved the shirt!
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    1. nope you hadn't. She can't be 100% happy because she is still in love with Mulo. It's odd, but she still holds out hope he'd be the one to be what Marcus is.

      Marriage isn't for everyone, but in Amari's case that's not it. She just wishes her groom were different, but she knows Mulo isn't that type of man.

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